Questions about famous abductions

James Fox who directed the film 'Moment of Contact' was recently on Joe Rogan. They talk about the film and other famous UFO cases. I haven't listened to all of it yet but I get the impression that Fox is sincere (you never can be 100% sure, of course) but a bit ignorant about certain geopolitical things, and that he is sligthly too willing to believe testimonies/footage/people that he's come across that I'd find suspicious.

Anyways, you can find the Rogan episodeon Spotify but here's a short clip on YT:
I'm listening to the Rogan podcast now, and Fox comes across as a solid guy, and a more than competent researcher with a genuine curiosity for the subject. It really comes across well in this interview, that feeling you get when you finally grok that "this shit is real" Truly, it is an incomparable life moment. I remember my UFO sighting in 2004, it was life changing, an epoch in my life. There's a pre-UFO self and a post-UFO self that perpetually live within. Nothing I had read prepared me for that experience. Thankfully I didn't confront a physical entity, like the girls in "Moment of Contact". It's so strange; 4d reality, 4d entities, cosmic weather and the return of Christ are embedded in this phenomenon as you unpack the subject. Just knowing that one day on this planet there will be a consensus of opinion on these phenomena by a sizeable portion of society gives me hope. A fool's hope maybe, but it is what it is. But one day that day will come, you can't block out ultimate reality forever.
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