Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

MacGregor sees no military benefit of the dam destruction for either side. "Military benefit" is not very important in terms of goals of the Dirty Tricks Department, however.
I disagree with the colonel on this one.
Here's a great article by South Front about the issue
Defense Ministry: the Center group struck the positions of three Ukrainian brigades

MOSCOW, June 7 — RIA Novosti. Army aviation and artillery of the Center group of troops hit the positions of three Ukrainian brigades, the head of the group's press center, Alexander Savchuk, told RIA Novosti.
"The positions of the 81st Airmobile Brigade, 66th and 67th mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian troops were defeated by missile strikes of army aviation and artillery fire of the Center group of troops in the Krasnolimansk and Svatovsk directions," Savchuk said.

In the areas of Nevsky and Chervona Dibrova, the operational and tactical aviation of the Russian group carried out missile and bomb attacks on an ammunition depot, temporary deployment points, as well as on enemy firepower.
Группировка "Центр" нанесла удар по позициям трех украинских бригад

The Russian military seized secret Canadian-made equipment for detecting and calculating the coordinates of aerial drone operators.

This was announced in his Telegram channel by Alexander Khodakovsky, deputy head of the main directorate of the Ros Guard for the DPR.

Because of the high tactical and technical characteristics, captured equipment is of great interest to intelligence and drone control specialists.

"Similar equipment has been used systematically before, but the resulting sample exceeds everything we knew at times. This discovery causes reasonable alarm among specialists," Alexander Khodakovsky wrote.

As a counteraction to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military began to introduce the practice of using remote antennas and controlling drones from cover. This allows you to reliably hide the locations of drone operators and avoid attempts to suppress the point with firepower: artillery and mortar fire.

Denis Pushilin: APU tanks shot their own Leopard
Oleg Koryakin
Denis Pushilin, the acting head of the DPR, told about an unusual case that occurred during the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the air of Solovyov Live. Ukrainian tankers destroyed their own Leopard so that it would not become a trophy.

"At one of the sites, a few days ago there was an attempt to break through with the participation of a Leopard tank - our people "screwed it up" and tried to drag it to themselves for study. When our tanks moved out to pull him out, 2 APU tanks appeared, but instead of repelling our attack, they began to destroy the Leopard tank. They shot him beyond recognition."

Earlier, Alexander Khodakovsky, Deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Russian National Guard for the DPR, reported the appearance of Leopard tanks on the Ugledar front. According to the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on June 5, eight German-made tanks were destroyed during an attempt to attack the AFU.
Денис Пушилин: Танки ВСУ расстреляли свой же Leopard - Российская газета

More than 900 people were evacuated from the areas of flooding in the Kherson region
Dmitry Kulemyakin
At least 900 citizens were evacuated from the districts of the Kherson region, which were flooded after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP. This statement was made by the head of the New Kakhovka, Vladimir Leontiev.

He said that more than 900 residents were moved to safe places, the TASS news agency reports. Leontiev clarified that we are talking about the evacuation, which took place on Tuesday, June 6.

The day before, the upper part of the Kakhovskaya HPP was destroyed after several strikes by Ukrainian militants. After that, the water discharge began. In three districts of the Kherson region, the process of evacuation of civilians has begun.
Более 900 человек эвакуированы из районов подтопления в Херсонской области - Российская газета
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You mean Alex? Yeah he’s got every conceivable color and flag in the logo too. Tees, hoodies, hats. Probably a case for his phone. He does promote the brand, that’s for sure. 🤣

I agree, he and Alexander Mercouris, as well as Ritter and Berletic seem of one mind. I was surprised to hear MacGregor offer such a different take. I mean, not foul play?? Unimaginable in the current climate! I had to share.


