Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine


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Facebook will temporarily allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned from being freely discussed under the company’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, The Intercept has learned.


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I suppose it was about being drawn to caring about the dog more than the people, but I might feel that way about a child too, more sympathetic about it being at the whims of all those people in a state of confusion and chaos. That sort of image draws sympathy. I guess I was wondering if it seemed weird to be worried about the dog up front instead of all the people in those photos. But that's how I felt about it, worried about the doggie. As an aside, I lost my German shepherd mix last year. Maybe it reminded me of her.
I'm sorry for your loss.
There are people who, apart from a pet, have no one else. Or when there is simply nowhere and no one to leave them with. And this man decided to take the dog with him to the shelter.


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I stumbled upon this interesting channel. American journalist who is currently in Donetsk is explaining and proving that the attacks targeted towards civillians and civil facilities are all carried out by Ukrainian forces (which was actually pretty obvious to me from the beginning), Ukrainian nationalists. And MSM are of course presenting it as Russian agression towards civilians (big headlines in Polish media saying that Russians started to attack them). It's unbelievable how literally no one is watching it...

Here is the channel:

I guess that it may be more channels like this and maybe more proof from other people witnessing it.

And here is an interesting analysis of the situation (unfortunately only for Polish members of the forum, no subtitles):


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Interesting point of view from the Saker:

The Poles and Hungarians have declared that they fear a massive influx of refugees and that they are therefore deploying more forces to the border to “control the situation”. These forces could be easily and quickly moved inside the Western Ukraine to seize the Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk regions. Best of all (for them) is that they can be pretty sure that the Russians won’t object. And with all the NATO facilities in the Ukraine being destroyed right now, the Russians can toss this (mostly Nazi) and faraway bone to whoever in the EU who wants it (The Hungarians are probably too smart for that, but the Poles???).


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Yes, i do. And mass murderer.
Like a Ceasar or anyone else?

P.S. link about "1907" is ridiculous. "Wow, Stalin participated in the robbery of the royal collection in 1907 with the murder of 4 people." Shock! But when the C's say that "Caesar killed many, of course" - we agree and say "of course, it was such a time, and you know, because killing does not mean that it is bad." And how many killed Putin? Well, not personally, but thanks to. Or any other politician?

Katyn ... didn't the Nazis do this for the same purpose with which modern "white helmets" and other "directors" stage their productions?

What you think is your right, I have no desire to argue with that. You missed my text from the previous post, isolating only the words about the "dictator".
"Pour out the baby with water," something like that.


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I don't know what materials are there in English or another language about it, I'm interested in history in my native language (Russian). There are many videos and materials that refute the lies about the period of Stalin's rule, about the victims of barrage detachments, etc. Khrushchev started this whole campaign to consolidate his power. I read many stories from living people or relatives of those who lived in that era, and most of the Soviet people idolized Stalin and really cried when he died, it was a tragedy for the USSR.
This is an extensive topic, now I will can't tell everything in detail within the messages here, besides it will be offtopic. Anyway, what I want to say is that the history of that period and the personality of Stalin are greatly distorted. He is hated by those whom he prevented from tearing and plundering the country, which is logical. Now the capitalists even in Russia itself, and Putin himself hate Stalin and despise the history of the USSR and Putin recently called this state an actual mistake of history. They are destroying their history at the government level. I see it all, these are not empty words.
OK, I understand what you are saying. One of several language that I know is Russian. So I have read a bit about this controversy.

To posit a positive image of Stalin for Westerners is near impossible. Impossible because they don't read history and do not know how to read in between the lines when they do read it.

If Trotzky had taken over and not Stalin, it is quiet likely that Russia would have exploded completely. Just my impression. The same disaster was avoided when Putin took over thus cutting off people like Khodorkovsky from politics. If this did not happened this last time it is quite possibly that Russia would have been finished.

One of the biggest mistakes that is made ( I see it very often) is to call everyone in Bolshevik/Soviet days a Russian. Words matter. Making this huge mistake causes an avalanche of misunderstandings. I was in this trap for a very long time until I dissected the European/Russian history in fair amount of detail. Then passage of time and observation of the geopolitical events allowed me to better synthesize internally this knowledge. That is how I reached the point to where I am now.

