Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

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Scholz is putting pressure on allies because no one wants to deliver Leopards

Saturday, February 4. [By focus]

"Panzer-Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently having to put pressure on German partners because they are refusing to make firm commitments for a battle tank delivery to Ukraine. This is reported by "Der Spiegel." According to the report, there is some reluctance among the allies. Not a single European country except Germany has promised a delivery so far, it is said.

Germany and its Western partners actually want to send two battalions of 44 Leopard 2 tanks each to Ukraine.
But, "the composition of the battalions turns out to be a feat of strength," "Der Spiegel" quotes from a response by the German government. Scholz had launched a "diplomatic initiative" to get the missing tanks together. Germany wants to supply 14 of the 88 battle tanks needed."

Has Scholz been hoodwinked by NATO and the US?

The Americans have promised to send M1A1 tanks to Ukraine to reassure Scholz that he's not going it alone.
What they didn't tell the Germans was that they don't intend to take the tanks from their inventories but rather wait until the industry has produced new vehicles instead which could take until the end of this year.


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Articles about Nazism in Ukraine
Red Street Journal has:
Discover the role the United States played in the growth of nationalists in Ukraine

Red Street Media Collective
Apr 1, 2022
If we analyze publicly available declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency, we can learn quite a bit about the United States and its role in the historical development of Ukrainian Nationalism. To view the February 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict, in isolation, would be a mistake.
Ukraine: Constructing the Fourth Reich "White Europe is Our Goal"
A brief overview of the Nazism on display in Ukraine as presented by the Western press

Red Street Media Collective
Jan 21

One of the largest fictions of the Western press after the Russian Federation launched their Special Military Operation in February 2022 is that claims of Nazis in Ukraine are exaggerated by the Russian Federation.
From CovertAction Magazine:
How a Network of Nazi Propagandists Helped Lay the Groundwork for the War in Ukraine
Evan Reif
February 3, 2023

The Nazi-Ukraine romance in World War II. [Source: greenvillepost.com]
“History isn’t what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. The very selection of which histories to teach in a society shapes our view of how what is came to be and, in turn, what we understand as possible. This choice of which history to teach can never be ‘neutral’ or ‘objective.’ Those who choose, either following a set agenda or guided by hidden prejudices, serve their interests. Their interests could be to continue this world as it now stands or to make a new world.” – Howard Zinn

In the aftermath of the Second World War, many of the architects of the worst atrocities in history were rescued and protected by American intelligence. The overt role of Nazi scientists such as Wernher von Braun (who personally oversaw the torture and murder of slave laborers) in the United States space program and West German industry has been common knowledge for decades.

In recent years the end of the Cold War has brought revelations about the CIA’s “gladiators” such as Yaroslav Stetsko and Licio Gelli influencing the world’s political development by any means necessary. From Germany and Italy to Japan and South Korea, there is now a vast collection of evidence proving the existence of large, well-funded networks of fascist terrorists who did not hesitate to use violence to ensure compliance from the “free” people of the world.
Lifelong fascist and future CIA agent, Propaganda Due grandmaster Licio Gelli (center) with Mussolini in 1941. [Source: guardiavecchia.net]

However, what is less well known is that thousands of fascist-leaning and anti-communist academics were also rescued and nurtured by the U.S. to wage an ideological war against Communism. These revisionist historians spent decades laboring in the shadows of the academic press until the fall of the Soviet Union allowed them to return home and finally rewrite history to their liking. After decades of effort, we can now see the results of their work, the seeds planted 70 years ago are finally bearing their poisoned fruit.
Two articles by Cynthia Chung:
Fact checking the fact checkers: Why does Ukraine seem to have so many Nazis nowadays?
Bought and paid for: How the neo-nazi Ukrainian nationalist movement was nurtured by the CIA post-WWII


