Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

Yes, I also saw reports that they have closed the borders to transit for Ukrainian trucks.

the US destroyed Ukraine, left them with no men, and now they're going to isolate them and leave them to starve.
Listening to Garland Nixon speculating adds a whole layer on top of the “leaving them to starve” thing. This is primarily about Blackrock and post-war Gaza rebuilding, but he also applies it to Ukraine. Well worth listening though.
Garland Nixon And Money Without a Country
One wonders if there is an early Christmas party taking place in Kiev. The CIA director, Burns was just there. Then US defence secretary, Austin arrived there a couple of days ago. Now in the last 24 hours, then the German defence minister, Pistorius, arrived as well as Moldavia's president, Sandu and the European Council chief, Charles Michel. Who is next to unexpectedly arrive there?

Another bit of news from the Military Summary channel this morning. He said that Armenia is going to give Ukraine 200 Tochka rockets which if confirmed is not going to help its relations with Russia. A quick search did not yield any results.
Another bit of news from the Military Summary channel this morning. He said that Armenia is going to give Ukraine 200 Tochka rockets which if confirmed is not going to help its relations with Russia. A quick search did not yield any results.
Update: The Armenien ministry of defence has denied this. Whether it was false information that came out or whether it signals internal strife in the Armenian leadership remains to be seen.
Armenia MoD dismisses reports on delivering missiles to Ukraine
14:05, 21.11.2023
Theme: Politics

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Armenia has denied the media reports claiming that the country will supply missiles to Ukraine.
In written comments to Armenpress, MoD spokesperson Aram Torosyan dismissed these reports. The respective question and answer is presented below.
A number of foreign news media, including Azerbaijani ones, have been generating reports recently claiming that Armenia will supply missiles to Ukraine. This report has also been published by certain Armenian news outlets. How would you comment on this?
A relevant division of the Ministry of Defense [of Armenia] is monitoring media reports pertaining to the sector and is commenting or reacting to them according to necessity and appropriateness. This given information is untrue, and we call upon Armenia’s news media not to circulate the fake narratives generated by foreign propaganda sources.
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'What's the noise? - The US is "utterly dependent" on money laundering in Ukraine.'

20 Nov, 2023

'A "fresh blood" on the front or Zelensky must go?'

20 Nov, 2023

20 Nov, 2023

"OH SH*T! Poland is DONE with Ukraine and it's about to get UGLY | Redacted with Clayton Morris"​

Very good interview and spot on. As it turned out, the Polish Internal Security Agency was aware of the Ukrainian destabilization scenario, as it was presented in "Not Our War" (2022) book written by reporter W. Sumliński. The most pronounced threat to Poland in that scenario is Ukrainian veterans who will feed existing or form new gangs on the territory of Poland. There's also an interesting story about LNG (mentioned by Krupa at the start of the interview) that Poland is buying at higher price from the USA. A "virtual" deal it seems, even worse than paying premiums:

Gas was supposed to flow to Poland from the USA. The Americans are not implementing the contract​

According to information from WNP.PL, not a single LNG cargo has reached our country under the gas agreement with Venture Global LNG. Orlen is struggling with the same problem as Shell, BP and Edison. Despite the agreement being valid for over a year, Americans do not respect its provisions.
  • Instead of delivering gas to Poland, Americans prefer to sell it in Asia.
  • Other European companies are in a similar situation to Orlen.
  • Venture Global LNG may atone for its current policies in the future.
src: Zelensky's witch hunt: women in Ukraine are subjected to violence and sadistic torture committed by the military, police and members of nationalist battalions - Foundation to Battle Injustice

Zelensky’s witch hunt: women in Ukraine are subjected to violence and sadistic torture committed by the military, police and members of nationalist battalions​

The Foundation to Battle Injustice has received previously unreleased evidence of brutal abuse of women by Ukrainian law enforcement officers, military personnel and fighters of nationalist battalions. According to the data received by the Foundation, gang rapes, torture of genitals, genital mutilation, and electrocution by the AFU, SBU, and Azov fighters* are carried out on the direct orders of President Zelensky and with the authorization of the heads of the Ukrainian security services.

