Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

I have to repeat myself
How so? But we were told that they were all warriors of light!

Rogov called for the destruction of the AFU militants who sent prisoners to the minefields

SIMFEROPOL, 15 Sep – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian militants who sent Russian captured soldiers to the minefields are to be destroyed, the head of the Zaporozhye public movement "We are together with Russia" Vladimir Rogov told RIA Novosti.
RIA Novosti was previously told about this case by an informed source with reference to a video from a phone that was found in one of the Ukrainian dugouts.
"This crime and others like it should be investigated, and the perpetrators should be punished. It is no secret that the terrorist units that destroyed the prisoners are not captured, but are destroyed on the battlefield. In this case, it should be the same when it becomes clear who committed these crimes and threw our guys into minefields," Rogov said.
He compared the incident to the war crimes of the Second World War. Rogov believes that the Nazis of the Third Reich are the "spiritual idols" of criminals from the AFU. "The practice of sending prisoners to minefields is not new. It was also used by our enemies during the Great Patriotic War, when the Nazis treated Soviet prisoners in a similar way," Rogov stressed.
Рогов призвал уничтожить боевиков ВСУ, отправивших пленных на минные поля

As the Latin proverb says: sic transit gloria mundi. Here, by the way, they mention Prigozhin.
Zelensky is no longer on the list of the most influential Jews

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post did not include Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the list of the top 50 most influential Jews of the year.

In 2022, he was ranked first on the list, then the newspaper called him "not only the most influential Jew in the world, but also one of the most influential people in the world."

But in this rating was the late founder of the PMCs "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin (in the symbolic 52nd place in the postscript section). The Jerusalem Post notes that Prigozhin was Jewish on his father's side.

Also on the list was the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich (22nd place).

The rating is headed by Sam Altman, the chief executive officer of OpenAI, which developed the ChatGPT neural network.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in second place, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is in third.

The indicative exclusion of Zelensky from the list of influential Jews clearly indicates that the Western media is losing interest in him.

That's the bad luck. Kim was just about to go there, and here it is. Well, never mind, let him go, while he gets there on his unhurried train, God willing, neither this filthy "peacemaker" nor the current filthy Ukraine will be there anymore.
"And what are we for?!": The head of the DPRK was banned from visiting Ukraine
Kim Jong-un appeared on the Peacemaker website for "an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

After the visit of the head of the DPRK to Russia, it became known that the North Korean leader was banned from visiting the territory of Ukraine – he was included in the base of the "Peacemaker". The reason why Kim Jong-un ended up in the Peacemaker's base is very remarkable - "an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," although the head of the DPRK did not make any statements on this matter and did not visit the territory of Ukraine.

The North Korean side has not yet commented on the introduction of the leader into the Peacemaker database. Nevertheless, the database is essentially unofficial in nature and persons who subsequently made official visits to Ukraine have already been included there.

Experts believe that the key reason for such actions on the part of Ukraine is that the DPRK and Russia decided to strengthen cooperation between the countries.
"А нас за что?!": Главе КНДР запретили посещать Украину

Я вынужден повторяться
Как говорит латинская поговорка: так проходит слава земная
Тут, кстати и про Пригожина упоминают.
Вот какая незадача. Ким только только собрался туда поехать, а тут такое. Ну ничего, пусть отправляется, пока он на своем неспешном поезде туда доберётся, бог даст, ни этого поганого "миротворца", ни нынешней поганой украины уже не будет.
Having read the news from and about Armenia over the last few days, I'm getting the impression that the Armenian leadership has chosen to go the way of the West, and learn how to become a tool in the policies of the US. Moreover, the US-EU politicians and military people probably do not mind, when they fail to find as many Ukrainians to fight Russia, as they would like. Below are a few details:

A couple of days ago:
A comment on Armenia
A few days ago, the Russian Government was unhappy with the Armenians making military games with the US.
Today, I learned that the US embassy in Yerevan is huge compared to the size of the country and its population of only 3 million people.
The development in the posts of the thread for Nagorno-Karabakh War - Armenia vs Azerbaijan have come a long way since Apr 28, 2023, compared to Sep 3, 2023 and the following posts. Yesterday, I added included headlines like:

