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The above link seems to be the main repository that all the Q research people refer to. Not sure why it isn't loading unless it's a browser problem or something to do with translating the address from .io (British Indian Ocean?! sounds like Five Eyes ;) ). There is also this, which lets you download a .pdf of all the posts:

I got it from the FAQ of the reddit page:

and all of the new Q posts show up here:

The 8chan (and previously 4chan) board has been moved a few times due to security concerns, and there is some dispute among researchers as to whether the current "Q" group postings are from the same group or entity as the originals dating back to late October 2017. I'm agnostic on that for the moment, but the new posts do still seem relevant and somehow connected to what the Trump admin is doing.

When I have a bit more time I'm going to look into what research has already been done about the possible identit(ies) of Q. I know Stephen Miller has been mentioned many times. And lots of people think Julian Assange seems to have more than a passing connection. And it's possible that the tone of the posts changed because the task was passed on to someone or some group with access to more intel. Personally, I think the identity of who is actually making the Q posts is less important than whatever the force behind them is trying to achieve. They claim it to be a "Great Awakening". I'm on board with that, if it's legit.
Trump appears to be directly involved since most of the link confirmations were through his tweets.
The DoD also posted a tweet confirmation.
Q routinely states that they're listening in on the cabal and hints that they are thwarting attempted false flags, with the 'Alliance' using the NSA's (and other) surveillance networks against the previous controllers.
The consensus among researchers is that the Q source is a small group, as the language style does change.
Suspected high-level whitehat intelligence operative(s).
Some have theorized that it's AI or even maybe help from above

Joe: I was extremely skeptical but there have been some remarkable predictions from this source along with repeated connections to Trump's tweets that are difficult to pass off as coincidence. Many respected members of the truth community including ex-military are taking it seriously. It is definitely worth an honest look.
Quick addendum, there are other Q posts on the github.io page besides the ones coming in on /greatawakening/, that are replies to other anons. Q refers to these near the top in this post:
Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/08/18 (Mon) 22:39:35 No.5

Future dumps here.


Interaction to continue on dedicated /research/ board.

Suggest new board created.

Current BO’s claiming private comms and self promoting.

Patriots point - we will follow.

I'm trying to find the board Q is referring to but I can't seem to find it. Many of these FAQs and Wikis and such need to be updated. There's a research board here:
but it doesn't seem to have those Q replies. I don't really understand much of how the chans work, but I do know they are anonymous, they gave us things like Pepe the Frog memes which may have ultimately helped give us Trump, so we have them to thank for that. And they function in pretty much a completely opposite was as this forum, as in NO moderation whatsoever from the top, so:
WARNING: do NOT click on random chan links that appear on the Q pages but are not associated with Q unless you are prepared to encounter shocking material.

With respect, Joe, I don't think it matters so much whether or not Q is a "Trump insider", but more that this phenomenon is garnering the attention of quite a large following, and much of the material presented could be construed as in line with the C's. If it is indeed subjective nonsense, then at least maybe it merits some attention as to why it has blown up as a phenomenon the way it has?

Rythmik posted while I was typing, I concur, except to state again that I'm less concerned with the connection to Trump but more the phenomenon as a whole.
Is there any hard data we could check out that proofs the claim that „they predicted“ things only a insider could know? Just because many "respectable" people from the so called „truth movement“ think it is „the real deal“, doesn’t mean it is true. Scrolled a bit thorough Q latest posts and couldn’t see anything that any other ordinary person on the web couldn't write as well.
Pashalis said:
Is there any hard data we could check out that proofs the claim that „they predicted“ things only a insider could know? Just because many "respectable" people from the so called „truth movement“ think it is „the real deal“, doesn’t mean it is true. Scrolled a bit thorough Q latest posts and couldn’t see anything that any other ordinary person on the web couldn't write as well.

Yes it is hard to tell without really looking closely, that's why some of us who've been watching it think it rises to the level of being worth asking the C's about. It seems to be inspiring people on the positive side at any rate, but it's also possible it could be leading them off toward a negative dead-end. I've been watching it for less than a month and I confess I have not read every single Q post going back to the beginning. I pledge to come back to this thread with more info when I have more time, but right now I'm going to listen to Behind the Headlines :D .
Maybe someone is having some fun under this Q name? Because it reminds me a bit of the character Q of Star Trek Enterprise or James Bonds Q. Generally I think when it comes to viral stuff on the net that it also could easily be set up.
I've read them all since the beginning and I remained very skeptical until the DoD link. On the 23rd Dec Q posted a classic painting depicting a revolutionary attack. 2 days later on Xmas the DoD tweeted out the same painting. This followed multiple connections to Trump's twitter.

The liberal media have picked up on the "conspiracy theory" known as "The Storm" and are calling it "the new Pizzagate" which says a lot. So far only RT have reported on it objectively thanks to Lionel https://youtu.be/ZIoR8VL67f8

A Primer on #QAnon and #QClearance: What You Should Know and Why #DeepState Is in #DefCon1 Panic
I'm also curious on the possible (identit(ies) of Q.

My first guess would be a military insider? The letter "Q" in the Military Dictionary has 5 definitions attached to it: The first two may apply?



quadrant elevation

quadruple container


Then there's the Military Phonetic Alphabet - Call Letters (adopted 1957):

Q Quebec _ _ . _ Quack Quack Queen Queen

If you select "Queen" - the Queen or First Lady in the White House would be Melania Trump. Some reports refer to Trump's Daughter, Ivanka as the "informal" First Lady (sitting in on some Diplomatic meetings).

So, maybe Melania and Ivanka might be part of or behind Q?

There's also the odd impression that Steve Bannon might be involved some how? I listened to several of his interviews after he got kicked out of the WH and when I'm reading Q's messages, every once in awhile, I get the impression that Bannon might be behind the quote? Bannon did state that "if he couldn't help Trump in the WH, he would help him on the outside?"

I don't think Q is one person but several working together?

Q states, " Manafort, Comey, Rosenstein, Podesta, Clintons, Holders, and Lynch are all on one team. We affectionately call them “The Clinton Cabal”, so they can be ruled out? I would add McMaster's and Mattis in with that bunch including VP Pence?

As for Trump's inner circle, Keith Schiller is President Trump's longtime bodyguard, now turned White House aide. Another longtime Trump associate is Roger Stone.

I don't know where Mueller fit's in, if he's for Trump or working against him?

Another thought, could Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch be involved? He seems to have insider connections.

I agree with Rhythmik, that it might be worth looking into who and what is behind Q? I have been following closely with the new Postings and Q does seem to be - a few steps ahead of what appears in the news, especially with the Mueller investigations.
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