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Articles about Nazism in Ukraine
In continuation of the topic
Ordinary fascism: a red star on the clothes of those who support Russia and special forces against the sign "The family of the deceased lives here at the hands of the OUN"
Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoi proposed to oblige Ukrainians who support Russia to wear a red star on their clothes. "This is not segregation, and we are not fascist Germany. It's just that people need to understand who is in front of them. If you support the Russians, wear a red star on your clothes. If you are going against society, against your people, then you must be designated. Decent establishments should not let such people in, whether it's hairdressers, gas stations or cinemas. Let them feel like outcasts," she said. "From the hot "novelties" in the assortment: ghettos, gas chambers, guillotines, concentration camps," such a reaction followed her statement online.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, where there is "no fascism", in Lviv, a leaflet was pasted on the building of the church of the Holy Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles (UOC) with a call to "kill a Muscovite in yourself". It is noted that last summer they tried to burn this temple. And a special cynicism lies in the fact that here they often sing and commemorate the punishers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who died at the front.

At the same time, in Volhynia, local authorities dismantled a memorial plaque from the house of a family that suffered from Bandera. So, on one of the houses of the village of Toboli, Volyn region, for decades there was a sign "The family of the deceased at the hands of the OUN lives here." According to local authorities, it was dismantled by the special forces of the SBU, who broke into the yard and tore off the sign, detaining the owner of the household.

And in Kharkiv, vandals painted Nazi symbols of "Azov" on the monument to the Soldier-liberator, located on the street on August 23.

In the comments in the Kharkov public, Bandera members write that they will continue to fight with Soviet monuments in the city and will ensure that none of them survived. At the same time, Bandera's followers for some reason do not declare their desire to go to war in the trenches near Artemovsk and Ugledar, trying in every possible way to hide from mobilization.
Обыкновенный фашизм: красная звезда на одежде тех, кто поддерживает Россию и спецназ против таблички «Здесь проживает семья погибшего от рук ОУН»

Well, a little bit about warm relations
"Volyn Massacre 2.0": the brigade commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine staged a genocide of Polish mercenaries on the border of the Kharkiv region and the LPR.

Very interesting events are taking place in the Kharkiv region. After yesterday's detention of the brigade commander of the local 92 ombr Fedosenko, it became known that the brigade had virtually ceased to exist.

Only one battalion of the 92nd ombr remained in the Kharkiv region, while others were sent to Soledar and Zaporozhye.

The reason for the repression was the conflict between the brigade commanders of the 92nd and 14th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Polish mercenaries.

Back in December, foreign fighters publicly stated that they would not obey these ignoramuses (about brigade brigades). The AFU colonels decided to take revenge a couple of weeks later by sending the "foreign legion" to the minefields near the settlement of Novoselovskoye, where they were also covered by the Russians from TOSS.

As a result, funerals were held in Poland throughout January, the 92nd ombr was disbanded, the brigade commander was arrested, and an investigation is underway against the commander of the 14th ombr.


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A 1992 book, The Conspiratorial Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, written by former CIA agent John Coleman, is receiving renewed attention because its predictions of a "post-industrial" world run by controlled globalist technocrats appear to be coming true.

In the book, Coleman claims that an international committee led by the Bilderberg Group and Western intelligence agencies would lead the world into a dystopian future in which 4 billion "useless eaters" would be wiped out by limited warfare, organised epidemics and famine by 2050.

Today, the world is witnessing a limited war in Ukraine, and a leaked memo from a US Air Force general warns that the US could be at war with China by 2025.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also enabled authoritarian governments to impose massive shutdowns, global economic turmoil and escalating authoritarian measures, all of which are consistent with Coleman's predictions.

Other predictions in the book include the promotion of compulsory pornography in schools, the destruction of industry and nuclear power, control of agriculture and food production by the Committee of 300, and a push for green energy that cannot meet current energy needs.
Est-ce que tout cela vous semble familier?


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A Spanish journalist in the hell of Bakhmut.