The latest post in Nagorno-Karabakh War - Armenia vs Azerbaijan began:
That's how, diligently, gradually the country is being put in place of Georgia and Ukraine. We will wonder later - how did they manage to drive another country crazy? However, the aforementioned huge American embassy in Armenia and a bunch of Western NGOs working in this country are not eating their bread in vain.
And then there was this article, From Vesna.ru:
All secret things come to light someday
16.09.2023 - 8:00
And now the cherry on the cake is the composition of the participating countries:*Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Great Britain and the USA.
I was trying to find sources for the quotes about the countries, and it is confirmed in this article:
Saber Junction 23 kicks off at Hohenfels Training Area
Saber Junction 23, held at the 7th Army Training Command’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany, is a multinational exercise designed to assess the 2nd Cav. Regt.’s capabilities and readiness to deter aggression and operate in a multidomain battlespace.
Participating nations include Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Saber Junction concludes Sept. 22, 2023.
Armenia working with NATO seems to be a trend. There was in April from RIA Novosti
Moscow asked Yerevan for clarification due to participation in US exercises in Europe
Zakharova: Moscow asked Yerevan for clarification on participation in US exercises in Europe

RIA News. MOSCOW, April 12-Russia has requested clarification from Armenia due to its participation in US exercises in Europe, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

"The United States and its allies are trying to discredit the cooperation of the countries of the region with our country, drawing them into various formats of interaction. They are clearly anti-Russian in nature, if not sometimes Russophobic. Such actions of NATO lead to the destabilization of the situation in various regions, the growth of conflict potential, and the creation of new dividing lines, " the diplomat said.

Zakharova clarified that Moscow's reaction to the situation will follow Yerevan's response.

Armenia's refusal to conduct CSTO maneuvers on its territory is regrettable and does not contribute to improving regional security, the representative of the ministry added.

Last week, Aram Torosyan, a spokesman for the Armenian Defense Ministry, spoke about Yerevan's plans to take part in Western exercises. We are talking about the KFOR ("Kosovo Force") and Sabre Junction ("Woven Sword") maneuvers. They will be held in 2023 by the United States Army Europe Command.

Earlier, on the website of the US military department, Armenia was mentioned in the list of countries participating in the multinational exercise Defender 2023. After some time, the Pentagon edited the message, and the Transcaucasian republic was no longer on this list.

In January, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the country's Defense Ministry had informed the CSTO about the inexpediency of holding the Unbreakable Brotherhood-2023 exercises of the CSTO peacekeeping contingents on the territory of the state. In mid-February, Anatoly Sidorov, chief of the organization's joint staff, announced that the maneuvers would be held in Kyrgyzstan.
Recently, Armenia has complicated its relationship with Moscow even more, and it has not been very skilful or courteous with Azerbaijan.

Today there was this headline if translated from Russian.
Erdogan invited Putin, Aliyev and Pashinyan to hold a meeting on Karabakh
The example from Ukraine shows that in some cases talking and signing does not mean much. With the current leadership of Armenia and such a strong US influence, it is possible the US determines the level of trustworthiness of anything Armenia will say or sign.
It is a pity that there are no SU-24s among the damaged aircraft. This old aircraft is now the greatest threat to Russia, because namely this aircraft was adapted to launch Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles by NATO specialists.
Two MiG-29 fighters and three Su-25 attack aircraft were destroyed by the Russian Air Force strike on the Ukrainian airfield Dolgintsevo
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially confirmed the information that on September 11, a strike was carried out on the Dolgintsevo airfield, located in the Krivoy Rog area. As a result of the attack, five aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed, including two MiG-29 fighters and three Su-25 attack aircraft.

Dolgintsevo airfield is considered one of the key air bases of Ukraine, from which combat aircraft were regularly flown to perform combat missions. The destruction of five combat vehicles in one strike is a serious blow to the air component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this region.

Experts note that the loss of five combat aircraft at the same time can seriously weaken the air capabilities of Ukraine in the Krivoy Rog area and the surrounding area. This incident also highlights the high level of effectiveness of the actions of the Russian military.

