Pornhub is planting a tree for every 100 videos watched

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While the global warming catastrophy crowd is out and about shaming and blaming everybody for doing (or not doing) this or that,
big business is finally taking the lead in saving the world.

Pornhub is launching a campaign to celebrate Arbor Day. The website is offering to plant a tree for every 100 videos watched, the DAILY DOT reports. (Article contains explicit language)

Although Pornhub is keeping a running tally of how many trees it’ll plant so far—as of now, the number is at more than 10,000, if the campaign’s page is to believed—it’s unclear where the trees will be planted, or what environmental organization the company plans to work with.

But whether or not Pornhub’s dreams of saving the planet will actually come to fruition, with this latest initiative, perhaps the website is planting the seeds for a larger demonstration of its commitment to environmentalism.

Either way, how hilarious would it be if a hundred years from now, we could tell our children and grandchildren that a streaming porn website was singlehandedly responsible for stopping global warming?

Tree seedlings in a bulk


It's a marketing ploy: in the porn-watching demographic, the treehugger category is currently underrepresented! :evil:


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I wonder if planting trees is just another PR excercise. Flora is capable of growing and expanding on its own if left to the nature’s control. Pornhub would help the planet more if they turned off their website.
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