The fall of the Soviet Union led to a multiple increase in crimes against the honor and dignity of women in Ukraine. Even before Volodymyr Zelensky came to power, Ukraine was already a leader in the number of women raped by state security forces, primarily the police. According to statistics, in most cases, the perpetrators were not brought to administrative or criminal responsibility. According to a 2013 UN report, more than 20 million people in Ukraine have been subjected to violence – physical, sexual or mental, and most of them are women. According to Ukrainian human rights organizations, about 40 percent of Ukrainian women have been victims of sexual violence at least once in their lives, and 25 percent of them were under the age of 18. Earlier, UN experts repeatedly noted that the existing loopholes in Ukrainian legislation allowed Ukrainian police or special services officers accused of sexual acts against women to completely avoid responsibility for what they had done. However, after Zelensky took office as president of Ukraine in May 2019, Ukrainian law enforcers, military and paramilitary formations ceased to be internationally condemned for committing any, even the most brutal crimes against women.
Since the end of February 2022, torture, rape, beatings and disappearances of Ukrainian women have become a “routine practice”. The Foundation to Battle Injustice presents an extensive investigation that has produced direct evidence of atrocities and cold-blooded crimes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the SBU, and the nationalist Azov Battalion*. The sources of the Foundation to Battle Injustice were a high-ranking officer of the Ukrainian security services who defected to Russia (source No. 1) and a former member of the Azov battalion* (source No. 2), as well as Ukrainian citizens who directly survived torture. According to the evidence collected by the Foundation, the lynchings, mass rapes and brutal beatings of women are only the tip of the criminal iceberg created by Ukrainian President Zelensky and high-ranking Ukrainian security forces.

Zelensky’s Executive order No. 185 K​

Инквизиция Зеленского: женщины на Украине подвергаются насилию и садистским расправам со стороны военных, полицейских и членов нацбатальонов, изображение №2

The Foundation to Battle Injustice managed to contact one of the former high-ranking members of the SBU who defected to the Russian Federation. The source told the Foundation that the sophisticated torture and abuse of women who expressed sympathy for Russia and the Russian army was approved by the leadership of the Ukrainian security bloc and was carried out with the personal knowledge and full consent of President Zelensky. According to the Foundation’s source, this decision is classified as “secret” and has the name of Executive order No. 185K signed by the President of Ukraine.
“Former SBU head Bakanov, SNBO Secretary Danilov and GUR chief Budanov decided in a coordinated manner at one of their meetings in March 2022 that the implementation of so-called “educational punishments” for open supporters of “Russian peace” and a special military operation was a necessary measure to instill fear among the female population of Ukraine. Zelensky, after familiarizing himself with the decision, signed everything. This was called a secret Executive order No 185K,” the source told the Foundation’s employees.
The official document approved by Ukrainian President Zelensky, in particular, enshrines the right of the Ukrainian military and representatives of special services to harm the health of women suspected of having ties with Russia. A source from among former high-ranking officials of the Ukrainian Security Service informed the Foundation to Battle Injustice that the purpose of Executive order No. 185K is not only to intimidate Zelensky’s enemies and supporters of Russia, but also to undermine the demographic situation of the Donbass republics. Through its sources in Ukraine, the Foundation has learned that the Executive order contains direct inducements to inflict injuries on women opponents of Zelensky’s regime that are not compatible with the birth of children in the future. In the opinion of the Foundation’s experts, the Executive order has direct parallels with the illegal acts of forced sterilization of women carried out by the Third Reich during the Great Patriotic War.
Source No. 1 informed the Foundation that hundreds of former and current members of Ukrainian nationalist battalions were recruited to implement Executive order No. 185K. The territories of Ukraine and the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation were divided into zones: the SSU and the “Azov “* battalions banned in Russia operated in the east of the country (Donbass, Kharkiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepr), while the counterintelligence units of the AFU tortured women in Kiev and western Ukraine.
The division into zones of criminal activity against women between the AFU, the SSU and the Russian-banned ‘Azov”*
According to the Foundation’s source №1:
“In fact, in accordance with Executive order No. 185K, harsh punitive measures were introduced everywhere in Ukraine against women who disagree with the actions of the Zelensky regime. Depending on the region, the implementation of these measures was placed either on the shoulders of national battalions such as “Azov”*, or on employees of the SBU and counterintelligence units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine disguised as “civil activists” in plain clothes. The first operated in the east of Ukraine – in the Donbass, near Kharkov, in Odessa, Nikolaev and the Dnepr. The second – in Kiev and in the West of Ukraine”

