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The Force is Strong With This One
Q1) Many Doctors are making the claim that taking Qty: 1 - 200mg-250mg Hydroxychloroquine tablet every 2 weeks, in conjuction with taking zinc tablets, once a day, is a good way to prevent Covid-19 or is a good treatment for Covid-19.

Some Doctors claim 100% success with their patients and yet they are being silenced.

The mainstream media and the social media giants are censoring anything related to the promotion of Hydroxychloroquine even though many Doctors swear by it.

Does the above combination help prevent and treat Covid-19, in most patients, as many Doctors suggest?

Could it be that the combination listed above might prevent the ill effects caused by the planned forced vaccinations to come? Is this why so much censorship?

If the vaccinations become required, would the above combination be beneficial prior to going in for a vaccination? Would it protect us from the rewriting our DNA and other ill effects?

Only if recommended by a Doctor, of course!

Q2) Did Donald Trump have any previous incarnations of anyone famous that we would recognize from our past?

Q3) What is the source that provides the answers when using a pendulum, if one is using it correctly?

Q4) Does The "Holy Spirit" referred to in the Bible = Gravity?

Q5) I'll take a shot in the dark here. How high will the price of Silver go, in USD, within the next 2 years? 3 years? 4 years?

Thank you!


The Force is Strong With This One
Here is the banned vid censored off Trumps twitter page. This is why I asked Question 1 above.

Hi there,

Let me try and answer Q4 but i am also stand to be corrected .lets keep in our mind that nothing is wrong and nothing is right ,everthing is permitted.
Your version of seen it as gravity is not crushed but it sound too simply to be percived as such.
As we all know that there are lot of religious beliefs in this world but ultimately we are all under one spell ( choose to manifested in physical form) for correction of our deficiency which was caused.......
As far as i understand, nothing is holy but spirit is androgynous in a form and it depends upon your intention and purpose that would define everyone otherwise.
outside the world of matter , spirit does not exist. I would say that spirit is one of the forces which is known and channeld through religions. But there are million and millions forces at work and also the ones that are to be discovered and be popular like spirit and be given names

And yes again, spirit can be defined as a gravity which is another NAME of a different force at work.

And this world is not evil but cursed hance holy can only be applied for judgemental purpose to satisfy the ego. And in each and every element ,there is a spirit that keeps it alive.
However, your question has many versions of answers depending on how does one perceive it.
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