Potential target date November 21, 2018, 11-21-2018


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Martin Armstrong is financial cycles analyst who is a convicted felon as well as the creator of what he calls the Economic Confidence Model. One of the model's main cycles peaks every 8.6 years (3141 days, pi times 1000). Apparently he also has what he calls a Pi Target which is adding 3.141 years to the regular 8.6 year cycle.

The July 1998 (1998.554) cycle date added with a Pi Target equaled September 11, 2001.

I have seen the model dates since February 2007 (2007.15), so at least the cycle dates after 2007.15 are not made up.

The last cycle date was either September 30, 2015 or October 1, 2015 (2015.75), which is when Russian started airstrikes in Syria. I think that is a major hit. This 2015.75 date was mentioned in the forum back in 2014.
I was speaking with a financial planner who's been practicing for 20 years or so. He was quite certain that the crash that's been in some ways held off in magnitude would hit hardest in the third quater of next year. Myself not particularly financial market knowledgable have been looking at his source for this. Its a guy called Armstrong who's seems like he knows his stuff and developed an apparent predicting AI for these insights. Here's a few posts I found on this 2015.75 fall:

_2015.75 | Armstrong Economics

Interested to know what you make of this guy.

2015.75 added with a Pi Target equals November 21, 2018. I don't know if anything notable is going to happen on November 21, 2018. I thought I'd put it out there in case it's another hit.

Wikipedia entry for some background
Martin A. Armstrong - Wikipedia
His pretrial indefinite imprisonment for contempt of court was unprecedented.

This is what Armstrong has on his site regarding November 21, 2018
The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III? | Armstrong Economics


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Bankrupt Public-Employee Pensions: The Next Big Financial Crisis? | Investor's Business Daily
Pension Crisis:
As the media relentlessly focus on the federal government's burgeoning debt, a new report says that states face their own ticking debt bomb: the exploding liabilities for lavish state and local public-employee pensions. Reform won't be easy, but there is no choice.

A new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that the problem is getting out of hand. In 2016, the most recent full year for which data are available, states were more than $1.4 trillion in the red. Pension debt has increased for 15 straight years, and shows no signs of abating.

Indeed, as Reason blogger Eric Boehm notes, "The really scary part is that pension debt keeps increasing despite the fact that taxpayers' contributions to state-level pension plans have doubled as a share of state revenue in the past decade."

Worse still, as performance lags expectations, desperate pension fund managers have gone in for increasingly risky investments — meaning that workers' pensions might not be as safe as they think.

The Pew report is blunt: "Many state retirement systems are on an unsustainable course, coming up short on their investment targets and having failed to set aside enough money to fund the pension promises made to public employees."

Take 2016, for instance. For that year, the median public pension investment gained just 1%, way below the 7.5% expected gain. This alone added roughly $146 billion to states' pension debt. States now realize that their expectations are way too high, based on their poor performance. So that means they have to lower their expectations.

But that means an additional $138 billion in liabilities added to the balance sheet in 2016. All told, pension-fund debt surged $295 billion from 2015 to 2016, with states having just $2.6 trillion in assets to cover total promised pensions of more than $4 trillion. That's a huge gap, and for many states and localities it means virtual bankruptcy.

A New York Times piece last week highlighted the growing problem. In Oregon, for instance, some public employees receive enormous pensions, thanks to negotiating precedents set by public-sector labor unions. One example: Joseph Robertson, the retired head of Oregon Health & Science University, takes home a pension of $76,111. That's every month.

Then there's former University of Oregon head coach and athletic director Mike Bellotti, whose pension delivers $46,583.00 a month in benefits.

But it isn't just Oregon. The Times piece also highlights Scranton, Pa. There, 58% of police and firefighters are on disability pensions, retiring before the normal minimum age. The average age of retired police officers in Scranton, the Times reported, was 44.9 years old.

It's an increasingly common problem. California's Public Employees Retirement System is so far in the hole that it's doubtful it will be able to pay on its obligations without massive tax hikes.