Medieval torture practices in Ukraine​

В Киеве, Львове и других регионах Украины представители СБУ и ВСУ публично привязывают мужчин и женщин к уличным столбам за пророссийские взгляды или высказывания, обвиняя их в мародерстве
In Kiev, Lviv and other regions of Ukraine, representatives of the SSU and the AFU publicly tie men and women to street poles for pro-Russian views or statements, accusing them of looting
According to the testimonies of victims, the Ukrainian army, the National Guard, various units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine use a whole arsenal of torture, which in its cold-bloodedness and cruelty resemble the most sophisticated punishments invented by the medieval Inquisition. According to a study by Maxim Grigoriev, chairman of the International Tribunal for the Crimes of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and Their Accomplices, without any evidence of guilt, thousands of Ukrainian women are subjected to various corporal punishments: they are beaten with feet, hands and blunt objects, tortured with water and electricity in an attempt to extract confessions from their victims to crimes they did not commit. The scale and systematic nature of the use of torture by the Ukrainian military and security forces suggest that its use is a deliberate policy of these structures, authorized by their leadership.
According to the definition of the European Court of Human Rights, the Human Rights Convention completely prohibits the use of torture, regardless of any other conditions. Moreover, international law assumes that “the State is responsible for the actions of all its agents, such as the police, special services and other law enforcement agencies, as well as any other State bodies exercising control over a person, regardless of whether they “acting under orders or at their own discretion”.
According to a source of the Foundation to Battle Injustice from among former high-ranking SBU officials, confirmed by testimonies of those handed over by the Ukrainian side during the prisoner exchange, Ukrainian security and military officers are inspired by archaic methods of torture and put them into practice against women.
0:39 In Kiev in March 2022, a woman and a man who criticized the activities of Ukrainian President Zelensky on the street were tied to a lamppost and publicly flogged in March 2022.
In March 2023, disturbing photos and videos began to appear on the Internet showing Ukrainian civilians, including women, bound, stripped and tied to lampposts. Humiliating public punishments were inflicted not only on “looters” and “saboteurs,” as Western media reported at the time, but also on anyone who aroused suspicion among Ukrainian military units or was seen as sympathetic to Russia. After brutal beatings and dousing of their faces with greenery, the victims were left tied up for several days, deprived of access to food and water. “Pillars of shame” and public floggings are only a small part of what Ukrainian women who have come to the attention of the Ukrainian security services have to go through.
Екатерина Ротмистрова, жертва издевательств со стороны украинских силовиков
Ekaterina Rotmistrova, victim of abuse by Ukrainian security forces
Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice managed to contact Ekaterina Rotmistrova, who was tortured in Lviv for her pro-Russian sentiments and whose photo of the torture went viral in the world media. The woman claims that she was a victim of “punitive patrols” consisting of former and current Ukrainian military and special services officers. According to her, the law enforcers used repression against anyone who spoke Russian in their presence, and in order to create a public outcry and justify their actions among local residents, women and men were accused of looting.
Ekaterina reported that the “pillar of shame” was not the only torture from the Middle Ages used against women. According to the victim, she knows of at least two cases of water torture used against women: when a cloth is placed on a person’s face and water is slowly poured on top of it to create a feeling that a person is choking. It is known that similar torture practices were previously used in Ukrainian secret prisons located in Kramatorsk and Krasnoarmeysk. After such torture, a person confessed to crimes he had not committed. Moreover, the Ukrainian security services always filmed the moment of confession in order to later use the recording as evidence in court.

