'Random' shootings, car rampages, knife attacks etc.


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Dear S. : a letter to my ex-pat sister in wake of the Uvalde murders
A lot of this is not new to Sott or forum members but I found this to be an excellent assessment of not only mass shootings but the pathology of government and why they are not to be trusted.


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There was from The Guardian:

Several killed in shooting at Copenhagen shopping centre

22-year-old Danish man in custody as police chief says terrorism cannot be ruled out as a motive
Police have appealed for anyone who has seen, heard or filmed anything to contact them. Photograph: Olafur Steinar Gestsson/AP

Jennifer Rankin and agencies
Sun 3 Jul 2022 20.04 BST
Danish police say several people were shot dead and one suspect has been arrested after gunfire rang out at a busy Copenhagen shopping centre, with emergency services rushing to the scene on Sunday evening.
The number or condition of all the people struck by shots was not immediately available amid confusion over what had occurred at one of Scandinavia’s biggest malls.

Copenhagen police chief inspector Soren Thomassen said authorities had no indication that there was more than one shooter. He said the suspect in custody was a 22-year-old Danish man, and that “terrorism” could not be ruled out as a motive.


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So I guess from the fact that they're not blaming anyone, like Russia, it's safe to say that this was a legitimate kid who went postal.
Actually, I don't think even the Danish Government or local press would usually be that quick to say Russia. The hesitancy to name details at the beginning has carried over. But let's see, this morning there was more.
Berlingske.dk wrote:

Overview: What we know about the suspected perpetrator
A 22-year-old man has been arrested after gunfire in Field's Sunday. He is known in psychiatry, police say.
Monday, July 4, 2022, at 09.14
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On Sunday evening, three people - two 17-year-olds and a 47-year-old Russian citizen - were killed by gunfire in the Field's mall in Copenhagen.

A young man has been arrested in the case and is being produced in constitutional interrogation on Monday.

Here's what we know so far about the detainee:

He is 22 years old and is described as ethnic Danish.
He was arrested Sunday night at 5:48 p.m., shortly after police arrived at Field's. He was arrested outside the mall.

The detainee was carrying a rifle and a knife when he was arrested. He also had access to a gun, according to police. The weapons are legal, but the suspect did not have permission for them.

All indications are that the alleged perpetrator acted alone without the help or cooperation of others. Police believe there has been some form of deliberation and preparation leading up to the attack.
He is already known to the police, but only peripherally.

He is also known in psychiatry, according to police. Police will not say whether he sought help in psychiatry prior to the attack in Field's.

Police are aware of a number of videos that abound on social media. The police are of the opinion that the suspect is in one of them. According to several media, the suspect poses with weapons on videos on Youtube, among other places.

The 22-year-old has been questioned and has stated that he was in Field's. But police will not elaborate on what he said during the interrogation.

The detainee is being produced in constitutional interrogation at an as yet unknown time on Monday. He will be charged with manslaughter.
Sources: Ritzau, Jyllands-Posten, DR, Copenhagen Police.

/ ritzau /
That the weapons were legal, may mean that they were registered as the property of someone either as sporting, or as hunting weapons. For years, there have been strict laws regarding the acquisition and storage of weapons, knives, and ammunition.
From Jyllands-Posten:

News from the press conference: The police put the age at 3 killed and 4 seriously injured
Monday morning, police held a new press conference about the shooting in Field's. Among other things, news was shared about the victims in the case.

Søren Thomassen, chief police inspector at the Copenhagen Police, has at a press conference on Monday morning provided new information about the shooting in Field's Sunday evening.

Among other things, it was made clear that:

Nothing points to a terrorist motive.
The detainee apparently acted alone.
The police believe that these are random victims without distinction of, for example, race or gender.
The arrested 22-year-old man in the case was known in psychiatry in advance and also known to the police. Police are aware of several videos on social media that they believe show detainees in the days leading up to the attack.
The detainee was wearing a rifle and a knife - and 'access' to a gun. The weapons were legal, but not one that the detainee had permission for.
Søren Thomassen also elaborated on which victims were affected. There are 3 killed and 4 seriously injured. All injuries are due to shots.