For others,
Stalin was Georgian
Khrushchev was Ukrainian
Lenin was a freak (just joking)
Trotzky was Ukrainian
Dzerzhinksy was Polish
Catherine the Great was German

Even some of the ascribed nationalities above are not clearly identifying who the person is.

For Tycho from comment above: Stalin is a complex creature that is not black and white for people who lived in Soviet Union. Some people went through what was done by Lenin, Trotsky and Dzerzhinksy WHICH WAS HELL !!! So when Stalin took over and the level of terror decreased though there was a period of "cleansing", he was a hero to them. So depending where you were in Soviet Union and on which side, Stalin would look different to different groups of people. The "cleansing" is exactly what Putin wants to do in Ukraine with the Azov/Nazi Tradition loving part of ukrainians who were actively involved in doing ugly things to people just because they had Russian roots or spoke Russian.
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Fakes are all around! The further, the more:-(
Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov writes:

The number of anti-Russian fakes in Western (not to mention Ukrainian) media and social networks is now just off the scale. Everywhere, the footage of the Debaltsevo boiler in 2015 is given out for "burning Russian armored vehicles", and the video of the training of Russian aviation for the Victory Parade two years ago in Moscow is for planes over Kiev. (КОРНИЛОВ)

But the video became absolutely viral (RT на русском ), in which "a brave Ukrainian sends his daughter to the rear to fight against the Russian invasion." These shots are everywhere! They are posted and reposted. And everyone: journalists, politicians, diplomats, and a lot of ordinary citizens. After all, it is really impossible to look without tears at these heartbreaking video footage of a father and his daughter crying goodbye to each other.

So the military editor of The Times Larisa Brown put this is with the words that Ukrainians "stay and defend their homeland."( ) Did not pass by this video and "the singer of "Maidan", the French "philosopher" Bernard-Henri Levy, who accompanied him with pathos words about the "courage" of this man and a hashtag in support of Ukraine. Moreover, he retweeted Aviva Klompas, an Israeli writer, a former employee of the Israeli mission to the UN, who also reported , that the hero of the video "remains to fight for Ukraine", and accompanied all this with the hashtag "Russia invaded Ukraine".

This video is accompanied by angry anti-Russian comments and acquires various interpretations and "details". Someone is "ironic ": "What a shock that he speaks Russian. People who were allegedly suppressed." Someone is accusing Putin. And someone already claims that this man is a member of the Azov battalion, and therefore it is necessary to help him.

And no one is interested that the video was shot on February 21 in the long-suffering Gorlovka (DPR) and it shows just seeing off children being evacuated to Russia! And posted it (Приходько РИК ) mayor of the city Ivan Prikhodko. The same Gorlovka, where today the Ukrainian "warriors of light" bombed the school (RT на русском ), killing two teachers. Accordingly, Russia has just saved these kids from today's barbaric shelling by Ukrainian militants, whom Levi and others like him love so much.

And do you know what the special cynicism is?
The fact that none of these "fighters for Ukraine" paid attention to all these shots before the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine! Moreover, there were calls from this camp not to believe these images! BuzzFeed correspondent Christopher Miller, for example, stated that people are allegedly very unhappy with the evacuation ( ), and all these heart-rending shots of the evacuation of Donbass children to Russia are "staged"!

And now they take absolutely the same photos and videos, they are superimposed with titles that all this is happening not in the DPR, but in Ukraine, and a wonderful reincarnation takes place! Now the video is deeply disturbing to the "light-faced" representatives of the Western world! And this has been happening for eight years. All these "civilizers" wanted to spit on the suffering of the children of Donbass, stubbornly close their eyes when you show them photos of the "urban Madonna" and her baby, killed by Ukrainian militants, or videos of the rescue of Donetsk children by Russia. But it is worth declaring all this "victims of Russian aggression" — and you can put it on the front pages of newspapers! And then the statements about the genocide seem ridiculous to them!