And Illinois is on the verge of insolvency thanks to its pension disaster. There, the city of Harvey last year was ordered to hike property taxes to fund the pension fund for firefighters, which is a whopping 78% underfunded. It wasn't enough, so now the state has garnished Harvey's tax revenues. In response, the city has laid off 40 workers, and more pain is on the way.

Promises Are Easy, Reform Is Hard

As it turns out, there are hundreds of potential Harveys out there. "More than 400 police and fire pension funds, or 63% of Illinois' 651 total downstate public safety funds, received less funding than what was required from their cities in 2016," according to website Wirepoints. A lot of Illinois towns and counties are in for a nasty surprise.

In state after state, city after city, county after county, such stories are becoming common.

The truth is, pension promises have been made across the board that cannot be kept. Something will have to be done. But what?

The standard answer provided by progressive politicians and labor unions is "bite the bullet." "You made the deal with the workers," they say, "so now live with fewer services and much higher taxes as a result."

Another is to just have the federal government bail out insolvent pensions. Will states that took care of their pension problems really want to pony up for those that didn't?

But this isn't satisfactory.

The easiest reform would be to put all new employees into defined-contribution 401(k)-style accounts with some matching by their employer. That would mean that employees, not taxpayers, finance their own retirements — as is now the case in almost every private industry in this country.

Unfortunately, the state and local government worker unions aren't likely to agree to that.

That's because in state after state, public employee unions now call the tune, making it nearly impossible to adjust spending, downsize workforces or renegotiate bad pension contracts.

So here's a modest proposal: Get rid of public-sector unions in Oregon, California, Illinois and other troubled states. Public-sector workers should not be unionized, ever. They should be beholden to the taxpayers, not to the politicians (who are richly rewarded by the unions for their support with campaign contributions) or to the unions themselves.

As we've now found out, when government "negotiators" sit down with union representatives, taxpayers have no seat at the table. Politicians give away the store to avoid "labor unrest," while unions, faced with little negotiating pushback, ask for the moon and frequently get it. Taxpayers, barely aware this shell game is going on, pick up the ever-growing tab for it all. And the pension red ink keeps growing.

But politicians deserve blame, too. They've let this fester, especially in high-tax, progressive "blue states," ignoring the problem until it became a crisis. Shame on them.

And while we're at it, some voters deserve a share of the blame, too, if only for thinking you can promise people anything but, somehow, someone else will pay for it. Nope. Taxpayers always pay. Now these voters are finding out that their neglect hasn't been so benign, and that many state and local pension funds are, in effect, bankrupt.

States and cities better start fixing the problem, fast, or else we'll see a financial crisis that will have tidal-wave effects in states and cities across the country. Think our nation is divided now? Just wait.

I sent this article to a fellow retiree. This was his answer currently living California:
A silicon billionaire just gotten 600,000 signatures for a ballot referendum for California splitting into three states. If it passes, I’m sure the PERS system will be broken up as well. Retirees of California will be shifted to the federal government and blocks of cheese and spam will be our monthly payments.

- Stay debt free.
- Own farmable land with title in hand
- Own the tools and equipment
- Have your
CCW license
If a person accomplished these simple four items, you’re ahead of the game.

One of the most recent sessions (once again), has confirmed that data, the fox is in the hen house.

Yes, I agree more Chaos be a come-in! When, currently undetermined.

Published on Apr 19, 2018
The IMF just released a positive World Economic Outlook report for 2018. Still, in order to make sure that the outlook remains good, the IMF makes recommendation that would lead to recession, says CEPR's Mark Weisbrot

The Economy Is Cooked
by Tyler Durden Sat, 04/21/2018 - 11:21
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A silicon billionaire just gotten 600,000 signatures for a ballot referendum for California splitting into three states. If it passes

I'm sure they'll try to rig the election like they tried to rig Trump's election and Brexit.

This 11/21/2018 date is after the November elections in the US.