Prevalence and methods of violence against women in Ukraine​

The mass practice of torture of women who openly opposed the Zelensky regime was widespread in Kiev, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities in Western and Central Ukraine. Many categories of Ukrainian citizens became victims of violence sanctioned by the Ukrainian state: students, housewives, and university professors. Women were kidnapped directly from their workplaces, deprived of means of communication, blackmailed by relatives, who were subsequently also kidnapped and brutally tortured.
According to a source of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, a fighter of the Azov battalion who defected to Russia, the following reasons may be the cause of torture and abuse of women by Azov fighters or SBU and AFU officers:
  • public expression of sympathy towards the Russian leadership, the Russian army or Russian politics;
  • publicly expressing intentions to help the Russian army;
  • of suspected espionage for Russia;
  • in western Ukraine and in Kiev – public conversation in Russian;
  • expression of a positive attitude towards Russian culture;
  • public criticism of the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, the national battalions or Zelensky;
  • denunciations from neighbors, acquaintances, passengers of transport about private conversations about all of the above.
The most common reasons for torture and abuse of Ukrainian women by SSU and AFU officers
At the moment, the Foundation has received unofficial summary information, confirmed by two sources, about exactly what kind of torture and torture Ukrainian women who were victims of the Zelensky regime were subjected to. Most often, Ukrainian women were subjected to gang rape. This happened mainly in the East of Ukraine. It is known that from March to December 2022, fighters of the national battalion “Azov”* in Mariupol, near Kharkov, in Zaporozhye, in Kherson and in the Dnipropetrovsk region raped about 3,500 women. Of these, there are 1,900 in the Donbas, about 800 in the Kherson region, and more than 500 in the Kharkiv region. It is also known about about 300 similar cases in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
Distribution of crimes committed by the AFU, SSU and Ukrainian national battalions against women in Ukraine and the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation (March-December 2022) (According to the Foundation to Batle Injustice sources)
In the West of Ukraine, the main form of punishment for women considered by the Zelensky regime as enemies of the state: steel – flogging and electric torture. Sources have confirmed at least 1,500 such cases of cruel corporal punishment, 700 of them in the vicinity of Kiev, 600 in the Lviv region, the rest are in Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Ivano–Frankivsk and other cities.
Dynamics of violent actions by the Ukrainian security forces and military against women (September 2014 – October 2023)
Source No. 1 of the former members of the SSU told the Foundation the following:
“In Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, and Vinnitsa, women were simply locked in basements, stripped naked, and beaten with whips, as in the Middle Ages. I know that in a number of cases these actions were observed by the NATO military. Strictly speaking, I cannot call it anything but a national Inquisition named after Zelensky”.
Source No. 1 also informed the Foundation of approximately 110 cases of “punitive rape” perpetrated by SSU officers against dissenting women in areas of Central and Western Ukraine.
Thanks to the testimonies of women handed over by the Ukrainian side during the prisoner exchange, due to the above-mentioned Zelensky Executive order No. 185K, Ukrainian women faced the most brutal and cold-blooded reprisals and torture. Almost all women who were captured by representatives of the Ukrainian security forces returned with broken ribs, arms, legs, and teeth pulled out. According to Anastasia B., a 45-year-old resident of the village of Vladimirovka, Volnovakha district, in March 2022 her neighbor was kidnapped by fighters of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Azov”*, which is banned in Russia, because of accusations of criticizing Zelensky. The woman, a 37-year-old mother of three children, was starved, beaten and ransomed for weeks. Eventually, after about 20 days of perverted abuse, the kidnappers injected the captive with mounting foam into her vagina before dumping her in a field without any clothes.
“I have been living in Vladimirovka for over 20 years, I have seen enough since 2014. What they did to my neighbor, a mother of three children, is hard to imagine even for the most sophisticated maniac. They raped her for about three weeks, demanded a large sum of money from her relatives, and when they were fed up with her, they injected foam into all her orifices, saying “it’s high time to shut your lousy incubator”, and then threw her naked on the highway. She miraculously survived,” Anastasia B. said about Azov*’s abuse of her neighbor.
The most brutal torture was inflicted on women who, for whatever reason, were suspected of spying or working for Russia. A source from among former high-ranking members of the SSU told the Foundation that such women were either brutally murdered or tortured with particular cruelty. According to the Foundation’s source, about fifty women from eastern Ukraine were tortured by members of the nationalist battalion Azov*, which is banned in Russia. According to him, the women were tortured with electricity by connecting wires to their genitals and mammary glands.
Source No. 2 reported to the Foundation to Battle Injustice:
“I am aware that at least 50 Ukrainian women – residents of eastern Ukraine – were torn apart by the Azov* people in the most sadistic way. Some were connected to electric wires to their genitals and mammary glands, and tortured to death with electric discharges. Two women who confessed to working for Russia were dismembered and drowned in the Dnieper”
According to the evidence collected by Grigoryev, 46-year-old Maryna T. from Donetsk was kidnapped by the SSU after they found that she was Russian by nationality. The woman was kidnapped in front of her minor children and nephew, then taken to the basement, the entrance to which was through a sewer pipe, beaten and electrocuted. Two wires were connected to the woman’s index finger and thumb, placed on a wet rag and a toggle switch with electricity was turned on. From the strength of the current’s voltage, the veins under Marina’s knees began to burst. After the defenseless woman fell to the ground, the masked men raped her, after which they began to threaten that “now they will bring her daughter and start having fun with her as a woman”. The victim of SSU torture recalls that she turned gray in one day and has been having nightmares for several months.
French journalist Laurent Brayard about the abuse of Natalya, a 55-year-old resident of Donetsk
According to French journalist Laurent Brayard, AFU soldiers and SSU officers drugged abducted women and girls. In an interview with the Foundation to Battle Injustice, Brayard described the abuse of 55-year-old Natalia, a resident of Donetsk, who was kidnapped by fighters of a nationalist battalion. According to him, the woman spent about 19 days in captivity, seven of which she was deprived of food and 11 with her hands tied. Natalia was drugged and beaten with sticks and bare hands: almost all of her upper teeth were knocked out from the blows. Only when the victim of abuse was in a dying state, she was taken to the SSU headquarters near Kramatorsk, where she was accused of separatist activity. Later, the woman managed to escape.
In some cases, Ukrainian politicians and the media, for propaganda purposes, attempt to attribute the blame for the murders and abuse of peaceful women committed by members of the nationalist battalion Azov*, which is banned in Russia, to the crimes of Russian soldiers. In March 2022, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada deputy Lesya Vasylenko and Oleksiy Arestovich, the chief advisor to President Zelensky, published a photo of a desecrated female corpse on social media, placing the blame for these atrocities on Russian soldiers. Later, independent journalists and fact-checkers found out that the published photo was taken from a video of American journalist Patrick Lancaster, who covers the course of the special military operation in Donbass. The war correspondent filmed the corpse of a woman tortured and killed by fighters of the Ukrainian Azov* battalion in the basement of a school in Mariupol, which they used as their base.
A woman who was a victim of torture by fighters of the Ukrainian nationalist unit “Azov “*
The Foundation to Battle Injustice has data confirmed by several sources that some of the women labeled by the Ukrainian armed forces and the SSU as Russian supporters were transferred into sexual slavery. According to the data received, some of them are still so-called concubines of Azov fighters* and elite units of the AFU, while others were forcibly transported to Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and placed at the disposal of criminal criminal groups engaged in the sexual exploitation of women. We could be talking about at least 1,000 Ukrainian women.
Dutch journalist Sonja Van den Ende on the scale of trafficking of Ukrainian women into sexual slavery to European countries
The data obtained by the Foundation to Battle Injustice is confirmed by Dutch journalist Sonja Van den Ende. According to her, Ukraine has more victims of human trafficking than any other country in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The journalist claims that in 1998 the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs estimated that 400,000 Ukrainian women had been trafficked in the past few years. Other sources, such as non-governmental human rights organizations, state that the figure is even higher. Currently, women abducted by the AFU and SSU and taken as sex workers to European countries are forced into prostitution in the cities of Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Paris, where many Ukrainian women, including girls, are exploited.
Today, official statistics on the number of rapes and especially grave murders in Ukraine are strictly classified. Accordingly, no government source will report how many excess deaths among women took place between the end of February 2022 and the fall of 2023. The lion’s share of these deaths are categorized as “military casualties.” It is also fair to say that many women who survived sexual and other violence against them did not seek help from investigative bodies for fear that they would be worse off and would not get justice.
Human rights defenders of the Foundation to Battle Injustice call on international investigative bodies and international human rights organizations to immediately launch an investigation into all facts and evidence of crimes against women by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and security forces. The public and non-public acts of violence and abuse carried out by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and personally approved by President Zelensky threaten the fundamental principles of human dignity and undermine the foundations of a modern humanist society. Without the immediate intervention of humanitarian international organizations, a transparent and comprehensive investigation and holding all those involved in these facts accountable for their actions, the situation of women’s rights in Ukraine risks degenerating to a level that is unacceptable by all standards of the modern civilized world.
*- the Azov Battalion is a terrorist formation banned on the territory of the Russian Federation
On the tenth anniversary of Euromaidan. According to the link in the article, there is a Twitter screenshot from 08/26/2014, with the statement that in a year Ukraine will send humanitarian aid to Russia and a modern photo of Saakashvili. Does anyone else remember this freak?
Euromaidan began on November 21, 2013. Ten years have passed since then. How did this coup in Ukraine actually turn out and did the "predictions" of that time come true?