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I wrote a bit about Poland during the war, including a small section on the Katyn massacre. Two part article begins here:

Regarding the "the 11 million human beings killed by the actions of the Nazis" please see "Polish Borders Affect Population Figures", citation "The reason for the apparent difference of about 10.5 million between the prewar and postwar populations is not the 12 million dead, but a shift of Poland's eastern boundaries westward to the Curzon Line. Territories to the east, with about 12 million inhabitants in 1939, were annexed by the Soviet Union."

The text has no refences to any sources btw.

I suggest to split the "Stalin, Katyn, WW2" postings into a new thread because OT here.
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Notorious german newspaper "Bild" at "its best"


Translation: "Putins Blood - Kreml Chief butchers in Europe"

They also published old video war footage as current footage from Ukraine which blew up in their faces right away.


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Russia has brought to Ukraine its agreement to organize negotiations, Dmitry Peskov said.
The Ukrainian side said it was reconsidering the idea of holding talks with Russia in Minsk, chose Warsaw, and then "disappeared," Peskov said.

The pause in Kiev's thinking about the negotiations is accompanied by the deployment of multiple launch rocket systems in residential areas, including Kiev, he said.

Putin now:

"Nationalist elements embedded in the regular Ukrainian units not only incite them to provide armed resistance, but in fact play the role of detachments."

Putin says that neo-Nazis in Ukraine are hiding behind the civilian population:

"They are putting up heavy weapons, including multiple launch rocket systems right in the central areas (RT на русском ) large cities, including Kiev and Kharkiv.

They plan to call back the fire of Russian strike complexes on residential areas. In fact, they act the same way as terrorists around the world."

Putin addressed the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

"Don't let the neo-Nazis and Bandera use your children, your wives and the elderly as human shields. Take power into your own hands.

It seems that it will be easier for us to come to an agreement with you than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have settled in Kiev and taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage."

The President also praised the actions of the Russian military:

"They act courageously, professionally, heroically, fulfilling their military duty, successfully solving the task of ensuring the security of our people and our Fatherland."


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FWIW - The World at War
We have confirmation from Taiwan that nine Chinese Air Force planes on Thursday morning flew into Taiwan’s air space as a warning when Taiwan came out to officially condemn Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. We are preparing a report on the projection for targets going forward into 2032. This will also include Taiwan & Asia in addition to Ukraine & Europe.

WW3 already started. That Russia and China have "a deal" can be taken for sure. That China uses the current situation to attack Taiwan is highly likely.

China is first and foremost a businessman, as indicated by their foreign policy, which is defensive, militarily speaking. They've massively invested all over the globe in the BRI. Recent piece from Cynthia Chung:

China’s ambassador to Yemen, Kang Yong, said in a March 2020 interview with Yemeni news outlet Al-Masdar that China considers all agreements signed between the two countries prior to the onset of the 2015 war as still valid, and will implement them “after the Yemeni war ends and after restoring peace and stability.”

Although both China and Russia have made the point that they will not directly intervene in regional politics, it is clear where both nations stand in their orientation, as gleaned from the rapid ascension that has been granted to Iran in recent months.

This past September, Iran was admitted as a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), while Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were admitted as SCO dialogue partners, joining Turkey.

Over the past year, Iran has quickly gained high regard and is now considered the third pillar to the multipolar alliance of Russia and China, increasingly referred to as RIC (Russia-Iran-China).

On 21 September, officials from Saudi Arabia and Iran met for the fourth round of talks aimed at improving relations, and although the process remains slow, it looks increasingly possible that a peaceful resolution can be reached.

Although many are rightly concerned that the BRI may be just another PTB power play, (there are warnings of China's growing soft-power 'economic control' and debt enslavement, for instance) I'd say that the ethos of international economic cooperation and win-win development is a much better strategy for many nations rather than another few decades of Empire-backed infighting and mutual slaughter power games. It's anyone's guess as to the BRI's real relationship to the Great Reset. Speculations abound. On this one, I think we'll just have to wait and see.

