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I'm currently in the process of writing a book. It is a story that has pieces of info that could help someone find there way to some of the knowledge that you have on your site.
To keep this short, the main plot is a young girl and her friends find a trunk in a pump house, start investigating with the clues they have, and come to find the knowledge concerning personal awareness, the two race's living on the planet, and improving one's knowledge of ones true self. It's more involved than that of course.
In this story I wanted to use a symbol to lead them to a person. I wanted a symbol that actually meant something and I went looking through the crop circle pics. I found the crop circle representing "Buried Memory". I wanted to know if I could use this picture to go with my book. I don't know what the laws and regulations are as far as copyrights go for the pictures of the crop circles. (I don't want to step on any toes.)

Would this be alright to do, or do I need to come up with something myself.

Or perhaps you have a suggestion. Thanks. Tarri


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You need to establish who owns it, contact him/her and ask for permission. Some people give their consent, some don't. Most are happy as long as you mention underneath who the photograph belongs to. It's also expensive to take a crop circle pic, since it is taken from the air, so expect to pay as well.

I'm searching for high res crop circle pics as well, to blow them up live size and decorate my walls with. It's difficult to find the owners ;) It's not something you find in a stock image library.


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Actually, it's not the airial view of a crop circle. It appears to be drawn in pencil.. It's found on the Site Map page, under the heading of High Strangeness, with the title being, Crop Circles Analysis Image Catalog. Its picture # cropa10.htm. Here is the link to it.

The Author of the drawing appears to be a J.Rodemerk.

I have tried looking up the name J. Rodemerk. Aside from finding a forum, with a character bashing Laura and SOTT from 1995 ( and no mention of J.Rodemerk that I could find) I found nothing.

Does anyone here happen to recognize who the author of the drawing is?

Thanks. Tarri


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Yes, it is just three circles. does have the person's name who drew it, and year that it was drawn.
I don't want to be ridiculous about it, but I do want to make sure that it would not be infringing on anyone's work. I guess at this point it's alright to use it, unless someone comes up with something.

Thank you for your imput. Tarri


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Hi Tarri, I think what Erna was getting at is that you could draw your own representation of that crop circle and use it. No one has a copyright on the crop circles themselves, so why not just draw what the original circle looked like - the three circles - and go from there? This Rodemerk person may have drawn the images used on the Cass site, but it's not like he's the only one to reproduce the crop circle patterns, and he certainly didn't design the circles. =)
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