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It may be interesting to know that November 2018 was already mentioned once four years ago by Robert Kirkconnell the author of American Heart of Darkness in the thread dedicated to a discussion of that book:

Robert Kirkconnell said:
As we know, thousands of the worst Nazi criminals were taken out of Europe by those that formed the CIA after the war. Although they said it was Nazi technology they were after, what they were most interested in was Nazi expertise in mind control and genocide. They selected the most experienced and knowledgeable in these areas and put them in key positions in the US. Some, such as Josep Mengele, were too hot to put in the US so they hid them in Argentina and other countries where they could continue with their research. The forerunners to the CIA were also joining forces with their Fascist brethren to create what can be called the Fourth Reich.

Not much was ever said about Mengele other than he was a hideous monster, etc. The facts are that he was the world’s foremost expert in ethnically targeted biological weapons along with mind control techniques. His agenda has been hidden and largely overlooked. He wanted to eradicate Blacks worldwide and also homosexuals. Actually, he had sterilized the children of Africans in the French Army that remained in Germany after WW-I. Mengele’s ideas had come from the American eugenics movement and genocide of the native peoples in North America, as I documented in my book.

Jim Jones, while in Brazil in the 50’s met with Mengele many times and was heavily influenced by Mengele’s objectives of genocide against Blacks by use of a targeted virus and also mind control techniques. Jonestown was the ultimate MK/ULTRA experiment that manifested into AIDS being studied and then released (HIV) in the Americas and Africa. No matter where it came from, how it developed, or how it was released, there is overwhelming evidence that this was the Jonestown agenda.

The Nazis and their American counterparts learned from what I called the American Holocaust and also the one in Germany. They found that concentration camps, starvation, poisoning, and the rest are much too obvious. They decided to accomplish the next genocide using covert methods, such as bioweapons and mind control techniques. So far, the AIDS epidemic has met their expectations. It is global and largely affects their intended targets which are Blacks and homosexuals. Blacks worldwide are rapidly approaching the point where population numbers are static and the possibility exists that a total collapse will be complete by the end of this century.

Jones did not die in Guyana. The body found next to his throne was a double that Jones had sent to get arrested and fingerprinted in Los Angeles five years prior to the “White Night.” So, when the corpse was fingerprinted the prints matched the only record of Jones’s prints, which were those of the double. Jones thought way into the future and he had a sick sense of timing and irony. The “White Night” when Jones murdered over 900 Blacks and started the next genocide, took place November, 1978 which was the 40th anniversary of its predecessor the “Kristallnacht” or “Crystal Night” The similarity of the names and the timing were not a coincidence. The Nazis had a thousand year plan that was to be implemented in 40 year increments. So, what will happen in November, 2018?
(bold, mine)

Add to this the remarks of the C's in the latest session about genetic warfare and we could possibly be getting nearer as to what to expect:

A: Just you wait! It is going to get VERY interesting very soon!

Q: (L) Well, shouldn't you be telling us some more information like besides that, "it's going to get very interesting"?

A: You are doing well enough! To know more would not be healthy.

Q: (L) So you're saying that the knowledge that we have and that the use of our own faculties to analyze things is sufficient?

A: Yes

(Artemis) Why wouldn't it be healthy? Whatchoo talkin' ‘bout? Knowledge protects, man! [laughter]

(Joe) We'd talk about it on Facebook, and then we'd get hit by a Tomahawk cruise missile.

(Pierre) If it reached its destination...

Q: (L) Can we change the topic? I've been reading a lot of evolutionary biology, genetics, paleoanthropology, etc. I'm about 50 pages away from finishing a very long book on the topic of... What are you... (Cs begin answering before question is finished):

A: Genetics are about to be hot topics too!

Q: (L) Well, can I finish my question? Just...

A: Genes will (hesitates before selecting word) save for lack of a better term.

Q: (L) So you ARE telling us something... So, anyway...

(Artemis) Do you want to ask...

(Andromeda) They're trying to tell us something.

(Joe) I know what they're talking about: some kind of genetic warfare!

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Viral weapons! Resident Evil! Ooooh! I knew it!