A Spanish journalist visited Bakhmut a few days ago to write in praise of the Ukrainian army. The tone of the article is unsurprising: the Russian army is being crushed by the Ukrainian steamroller. This is almost obligatory for an article published by a major newspaper such as El Pais. As always, you have to be careful to find the information:
On the one hand, an "uninterrupted flow" of "all possible reinforcements" from Ukraine fails to launch a counter-attack, but only to slow down the Russian advance. So this uninterrupted flow does not even compensate for the Ukrainian losses, which are therefore colossal. Many reinforcements were wiped out before arriving in Bakhmut, according to El Pais.
On the other hand, thousands of inhabitants prefer to go through hell by staying in the heart of the war, because they are waiting for their liberation by the Russian army, rather than taking refuge in the west



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An interesting entry leaked on the network. In a closed-door meeting with members of Congress in the summer, Biden expressed his true attitude towards Putin:

"I was wrong about him, he's really a patriot of his country, he's not interested in money, he only needs a strong Russia, we can't defeat him."

In public, the old Biden says completely different things...


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China supplies Russia with technology for war - WSJ

The publication says Chinese state-owned defence companies have sent navigation equipment, electronic warfare systems equipment and jet fighter spare parts to Russian defence companies.

The publication notes that cooperation between China and Russia is only intensifying.


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Instead of Ukraine, Russia will demilitarise NATO, says Swedish publicist Lars Bern.

The publicist said that NATO is voluntarily getting rid of its weapons and sending them to Ukraine. At the same time, the military alliance risks remaining unarmed.

Bern also called NATO a "paper tiger" unable to stand up to the might of the Russian army.


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Zelensky's representative said Moscow was a legitimate military target of Kiev.

Representative of Kiev Junta President Vladimir Zelensky, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence, Fyodor Venislavsky, said in an interview with German newspaper Bild that Kiev would not guarantee the non-use of Western technology against targets in Russia.

He noted that some Western experts were living in a "parallel world", saying that Ukraine should promise that it would not use its military equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.

"It is legal for Ukraine to strike Russian territory - including, of course, with Western weapons. All the military facilities from which the war is being waged against Ukraine are legitimate military targets," the Permanent Representative said.

In his opinion, all the places where Russia stores its missiles and "every command centre", including in Moscow, are also legitimate military targets of Ukraine.

At the same time, Venislavsky explained that the decision to attack Russia's territory will depend on the Ukrainian military leadership.

He is lying about this: it is Washington that decides: the Kiev Junta, civilians and military obey!

The Kiev Junta makes it very clear that promises are only binding on those who receive them.

Comrade Fabrice


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Paris, which supplies arms to Kiev, is not a party to the conflict with Russia, French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre said.

"We are not at war with Russia. NATO is not at war with Russia. None of our European and American partners are at war with Russia. The provision of equipment to a state engaged in self-defence - as provided for in Article 51 of the UN Charter - does not constitute joint participation in hostilities," said a ministry spokeswoman.

Except that there is a difference between supplying arms and supplying logistics and maintenance/repair of equipment as will be the case with the tank deliveries. Not to mention that in many of these tanks there will be soldiers from NATO countries in "Ukrainian" uniforms.

To be at war with Russia, as the Nobel Prize winner Brune Le Maire said, or as the German Foreign Minister, a Young Leader by the way, has just reminded us, but without being at war: the new crazy concept of the russophobic madmen of the American-Western axis.

Comrade Fabrice


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According to Hungarian Cabinet of Ministers representative Csaba Demeter, Brussels' calls to speed up the supply of arms to Ukraine and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia are a step towards escalating the conflict.

"The United States, transferring more and more powerful weapons to Kiev, is engaged in a deliberate escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. This was stated by Russia's ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov.
"The transfer of ever more powerful weapons to the Kiev regime is a deliberate escalation of the conflict by the United States. The administration has put almost everything on the 'Ukrainian map': its own international authority, US taxpayers' money and the lives of Ukrainian soldiers," Antonov said, responding to a question about the White House's decision to supply Ukraine with long-range GLSDB bombs.