According to official data of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 472 aircraft, 249 helicopters and 6810 drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been destroyed to date.
Ударом ВКС России по украинскому аэродрому Долгинцево уничтожено два истребителя МиГ-29 и три штурмовика Су-25

This plant is the birthplace of the famous Soviet T-64 and T-80 tanks. The T-64 tank is still the main tank of the Ukrainian army, but the T-80 has long been produced only in Russia. By the way, the T-34 tank, which in Russia is one of the symbols of victory in the Great Patriotic War, was also developed at this plant.
4 missile strikes were carried out on an armored plant in Kharkiv
During the day, four strong explosions thundered on the territory of Kharkiv. One of the objects affected by the missile strikes was an armored plant – once a key enterprise for the production and modernization of armored vehicles in Ukraine.

According to unofficial information, the strikes were carried out using Iskander tactical missile systems, which indicates high accuracy and power of destruction. Iskander itself is one of the most modern missile systems with high accuracy of hitting targets.

At the moment, there is no accurate information about possible victims and the scale of destruction on the territory of the plant. Nevertheless, sources claim that Ukrainian military equipment was actively repaired on the territory of the enterprise. However, it should be noted that to date there are no official statements in this regard yet.
По бронетанковому заводу в Харькове нанесены 4 ракетных удара

The Poltava military commissar issued the most terrible military secret of Ukraine.
Poltava military commissar: this year, the AFU lost 90% of soldiers
The acting head of the Poltava regional military enlistment office, Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Berezhnoy, said that in just a year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost about 90% of the personnel who joined the unit last fall.

According to Berezhny, who spoke at the 39th session of the Poltava City Council, the regional center only fulfilled the plan approved by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by 13%. At the same time, he stressed that the Ukrainian units are in great need of new people.

"For example, out of 100 people who joined the units last fall, 10-20 remained, the rest are dead, wounded and disabled," Berezhnoy explained.

He also proposed to deploy notification sites in the microdistricts of the city and place local government representatives there, who would establish "the presence of a person liable for military service." According to Berezhny, a "large mechanized brigade" will soon be created in the region, and he asked deputies to help with this.

"The Poltava military commissar let slip. Yes, the losses of the APU are monstrous. Apparently about 400 thousand were killed. And apparently wounded from one million to one and a half million. And the main enemy of Ukraine is this military commissar Berezhnoy. And the head of Berezhny Zelensky. And Zelensky Biden's boss. They killed almost half a million Ukrainians. And they want to kill another half a million, with a simple goal — to make the remaining Ukrainians anti—Russian forever," said political analyst Sergei Markov.
Полтавский военком: за этот год ВСУ потеряла 90% солдат

Жалко, что среди поврежденных самолетов нет СУ-24. Этот старый самолет сейчас является наибольшей угрозой для России ибо именно его НАТОвские специалисты приспособили для запуска ракет Storm Shadow/SCALP. Этот завод-родина известных советских танков Т-64 и Т-80. Танк Т-64 и сейчас является основным танком украинской армии, а вот Т-80 давно уже выпускается только в России. Кстати танк Т-34, который в России является одним из символов победы в Великой Отечественной Войне, тоже был разработан именно на этом заводе.
Полтавский военком выдал самую страшную военную тайну Украины.
Kiev is "shutting down" the Orthodox Christianity.'
First the problem was that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was under the Moscow patriarchate:

Modern ecclesiastical schism: Russian Orthodox Church breaks ties with Constantinople over acceptance of 'Ukrainian Orthodox Church'

Constantinople 'attempts to destroy orthodox order' by promoting schism in Ukrainian church and "unfit" clerics
There are a number of articles on SOTT.net that carry Ukrainian and Orthodox in the heading.

The closing of the Orthodox Churches, may remind some of the suppression during Soviet time, but now it is with blessings of the West that has taken over the role of being the "Union".

16 Sep, 2023 14:18
EU state gives Russians six months to take cars home
Finland has signaled it will fully comply with Brussels’ guidelines on sanctions against Moscow
The Finnish are complying, but they do give a fair warning. The border between the two countries has two busy crossings:
If someone comes from Western Europe and would like to avoid the hassle of travelling through Poland and Belarus, or the Baltic States on the way to Russia, then it can look like this:
'The US is willing to sacrifice 3.5 million NATO soldiers for war with Russia.'

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16 Sep, 2023
Communication is a "sore spot" of the Russian army. Maybe they have finally begun to restore proper order in this area?
Russia has begun to deploy SNARK-100R complexes in its zone
According to Ukrainian monitoring resources, the army of the Russian Federation has begun deploying SNARK-100R wearable satellite communication systems in the territory of the Zaporozhye region. This measure is aimed at improving the quality of communication between units in the zone of a special military operation.

