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VPN is a virtual private network. One use of a VPN is the shield your internet activity from your internet service provider ISP. For example, if you use Verizon to access the internet, then you can block Verizon from knowing and tracking your internet activity by connecting to the internet through a VPN. Also, the websites you visit when using your VPN will think you are at a different location.

To my surprise, I stumbled upon a free VPN that seems to be reputable. I've been using ProtonVPN for a couple of weeks and I plan on keep using it as long as it is free and fast enough. ProtonVPN: Secure and Free VPN service for protecting your privacy

You can go to websites to check if your VPN is working and hiding you from your ISP and the internet services you use. I check with IP/DNS Detect

What are the drawbacks? One is slower internet speed, as all your internet traffic is routed through the VPN's servers. Two is many internet services you may use (eg email, bank accounts, credit cards) will notice that you are accessing their websites from a different location and may block you and force you to authenticate yourself. For example, gmail blocks me when I go through a VPN, so I temporarily turn off the VPN to get that email and then I turn the VPN back on, but I never answer gmail when it asks me if it was really me trying to access it through the VPN location. Three is that your VPN itself may be tracking your activity and selling your data (Mossad NSA CIA are probably always tracking you regardless of VPN due to things such as computer chip backdoors Spectre, Windows backdoors).


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I use protonmail actually after I started quitting google, and was thinking of including the VPN in this, or possibly one of the purchasable options (where you receive faster speeds more suitable for streaming, gaming, etc.) They have options for linux as well which is handy for some of us. :-)
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