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The New York Times reported a "race against time" in the supply of weapons and training of the armed forces.

It will take several months to a year to learn how to handle the weapons promised by the West, experts interviewed by the newspaper said.

Most of the GLSDB missiles that the US intends to supply to Ukraine have not yet been produced.



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Aleksey Arestovich, former adviser to Zelensky and some of his views
In this post, I followed a lead from a TG channel Inessa S ️️ and learned much more about how some people in Ukraine perceive the situation.

In general, I think this post is more a "for the record"
Recently resigned former adviser to Zelensky, Alexey Arestovich, says Russia tried to conduct a 'smart war', avoiding civilians, and gave the military a chance to surrender first.

And that much is true - Putin's 'Empire of Lies' address on February 24, 2022 (Inessa S ️️) gave the Ukrainian military an opportunity to leave unscathed.

Having recently been placed on Mirotvorets kill list, Arestovich's uncomfortable admissions (Inessa S ️️) have made him an enemy of the Ukrainian state.
Arestovich's presence on the Mirotvorets list is confirmed by Russian sources:
Lenta wrote if translated:
Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich was included in the database of the website " Mirotvorets "for participating in" acts of humanitarian aggression " against his country. His dossier on the project's website was published on Thursday, January 20.

Peacemaker activists have described Arestovich as a "professional provocateur" who discredited state authorities and "demoralized" Ukrainian military personnel.

"We ask law enforcement agencies to consider this publication on the website as a statement about the commission of deliberate acts against the national security of Ukraine by this citizen," the message under the dossier reads.
Mirotvorets say about themselves:
The Center" Mirotvorets " examines the signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, security of humanity and international law and order in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international legal acts ratified by our state.

Before informing us about an object whose actions contain obvious signs of committing crimes that are being investigated by the Center, please carefully read about interaction and cooperation with the Mirotvorets Center and click "Start".
In this case, the complaint is listed as having been filed by the SBU, which is not entirely impossible, at least the persons who wrote the text did a lot to dig out his activity. Below, I have translated some and commented on the assertions. It can be mentioned that Mirotvorets has not been a subject of much concern for the EU, UK, US and NATO, but neither have the signs of Nazism in Ukraine.

The article begins:
Professional Provocateur. Public information sabotage in favor of the Russian invaders. Participation in acts of humanitarian aggression against Ukraine. Conscious participation in activities that undermine the defense capability of Ukraine by demoralizing the armed forces of Ukraine. Discrediting the State authorities and administration.
They should put Zelensky on the list ASAP, since his frequent public appearances in a heavily drugged state, should demoralize the UAF and discredits the UA state authorities and administration much more than Arestovich, who is more coherent.
Assigned role: Speaker of the TCG and advisor on information policy to the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk Group, advisor to the head of the Office of the President, blogger, actor.
Nickname: Liusya, Russian propagandists call him Karamelka
He is also the organizer of the "Oleksiy Arestovich Charity Foundation" (suspended in 2017),
"AEGLS FLMZ" (92.11.0 Activities in the production of films, video films and television programs)
DRFO code: 2760821318
Date of birth: August 3, 1975
Place of birth: Georgia, Tsiteli-Tskaro (Dedoplistskaro)
It does not say when Arestovich came to Ukraine, but clearly he was as many others a Soviet citizen and was a teenager by the time of the collapse of the USSR. After the biographic details, follows a long list of instance where he, according to the people at Mirotvorets, did not measure up to their standard. In the following selection, I have skipped many complaints; the list is long and the number of screenshots for their sources is as detailed:
- 11.06.2022. On release of the program "Feygin " (11.06.2022) presidential advisor Oleksiy Arestovich stated that Ukrainians should not criticize authorities for granting citizenship to the Russian citizen Nevzorov or other opposition Russians. In the opinion of the radonist, such decisions have positive consequences because they do not allow Ukraine to become a "big country with a small culture.
That was a year ago, since then UA has become a smaller country with a smaller culture, but one could also say that the seeds of culture have spread with the refugees.
- 17.01.2022. The Ukrainian authorities have completely deprived the society of internal solidarity, promoting hatred of one part of it against the other, and also showed inexcusable weakness in relation to persons suspected of treason.
The former advisor to the head of the presidential office and the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on Donbass wrote this on his Facebook page. Арестович объяснил причины своего увольнения со всех постов, Арестович рассказал, почему уволился из офиса президента Украины
As I tried to find the FB for this day I found an interview in Russian from January 17, 2022 which is also on YouTube:
Negotiations between Russia and the West - a tragicomedy on the Titanic. Real and Imaginary Challenges of the 21st Century for Ukraine
12.938 visninger 17. jan. 2022
We, [Pavel Shchelin] talked to Alexey Arestovich about the fact that relations between Russia and the West, although they look like a terrible threat, remain a comedy of the absurd.
I think they were wrong, Ukraine acted or was led to ack, as if gravity no longer existed.
Next, we discuss the real threats to the world-demographic collapse and deglobalization.
Interestingly, Ukraine seems to have a part to play in deglobalization and is the first to have suffered major demographic changes within just one year.
Watch and listen if you don't want to fall asleep in disbelief when reading the news and tremble with fear where there is nothing to be afraid of. The course "Archeology of Conservatism" by Pavel Shchelin: https://apeiron.school/conservatism Channel in TG: https://t.me/common_se

