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Here is an interesting, relatively recent video from Cliff High on the Q psy-op, also comments about Bitcoin and some other philosophical stuff. Says he saw some things along these lines emerging from his predictive programing, so was watching for them to emerge, while not knowing what forms they might take. He does some interesting linguistic analysis of the posts (which reminds me a bit of Gospel authorship analysis). Anyway, he compares the role of the Q psy-op to that of the 18th C pamphleteers in gently kicking of a populist movement against a corrupt government.

Re Cliff High: I got interested in his stuff a while back as I have a computational linguist in my family. I ordered some of his big (paid) reports out of curiosity. As I recall, there was a lot about Silver, Antarctica, crazy weather (reversals of dry/wet), crops issues. Not sure how accurate were the specific predictions, but if I find the papers again I will re-read them. I decided to hang on to my good flatware based on his report. No other changes, but I think the value of silver has gone up a lot since then.

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