They killed:

A 17-year-old Danish man
A 17-year-old Danish woman
A 47-year-old man with Russian citizenship residing in Denmark.
The badly injured:

Two Danish citizens: a 40-year-old and a 19-year-old woman.
Two Swedish citizens: A 50-year-old man and a 16-year-old woman.
'They are in the hospital and in serious condition,' the wounded were informed. In addition to the seriously injured, some have been slightly injured - these injuries, however, occurred in the escape from the center and not directly in the attack.


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So most likely another one of those that ‘suddenly go off’ who were on psych medication, joining a long list of perpetrators that were medicated when they went on their killing spree.
Something like that.

Here is more about the shooting in Copenhagen. The short version is that the suspect
is now imprisoned in a closed psychiatric ward.
had been on Quetiapine a drug used to counter psychotic disorders.
had uploaded four disturbing videos the day before the shooting.

The Wiki mentions about Quetiapine
Quetiapine, sold under the brand name Seroquel among others, is an atypical antipsychotic medication used for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder.[6][7] Despite being widely used as a sleep aid due to its sedating effect, the benefits of such use do not appear to generally outweigh the side effects.[8] It is taken orally.[6]

Common side effects include sleepiness, constipation, weight gain, and dry mouth.[6] Other side effects include low blood pressure with standing, seizures, a prolonged erection, high blood sugar, tardive dyskinesia, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome.[6] In older people with dementia, its use increases the risk of death.[6] Use in the third trimester of pregnancy may result in a movement disorder in the baby for some time after birth.[6] Quetiapine is believed to work by blocking a number of receptors including serotonin and dopamine.[6]

Quetiapine was developed in 1985 and approved for medical use in the United States in 1997.[6][9] It is available as a generic medication.[10] In 2019, it was the 56th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than 13 million prescriptions.[11][12]
Jyllands-Posten has:
04/07/2022 KL. 14:58
The 22-year-old has been remanded in custody for 24 days for the shooting at Field's
After a court hearing in Copenhagen City Court, the 22-year-old was suspected of Sunday's shooting in Field's remand prison in a closed psychiatric ward.

After about two hours of constitutional questioning, the judge in the Copenhagen City Court on Monday afternoon chose to remand in custody a 22-year-old man who is suspected of Sunday's shooting in the shopping center Field's on Amager.

Custody will take place in a surrogate ward in a closed psychiatric ward. And then a mental examination of the man must be initiated. Prosecutor Søren Harbo informs the press after the constitutional hearing.

The charge is manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. The 22-year-old is charged with killing a 47-year-old man, a 17-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy. In addition, he is charged with seven counts of attempted murder.

The actual constitutional hearing took place behind closed doors. But before the doors were closed, the accused man had entered a jam-packed courtroom accompanied by three combat-clad officers. The 22-year-old, who was wearing a blue t-shirt, confirmed his identity as questioned by the judge before answering ‘I am not sure’ to a question about the time of his arrest.

Almost immediately after the reading of the charge of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter, a name ban was imposed in the case for both the accused, the three killed and the seven who were subjected to attempted murder.

The defense counsel for the accused also stated that his client did not want to take a position on the charges against him. At least not in the open part of the constitutional hearing.

The prosecutor requested in Copenhagen City Court to close the door due to the fact that there is still no overview of the scope of the case. The judge chose to follow.
In BT.dk, they say that the suspect had been prescribed Quetiapine, but he claimed it did not help. The article is mainly a cry for more hospital beds for those with psychiatric disorders.
After tragic mass shooting: 'Too many are rejected'

The tragic mass shooting in Field's, in which a suspected 22-year-old perpetrator shot and killed three people and injured several, gets a large psychiatric organization on the field with a shout:

We need more psychiatric beds.

