Public response to Australian screening of BBC's "9/11: The Third Tower"


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On September 8th, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ran the BBC "documentary" called "9/11: The Third Tower" -- a program which claims to explain how and why the WTC 7 building collapsed. This program was actually run under the ABC's "Four Corners" program -- a program that is normally dedicated to serious investigative journalism by Australian journalists. Four Corners has been around since before I was born, and has actually exposed many serious issues which would not have been revealed by the commercial channels and journalistic programs.

Having said that, it seems that things have now changed. When I heard in advance that Four Corners was going to do a program into the WTC 7 collapse, I thought, "Hmm, that'll be interesting" since I was expecting a truly cutting-edge piece by Australian journalists. I ended up missing the show, and was a little disappointed UNTIL I realised it was done by the BBC. Then I knew it would have been nothing more than a "damage control" pile of junk, which of course it was.

But on the program's public comments page, at least going by all the comments I've far read thus far, it would seem that most ABC viewers are NOT BUYING INTO IT! I was very pleased, but at the same time a little surprised by this. Then again it should be realised that most people who watch the ABC are slightly more "intelligent" or "informed" than those who tend to stick with the more commercial stations. Most of the comments have blasted the ABC for running such biased rubbish, and apparently the program, which is normally repeated later on Tuesday nights, was "pulled", due to all the complaints. So this is something of a small victory, perhaps.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let people know that more and more people certainly seem to be waking up and questioning the official conspiracy story!!!
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