In our world, there's a fork in the road. I've appreciated the distinction detailed by economist Michael Hudson between the parasitic financialized (fake) economy vs. the generative productive (real) economy. There's a very clear choice between globalist NATO-enforced 'rules-based international' order vs. the nationalist multipolar world of the BRI.

Although he is certainly a key player in BRI unfolding, has Putin just shown he's not going to play nice with the parasites? I'd say so. It is a tricky game up there in the rarified air of realpolitik, what with attempting to be a man of principle and take care of one's own, while at the same time having to constantly deal with the secret psychopathic cabal in the Consortium, who undoubtedly have power and certainly know how to apply pressure. We can bet that this is something he has taken into consideration.

Anyways, a Chinese attack on Taiwan would run the risk of putting a strain on business relations with their international partners, potentially ruining this investment. The BRI only works through linkage, and any node (nation) in the network that falters can throw the whole plan into disarray. This is why China is hosting dialogue with nearly every willing word leader, regardless of their domestic troubles... they're even courting Yemen and the Saudis at the same time! I think it's in China's interest for peace to reign to allow for the construction of what looks like the largest infrastructure project the world has seen since Atlantis.

So unless there is significant PTB-backed activation of Taiwanese elements against China, I don't think we should expect any sort of conflict in the South China Sea any time soon. I haven't heard any rumblings aside from the usual scaremongering in the Western media. A few jets flying over is nothing new. And as China has said recently, "Taiwan is not Ukraine."



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I stumbled upon this interesting channel. American journalist who is currently in Donetsk is explaining and proving that the attacks targeted towards civillians and civil facilities are all carried out by Ukrainian forces (which was actually pretty obvious to me from the beginning), Ukrainian nationalists. And MSM are of course presenting it as Russian agression towards civilians (big headlines in Polish media saying that Russians started to attack them). It's unbelievable how literally no one is watching it...

Here is the channel:

I guess that it may be more channels like this and maybe more proof from other people witnessing it.

And here is an interesting analysis of the situation (unfortunately only for Polish members of the forum, no subtitles):
Didn't know his channel, very good commentary. I've watched his recent one, and I must say that it was quite coherent, especially compared to the mainstream commentary ("Putin is Hitler", etc.). Points that he covered:
  • there is a big issue of extreme nationalism in the Ukrainian army (video of troops praising Stepan Bandera)
  • there was a stationing army near Donetsk and Luhansk conducting regular shelling
  • Ukrainian politics were isolationist; relations with neighbors deteriorated over time which led to
  • burdening the worsening economic situation on Donetsk and Luhansk (rich in natural resources)
  • Ukrainian oligarchs, and their purchases of the state property and their desire to bankrupt the country to make deals cheaper
Also, the comment section shows that not all Poles lost their mind...

Cleopatre VII

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It seems to me that the world and human motivations are much more complicated than we might suppose. Hence, I made the decision to speak today after looking at this thread yesterday. So I will share some of my thoughts, although at the beginning I must admit that I do not think politics is my forte. Perhaps even the opposite. This is one of the areas that I least explore, nevertheless empathy, philosophy, logic and argument theory are topics in which I feel much better, so what I will write will be related to it.

Yesterday I devoted to analyzing the conflict from different perspectives. I would like to share a few observations.

I have noticed that the vast majority of Western media are completely unanimous. I mean Polish and French news channels, BBC, CNN etc. I was looking for programs or articles presenting the situation from various points of view, but I did not find any. There was actually only one narration: “Putin is a psychopath who wants to destroy the world”. Everything that was shown in the mainstream media was remarkably homogeneous. If there were any differences of views, they concerned only various kinds of subtleties, but the axiom was one: “Russia is evil”.

So I decided to look at the Russian press and I must admit that the articles I found there I perceived as showing a slightly wider context. There is a lot of talk in Russia about how Putin's actions are perceived by the West. In the West, Russia's motives are usually ignored. Dialogue does not exist.