(Joe) Are the Americans getting SO desperate that they're going to use some weapon that they developed after they collected those Russian genes last year?

A: Close

Q: (Joe) Something along those lines.

(Pierre) They say it will save, so it doesn't sound like the US will destroy Russians from their ethnic specific weapons. It sounds like it will backfire...

A: Yes. Big time!

Q: (Pierre) No way!

(Chu) So everybody's going to turn Russian!

(Artemis) We'll all speak Russian.

(Pierre) It sounds like they're developing an ethnic-specific weapon in haste which should not be used because...

(Joe) Maybe it's more along the lines of: Will they be caught trying to spread something along those lines?

(Chu) Wait and see.

A: More like finding out that your ancestors were not what you thought. No more on this. Wait and see!

Speculative, I know. So FWIW.


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It may be interesting to know that November 2018 was already mentioned once four years ago by Robert Kirkconnell the author of American Heart of Darkness in the thread dedicated to a discussion of that book:

(bold, mine)

Add to this the remarks of the C's in the latest session about genetic warfare and we could possibly be getting nearer as to what to expect:

Speculative, I know. So FWIW.
That's VERY interesting Palinurus! I knew a lot about Jim Jones, but not those details. That Nazi 40 year cycle is creepy to consider, but not at all unbelievable considering current escalating social changes. And Martin Armstrong was definitely a genius who figured out some very critical financial cycles, thus his contrived legal charges and imprisonment. (I'm almost certain I made a post about him years ago, but haven't been able to locate it yet, so I've attached the article that prompted that post.)


  • Martin Armstrong - New Yorker bio.doc
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Here's a quote from that article attached to my last post (bold emphasis and brackets are mine):
These days, Martin Armstrong is working on a new book, to be called, naturally, “The Geometry of Time.” He theorizes that “Pi is not the actual source of cyclical activity. It is merely a proof that TIME is subject to geometry.” Did he think there was Something Out There?

He sighed. “At its core, a cycle [e.g. cultural or financial] is the mechanism by which energy is transmitted,” he explained. “Think of standing in the water at the beach, as a wave washes in. You can feel the wave, but the water isn’t moving. The energy passes through the water. Society is the same way.” Sometimes there’s a rogue wave—a big event, a major turn, a depression. It was his belief that the rogues were not random but, rather, entirely, if theoretically, preordained, like the concentric reverberations of a stone, or millions of stones, hitting the surface of a pond.


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The potential target date is 9 days away, and I just realized it is the day before Thanksgiving in the US. If something major happens on that date, he expects it to be a political event.


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The only predictable political event that traditionally happens in the US on the day before Thanksgiving is that the president pardons the White House turkey. I can't see that becoming a momentous occasion.

This year Thanksgiving falls on November 22. It will be the 55th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

The following day is Black Friday, which kicks off the holiday season period of high retail sales volume. An economic crash seems unlikely just prior to Black Friday, as opposed to afterwards, if sales are very low.


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The only "high profile predictable Political event" that I'm aware of is the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Putin-Trump meeting in Paris will be brief. The two presidents will have a full-scale meeting at the G20, according to a Kremlin aide.

"The G-20 meeting will be long and thorough, and in Paris, it will be short, brief," presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said.

According to him, a meeting in Buenos Aires is still being agreed upon.

G20 Summits - 2018 Buenos Aires Summit - November 30-December 1, 2018
2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit


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2015.75 added with a Pi Target equals November 21, 2018. I don't know if anything notable is going to happen on November 21, 2018. I thought I'd put it out there in case it's another hit.
This is what Armstrong has on his site regarding November 21, 2018
The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III? | Armstrong Economics

I think, if you deeply believe in this one, you are inching closer to its fulfillment. Provided there is a fitting timeline, where this happens and you catch the turn - a junction toward this - then you start walking that way. If Armstrong (by calculating) is able to sense closing-in Universal Timelines [near and viable travel destinations], then he just needs to select one, which ever he most likes [or fears less].