Alexander Dugin

The Special Military Operation (SMO) as the Most Important Event in World History

The SMO in the Context of Geopolitics

The SMO in the Context of the Clash of Civilizations

The SMO in the Context of the Confrontation between Unipolarity and Multipolarity

The SMO in the Context of World History

The SMO in the Context of the Global Crisis of Capitalism

The SMO in the Context of the End Times

The Role of Ukraine


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Alexander Dugin

The Special Military Operation (SMO) as the Most Important Event in World History​

Many are beginning to realize that what is happening is in no way explained by national interest analysis, by economic trends or energy policy, by territorial disputes, or by ethnic contradictions. Virtually any expert who tries to describe what is happening in the usual terms and concepts of pre-war times looks at the least unconvincing, and more often than not, simply stupid.
To make even a superficial understanding of the state of affairs, one must turn to much deeper and more fundamental categories, to the everyday analysis that is almost never involved.
The Need for a Global Context
What is still referred to in Russia as the SMO, but is in fact a full-fledged war with the collective West, can only be understood in the context of large-scale approaches such as:
  • Geopolitics, based on the consideration of the deadly duel between the civilization of the Sea and the civilization of the Land, identifying the ultimate aggravation of the great continental war;
  • Civilizational analysis — the clash of civilizations (modern Western civilization claiming hegemony against rising alternative non-Western civilizations);
  • Definition of the future architecture of the world order — the contradiction between a unipolar and a multipolar world;
  • The culmination of world history — the final stage in the formation of the Western model of global dominance, which faces a fundamental crisis;
  • a political economy macro-analysis built on the fixation of the collapse of world capitalism;
  • and finally, religious eschatology describing the “last times” and their inherent conflicts, confrontations and disasters, as well as the phenomenology of the coming of the Antichrist.
All other factors — political, national, energy, resource, ethnic, legal, diplomatic, etc., for all their importance, are secondary and subordinate. In effect, they do not explain or clarify anything in essence.
Let us place the SMO in the six theoretical contexts which we have identified, each of which represents entire disciplines. These disciplines have received little attention in the past, preferring more “positive” and “precise” fields of study, so they may seem “exotic” or “irrelevant” to many. But understanding truly global processes requires considerable distance from the private, the local, and the detailed.

The SMO in the Context of Geopolitics​

All geopolitics is built on the consideration of the eternal opposition between the civilization of the Sea (thalassocracy) and the civilization of the Land (tellurocracy). Vivid expressions of these beginnings in antiquity were the confrontations between land-based Sparta and port-based Athens, land-based Rome and maritime Carthage.
The two civilizations differ not only strategically and geographically, but also in their main orientation: the land empire is based on sacred tradition, duty and the hierarchical vertical, headed by the sacred Emperor. It is a civilization of the spirit.
The maritime powers are oligarchies, a trading system dominated by material and technical development. They are essentially pirate states. Their values and traditions are contingent and constantly changing—like the element of the sea itself. Hence the progress peculiar to them, especially in the material sphere, and, on the contrary, the constancy of the way of life and the continuity of the civilization of the Land, the eternal Rome.
As politics became global and took over the entire globe, the two civilizations finally acquired spatial embodiment. Russia-Eurasia became the core of the Land civilization, and the pole of the Sea civilization became fixed in the zone of Anglo-Saxon influence: from the British Empire — to the US and the NATO bloc.
That is how geopolitics sees the history of recent centuries. The Russian Empire, the USSR and modern Russia inherited the baton of the civilization of the Land. In the context of geopolitics, Russia is the eternal Rome, the Third Rome. And the modern West is the classic Carthage.
The collapse of the USSR was a major victory for the civilization of the Sea (NATO, the Anglo-Saxons) and a terrible disaster for the civilization of the Land (Russia, the Third Rome).
Thalassocracy and Tellurocracy are like two communicating vessels, so those territories that went out of Moscow’s control began to go under the control of Washington and Brussels. First of all, this affected Eastern Europe and the Baltic republics that broke away from the Soviet Union. Then it was the turn of the post-Soviet states. The civilization of the Sea continued the great continental war with the main enemy — the civilization of the Land, which had survived the blow, but had not collapsed completely.
In this case, the defeat of Moscow led to the fact that in Russia itself, in the 1990s, was established a colonial system—the Atlantists flooded the state with their agents, put in the highest positions. This is how the modern Russian elite was formed—as an extension of the oligarchy, a system of external control by the civilization of the Sea.
A number of former Soviet republics began to prepare for full integration into the civilization of the Sea. Others followed a more cautious strategy and were in no hurry to break the historically established geopolitical ties with Moscow. Thus, two camps were formed: the Eurasian camp (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Armenia) and the Atlantic camp (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan). Azerbaijan, however, moved away from this extreme position and began to get closer to Moscow.
This led to the events of 2008 in Georgia, and then, after the pro-NATO coup in Ukraine in 2014, to the separation of Crimea and the uprising in Donbass. Some territories of the newly formed units did not want to join the civilization of the Sea and rebelled against such a policy, seeking support from Moscow.
This led to the beginning of the SMO in 2022. Moscow as a civilization of the Land had strengthened enough to enter into direct confrontation with the civilization of the Sea in Ukraine and reverse the trend of increasing Thalassocracy and NATO to the detriment of Tellurocracy and the Third Rome. This is how we came to the geopolitics of today’s conflict. Russia, like Rome, battles Carthage and its colonial satellites.
And what is new in geopolitics is that Russia-Eurasia cannot act today as the sole representative of the civilization of the land. Hence the concept of a “distributed Heartland.” Not only Russia, but also China, India, the Islamic world, Africa and Latin America become the poles of the land civilization in the new conditions.
Moreover, if we assume the collapse of the Sea civilization, then western “big spaces”— Europe and America itself—may turn into corresponding “Heartlands.” In the U.S., Trump and the Republicans, leaning precisely on the red, inner-continental States, are almost openly calling for this. In Europe, populists and supporters of the “Fortress Europe” concept intuitively gravitate toward this scenario.

