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Hi all, I'm new but I'd like to mention a theory and ask those that can (Laura et al) to ask the C's about this, not for any sort of self-gratification but to get any kind of answer to see if it is the right track.

The theory:

All humans dream (Adamics, don't know about OPs??) and it is necessary to our sanity, and I believe to our soul function.

I happen to dream in color, and have noticed that some 'people' in my dreams look perfectly normal until I approach them and try to interact with them. It is then that I notice that they have no face, i.e., it is just a blank flesh-colored slate - no contours, no facial bone structure. This is in contrast to the rest of them - their hair is made of individual strands in some style, their clothing and every other visible part of their body is perfectly represented.

I have concluded that these 'people' are merely constructs of my mind present to 'flesh-out' the scenario in my dream (such as a concert). All people that I am able to interact with in my dreams have faces - I can look into their eyes and see them; they can speak and respond to me. Many times I have experienced that a 'real person' in my dream symbolized (or at least I 'recognized' them as) someone that I know in waking life, even though in the dream they looked completely different. My mom has a certain vibration that will always be recognizable to me, no matter what her age... in real life, but what about in a dream? Is it 'really' her or someone else (somewhere else on our planet) representing her?

Secondly, (speaking only for myself and my own experience) when I awake from a night in which I do not remember dreaming I do not feel as rested or refreshed. Given that I am not prone to nightmares and greatly enjoy the dreamtime, I would much rather dream than not.

With that said, and the knowledge of human nature (selfish!), it is my hypothesis is multipart:

Since we humans require dreaming to maintain our sanity (and probably soul equilibruim?), it is a necessity. My theory is that the 'real people' in our dreams are other people (not OPs) on Earth who are participating in our dream. Since we are inherently selfish beings and would probably rather have pleasant recuperative dreaming nights, on the days when we have awoken from what seems to be a dreamless night perhaps were were participating in another person's dream, taking on the role of someone that they know in waking life (or some other character integral to their dream). Further, because we cannot be trusted to do this on a voluntary, altruistic basis, so there may be some compulsion (based some kind of rotational lottery system?) that ensures our participation on a certain basis. In this way, each person is assured of other real people participating in their dreams and compelled, at some interval, to participate in other real people's dreams. This forces a certain type of interaction between people that is otherwise not possible in waking life due to geographical or socio-economic/policital constraints.
Is it possible to pass this on to ask the C's?

As well I am interested in other people's thoughts on this theory.
As a side note, I wonder if anyone else has had this experience: having multiple dreams occurring simultaneously? For example, 4 dreams happening at one time, rather like 4 movie screens:

Screen 1, Scenes 1-3
Screen 2, Scenes 1-2
Screen 3, Scenes 1-3
Screen 4, Scenes 1-2

Screen 1, Scene 4
Screen 3, Scene 4-5
Screen 4, Scene 3
Screen 2, Scenes 3-6

et cetera...

It was all happening simultaneously, which is a little difficult to describe in text format, but experienced not the same as having 4 separate screens which required the eyes to flicker between them, more like being able to put fingers on keys of a piano while listening to the combined music. It was terribly exciting but it hasn't happened in a while, at least that I can remember. Heavy medication removes many dream memories for me lately, sadly.
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