09: 00 Irony in the expansion of NATO - the complete lack of purpose in this expansion
They do not at all acknowledge the work of the US and NATO to use Ukraine for their own purposes. They talk about Europe being naive, but they themselves? Actually, that is not completely fair, they do have some good points:
11: 00 The Russian ultimatum is completely defensive in nature and written in existential horror 16: 00 The very fact of its power NATO is the strongest destabilizing factor in Europe 19: 10 Why does Russia demand a new treaty “on paper "25: 00 Who is uncomfortable in a world without a superintendent, or" we wanted multipolarity-feel it the hard way " 27: 00 The United States can afford deglobalization, and the rest of the players? 31:50 The next decades - a new version of the "Bronze Age collapse"
Pavel Shchelin speaks about how he sees the world of the Bronze Age as interconnected, how it all collapsed and took a few hundred years to recover. I thought that was a good point.
40: 00 Four US allies 42: 40 No universal idea - no globalization 44: 00 Only within NATO - 33 potential potential conflicts
They mention Turkey-Greece, Spain-Britain and France-Germany. The other 30 are in the mind of Arestovich.
1: 11: 30 The next civilization should be a civilization of truth + IMPORTANT announcement 1: 16: 20 Optimistic conclusion: The future is hell for those who are infantile and a world of creative freedom for adults and honest people Related Lectures: Conversations about Identity with Pavel Shchelinym: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Megatrends with Yuri Romanenko: https://youtu.be/4Kge3bIqWbw
They mention that the 1990ies after the collapse of the USSR was also a period of great creativity. They expect the world as a whole will witness a 1990ies scenario with poverty and suffering.
Here is another video from Pavel Shchelin
Game of Civilizations. Assessment of the current moment. With @arestovych

➤ 14:30 EU pessimistic case: fundamental problems of a sinking ship with no prospects for a solution, with hope for a happy ending;

➤ 25:10 Viable alternatives to the EU; ➤ 29:20 More strategically positive US case: surmountable crisis with vulnerable points of shadow integration;

➤ 41:00 China's case: hopeless demographic crisis without global long-term dominance. The China Perspective - Taiwan;

➤ 01:09:40 Why did the global analytics system collapse? - Lies are at the basis of the game of world order, which Russia does not play;

➤ 01:13:00 The constructed war gift Russia a chance to be reborn in a new form of empire, and correct global injustice with the sacred power of the source awakened by the elites;
The discussion, which was mainly a monologue by Pavel Shchelin, shows that Arestovich is much more informed than most Ukrainians and this may help to explain the background for some of his public statements.