It appears that he and us are traveling at speed on the multi-lane[timeline] superhighway of the Universe and if someone is sensitive - prophetically - then he can see villages / travel destinations passing by.*** He sees something he is drawn toward, he might take junctions leading there. The more he is aware of this process (juiced up enough), the more his predictions can "come true": It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is why I'm always "vary" about others' predictions. People might sense big events drawing closer - , but its always a personal choice. Do I like an Ice Age prediction? Do I wish to take turns that lead there? If it is coming in on a collision course [unavoidable] is there any route that mitigates its outcome?

Whichever junction we choose as per our deep belief, I think, - we fork away from 'this group' toward that other timeline, which turns when taken, is now quickly becoming our personal timeline, where - it appears - the majority of This Group still exist and we continue to communicate with that version of The Group online, just as we do on this forum.

***For the really juiced-up ones, like Nostradamus with his "20/20 vision", I think, - traveling toward the future in the Multiverse with all the incoming landscape-forming World Events -, must have looked like a detailed painting with lots of info to download.

For me its waay less than that, you could say I'm a shortsighted driver with blurry vision.
Instead of just a flat land with landmark houses you can see as travel destinations in the distance as you drive your car on a highway, for me its like traveling in a tall field of clouds. There is no "ground" and the travel destinations(timelines signified by bigger World Events appearing in the media as NEWS) sighted are spots up and down and sideways in the air [no left or right!!], closer and farther away - coming in, approaching.
These incoming spots are floating, glowing hazy spheres[spherical clouds] with info-content downloadable.
These spots are timeline-travel-destinations [significant world/media NEWS events] I might catch. Same way as you see villages passing by when driving on a highway. Some such destination-events are farther--less probable/harder to reach, some bigger events are closer--more probable/easier to reach. Then -- IF UNSURE because most of the time you do NOT know WTH 'trouble' you will get into (where the heck you wanna go in this crazy world?!) so there is no deep belief or wish for my prediction[glowing spots] to become true, because I am vary & afraid.
THEN USUALLY it happens just like a roulette ball===>>, the more it bounces, the harder it gets to project [predict exactly] in which pocket(timeline travel destination) it will land: What destination we finally arrive to = what bigger event we finally get to see in the news. So my only rule is nowadays--> GO "where Syria is okay" - because I wanna end up there. Whatever is the "question of the day", on which country the balance of the world depends, that country must be as safe as possible and I wanna go there.

So Mr. Armstrong can have his fill of his predictions becoming true in the timeline I finally end up in. :D

In ancient times - in the bigger matters - it was easy being a Psychopomp to convince the tribe:
- Hey peeps! Do you wanna die a fiery death in a firestorm inferno?
Tribe aghast:
- Nooo!!
- Okay then, I can SEE a Way to save you all! Who wants to come with me?
Unanimous vote...

But during apocalyptic times - in the ancient past, where catastrophic events must have been SEEN incoming everywhere, quickly, like burning-exploding cars speeding toward you [comets, tsunamis, firestorms] - as you became forced to drive in the opposite lane. Death closing in from almost every possible direction (scenario), I imagine poor Psychopomp convulsing at the sight of the future groaning: "uuhh..uh..uuuuh..uh" :shock:
Imagine then the ancient tribe, covering in fear in the drizzling ash-rain, but still with a glimmer of hope, asking her:
- Oh, exalted Seer, what do you SEE?
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In spite of being a newbie in economic complexities, this article caught my attention. It´s about the ongoing devalutation of the technologic GAFA (Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon) giant in the New-York stock exchange since last summer, which took another further plunge yesterday. Just trying to frame my mind around M.Armstrong´s forecast for nov. 21st., it seems like some tainted air is arising from this direction too.

