Plandemic video carried by Mercola, and other Dr. M news


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Some good articles on Mercola's site ATM, including carrying the Plandemic video with related story: 'Plandemic' Documentary
Story at-a-glance -
  • “Plandemic” features Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a cellular and molecular biologist whose research showed that many vaccines are contaminated with gammaretroviruses, thanks to the fact that they use viruses grown in contaminated animal cell lines
  • Mikovits’ career was destroyed because her team discovered vaccines can spread gammaretroviruses that in turn can trigger diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, certain kinds of autism, cancers, leukemias and lymphomas
  • Retroviruses are integrated into the host cell genome, resulting in long-term expression. Once they’re in your body, they can remain dormant, only to reactivate when conditions are favorable
  • In 2009, Mikovits and her team discovered and isolated the first human gammaretrovirus family of retroviruses, known then as XMRVs — viruses that infect human cells, yet are not human viruses
  • Mikovits believes SARS-CoV-2 may activate or wake up a dormant retrovirus infection that then causes the symptoms of COVID-19

Also interesting is an article claiming smoking gun evidence covid was lab created (not sure if I saw this on sott yet) and another re Ft Detrick: The Smoking Gun Proving SARS-CoV-2 Is an Engineered Virus
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  • The National Institutes of Health have in recent years funded dangerous gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the biosafety level 4 (BSL4) laboratory in Wuhan, China
  • Gain of function research refers to research in which pathogenicity or transmissibility of pathogens is enhanced to make a pathogen more dangerous to humans
  • To gain entry into a cell, the virus must first bind to an ACE2 or CD147 receptor. Next, the S2 spike protein subunit must be proteolytically cleaved. Without this protein cleavage, the virus would be unable to enter
  • There are several enzymes that cleave spike proteins, including plasmin, which also degrades fibrin. When a blood clot is dissolved, a byproduct called D-dimer is created, and many patients with serious COVID-19 infection have elevated D-dimer, which is indicative of blood clots
  • Another protein cleaver is furin, and the presence of a furin cleavage site on SARS-CoV-2 is “the smoking gun” that proves SARS-CoV-2 was lab-created
Why a Fort Detrick Bioweapons Lab Scientist Was Murdered
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  • One of the first scientists assigned to Fort Detrick’s secret biological warfare laboratory during WWII was bioweapons expert Frank Olson
  • In 1953, Frank Olson died after plummeting to the ground from a high-rise hotel room window in Manhattan
  • Days earlier, he had been secretly drugged by the Central Intelligence Agency, which claimed Olson’s death was a suicide
  • Decades later, it was revealed that Olson didn’t jump from the window — he was deliberately murdered after the CIA became concerned that he might reveal disturbing top-secret operations

And here's another on USA Today article anti Dr M over vit c and d claims, related covid USA Today Smears Mercola Over Vitamin C and D Information

Story at-a-glance -
  • Mainstream media, supported by monopoly tech platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, are going to great lengths to control the narrative of what you see and read about the COVID-19 pandemic
  • May 2, 2020, USA Today tried to debunk my April 7, 2020, article, “Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment,” which has more than 814,600 views, without presenting any counterevidence
  • The majority of mainstream media in the U.S. are owned, funded (through advertising) — and therefore easily controlled — by only a few powerful corporate entities and industries, some of which are overseas and may not even have American interests at heart
  • Only 47% of American adults trust mainstream digital publishers to report accurate information about COVID-19. Still, 85% trust the CDC and 77% trust WHO, both of which have the same conflicts of interest as most mainstream media
  • Both vitamin C and D have an enormous amount of evidence showing they provide important immune function benefits, and that your immune function is your front-line defense against all illness, including COVID-19
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