‘Too many are being rejected in psychiatry. It is a big problem that there is a lack of beds to admit patients. They are simply rejected, and if they finally get a place, there are also many who are discharged prematurely. We see extremely many readmissions, «says Jane Alrø Sørensen, who is general secretary of the organization Better Psychiatry.

Copenhagen Police have announced that the perpetrator has been part of the psychiatric system.

Jane Alrø Sørensen emphasizes that she does not know about the specific case, but that she knows about the challenges in the psychiatric system. Among other things, that for resource reasons one is forced to reject people with mental illnesses who want to be hospitalized, and that they are rejected because there are not enough beds.

'It's a big problem in psychiatry. The number of beds has been reduced over many years, 'she says.

The problems in psychiatry, according to critics, begin already at the first referral from the doctor. B.T. has recently been able to tell how patients in droves are rejected in the psychiatric system.

In round figures, approximately one in five adult patients has been rejected in the psychiatric system in the past year, even though they have been referred by their own doctor. For children and young people, it is about one in four.

An open question in a case like this is whether the 22-year-old has been adequately picked up by the psychiatric system before he - according to the suspicion - committed his crime.

On Monday, DR writes that the 22-year-old man tried to contact a crisis line shortly before the shooting.

On a series of YouTube videos posted by the suspected perpetrator, he appears with a rifle, which he takes up to his head and mouth, after which he can click the trigger.

In a video, he also says:

'Quetiapine does not work.'

Quetiapine is a medicinal product used to treat psychotic disorders.

P.t. the public knows nothing of the alleged perpetrator's contact with psychiatry.

Jane Alrø Sørensen says that it is impossible to make a completely fine-meshed net that picks up all psychiatric patients. Also those who should be hospitalized.

“One must be to the detriment of oneself or others. Here, however, it is important that it should be known. Doctors need to know that. Many psychiatric patients show up themselves and say that they are afraid that they may risk harming themselves or others. And they intercept the system as a starting point, 'she says and continues:

'But if it does not happen, or no one comes forward with a concern, then patients can walk around without it being detected,' she says.

During a visit to Field's on Monday, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was asked why the Social Democrats have not yet landed a ten-year psychiatry agreement, which was up for election in 2019.

She would not answer that.

'Today, I think we need to remember the victims and take care of all those who have been involved in this,' the Prime Minister said.
Berlingske had:
Shortly before the attack, the alleged perpetrator shared four disturbing videos
Three people have been killed, while four others - including two 16-year-olds - are badly injured after Sunday's shooting at the Field's shopping center. Prior to the incident, the 22-year-old suspected perpetrator, who was arrested shortly after, posted four disturbing videos on YouTube.

The day before he killed three people, injured several others and spread terror among cinema-goers, teenagers on their way to a concert and Sunday shoppers in Field's on Amager, the arrested 22-year-old man uploaded four videos to his channel on YouTube.

The videos, which, like the alleged perpetrator's YouTube channel, have since been deleted, were recorded in a sparsely furnished room with whitewashed walls and blackout curtains.

In none of the videos does the 22-year-old say anything. He looks into the camera and handles his weapons - in one of the videos a pistol, apparently an older Walther P38, and in the other a Sauer 200 rifle model, which is popular among competitive shooters.


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Shooting in Highland Park, Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. 6 dead and 24 wounded at last count. Here is a video the shooting suspect put out 8 months ago. Definitely some weird stuff going on here. Notice the Oswald shot in Dallas newspaper clipping on the wall.
That is creepy, but a part of me also thinks that it's too perfect... like, if you were writing an origin story about a shooter kid, you'd have him post a video exactly like that one.. like, it feels produced. But it may only be me.

But considering the environment around guns and the elections coming up, and how desperate they are for control, I would not be surprised if an effort to continue to demonize arms was somehow behind this, it's too perfect and too symbolic, shoot up a park in the day that people celebrate Murica, not sure.