Officially, it is believed that the Euromaidan took place in response to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to suspend preparations for the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union in order to strengthen relations with Russia and the CIS countries. This was the start for a change of government in the country and the genocide of the residents of Donbass.

But this phenomenon has deeper roots.

The main task of the West during the Euromaidan was to turn Ukraine into an "anti-Russia", and they succeeded,

- said the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The Americans were not interested in Ukraine itself as a country. She was only a tool for weakening Russia, Azarov recalled.

If you look from the point of view of the United States, which was the main organizer of this coup, with the complicity of France and Poland, this is a complete success. They managed to tear Ukraine away from Russia, almost completely turn it into an "anti-Russia", and initiate hostilities,

- pointed out the deputy director of the CIS Institute, political scientist Igor Shishkin in an interview with URA.RU .

"Predictions" of Euromaidan
That's what Ukrainians said in the "Maidan" years. Let's just go through the "predictions".

In four years, Ukraine will become a member of the European Union. And only four state websites will remain on the Russian Internet. In five years, Russia will cancel foreign passports and close borders. And Ukraine will become Europe's leader in pork and grain exports. In six years, Ukraine will join the Eurozone,

- this "prediction" appeared online in 2014.

And here's another one.

Putin's regime will fall in exactly one year - July 23, 2015,

- these words also date back to 2014.