The SMO in the Context of the Clash of Civilizations​

A purely geopolitical approach corresponds to a civilizational approach. But, as we have seen, an adequate understanding of geopolitics itself already includes the civilizational dimension.
At the level of civilizations, two main vectors collide in the SMO:
  • Liberal-democratic individualism, atomism, the dominance of the material-technical approach to man and society, the abolition of the state, gender politics, essentially abolishing the family and gender itself, and finally a transition to the rule of Artificial Intelligence (all called “progressivism” or “the end of history”);
  • faithfulness to traditional values, the integrity of culture, the superiority of spirit over matter, the preservation of family, power, patriotism, the preservation of cultural diversity and, in the end, the salvation of man himself.
After the defeat of the USSR, Western civilization gave its strategy a particularly radical character, insisting on finalizing—and immediately!—its attitudes. Hence the forcible imposition of multiple genders, dehumanization (AI, genetic engineering, deep ecology), state-destroying “color revolutions,” etc. Moreover, Western civilization has openly identified itself with all of humanity, calling immediately for all cultures and peoples to follow it. And this is not a proposal, but an order, a kind of categorical imperative of globalization.
To some extent, the influence of modern Western civilization has affected all societies—including ours, where, since the 1990s, the Western liberal approach has been dominant. We have adopted liberalism and postmodernism as a kind of operating system and have not been able to free ourselves from it, despite 23 years of Putin’s sovereign course.
But today, the direct geopolitical conflict with NATO and the collective West has also aggravated this civilizational confrontation. Hence Putin’s appeal to traditional values, rejection of liberalism, gender politics, etc.
Although not yet fully realized by our society and our ruling elite, the SMO is a direct head-on collision between two civilizations:
  • The postmodern liberal-globalist West, and
  • traditional society, represented by Russia and those who keep at least a certain distance from the West.
Thus, the war has moved to the level of cultural identity and acquired a profound ideological character. It has become a war of cultures, a fierce confrontation of Tradition against Modern and Postmodern.