Several of the articles I read were cited in the post: Civil War in Ukraine: Western Empire vs Russia

At the same time, translations of articles written from the point of view of the mainstream media also appear in the Russian press. One example is the article that can be found at this link: Москва десятки лет предостерегала Запад от расширения НАТО — MSNBC о причинах ввода российских войск на Украину — ИноТВ

Here is the original one: Opinion | Russia is attacking Ukraine. Here's why Putin pulled the trigger.

In one of the articles on sott.net you can also find:

As I already said, Putin is pragmatic and ruthless. Putin was criticised also for the fact that he didn't give the order to the Russian Air Force in Syria to down the missiles of the western coalition and to destroy the carriers of these missiles. You simply do not know Putin - if he did not give the order, then it means that he considers it to still be inexpedient.

If this step will be expedient, if Putin will consider it to be useful for Russia, then he will give this order without hesitation, with his quiet and inexpressive voice. If Putin will consider the destruction of all NATO countries, with the US at the head, to be expedient and useful for Russia, then he will give such an order - the NATO countries will disappear.

If Putin will consider liquidating the "fifth column" in Russia, as well as all liberal and communist movements, to be useful and reasonable, then it will be done - quickly, accurately, and ruthlessly.

So who you are, "comrade Putin"? And who sent you to Russia, literally at the "last moment"? When it already seemed that Russia died and disappears from the world map! So who you are, the saviour of Russia? Will we have answers one day?

Who knows? Perhaps in 20 years it will be declassified.

Here is the source: Russia under Putin's guidance : What is it that doesn't satisfy you, comrade communists? -- Sott.net

This is obviously only someone's opinion, but I think none of us can be absolutely sure about what is actually going on in the minds of the politicians involved in this conflict.

Another interesting article can be found here: "Нельзя унижать Россию и не заплатить при этом большую цену". «Le Figaro» прозревает.

And there, among others:

Возникает вопрос, как бросить объективный взгляд на современную Россию без того, чтобы услужливо не воспроизвести взгляд американцев, которые до сих пор не могут избавиться от стремления постоянно расширять зону своего влияния и которые, будем до конца откровенны, мечтают зажать и окружить России, не отдавая себе отчет в том, нельзя унижать великую страну и не заплатить при этом большую цену?

Иногда хочется себя просить, принимают ли американцы хоть немного в расчет психологию других народов? Или они, по совершенно непонятной причине, продолжают верить, что вся планета только и мечтает, как бы воспроизвести их модель обществ, так же, как в это верили в начале 2000 годов те, кого мы сейчас называем неоконсерваторами.

А как бы США реагировали, если бы Канада (напоминаю, что автор статьи канадец - Баск) вдруг решила отдалиться от них и присоединиться к альянсу под руководством Москвы? Мы помним реакцию американцев в ходе Карибского кризиса 1962 года. Каждая великая страна претендует на свою естественную зону влияния, у каждой империи своя концепция ближнего зарубежья.

Некоторые страны, чтобы они там не думали, и даже если им это не по нраву, обречены на определенную форму геополитического и культурного балансирования. Им приходится вести себя так, как позволяет их влиятельный сосед, не унижаясь, но и без враждебности. Это и есть условие их независимости…

А европейцы, они-то дают себе отчет, где они географически находятся?
That is, in free translation:

The question arises how to cast an objective look at modern Russia without helpfully not reproducing the look of the Americans, who still cannot get rid of the desire to constantly expand their zone of influence and who, let's be completely frank, dream of pinching and encircling Russia without giving up. Do you realize that you cannot humiliate a great country and not pay a big price?

Sometimes you want to ask yourself, do Americans take into account the psychology of other peoples at least a little? Or they, for no apparent reason, continue to believe that the entire planet only dreams of reproducing their model of societies, just as those we now call neoconservatives believed in the early 2000s.

And how would the United States react if Canada (I remind you that the author of the article is a Canadian - Basque) suddenly decided to move away from them and join the alliance led by Moscow? We remember the reaction of the Americans during the Caribbean crisis of 1962. Each great country claims its own natural zone of influence, each empire has its own concept of the near abroad.

