Planetary alignments are ominous for 2021-2024


What I have noticed in my past is that when Saturn was in my birth sign, Aquarius, that I went through a year of cosmic audit. After that dark year my life accelerated into a new direction. What I did learn was to reduce my piles and tote the line. Being audited by Saturn is a colonoscopy, something to endure.

It could be, at least for me, 2021 is going to be something to endure before the blessing of a new path can be granted. The cosmic final exam before graduation, I hope.
Am I understanding it correctly that you are about to have second Saturn Return this year (and to the 7th march '22 actually when Saturn will go out from Aquarius)?
I'm on my way to experience the first one, wonder which lesson I didn't learn properly but let's see.
Talking astrology I'm after 2 or 3 years of intense Pluto transits around my Dsc/Moon/Uranus/Neptun conjunction, and I'm after many Dark Nights Of The Soul already in my life and wonder what Saturn Return in the 8th House can give me MORE from lessons if what was to this point was already a lot ;) There are always lessons to learn and that's great, it's only "scary" sometimes when we let our thoughts run wild and allow them to do make us believe it will be scary/tough/etc.

Talking astronomy, or phantasies in my case, I see it somehow that all the planets are in one place and pulling comets into their direction, and Earth is on its way, without any neighbours except Moon and Mercury around, uncovered and bare on the course of whatever is coming from the Space.


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A bit late for heads up, because eclipse already happened:

Super Flower Blood Moon
The eclipse took place just a few hours after the Moon reached perigee, the closest point to Earth on its orbit, making it a Super Flower Blood Moon.

This eclipse also marks the beginning of an “almost tetrad” because it kicks off a series of four big lunar eclipses in two years. Three of these eclipses are total, while one of them, on November 18-19, 2021, is a deep partial eclipse. So deep that it is almost a total eclipse.

List of eclipses for this year and several following ones:


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An alignment of interest …

This has a great deal to do with Nemesis’ possible position in the solar system. The problem with that is that we do not where it is … exactly. But is that right or do we have an idea where it is. Well, the C’s gave us an approximation in the past. But I think that there is more that we can observe right now.

Let us look to the Sun for some answers. Is it now odd that the face that shows to us is fairly inactive. Yes, there have been some sunspots and flares, but they seem to be subdued by some unknown force. Now the opposing side is throwing things in all directions, and we should note that. Recently there were a couple of explosions that were so big that they wrapped around the sun to give us a glancing blow.

What kind of force could be out there that would draw in energy from the sun, from the far side! It would take a great negative attraction to create this kind of situation, possibly like Nemesis. We have an idea of what effects Nemesis can do, but we are way underestimating this. The effect of Nemesis will be beyond anyone’s conceivability.

But that is not what I am writing about today. Right now, with this possible outside influence of Nemesis, we are in an alignment of interest. Saturn, with its beautiful rings, is aligning with our world and the sun … right now.


We are the blue and Saturn is the yellow one. Note Uranus’ location in this picture. We are not aligned in this image, but we will get another chance as it changes this perspective in the future. It was noted that Nemesis was in the vicinity of Neptune at one time. Also to note that our alignment with Jupiter is real close.

This eighth month of this year we will be in the shadow of two of our largest planets in this solar system. And to some level I believe that we are also approximately in-line with Nemesis, if I am reading the Sun even partially correctly. This next month could present an element of conductivity between us and these outer planets. This may have something to do with the leveling of society and the beginning of this event. Keep an eye on satellites as they will be the first to be affected. The electrical effects of this could be really exciting. Wasn’t there an item about August being more turbulent.

Now next year the alignments look even more ominous with alignments between us, Jupiter and Neptune plus the Sun. This is the plot of this same day, in 2022.


Our future in this reality ought to be an interesting show. I’ll bring the popcorn, Haiku …
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