Putin – "Stayin' Alive"


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Geeze, I'm just fascinated by those endless halls and how the heck he knows where to turn and how to get out of that maze!!!
He is a good maze runner! :-)
Ребята, за 20 лет еще не то выучить можно! И ведь для чего то увеличили срок президентских полномочий - может быть не успевал выучить?:lol:

Guys, in 20 years you can learn something! And after all for what they increased term of presidential powers-maybe he didn't manage to learn?:lol:


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Thanks for sharing, that was great!

This one popped up in my suggestions from the video:

Awesome... And for some background, here's the description:

The war against Putin stems from the sudden inability for crooks to plunder Russia's resources as well as get away with stealing budget funds - and - God forbid - have to pay taxes via their independent companies (often, contracted to government projects!) The man mentioned in the first clip, Mr. Belalov, ran away and was granted asylum in the UK. He cited political reasons for his inability to stay in Russia, when he was simply siphoning money from the government. There are many outtakes like these - I picked only a couple for this compilation.


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That was really cool... he also has that characteristic swing when he walks that makes the song so appropriate. I loved how he would fix his eyes on some specific pieces of art throughout his walk.


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This was a lot of fun to watch! I can't believe how shiny and clean everything looks as Putin walks through the maze of hallways. And that staircase. Gorgeous!


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Thanks for posting this- the dude has swagger, he really walks in time to the song! And wherever this is filmed, is simply stunning.
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