Some countries, whatever they think, and even if they don't like it, are doomed to some form of geopolitical and cultural balancing act. They have to behave as their influential neighbor allows, without humiliation, but also without hostility. This is the condition of their independence...

And the Europeans, do they realize where they are geographically located?

Turning to the psychological issues raised in the above article, it is indeed worth realizing that there is a kind of "psychology of the nation". A nation is obviously not a set of identical elements, but there are certain tendencies or desires.

Today the USA openly criticizes Russia, but when looking at historical facts, it is very easy to accuse the USA of even more inhumane activities. However, the USA receives understanding from its allies, because it always explains its actions (It is also a fact, however, that the USA often fabricates explanations (as in Iraq) and pushes its allies in various ways, mostly economic, thus it supposedly explains, but the explanations can be questioned). Meanwhile, Russia also explains its actions, and in this situation they may be even more justified (although I would still be far from certainty), but there is an effect that hinders any dialogue.

Apart from the fact that I am convinced that some form of propaganda exists on both sides, the famous confirmation bias is also at stake.

In the English Wikipedia we read:

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one's prior beliefs or values. People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. The effect is strongest for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply entrenched beliefs. Confirmation bias cannot be eliminated entirely, but it can be managed, for example, by education and training in critical thinking skills.

Confirmation bias is a broad construct covering a number of explanations. Biased search for information, biased interpretation of this information, and biased memory recall, have been invoked to explain four specific effects:

attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence)

belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false)

the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series)

illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations).

A series of psychological experiments in the 1960s suggested that people are biased toward confirming their existing beliefs. Later work re-interpreted these results as a tendency to test ideas in a one-sided way, focusing on one possibility and ignoring alternatives. In general, current explanations for the observed biases reveal the limited human capacity to process the complete set of information available, leading to a failure to investigate in a neutral, scientific way.

Flawed decisions due to confirmation bias have been found in political, organizational, financial and scientific contexts. These biases contribute to overconfidence in personal beliefs and can maintain or strengthen beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. For example, confirmation bias produces systematic errors in scientific research based on inductive reasoning (the gradual accumulation of supportive evidence). Similarly, a police detective may identify a suspect early in an investigation, but then may only seek confirming rather than disconfirming evidence. A medical practitioner may prematurely focus on a particular disorder early in a diagnostic session, and then seek only confirming evidence. In social media, confirmation bias is amplified by the use of filter bubbles, or "algorithmic editing", which display to individuals only information they are likely to agree with, while excluding opposing views.
Another important point that I would like to mention, however, is also human suffering. I suppose there are real reasons why Russia has taken these and no other actions, but I am not convinced that this situation could not have been resolved in a slightly different way. Nevertheless, I do not know enough facts to make a substantive statement on this subject, although I believe that the facts that I would have to know to make such a statement with full conviction are known only by the politicians directly involved in the conflict.

On the other hand the civilian population is generally not to blame for what is happening, and these people are suffering. These people are injured, they die, they lose their possessions (of course this has happened very often in armed conflicts in the past as well).

I teach at a Polish school. Today I talked to two Ukrainian students whose families remain in Ukraine. Both students are deeply despairing about the situation. I am aware of the fact that both of these girls know only part of information, they are used to some propaganda, but it does not mean that we should not feel sorry for them. Even if the long-term effects of current events prove to be positive, it is not necessarily felt to the same degree by everyone. People have different interests. People have different dreams.

So what is it really like? What is true and what is a lie, or rather what is right and what is wrong or who is right?

I think it's extremely important to understand that usually no situation is black or white. There are many people involved in this situation, many different minds, whose interests are not necessarily consistent with each other.

It seems to me that Russia had good reasons to attack Ukraine or serious reasons to do so just in case, but in my opinion it will take much longer for me to be able to say for sure.

Meanwhile, sometimes I observe people who, on the basis of a few messages or argument to authority, are inclined to adopt a certain point of view. Then they make the confirmation bias over and over again.

I think we should be as careful in our judgments as we can.
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