Psychopaths being switched on... Virginia Tech Shooter - Greenbaum?


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Neighbours bothering you with too much loud music? A couple in Italy decided it was time for the ultimate solution to be exercised...

I wonder how close the nearest cell phone tower is to their home?


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I read through that article but with too little care, apparently!
Thanks for letting me know, and apologies for the redundant post.


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Its not redundant at all, its a very illustrative example how psychopatic mind works.
After I have seen detailed coverage on italian TV I was tempted to open the thread myself.

First they killed the mother and a soon, then when the grandmother arrived tehy kiled her, the noise attracted the neighbour and he had to be disposed off.
It was interesting to obsereve the footage of these people.
One look into their eyes and you know you are dealing with different kind of being.

"Now that the Erba case has been resolved, we are forced to come out of our cosy homes full of prejudices... and look in the face the killers next door,"
Well, it was about time


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And now more:
presently not certain if there's more than one shooter, but more than 22 reported dead at a campus in Virgina


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That is a LOT of shooting and hitting for one person - at 29 dead now, so that's someone who knows how to use a gun. This screams Greenbaum loudly - and why no information yet on who the shooter is - something odd about that - wonder if he just got back from Iraq?


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I found this exerpt to be rather strange:

A White House spokesman said President Bush was horrified by the rampage and offered his prayers to the victims and the people of Virginia.

"The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed," spokeswoman Dana Perino said
from this local coverage of the incident:

We already know that those running the WH are psychopaths and we also understand that Bush has a less than masterful command of the english language; but what the heck is this?? I can only hope that the right to bear arms was only mentioned in response to a question and that this article's author is to blame for shoddy reporting.

Curious, but I won't speculate further on this detail until more facts are available.

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I have been following this story on MSNBC and the death toll is now 31 with 28 injured. Survivors are dsecribing the gun man as calm. They are also reporting that he entered one dorm area and chained the door closed so no one could escape and then methodically began shooting people one by one. The newscaster follows all this by pointing out that the shooter was comfortable with the weapon being used and could quickly reload otherwise so many persons could not have been killed so quickly.

It makes one leary of being anywhere in a crowded place where someone else might just get switched on and start shooting others with the same demeanor I might display when I order a cup of coffee somwhere.


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We have yet to see how they are going to spin this one, but, as noted above, the first thing I thought of was "Greenbaum."

The second thing I thought of was something the C's said last August to a guest who was here when we had a session. Because it concerns a personal matter, I'm going to redact a tiny bit:

Cs session said:
25 August 06

Q: (Guest) Is there a time by which I should definitely __________?

A: April drop dead date.

Q: (Henry) "Drop dead date". God! (Joe) That´s a loaded answer. (Henry)
Does "drop dead" apply to [Guest] or is this more general?

A: General.

Q: (Scott) Oh, great! (I***) What does it mean "Drop dead date"? (Joe)
What does it sound like? A date that somebody or something drops dead.

A: Wait and see.

Q: (A***) They love saying that! (Joe) That´s their favorite answer.
We came back to the subject on the April 1st session a couple of weeks ago. I'm including a bit more of the session for context:

Cs session said:
1 April 07
Q: (Joe) What was the boom that shook the shutters on the afternoon of the
25th of January this year? There was a boom when we were sitting in the
office...(Scott) Oh yeah, that crazy boom! (Joe) It was a clear....a pretty
clear day and there was nothing outside and there was a boom....

A: Overhead explosion, meteorite.

Q: (Scott) Sweeet! We almost got wiped out! (A***) Excellent! *laughter*
(Ark) What did they say? What was it? (Joe) An overhead explosion.
(A****) A meteorite. (Joe): Happens all the time...*more laughter*)

A: It was quite small.

Q: (Laura) That just tells you how much power they can have.....(Joe) It
was a little went pooft! (Laura) Kinda like e=mc sqared, huh?
(Henry) There are more and more reports now in the press of these things.
What percentage of the actual meteorite impacts or arrivals are actually
getting reported?

A: 11 percent.

Q: (Scott) Well, I guess that´s raindrops then.... (J****) Is one of these
meteorites gonna hit Bush? (*laughter*)

A: Funny you ask...(*more laughter*)

Q: (A****) It´ll hit everybody. (Joe) No, one with his name on it...just a
little knock him out, you know? Is the April drop dead date still
on the cards?

A: Oh yes.

Q: (Joe) Is this a combination of things that are scheduled to happen in
April or just one initial event?

A: That would be telling. No dice.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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Update: 31 dead, 15 wounded. Shooter carried no identification on his person and
research as to identification is ongoing. Two incidents reported but unable to confirm
if it is related. Seems the shooter died in Norris Hall, but other incident was a shooting
at a Ambler Johnson Hall (dorm) quite a distance away from Norris hall. Distance looks
more than 1000 feet away from each other, cannot tell for sure actual distance apart.
Slightly offtopic, but notice the Alex Jones family exposing themselves BIG time on this issue:

According to gun rights activists such as Aaron Zelman of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms, VA Tech has "blood on its hands" for disarming the 21 victims who could potentially have defended themselves against the killer.




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All day there's been coverage on this incident on the radio stations where I live in SW VA. Just now, a witness to the shooting described the gunman as being a 6' tall Asian man (there still hasn't been an official identification) and he seemed to be "professionally trained" by the prowess he showed with the gun as well as having extra clips to reload, which the witness described him doing easily "like in the movies" after shooting people.

The current toll is 33 dead including the gunman who committed suicide (self destruct mode) and 28 injured. This guy was obviously a Greenbaum. I can only imagine the laws that will be passed here in the U.S. as a result.


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ABC-TV News received at 4:45PM PST today: 32 confirmed dead. "At least 26 wounded". "Two weapons
found", but police refused to say what weapons were recovered. Gunman commits suicide. Leads seemed
to connect the Ambler Johnson Hall shooting (1 male, 1 female dead) to that of Norris Hall but that they
seemed to be two hours apart (???) Distance between the two halls are "half-mile apart". ABC-News did
not at anytime say much about the shooter - did not say asian or whatever. The police/university are
pretty tight lipped at this time.


There is a conspiracy and innocent people are dying to make a point, which is how this post is related to the Virgina Tech shootings. How this happens is beyond this post. This post is simply notice of connectedness or relativity.

I read about the shootings


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Until Monday, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was in Killeen, Texas, in 1991, when George Hennard plowed his pickup truck into a Luby's Cafeteria and shot 23 people to death, then himself.

I believe I was banned so I would not discuss the shootings as I have a thread related
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