The SMO in the Context of the Confrontation between Unipolarity and Multipolarity​

In terms of the architecture of world politics, the SMO is the point at which to determine whether the world will be unipolar or multi-polar. The victory of the West over the USSR ended the era of the bipolar organization of world politics. One of the two opposing camps disintegrated and disappeared from the scene, while the other remained and declared itself the main and the only one. This is when Fukuyama proclaimed “the end of history.”
At the level of geopolitics, as we have seen, this corresponded to a decisive victory of the civilization of the Sea over the civilization of the Land. More cautious specialists in international relations (Charles Krauthammer) called this situation a “unipolar moment,” thus emphasizing that the formed system has a chance to become stable, that is “unipolar world” itself, but may not hold and may give way to another configuration.
This is exactly what is being decided today in Ukraine: Russia’s victory will mean that the “unipolar moment” is irreversibly over and multipolarity has come as something irreversible. Otherwise, the supporters of the unipolar world will have a chance to delay their end at least at any cost.
Here we should again turn to the geopolitical concept of “distributed Heartland,” which brings an important correction to classical geopolitics: if the civilization of the Sea is consolidated today and represents something united, the planetary system of liberal globalism under the strategic leadership of Washington and NATO command, then, though the directly opposing civilization of the Land represents only Russia (which refers to classical geopolitics), Russia fights not only for itself, but for the principle of the Heartland itself, recognizing the rightfulness of the unipolar world.
For this reason, Russia embodies a multipolar world order, in which the West is given the role of only one of the regions, one of the poles, with no reason to impose its criteria and values as something universal.

The SMO in the Context of World History​

But modern Western civilization is the result of the historical vector that has developed in Western Europe since the beginning of the New Age, the Age of Modernity. It is neither a deviation nor an excess. It is the logical end of a society that has become desacralized, de-Christianized, rejecting the spiritual vertical, on the path of atheistic man and material prosperity. This is what is called “progress,” and such “progress” includes the total rejection and destruction of the values, foundations and principles of traditional society.
The last five centuries of Western civilization are the history of the struggle of Modernity against Tradition, of man against God, of atomism against wholeness. In a sense, it is a history of the struggle between the West and the East, since the modern West has come to embody “progress,” while the rest of the world, especially the East, has been perceived as the territory of Tradition, the preserved sacral way of life.
Western-style modernization was inseparable from colonization, because those who imposed their rules of the game made sure that they worked only in their favor. So gradually the whole world came under the influence of Western Modernity, and from a certain point no one could afford to question the justification of such a “progressive” and deeply Western-centric picture of the world.
Modern Western liberal globalism, the Atlanticist civilization itself, its geopolitical and geostrategic platform in the form of NATO and, in the end, the unipolar world order itself is the culmination of the historical “progress,” as it is deciphered by Western civilization itself. It is precisely this kind of “progress” that is called into question by the conduct of the SMO.
If we are faced with the peak of the West’s historical movement toward the goal that was outlined 500 years ago and is almost achieved today, then our victory in the SMO will mean—no more and no less—a dramatic change in the entire course of world history. The West was on its way to its goal, and at the last stage Russia thwarted this historical mission, turned the universalism of the Western-understood “progress” into a local, private, regional phenomenon, and took away from the West the right to represent humanity and its destiny.
This is what is at stake and what is being decided today in the trenches of the SMO.

The SMO in the Context of the Global Crisis of Capitalism​

Modern Western civilization is capitalist. It is based on the omnipotence of capital, the dominance of finance, and bank interest. Capitalism has been the fate of modern Western society since it broke with Tradition, which rejects obsession with the material aspects of existence and sometimes severely restricts certain economic practices (such as interest rates) as deeply ungodly, unjust and immoral.
Only by shedding religious taboos could the West fully embrace capitalism. Capitalism is inseparable neither historically nor doctrinally from atheism, materialism and individualism, which in a fully spiritual and religious tradition are not tolerated at all.
It is precisely the unrestrained development of capitalism that has led Western civilization to atomization, dissipation, the transformation of all values into commodities, and, in the end, the equating of man himself with a thing.
Philosophers critical of the modern West have unanimously identified this capitalist impulse of civilization as nihilism. First there was the “death of God” and then, quite logically, the “death of man,” who had lost any fixed content without God. Hence posthumanism, AI and human-machine splicing experiments. This is the culmination of “progress” in its liberal-capitalist interpretation.
The modern West is the triumph of capitalism at its historical peak. Again, the reference to geopolitics clarifies the whole picture: the civilization of the Sea, Carthage, and the oligarchic system were based on the omnipotence of money. Had Rome not won the Punic Wars, capitalism would have come a couple of millennia earlier. Only the valor, honor, hierarchy, service, spirit and sacredness of Rome could have stopped the Carthaginian oligarchy’s attempt to establish its world order then.
The successors of Carthage (the Anglo-Saxons) were more fortunate and over the past five centuries were finally able to accomplish what their spiritual ancestors had failed to do: impose capitalism on humanity.
Of course, Russia today does not even remotely imagine that the SMO is a revolt against global capital and its omnipotence.
And yet that is exactly what it is.