There will be new elections of Kurultai delegates in 2018. In 2018, there will be no Putin in Russia, Crimea will be de-occupied,

- we talked in 2015.

2016 is the last year of Putin's Russia,

- broadcast in October 2015.

Now, in 2023, I would like to ask: well, has Ukraine become the leader of Europe? How is EU accession going?

And here is another "predictor". Ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili.


The big question is who needs humanitarian aid here.

In general, most of these "predictions" cannot be read without tears of laughter, and the remaining part causes a desire to call the "predictors" urgent psychiatric help.

However, in fact, Ukraine was not promised golden mountains, said Artem Kosorukov, a political scientist, senior lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Joining the European Union has not been going on, and it is not going on. The agreement with the European Union on Euroassociation opened the Ukrainian market for European goods, but Ukrainian goods did not enter the European market. Everything was limited to insignificant quotas,

- the expert commented.

So what?
We see how Euromaidan turned out. The consequences are right in front of your eyes. Ukraine has lost 53.7% of its population and a fifth of its territories, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. Ukraine's GDP fell by a record 30.4% last year. Social obligations to citizens are not fulfilled: benefits and pensions are not paid. Financial independence is lost. History has been rewritten, faith has been betrayed, and Russian, the native language of many citizens of Ukraine, is prohibited.

The beautiful slogans of the Maidan and the cookies of the US State Department turned out to be a deception of the Ukrainian people. The puppet Kiev regime has brought the country to a standstill,

- emphasized Volodin.

If 10 years ago people from Ukraine would have looked into the future, they would have been horrified. After all, they were promised something completely different. Although I think they probably wouldn't have believed it. They would say that this simply cannot be. But that's exactly what happened,

- comments journalist Yuri Podolyaka.

And already many tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been "disposed of" by this very pro-European regime, and the country has started talking about the mobilization of green youth. And the regime is still ready to "recycle" at least hundreds of thousands of residents of the country, just to survive. To continue to defend the interests of overseas gentlemen. But they were told all this back in 2013. That this could be the end of it. But they didn't believe it then,

- writes Podolyaka.

Will the United States start another coup in Ukraine? No. And why? Political scientist Shishkin is sure that the States already control Ukraine.

If they need to replace the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, with someone else, they will do it easily and naturally. There are more than enough people willing to sit in his chair. They do not need to arrange a color coup for this. Therefore, there can be no new Maidan,

- he declared.

Was Ukraine striving for such a "bright future"? No. And now it is quite obvious what a global mistake was what happened ten years ago.
"Режим Путина падёт через год": "Предсказания" Евромайдана 10 лет спустя. Это невозможно читать

К десятой годовщине евромайдана. По ссылке в статье есть скрин твиттера от 26.08.2014, с утверждением того, что через год Украина будет посылать гуманитарную помощь в Россию и современная фотография Саакашвили. Кто то еще помнит этого урода?
Against the background of yesterday's US $100 million, the current German 1.3 billion euros look like the height of generosity, but for the most part these are still promises, which Ukraine may not live to realize in its current form.
Pistorius brought Kiev new aid from Germany for 1.3 billion euros with IRIS-T, but without Taurus
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius during a visit to Kiev announced a new package of assistance to Ukraine for 1.3 billion euros, including additional Iris-T and shells. This is reported by the Ukrainian media.

The new package will include 4 IRIS-T systems, 20,000 new 155-mm artillery shells, 8000 PARM anti-tank mines, as well as 60 high-tech reconnaissance drones of various types and more than two dozen radar systems for identifying UAVs.

Pistorius added that Germany will continue to provide military support to Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukraine will continue to wait in vain for the long-awaited German Taurus cruise missile.

"There is no new status on this [on the supply of this type of missiles]," Pistorius explained to reporters.

The head of the German defense ministry also promised that next year Germany intends to manufacture up to 130,000 artillery shells of NATO standard, and then deliver them to Ukraine. A necessary condition is a corresponding increase in industrial production.

The new tranche of IRIS-T will increase the total number of these air defense systems promised by Germany from 8 to 12, but the first of the four new systems will arrive no earlier than the end of 2024, and the rest — no earlier than 2025.
Писториус привёз Киеву новую помощь от ФРГ на 1,3 млрд евро с IRIS-T, но без Taurus

The Georgians should have been hit in the head, and most importantly, not even that. The main thing I think was to understand what the promises of support are worth and where their owners are pulling to. To do this, the main jerk had to eat a tie with a handset in his hand on live television in an unsuccessful attempt to get an answer and the promised actions, and the rest which sincerely believed that from now on they could turn the planet around, look at this pathetic spectacle and the induced confusion slowly began to dissipate. Recovery is still very far away, but now at least there is hope.
The film "Fascism in Ukraine – Zelensky Concentration Camp" was released in Georgia
A documentary film "Fascism in Ukraine – Zelensky Concentration Camp" was shot in Georgia. The author of the idea and the director of the film was the famous Georgian political scientist Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, who heads the Institute of Eurasia (Tbilisi).