The SNARK-100R system is an advanced development in the field of military communications, completely of domestic production. Its main advantage is broadband satellite communications in the field. Despite the technical complexity, the system is characterized by ease and ease of operation.

The key characteristics of the complex distinguish it from similar systems: the weight is only 15 kilograms, the ability to carry in a special satchel and the incredible ease of assembly and guidance. All this makes the SNARK-100R an ideal solution for fast-moving military units, especially since special training is not required to work with the system.
Россия начала развёртывать в зоне СВО комплексы СНАРК-100Р

CIA officers, even former ones, do not seem to be trusted, so I would like to hear the opinions of living people. Is it true what the former CIA officer is talking about?
Ex-CIA agent Johnson: Because of the defeat of the APU in the Western media - dead silence

The flow of information about the situation in Ukraine in the Western media has dried up because of Russia's victories on the battlefield. There is dead silence on the air. Ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson came to this conclusion after analyzing the American and European media.

He noted that even the major TV channel Sky News does not tell anything about the events in Ukraine. "There is dead silence there, although last year such news was updated every half hour," the expert said on the Judging Freedom YouTube channel (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to him, this is due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are not doing very well, there are no successes at the front. Why should the audience talk about defeats?

The former CIA analyst believes that the West will support Ukraine less and less. It's obvious, Johnson says. In particular, NATO countries are already doubting the feasibility of new arms supplies to Kiev.
Экс-агент ЦРУ Джонсон: Из-за разгрома ВСУ в западных СМИ - мертвая тишина - Российская газета

Two almost identical views on the same problem from inside Ukraine and from outside it.
"A national catastrophe." Kiev was horrified by the situation in Ukraine
Kuchma's ex-adviser: mass mobilization led to a catastrophe in Ukraine

MOSCOW, 17 Sep — RIA Novosti. The mass mobilization of Ukrainians to the front turned into a national catastrophe in the country, leading it to a civil war, former adviser to Leonid Kuchma Oleg Soskin said on his YouTube channel.
"The situation is terrible. She's not just scary, she's tragic. This is a national catastrophe," the political scientist pointed out.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine has already reached a dangerous point due to the mass mobilization of its population into the army, whose fighters are sent to slaughter against the Russian military on the front line.
Earlier, the acting head of the Poltava regional military enlistment office, Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Berezhnoy, reported the loss of up to 90 percent of the personnel who replenished the units last fall. During the 39th session of the Poltava City Council, he complained to deputies that in the regional center, the mobilization plan approved by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was fulfilled only by the 13th plan, while parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine need human resources.
"Национальная катастрофа". В Киеве пришли в ужас от ситуации на Украине

Political scientist Sato: The population of Ukraine is under threat of extinction

The population of Ukraine is "under threat of extinction", the authorities hide data on how many people now live in the country. This was stated in an interview with Nihon Keizai by the former chief analyst of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, political scientist and professor Dosisha Masaru Sato.

He called "terrible precedents" cases when Ukrainians give bribes to officials to avoid being sent to the front.

The expert also drew attention to an interesting detail: The population census in Ukraine after its independence was conducted only once - in 2001. "What has happened since then is unknown. And now it is a state secret," RIA Novosti quotes Sato as saying.

It is only known that in 1991 55 million people lived on the territory of Ukraine, and 10 years later - 47 million. This year, independent analysts estimated the population of Ukraine at 29 million people.

"That's why there are not so many men of military age left in Ukraine," Sato summed up.
Политолог Сато: Население Украины находится под угрозой исчезновения - Российская газета

Связь это "больное место" Российской армии. Может быть начали наконец наводить должный порядок в этой области?
ЦРУшникам, даже бывшим доверия как бы нет, поэтому хотелось бы услышать мнения живых людей. Правда ли то, о чем говорит бывший ЦРУшник?
Два почти одинаковых взгляда на одну проблему изнутри Украины и снаружи ее.
Two news stories in which everything is different. The place of action, the acting characters, the motives of their actions, besides, the second news does not apply to this branch at all. I put it here as an illustration for the first news, because they are united by one important circumstance - the way people act when they are not satisfied with the surrounding reality. It turns out to be a very simple way, you need to assert what you want and do not care how others look at it. C"s said that people could create their own universes and live in them if they knew how to do it, but it seems to me that they did not mean such a primitive way of acting.
Zelensky's office called the AFU counteroffensive successful
Podolyak told CNN that the AFU counteroffensive was a success