The SMO in the Context of the End Times​

Usually, we look at history as progress. However, this view of the essence of historical time has taken root only recently, beginning with the Enlightenment. We can say that the first complete theory of progress was formulated in the middle of the 18th century by French liberal Ann Robert Jacques Thurgot (1727-1781). Since then, it has become dogma, although originally it was only a part of liberal ideology, which was not shared by everyone.
In terms of the theory of progress, modern Western civilization represents its highest point. It is a society in which the individual is practically freed from all forms of collective identity, that is, as free as possible. Free from religion, ethnos, state, race, class, even gender, and tomorrow from the human race. This is the final frontier that progress is meant to take.
Next, according to liberal futurologists, there will be a singularity moment, when humans will hand over the development initiative to Artificial Intelligence. Once upon a time (according to the same theory of progress) apes passed the baton to the human species. Today humanity, ascending to the next stage of evolution, is ready to pass the initiative to neural networks. This is what the modern globalist West is directly leading to.
But if we take away the liberal ideology of progress and turn to the religious worldview, we get a completely different picture. Christianity (as well as other religions) sees the history of the world as a regression, as a departure from paradise. And even after the coming of Christ and the triumph of the universal Church there must come a time of apostasy, severe trials and the coming of the Antichrist, the son of perdition.
This is destined to happen—but believers are called to stand their truth, to remain faithful to the Church and God and to resist the Antichrist even under such extremely difficult conditions. What to the liberal is “progress,” to the Christian is not merely “regress,” but a diabolical travesty.
The latest phase of progress — total digitalization, migration to the meta-universe, the abolition of gender and the overcoming of man with the transfer of the initiative to Artificial Intelligence—in the eyes of the believer of any traditional denomination is a direct confirmation that the Antichrist has come into the world. And this is his civilization.
Thus, we get another dimension of the SMO, which is increasingly being spoken of directly by the Russian President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of the Security Council, the head of the SVR, and other high-ranking Russian officials, seemingly quite far from any mysticism or prophetism. But that is exactly what they are: they assert the pure truth, which corresponds to the traditional society’s view of the modern Western world.
And this time it is not a metaphor, with which the opposing sides of the conflict have sometimes rewarded each other before. Now it is more than that. Never has Western civilization, even in modern times, been so close to a direct and blatant embodiment of the kingdom of the Antichrist. Religion and its truths were abandoned by the West long ago, moving on to aggressive secularism and an atheistic materialistic worldview, taken henceforth as the absolute truth.
But it had never yet encroached on human nature itself, deprived it of sex, of family, and soon, of human nature itself. Five hundred years ago, Western Europe embarked on the path of building a society without God and against God, but this process has only now reached its climax. This is the religious and eschatological essence of the “end of history” thesis.
In essence, it is a declaration, expressed in the language of liberal philosophy about the arrival of the Antichrist. At least, this is how it looks in the eyes of people of religious denominations belonging to traditional society.
The SMO is the beginning of an eschatological battle between sacred Tradition and the modern world, which precisely in the form of liberal ideology and globalist politics has reached its most sinister, toxic, radical expression. This is why more and more often we speak of Armageddon, the last decisive battle between the armies of God and Satan.