Looking up the above links led me to a Lenta biography for Arestovich
In 2022, Arestovich wanted to leave politics, but after the start of a special military operation, he received the post of adviser to the OP. On January 17, 2023, he resigned, the Office of the President accepted the application. The day before, signatures for the removal of Aleksey Arestovich began to be collected in the Verkhovna Rada. The reason was the adviser's statements regarding military operations, in particular, the words that the cause of the destruction of a high-rise building in the Dnieper was the work of the Ukrainian air defense system.
Next from Mirotvorets:
"According to the former advisor to the head of the OP, the Ukrainian state is "infinitely weak in the performance of its functions (otherwise a person suspected of treason would be put face down on the floor right in Zhulyany) and infinitely strong as a giant machine for the production of injustice."
Following the above link led to a link to FB, that is still up.
- August 2021 - Arestovich called Zelensky's government's mistake in continuing the language and cultural policy of Poroshenko and Vyatrovych. Arestovich said that, in his opinion, culture and sports are beyond politics. And to refuse to watch Russian-language films, to deny Russian culture just because this or that actor who played in them supports Putin's policy is stupid. -
- 15.04.2020. President Vladimir Zelensky is as politically responsible for the persecution of patriots and Maidan participants as Yanukovych's associates. About this on the air of "Direct" told the military expert Alexei Arestovich.
"The question is what kind of policies President Zelensky conducts or allows to conduct. I really count on the fact that there will be either a journalist or someone from the politicians, in particular people's deputies, who will ask Zelensky to publicly qualify Maidan as a phenomenon: what President Zelensky considers Maidan. I want to hear this answer - what he considers Maidan. And that will be Zelensky's main speech of his year-long cadence. Because we will understand from the way he qualifies Maidan and how he will behave when answering this question: is he a person who takes Yanukovych's position on Maidan or is he an independent politician who has his own belief, his own understanding of what Maidan is," said Arestovich.
- 21.12.2017. "Ukrainian blogger and military expert Alexey Arestovich made an unexpected statement. On New Year's Eve he decided to admit that since the beginning of the armed conflict in Donbass he has been engaged in propaganda and deliberately distorted information.
Arestovich wrote about it on his Facebook page on December 21.
- Dear friends, I have lied to you a lot since the spring of 2014.
Distortion of information I launched on two main lines: creating a patriotic lubok, in which we are "all united, shanyemosya ta heroichnis, and bright prospects await Ukraine, black propaganda against Russia.
And later:
The last video happens apparently at a time when the Maidan demonstration, must have started, but had not been concluded. He is idealistic and sees a problem in Ukraine being composed of three different groups. Those that wish closer connections with the east, those who want to be closer to the west and those that wish to remain neutral and independent. He thinks it is necessary to get to a common decision and rather than work against each other. It is necessary that they begin to talk. His idea of society is some kind of direct democracy where people in the neighbourhood, elect a representative they know who then joins a group of similarly elected people etc, right up to the top with only a few people in the actual government. When I heard that, I thought that was way closer to a one party system, (USSR/Chinese) than to an EU/US model.
Biography [Wiki]:
- In February 2005, Korchinsky and his "sunny initiator" Arestovich, together with Dugin, present the "Eurasian Anti-Orange Front" in Moscow.
The last article is revealing of the complexities in Russian-Ukrainian politics.
In February 2005, Korchinsky and his" solar initiator " Arestovich, together with Dugin, presented the "Eurasian Anti-Orange Front" in Moscow.
"What happened in Ukraine is the next stage in the reorganization of the geopolitical space of Eurasia by the United States, whose main goal is" to prevent the formation of a single strategic space on the territory of Eurasia that can limit the military and economic interests of the United States, " Alexander Dugin said at a joint press conference with the leader of the Ukrainian Brotherhood party Dmytro Korchinsky "News".