LE MONDE - 11.20.18
GAFA has lost nearly $ 1 trillion in value since this summer
The depression that hits Wall Street worsened Tuesday with a plunge from Apple. After taking the rating for months, technologies accelerate its downfall
By Arnaud Leparmentier Published today at 05h00, updated at 10h55
Play Time3 min.
A trader on Wall Street, October 26. Richard Drew / AP
The 2018 gains are now cleared. The three main Wall Street indexes - Dow Jones, S & P 500 and Nasdaq - continued to fall on Tuesday (November 20th), losing respectively 2.2%, 1.8% and 1.7%, driven by the defeat of technology stocks. The Nasdaq is down 15% since the highest level reached in late August.
At stake is investors' belief that "trees do not rise to the sky" and that growth, even in this sector, will not be eternal. The correction has macroeconomic causes - higher rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed, US central bank), end of fiscal stimulus, commercial cold war with China - but the causes are usually microeconomic. And that's what worries investors.
Apple, the company that was worth $ 1 trillion (€ 880 billion) this summer, has lost a quarter of its value since the high of October 3. Its suppliers have reported a decline in microprocessor orders, while the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has said it will no longer specify the sales of its iPhone, a sign that the market is starting to saturate and that the cow has milk might not be forever.
Article reserved for our subscribers Read also GAFA tax: Berlin sketches a timid opening towards ParisDisappointing growth for Amazon, scandal for Facebook
The same goes for Amazon, the second company to break through the $ 1 trillion capitalization mark, which has lost 27% since early September. The firm founded by Jeff Bezos has reported a disappointing growth in sales, and it is this indicator that operators have decided to take into account. For months, they have welcomed the company that finally managed to increase its profits.
Second subject, regulation. Facebook has long been caught in the scandal of accounts manipulated during the 2016 US presidential campaign, and his boss Mark Zuckerberg, who "bunkerizes" his company, is still more contested. The social network has lost 40% of its value since July.
It is the turn of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, to be questioned: the company is suspected of wanting to bias its search engine. Explanation, when Donald Trump decided, in the winter of 2017, to forbid access to US territory to nationals of Muslim-majority countries, Google employees debated whether to include a pro-immigration bias in their search engine. Group management has denied any implementation of this political bias. Nevertheless, the suspicion is instilled. Added to this is the questioning of the commercial practices of Google which earned him, in Europe, a fine of 4.34 billion euros . The company lost a fifth of its value.
"The market does not work"
Together, these four companies (collectively known as "GAFA" for Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) have lost nearly $ 1 trillion in value since their respective highs ($ 979 billion, exactly).
Markets fear that technology will be subject to stronger regulation. Tim Cook, boss of Apple, deemed it "inevitable", Sunday , November 18. "I fundamentally believe in the market, but we have to admit that[this one] is not working. I think Congress or the administration will legislate at some point. " Trump administration wants a tougher antitrust policy. The attitude of the Democratic-backed House of Representatives is uncertain - the left should be reluctant to attack its Silicon Valley stronghold.
The stock market crash has technical explanations: investors have bought technology stocks since the trough of October, believing they are doing good business. Gaining losses, they are forced to put their securities back on the markets, increasing the decline. It is becoming widespread, with the debt of General Electric, going to be treated as a junk bond , the case Carlos Ghosn at Renault-Nissan or the collapse of oil prices, which have lost 30% since early October.
Arnaud Leparmentier (New York, correspondent)


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In spite of being a newbie in economic complexities, this article caught my attention. It´s about the ongoing devalutation of the technologic GAFA (Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon) giant in the New-York stock exchange since last summer, which took another further plunge yesterday. Just trying to frame my mind around M.Armstrong´s forecast for nov. 21st., it seems like some tainted air is arising from this direction too.

LE MONDE - 11.20.18
GAFA has lost nearly $ 1 trillion in value since this summer
The depression that hits Wall Street worsened Tuesday with a plunge from Apple. After taking the rating for months, technologies accelerate its downfall

Also on Tuesday, 11/20, two reported arson fires in up-scale neighborhoods in New Jersey. One home is owned by a technology CEO at Square One, with a relative, whose home also caught fire Tuesday, listed as the Vice President of Square One.

Wonder if there is any connection to Hesperides report above?

Square One and 2 N.J arson fires
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