The Role of Ukraine​

At all levels of our analysis, it turns out that the role of Ukraine itself in this fundamental confrontation, no matter how we interpret it, is on the one hand key (it is the field of Armageddon). On the other hand, the Kiev regime is not even remotely an independent entity. It is only a space, a territory where two global, cosmic, absolute forces came together. What may appear to be a local conflict based on territorial claims is, in fact, something else entirely.
Neither side cares about Ukraine itself. The stakes are much higher. It so happens that Russia is destined for a special mission in the history of the world — to stand in the way of civilization of pure evil at a critical moment in world history. And by starting the SMO, the Russian leadership has undertaken this mission. The border between two ontological armies, between two basic vectors of human history is precisely on the territory of Ukraine.
Its authorities have sided with the devil—hence all the horror, terror, violence, hatred, ferocious repression of the Church, the degeneration and sadism of Kiev. But the evil is deeper than the excesses of Ukrainian Nazism—its center is outside Ukraine, and the forces of the Antichrist are simply using the Ukrainians to achieve their goals.
The people of Ukraine find themselves divided not only along political lines, but also in spirit. Some came to the side of the civilization of Dryland, Holy Russia, to the side of Christ. Others, on the opposite side. Thus, society split along the most fundamental — eschatological, civilizational and simultaneously geopolitical boundary. Thus, the very land that was the cradle of ancient Russia, our people, became the area of the great battle, even more significant and extensive than the mythical Kurukshetra, which is the subject of the Hindu tradition.
But the forces that have converged on this field of destiny are so fundamental that they transcend any inter-ethnic contradictions many times over. It is not just the split of Ukrainians into Russophobes and Russophiles; it is the split of humanity on much more fundamental grounds.


Alexander Dugin

The Special Military Operation (SMO) as the Most Important Event in World History

The SMO in the Context of Geopolitics

The SMO in the Context of the Clash of Civilizations

The SMO in the Context of the Confrontation between Unipolarity and Multipolarity

The SMO in the Context of World History

The SMO in the Context of the Global Crisis of Capitalism

The SMO in the Context of the End Times

The Role of Ukraine

@Joe @Niall : for SOTT methinks.
Ukrainian saboteurs blew up the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline in the Kharkov Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

By Ilya Tsukanov - 7 hours ago (Updated: 3 hours ago)
7 JUN, 2023

'Is this a preparation for Ukrainian forces to conduct sabotage on TurkStream?'

(From Maria Zakharova)​

'Were you aware?': Russia wants US to answer about how its weapons used in Ukraine​

"On Tuesday night, Ukrainian forces delivered a strike on the Kakhovka hydropower plant, presumably from an Olkha MLRS"

MOSCOW, June 7. /TASS/. "The US authorities must give a concrete answer as to whether or not they know how American weapons are being used"

"Now, the question for [White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John] Kirby, [White House Press Secretary] Karin Jean-Pierre, all the people who are in charge of communications at the White House. <...> Were you aware of how American weapons, the weapons that are being supplied to Ukraine, are used?" she asked."

"That trial tests of a terrorist attack against civilian infrastructure in third countries are being made?
These are the questions that we directly pose in the public space before the White House; you must answer them,"


Zelensky could be killed by his ‘masters’ – Medvedev​

"Medvedev noted that the launch of such an operation came as no surprise, since “the Kiev regime has no choice. It must attack. It has to justify the money and weapons it has received.” He added that “the disappointment of [Kiev’s] overseers may cost Zelensky and his friends not only their posts, but their lives as well.”

It was not by chance that the enemy chose Artyomovsk as the media brand of the "impregnable fortress".
This city, like no other, was suitable for this role, since under it there are a large number of salt mines, underground communications and passages that are interconnected and were used by the enemy to transfer reserves and ammunition to blockaded areas.

This video shows only a small part of the underground part of Artyomovsk, but this is enough to imagine what hard work the PMC "Wagner" did, squeezing the enemy out of such fortresses.

Some call the figures 60-80 thousand people of the reserves collected by the Ukrainian army in all directions. In any case, the power is not small.
The APU plans to attack Melitopol with an army corps of 30 thousand people
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have begun to form a large army corps in the northern part of the Zaporozhye region. According to information resources, the number of military personnel and mercenaries in the new unit can reach 30 thousand people. The main task of this corps is supposed to be related to the breakthrough in the direction of Melitopol.