"The penetration of the Western plague, like a chameleon changing its colors, into the post-Soviet space, even a politician like Korchinsky, who never sympathized with Russia, forced to reconsider his views when faced with direct American expansion. Korchinsky agreed to become a member of the Supreme Council of the "Eurasian Movement", sacrificing narrow national ideas in the name of the collective struggle of Eurasia against the Atlantic and thereby showing the significance of the Western threat. Realizing that the West cannot give Ukrainians the opportunity to preserve their culture and way of life, but instead will start reprivatizing strategically important objects (as Korchinsky's deputy Aristovich, who was also present at the press conference, said: "the factories will come under the power of Washington and Brussels"), which will eventually lead to the substitution of real human values for unified ones needs. Korchinsky categorically decided not to allow this both in Ukraine and beyond its aisles. It is noteworthy that against the background of sincere sympathy for the Ukrainian fate, such an outcome is a pattern that all political forces, including the ultra-right, will have to face sooner or later."

In Kiev, Korchinsky joins forces with soial-communist Natalia Vitrenko,
who was also treated by Dugin and received permission to work with her brother in faith.
Mirotovrets continues
- In 2008, their political course changed radically, and Arestovich and Korchinsky were already building a "defense strategy for Crimea" against Russian invaders. At the beginning of 2009 they jointly organized a civic initiative "Get Uskikh", in which Arestovich's main tasks were to organize actions in Sumy, Odessa, and Kiev with the participation of businessmen and car transporters to fight the current government.
Civic Initiative did not exist for a long time - it organized a few actions (400-500 people each),
It appeared on Savik Shuster's show and then fell silent. Then Korchinsky, Arestovich, and company set sail for Odessa.
In 2009, Korchinsky sends his "right-hand man" Arestovich to Odessa to organize and hold actions in support of his friend, then mayor of Odessa, Eduard Gurvits. For completeness and scope of powers Gurvits appointed Alexey Arestovich to the post of deputy chairman of Primorsky district administration on June 3, 2009 and even generously ordered to assign him the 9th rank of civil servant and to assign him a raise of 50% to his salary taking into account his rank and seniority allowance. But apparently something went wrong, and three months later he relieved Alexei of his post.

In 2010 he graduated from the Absalom Podvodnyi School of Psychology and, as a certified psychologist, began giving lectures, trainings, consultations in the field of group psychology, and acting in movies. In 2013, as a consulting psychologist and conflict resolution specialist, he took part in the filming of the show "Teach Us to Live" on the ICTV channel.
Arestovich appeared in the media field after 2014, he is often shown in the media as a military expert, giving his comments as an "expert" on Donbass. For a long time, from his Kiev couch, Arestovich said very radical things about Donbass.
For example, commenting on the situation during the fighting around Debaltsevo in February 2015, Arestovich wrote:
"Even the loss of 30,000 dead is not the most noticeable loss at the stakes and the scale of the game that is developing here."
By now, perhaps ten times more have died, just as Ukraine has lost land.
- "Арестович покинул Титаник". Почему от Зеленского ушел один из его главных спикеров
- Крысы с корабля. Как лгал и почему из Банковой бежал Арестович? | Новости Эспрессо,
OPU Speaker:
April 2022
April 2022 2 .
2005 note.
On his TG channel, Arestovich has posted an appearance on a French channel and writes below in French:
Étant donné que chaque Ukrainien parle couramment le français depuis son enfance, je le poste calmement dans l'original.)
Which means:
Since every Ukrainian has been fluent in French since childhood, I calmly post it in the original.)
In the show, he admits that there is pessimism even into the rows of Zelensky, maybe that is why the video and description is left in French. To a western audience, pessimism should mean Ukraine really need more weapons.

In his recent post on TG, he has said that all the heavier weapons they now have they could not get in the beginning,
and therefore, he has no doubt that weapons now denied UA like F16 and long range missiles will also come.

Attached is a screenshot from the Mirotvorets, and it is only a part.

It seems some Ukrainians have gradually gained a more complete understanding of what is happening, even some that, like Arestovich, on the surface support the war efforts.


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