There's a few videos about the event itself:



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That is creepy, but a part of me also thinks that it's too perfect... like, if you were writing an origin story about a shooter kid, you'd have him post a video exactly like that one.. like, it feels produced. But it may only be me.

But considering the environment around guns and the elections coming up, and how desperate they are for control, I would not be surprised if an effort to continue to demonize arms was somehow behind this, it's too perfect and too symbolic, shoot up a park in the day that people celebrate Murica, not sure.

There's a few videos about the event itself:

That video from the shooter was uploaded 8 months ago. The C’s said there were innumerable people that had been programmed to go off. Listening to this guy’s rantings, he seems like a perfect candidate for that. He’s practically coming out and saying it. Definitely creepy.


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That is creepy, but a part of me also thinks that it's too perfect... like, if you were writing an origin story about a shooter kid, you'd have him post a video exactly like that one.. like, it feels produced. But it may only be me.

Exactly my thought as well when I watched it! It comes across as too professional, too polished, too ‘poetic’ … Maybe the kid was a computer nerd, but when you are on a downward spiral with depression and struggling with life, I am not sure if you had the mind space to produce this kind of video.


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Regarding the shooting in Copenhagen, it happened shortly after that the PM had been reprimanded by the so-called Mink commission for having overstepped her powers when she had authorized all Mink to be killed due to Covid, which was a big scandal. The shooting allowed the negative attention on the PM, her party and government to be shifted. Someone noted that the way she during Covid oversaw the implementation of the lockdowns more reflected the certainty of someone who executed and order.

While we will never know if the person who did the shooting was programmed and activated, one can conjecture that there are such persons in place, who can be activated in specific situations to alter or confuse the direction of public attention. The people in Government would not necessarily know about it, on the other hand they may have been told earlier they will be protected, if they strive to do what they are told to do.


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While we will never know if the person who did the shooting was programmed and activated, one can conjecture that there are such persons in place, who can be activated in specific situations to alter or confuse the direction of public attention. The people in Government would not necessarily know about it, on the other hand they may have been told earlier they will be protected, if they strive to do what they are told to do.
Yes, and the US shooting seems to be having a similar effect, there have been all these events that while perhaps authentic and caused by someone who just went off, are being capitalized on by the leaders.

The upcoming elections in the US where the republicans seem poised to win, seem to be the focus of the political establishment.


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Police custody lifted, a Kalashnikov and a bulletproof vest found: the latest details after the death of a man, shot dead by the police in Grenoble https://l.francebleu.fr/nNh9
Thursday, July 7, around 6 p.m., a man was shot dead by a policeman, place d'April, in the city center of Grenoble. He was driving a scooter with the passenger armed. The latter would have aimed at an official, on patrol in the sector, who took out his service weapon.
This Thursday, around 6 p.m., witnesses report the presence in the city center of Grenoble of two individuals, traveling on a scooter, whose passenger would be armed. Two police officers, who were patrolling the area on foot, pass them.

A weapon of war on a scooter

According to the first elements of the investigation, the police would have been aimed by the passenger . One of the officials then allegedly took out his service weapon and fired at the occupants of the scooter. Touched, the driver would have lost control of his machine which ended its race a few meters further. Despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services, the man, named Deniz, died . Aged 24, he had been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for armed robbery by the criminal court. Released since, he had not been talked about, according to his lawyer, who went to the scene, called Thursday by the family, who lives in Saint-Martin-d'Hères and who is of Turkish origin.

Police custody lifted this Friday

The police officer's custody was lifted overnight from Thursday to Friday after his hearing by investigators from the IGPN, the police force, said the prosecution on Friday. The policeman explained that he used his weapon in the direction of the men on the scooter. One of them was armed, also assures the policeman, with "a Kalashnikov type rifle". Two of his colleagues, witnesses of the scene and also questioned, confirmed the presence of this long weapon. According to Fabienne Lewandowski, police chief in Isère, "the Kalashnikov was armed and a second charger was found on the scene" . The prosecution adds that a bulletproof vest was also found on the spot.