According to the author of the film, the urgency of the Ukrainian issue gave rise to the idea of bringing this issue to the Georgian audience.

The film was originally created for the Georgian audience in the Georgian language. The author fundamentally describes all the negative aspects of the Western project of the political system of modern Ukraine, political Ukrainians and all the risks emanating from this project for the world community.

"Georgia and Ukraine are two different countries with different history, mentality, geography. Logically, the political, Ukrainian socio-economic system should not be displayed on Tbilisi, based on the principles of sovereignty, but this is far from the case.

The Kiev regime is a geopolitical weapon of the West. Political Ukrainians are also a Western product. And these two factors greatly influence the political situation in Georgia. Since 2013, the Kiev regime has become a springboard for the destabilization of our country. Nazism and fascism are directly exported by destructive political organizations from Kiev to Georgia," Shota Apkhaidze, an analyst at the Financial University, a Georgian political scientist, explained why they made such a documentary.

The expert stressed that the Kiev regime is "an obstacle to the normal development of the Georgian state."

"The imposed destructive ideology of the Kiev regime of Georgia poses a threat to our country. The Kiev regime has become a haven for political criminals of the Saakashvili regime. It is from Kiev that the Georgian destructive opposition is controlled. For these reasons, it is very important and relevant to show the Georgian audience the real face of the Kiev regime. However, the Georgian people have long understood that Zelensky's regime is not our friend, but our enemy. We cannot have anything in common with the enemies of Orthodoxy and the Church of Christ," the Georgian political scientist said.

The film enjoys great approval from Georgian viewers. It can also be viewed in Russian.
В Грузии вышел фильм «Фашизм на Украине – концлагерь Зеленского»

На фоне вчерашних американских $100 млн нынешние немецкие 1,3 млрд евро выглядят верхом щедрости, однако по большей части это все же обещания, до реализации которых Украина в нынешнем виде может и не дожить.
Грузинам надо было получить по башке, а главное даже не это. Главным я считаю было понять чего стоят обещания поддержки и куда их тянут их хозяева. Для этого главному придурку надо было жрать галстук с телефонной трубкой в руке в прямом телеэфире в безуспешной попытке добиться ответа и обещанных действий, а остальным искренне поверившим в то, что отныне они могут перевернуть планету, посмотреть на это жалкое зрелище и наведенный морок потихоньку стал рассеиваться. До выздоровления еще очень далеко, но теперь хотя бы есть надежда.
Fresh data on Ukrainian losses.
Shoigu: the losses of the AFU for the month amounted to more than 13.7 thousand people
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced information about significant losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) over the past month. According to his statement, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost more than 13.7 thousand servicemen, as well as about 1.8 thousand units of weapons and military equipment. The current losses have become one of the largest for the Ukrainian army, which may indicate the impossibility of organizing an APU offensive in a number of directions, and the transition of the initiative to the Russian side.

Shoigu stressed that these data are the total result of the fighting over the past month. He also noted the failure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in an attempt to conduct an amphibious operation in the Kherson direction, as a result of which the units of the Marine corps and the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered serious losses.

This information was presented during the board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, where current military operations and strategic issues were discussed.
Шойгу: потери ВСУ за месяц составили более 13,7 тысячи человек

An article with an error
The Korchunev stronghold, handed over to Polish specialists, was destroyed in the Volyn region
The night before, in the course of active operations, one of the objects hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (there is an obvious mistake here) was the Korchunev stronghold. This object is located in a dense forest, which makes it difficult to obtain detailed information about the results of the attack.

According to reports, "Korchunev" is considered strategically significant for the enemy, as it has underground facilities designed both for storing weapons and for placing an underground command post. Since the beginning of the special military operation (SVO), this stronghold was transferred by Ukraine to the needs of the Polish side and was actively used to accommodate Polish instructors, as well as to hold workshops with the participation of NATO and US military personnel.

