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In the attached PDF in my post: Hidden Secrets of all existence, I am able to equate many of the sessions concepts about gravity and consciousness in my primes construction.

A double structure
Has a structure where the micro and macro are kind of swappable, totally interchangeable, invertible
Has an idea of perfect balance
Perfectly squared nature
Allows one to visualize inwardly and outwardly simultaneously
Contains the idea of something like flipping backwards and inside out
Has a concept for gravity and consciousness
Has a concept of expanded gravity, a great expansion of the same concept as we have
Gravity as a binder
Gravity as consciousness expressed
Consciousness as inverting the gravity geometric model
Consciousness is contained within the expanded realization of the gravity model
The synchronous relationship between gravity and consciousness

I don't have the higher maths to go any further with my ideas (RH, zeta, complex plane), and on the face of it, it seems way too simple and basic to be true, but none the less I would like to know if these ideas are indeed going in the right direction?

Of course that is assuming my ideas aren't just wrong and nonsense right out of the gate.

Thank You.
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