On the victim's side, the autopsy revealed that the 24-year-old man was hit by a single fatal bullet. No other lesions were discovered.

Read also An armed man killed by the police in Grenoble

The passenger of the scooter wanted

The passenger of the scooter, he fled, abandoning his weapon, loaded, Kalashnikov type, on the road. He is still wanted on Friday.

The Grenoble prosecutor's office issued a press release, explaining that it had opened two investigations . One for attempted murder of a person holding public authority. She was entrusted to the Judicial Police of Grenoble. The IGPN, the police force, was seized of that for fatal blows. The policeman who fired the shots was taken into custody. The autopsy will take place this morning.

The atmosphere yesterday at the scene of the tragedy was electric

Thursday evening, the family and relatives of the victim had gathered near the place where the body of the victim was still found, the time of the findings. In a tense atmosphere , some insulted the police who had cordoned off the area.

"He was the driver of the scooter, I don't see what risk he could represent" is wary the aunt of the man who was killed, "Even if he had a passenger and he had a weapon I remain skeptical. I I don't see why he would walk around with a weapon like that, in plain sight. It would really be pure provocation, it would be pure suicide. So I really question this version of the facts."

The victim's aunt says she is skeptical about the circumstances of the death of her nephew, Deniz

After a few hours, the place of Apvril, where the tragedy took place, had regained its calm.

Hautes-Pyrenees. Murder of two teachers: the gendarmerie calls for witnesses #DauphineLibere
A call for witnesses with the photo of the man "suspected of being the perpetrator", was broadcast this Friday by the gendarmerie after the murder of two teachers on Monday in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Investigators from the Toulouse research section have set up a hotline, on 05 62 34 81 93, to collect testimonies “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

Cédric Tauleygne, 34, is suspected of having killed Gabriel Fourmigué and Aurélie Pardon , of whom he is the husband, Monday in Pouyastruc (Hautes-Pyrénées) near Tarbes. The man, described as European type, athletic, with glasses and shaved hair, measuring 1.75m, is on the run and still actively wanted, in France and Spain.

This worker in a factory in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, wore blue jeans and a dark leather jacket at the time of the facts, indicate the gendarmes in their call for witnesses.

Active research in France and Spain

His motorcycle was found on Wednesday in Jaca , Aragon, on the Spanish side of the border, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

On Friday, the Spanish police said they had "nothing new". Research continues around Jaca, "the device remains active", according to the same source, without further details. “Nothing allows in the state to favor the hypothesis that the individual is still alive or dead”, specified in a press release Cécile Gensac, the prosecutor of Pau, where the file was transferred.

Gendarmes also crisscross the land in a large area, around Barbazan-Dessus, the town where the couple who was in the process of divorce resided, as well as in the neighboring departments.

"We still have 80 gendarmes, from the Hautes-Pyrénées group and mobile gendarmes as reinforcements, who are in the area, and heavy searches are underway on the other side of the border," he told AFP on Friday. Colonel Laurent Lachâtre, commander of the Toulouse SR. “We are looking for it on both sides,” he stressed.

Judicial investigation for "assassinations" opened

Gabriel Fourmigué, 55, and Aurélie Pardon, 32, were respectively physical education and French teachers at the Desaix college, located in the city center of Tarbes. The two teachers, shot and killed on Monday, had "become romantically closer in recent weeks during a school trip," the Tarbes prosecutor said at a press conference on Tuesday.

A judicial investigation, retaining the qualification of "assassinations" was opened.

Jalisco Cartel, New Generation ( #CJNG ) invites other cartels not to bother priests, teachers, nurses and doctors. On the part of alias "Mencho Oseguera" this statement is given and it is given as a result of events against Jesuits in Chihuahua.

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