It is known that it is planned to transfer to the unit up to 300 units of barrel and rocket artillery, at least 100 tanks, as well as from 500 to 1000 units of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. Probably, such powerful weapons will be used to break through minefields, after which the AFU intend to create a springboard for further advance in the direction of the Sea of Azov.

Kiev plans to launch a counteroffensive from the Orekhovsky direction. It should be noted that many experts and political scientists have previously pointed to Melitopol as one of the main targets of the Ukrainian armed formations.

This information about the new unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, if confirmed, indicates a possible aggravation of the situation in this region. However, while all this remains the subject of speculation, and it is necessary to wait for official confirmation of this information.
ВСУ планируют атаковать Мелитополь армейским корпусом численностью в 30 тысяч человек

It's good that they raised it. They need to work somewhere.
Russia has raised fighter jets for attacks on the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Zaporozhye
The Russian military has raised helicopters and fighter jets, they successfully repel the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the Zaporozhye front. This is reported by the Telegram channel "Military commanders of the Russian Spring".

According to their information, Russian aviation, in particular, fighters, under the city of Orekhovo, successfully strikes clusters of Ukrainian armored vehicles and infantry, and attack helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack Ukrainian armored vehicles with guided missiles.

On the night of Thursday, June 8, the head of the movement "We are together with Russia" Vladimir Rogov said that the AFU tank group went on the offensive on the Orekhovsky sector of the Zaporozhye front. According to him, there was a "high-intensity battle" between Malaya Tokmachka and Novodanilovka, Russian troops were demilitarizing the advancing Ukrainian tanks.

At the end of May, Russian forces managed to suppress the advance of APU tanks near Orekhovo in the Zaporozhye region. The movement of tanks and armored vehicles in the region was noticed at night from 22 to 23 May. "Our military successfully suppressed the enemy's activation with dense artillery fire and the operation of a multiple rocket launcher system," Rogov said.
Россия подняла истребители для атак по ВСУ в Запорожье

A "coalition of willing" to "exit"? Well, let's see.
Ex-NATO Secretary General announced the possibility of sending alliance troops to Ukraine

The troops of the North Atlantic Alliance can take a direct part in the conflict in Ukraine. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told the British press about this.

According to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, if Ukraine "gets nothing at the July NATO summit in Vilnius," the Baltic states and Poland can assemble a "coalition of willing" to send troops to help Ukraine.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary General: "A group of NATO countries may want to send troops to Ukraine if member states, including the United States, do not provide Kiev with real security guarantees at the alliance summit in Vilnius."

The fact that the security of Ukraine will be discussed at the Vilnius summit was previously reported by acting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. However, he made a reservation that full-fledged guarantees are provided only to full-fledged members of the bloc. According to Stoltenberg, it is planned to intensify assistance to Kiev, and the decisions taken at the summit will allow the forces of Ukraine to approach the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Last fall, Kiev applied to join NATO in an accelerated manner. Later, the assistant to the American President for National Security, Jake Sullivan, noted the untimeness of such a procedure. Nevertheless, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba stressed that at the July summit in Vilnius, Ukraine expects to receive an invitation to join NATO and no other solution will suit it.
Экс-генсек НАТО заявил о возможности отправки войск альянса на Украину

Некоторые называют цифры 60-80 тысяч человек собранных резервов украинской армией на всех направлениях. В любом случае сила не маленькая.
Хорошо, что подняли. Надо же им где то поработать.
"Коалиция желающих" на "выход"? Что же, посмотрим.
Aerial reconnaissance footage of yesterday's disastrous Nazi armored offensive near Orekhovo.
The offensive of the armored fists bogged down, the enemy lost dozens of vehicles in an attempt to suppress our firing positions and deliver infantry to the front line.

In conditions of dense artillery fire, enemy armored vehicles are forced to stretch out into columns and move along roads, trying to squeeze between minefields. While the TsIPSO at the training ground was moving unsecured "dragon teeth" with Leopards and cleared minefields, the reality turned out to be radically different.

According to the outlines of the hulls and towers, they look like Leopards. :cool:
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