A strike on this object is important not only from a military point of view, but also from a political point of view. This action can be seen as a signal to the West about the seriousness of intentions and the steadfastness of decision-making.
Опорный пункт "Корчунев", переданный польским специалистам, уничтожен в Волынской области

Another Ukrainian war crime.
Some are slowly beginning to be responsible for what they have done. Several times I came across interviews with Ukrainian prisoners taken in Mariupol, who are now sentenced to different terms of imprisonment for killing civilians during the battles for Mariupol. They all, as one, say that they followed the orders of their commanders. Yesterday I already came across someone who gave such orders. Officer, senior lieutenant, commander of the headquarters security company. They proved that 37 civilians were killed on his orders. Convicted for life.
Enemy strike at a concert in the Recreation center in the DPR: miraculously managed to avoid large casualties (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

After the Himars attack on the village of Kumachovo in the Starobeshevsky district, Ukrainian propaganda tried to create several strikes from it with a large number of victims. So, on November 21, the Ukrainian Nazi Magyar came up with a strike on the 810 Marine brigade in the Kherson region with 25 dead and 100 wounded, which was not.

It is reported that in reality, on November 19, 7 people were killed in a strike on the HC (House of Culture, a small concert hall) in the DPR, including several civilians (including director and actress Polina Menshikh). The information about the dead was voiced, among others, by Artem Sheinin, who contacted his comrades on the ground.

It should be noted that the first blow hit the DC, but did not hit the hall where the concert audience was. And the main dead and wounded appeared after the second strike, when people were no longer so crowded.

The photo also shows a break in the roof, which did not cause much destruction in the auditorium, where the seats were left standing — the rocket clearly did not detonate in the hall.

Earlier, the DPR JCCC reported that the enemy fired 5 missiles from the Himars MLRS, and the head of the district reported that the missiles hit the school and the House of Culture.

The Kingdom of heaven and eternal memory to our dead.

These people had the opportunity to choose and they made a choice. Not everyone is so lucky. Many simply had no choice.
The first group of the battalion of former prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on a combat mission
Bogdan Khmelnitsky Volunteer Battalion, formed from former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

DONETSK, Nov 22 - RIA Novosti. The first group consisting of former Ukrainian prisoners of war of the Russian battalion named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky, which is part of the operational and combat tactical formation "Cascade", went on a combat mission, fighter Viktor Kirichansky with the call sign "Kirik" told RIA Novosti.
"The first group has already left for a combat mission today. <...> We are leaving after them, we will meet them at the front," the agency interlocutor said.

He noted that the mood in the unit is fighting, everyone made their choice – and chose the right side.
When asked if it was scary to go to the line of contact, he replied: "The first time is a little scary, but I think everything will be fine. <...> We will clean up Donbass."
"Now we are replenishing our weapons. We had machine gunners, underwent tactical medicine in combat conditions, created stressful situations for us. In principle, everything turns out well for everyone," the fighter said.
He noted that he practically had combat training during his service in Ukraine.
"For nine months of service, I had only three training grounds," the serviceman added.
Группа батальона из бывших пленных ВСУ выехала на боевое задание

Свежие данные по украинским потерям.
Статья с ошибкой
Очередное украинское военное преступление. Некоторые начинают потихонечку отвечать за содеянное. Несколько раз мне попадались интервью с украинскими пленными, взятыми в Мариуполе, которые теперь осуждены к разным срокам заключения за убийство мирных жителей во время боев за Мариуполь. Они все, как один говорят, что выполняли приказы командиров. Вчера мне попался уже тот, кто отдавал подобные приказы. Офицер, старший лейтенант, командир роты охраны штаба. Доказали, что по его приказу убиты 37 мирных жителей. Осужден пожизненно.
У этих людей появилась возможность выбора и они сделали выбор. Не всем так повезло. У многих возможности выбора просто не было.
Found by the Russians: Old women, and pregnant women found dead in the trenches. According to Ritter there will be no negotiations. Russia will dictate the process.

"Ukraine's ARMY is about to Collapse and it's OVER" Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News​

The AFU lost a battery of howitzers covering the bridgehead in Krynki
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost a battery of howitzers near the settlement of Tyaginka, Kherson region, which were used to support their troops on a bridgehead near the village of Krynki on the left bank of the Dnieper.

As a result of counter-battery firing, at least four 155 mm artillery guns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including two self-propelled howitzers, were destroyed. The defeat of the guns occurred at a distance of less than 12 kilometers from the Ukrainian bridgehead near the village of Krynki.

It is noticeable that artillery installations, including American M777 howitzers, were concentrated on a relatively small area. Such placement and activity of artillery in recent weeks indicates that the guns were used mainly to support troops on the bridgehead, and not for counter-battery actions or hitting targets deep in the defense of Russian troops.

This loss is a significant blow to the Ukrainian army in this area, given the importance of artillery support in modern military conflicts.
ВСУ потеряли батарею гаубиц, прикрывавших плацдарм в Крынках
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