The Living Force
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I have not written any for probably 15 years, so I'm a little rusty. This seemed to mostly flow ok though and felt like it wanted to rhyme.

The News

Chinese whispers on the news
Chinese whispers do confuse
Tribal war years in the making
Pumped through the TV, your brain its baking

Ill winds blowing around the world
Will the Truth ever be heard?
Earth is angry at the lies
That you fail to see with your eyes

Delusional monkeys do never surmise
Pied pipers leading you to your demise
“Everything you believe is a lie!”
“Shut up! Bigot! Your words I decry!”

So now it comes to civil war
You think it means justice for all?
Histories lessons you all ignore
The results, too late! You will deplore

Earth cracks, grounds shake, ill winds blow
The strings pull the puppet, the mobs ebb and flow
“Change my world!” the mob demands
Ignoring the string in master’s hands

Sky breaks, lands fall, fire does rain
Still the mobs ignore our master’s distain
Distain for everyone who is not them
Herding us all into the pen

Revolution at life, creation, the holy
They have turned the screws ever so slowly
Your minds and this world they have warped and broken
Trained you to prevent love of truth being spoken

“Look back, my child, and what do you see?
How did you come to be standing by me?”
“Did you say all that you should?
Did you do all that you could?”

Pay attention to the world, the lies and deceptions
Look beyond your common conceptions
Or shut it out, shout it down, only learn to despise
Become dreams of the past, under glowing red skies
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