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Hello to all.

I hope my question fits here .

A short overview about my dilemma: In the Swamp I have reported a little bit about my difficult job situation, now I decided to look for a new job, and I have possibly the chance to get a new
job in a christian organization ( work with and for mental and physical handicapped people), so here my dilemma: I´am very interested to be a member in the Fellowship and
considered to fill out an application, but the above mentioned organization has as requirement……. The membership in an accepted christian church. ( I think they mean a classic German church).

I´ve resigned my membership in the christian church approx. 3 years ago , and now I consider to sign again for the job (only on paper and with tax…. I am not sure if this is allowed :huh:),
but is it possible to be in the Fellowship at the same time ? (I have no idea of the legal backround, cause it is transnational, here in Germany there are other laws then in the US ) but if it should not be possible I will waive for the new job and fill out the application for the Fellowship.

Help is very welcome. Thank you,


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Hi !

I do not want to leave my question as it stands, so I will give you a short update.

The last two days I have struggled with this question, and I weighted the pros and cons, finally I have decided to give the new job a miss, cause I don´t want to let me dictate with
which confession I have to live, no matter how interesting the new job seems to be, or how stressfull my actual working situation is.(Maybe Sooner or later I will find a job that fits to me !).
By the same token, I am also loathe to pay tax for a church or religion whose sentiments and ideas I do not share, furthermore I think the money is better invested here.

That is the actual state of affairs and this is all I wished to say.

Thank you !


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While I do not know enough to offer any truly helpful advice on your situation, I empathize with your dilemma.
Best of luck to you finding work and keeping your inner peace.


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Thank you shellycheval for your friendly words. It is good to know there are people who
are able to understand the inner struggle of others, and to be on hand with help and advice.

Thank´s again

P.S a very cute dog your avatar ! :)
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