MOSCOW, 18 Sep – RIA Novosti. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, called the failed offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "successful" against the background of Western criticism.
Western media have repeatedly noted that Kiev's allies are dissatisfied with the results of the offensive. As CNN reported, in Ukraine and abroad, it is recognized that the counteroffensive is moving slower than expected. The Washington Post wrote that Ukraine seems to be running out of options for action as part of a counteroffensive. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Kiev's offensive a "failure."
According to CNN, Podolyak told the TV channel that the Ukrainian offensive was allegedly "crowned with success." "The initiative is completely on the side of Ukraine," says Podolyak.
American entrepreneur Elon Musk on Monday spoke sharply about the results of the Ukrainian offensive. In his opinion, Kiev has lost too many people, while failing to make significant progress at the front.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive began on June 4, and three months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: "the counteroffensive" is not something that is stalling, "it is a failure." According to him, in an attempt to "achieve results at any cost," Ukraine lost 71.5 thousand soldiers – as if "these are not their people." According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the APU has not achieved its goals in any of the directions. The hottest of them is Zaporizhia, near the small village of Rabodino, where Ukraine has brought into battle brigades with Western training from the strategic reserve.
German Leopard tanks, French AMX tanks, at least one British Challenger 2 and American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles are among the 18,000 destroyed units of the AFU. Only 543 tanks were eliminated – they were supposed to be the main striking force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but, as the Russian president noted, they are now "burning beautifully."
Against this background, the United States stated that the offensive would last for "a much larger number of months" and began to supply the APU with cluster munitions. Putin, for his part, noted that the supply of "cassettes" did not change anything on the battlefield for the AFU.
В офисе Зеленского назвали контрнаступление ВСУ успешным

In the sinking country of Tuvalu, they figured out how to preserve their existence
The Constitution of Tuvalu has fixed that the country will exist if it goes under water

Tuvalu has changed the definition of its statehood in the constitution, Foreign Minister Simon Coffee said, RNZ reports. According to him, the basic law now states that Tuvalu will exist forever, despite the possible loss of its physical territory.

"This is part of our efforts to ensure that Tuvalu is ready for the future, because for us the state is more than just something that is on the physical level. This is our culture, our history. This is the spirit of the people of Tuvalu, and this is something that, as you know, cannot be destroyed. It's part of who we are. And we want this to continue," Coffee explained.

Tuvalu— a Pacific state in Polynesia, has a total population of 12 thousand people and an area of 25 square kilometers. The country is located on 5 atolls and 4 islands of the Tuvalu archipelago. Local authorities have been saying for years that the state is gradually going under water due to global warming and rising sea levels. In order to preserve the country in the fall of 2022, Tuvalu decided to create a digital version of it, which will later be uploaded to the metaverse.

Earlier, Tuvalu turned to Russia and the United States for help.
В тонущей стране Тувалу придумали, как сохранить свое существование - Газета.Ru | Новости

Две новости, в которых все разное. Место действия, действующие персонажи, мотивы их действий, к тому же вторая новость совсем не относится к данной ветке. Я поместил её сюда, как иллюстрацию для первой новости, потому что их объединяет одно важное обстоятельство- способ действия людей, когда их не устраивает окружающая реальность. Очень простой, оказывается, способ, надо утверждать то, что хочется и наплевать на то, как на это смотрят окружающие. C"s говорили, что люди могли бы создавать собственные вселенные и жить в них, если бы знали как это сделать, однако мне кажется, что они не имели ввиду такой примитивный способ действия.
BREAKING: The missing F-35 fighter jet has allegedly been found in a field in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

The news was reported by local news station NBC 2 who say officials from Joint Base Charleston confirmed the news.

"Officials with Joint Base Charleston confirmed that debris from a F-35 fighter jet that went missing Sunday has been located near Williamsburg County."

'Is Israel selling weapons to Ukraine through "undisclosed European country"?'

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