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Yesterday in Darwin, Australia a man who was recently released from prison, and was tagged, went on a shooting spree at a motel, killing 4, injuring 1, the gunman has been arrested. Witnesses say he seemed to be looking for specific people, others say he was just shooting up every room, some victims say they don't know why they were targeted. He later moved on to another location and shot another man so it does appear he had some sort of plan. He also made his way to the police station, the police chief thinks he was going to turn himself in, although that isn't confirmed. He was apparently so calm police actually passed by him without realising.

4 dead, 1 injured in motel shooting in Darwin, Australia - Gunman arrested
Neda Vanovac
Wed, 05 Jun 2019 11:05 UTC

darwin shooting
© ABC News: Clara Latter
The alleged gunman is being held at Royal Darwin Hospital.
The 45-year-old suspect, who witnesses said was armed with a pump-action shotgun, started his shooting spree at a motel in the CBD about 5:45pm before travelling in a ute to four other locations, including to the outskirts of the city and back again.

He was arrested after calling NT Police and trying to enter police headquarters
in what Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw said may have been an attempt to hand himself in.

The man was known to police, having been released on parole in January, and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner told a media conference the incident was not believed to be terror-related.

"This is not the Darwin we know," he said.

"On behalf of Territorians, our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims and everybody else who has been impacted.

"I understand when an event like this occurs, especially considering recent global events, people's fears turn to terrorism. We can confirm this is not a terrorism event."

The alleged gunman is being held at Royal Darwin Hospital.

"I believe he may have some sort of injury," Commissioner Kershaw said.

NT Health confirmed two people were at the Royal Darwin Hospital in a stable condition.

Multiple witnesses said the man walked into the Palms Motel on McMinn Street at about 5:45pm while holding a pump-action shotgun, and fired at multiple doors.

They said he was looking for someone called "Alex".

"He shot up every room in that place," one man said.

"He got what he wanted and then he left in his pick-up. We watched him walk from room to room, shooting every room."

He said the victims said "they had no idea why he was there, why he was shooting at them, it appeared to be a random attack".

Another witness said he saw the shooter walking calmly though the motel.

"Cops went straight past him, didn't know who he was, he was that calm," he said.

The gunman then fled the scene and remained at large for approximately an hour, with road blocks in place around the city.

More than 100 police were involved in the operation.

Police listed four other crime scenes including the Buffalo Club at Stuart Park and Gardens Crescent Road at The Gardens.

Witnesses described a fight breaking out at the Buffalo Club carpark, where a man was believed to have died after a fight involving a knife and gun.

Other witnesses said a man was shot in the head at Gardens Crescent Road, however this has not yet been confirmed by authorities.

A man was also believed to have been killed at an industrial block on Jolly Street in Woolner.

Another crime scene is the Peter Macauley Centre, which is NT Police headquarters in the outer Darwin suburb of Berrimah.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is in London ahead of D-Day commemorations, condemned the "terrible act of violence" and said he had spoken on the phone with Mr Gunner.

"I want to extend my deep condolences and sympathy to all the people in the Territory, particularly in Darwin," Mr Morrison said.

"This is a very tight community and I know they will be rocked by these events."

Commissioner Kershaw said police were investigating whether the man was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and whether the attack was premeditated.

"The safety of our community comes first for our officers, we're here to serve and protect and that's what they did this evening," he said.

Jasmine Kielly and her partner Brendon Ozanne moved to Darwin a week ago from Brisbane and were staying at the Palms Motel.

"I heard some loud banging, silly me went out the front to check," she told the ABC.

"As I've gone down towards the stairs, I saw a man in a high-vis shirt walk out with a rifle.

"He's turned to look at me and I've run to the bedroom and locked the door and we hid in the bathroom and we called the police and just heard shot after shot after shot."

She and her partner hid in the shower for about 40 minutes.
Darwin Shooting

Jasmine Kielly and Brendon Ozanne who hid from a gunman on a rampage in Darwin.
"We heard him walk up the stairs at one point and I kind of just thought that was it," Ms Kielly said.

"He had a pretty good shot if he wanted to hit me and he didn't even aim the gun at me; he was there for a reason."

She said the gunman had apparently been staying at the motel but had recently been kicked out by the owners.

'She was bleeding everywhere'

Witness Leah Potter said a woman was shot in the legs at the Palms Motel before being taken away by an ambulance.

"I was in the carpark [of a neighbouring hotel] when I heard what I thought were fireworks going off, really loud cracking, banging fireworks," she said.

"And then a man came running with a woman in his arms from next door, which is the Palms Motel, and he just dropped her on the footpath right in front of us.

"I ran and got some towels and wrapped up her legs, she had little holes all in her skin on both her legs and she was bleeding everywhere."

Ms Potter said police were across the road at a Coles Express service station for another matter, "so the boyfriend dropped the bleeding woman in front of us and he ran over to the Coles Express to get the police".

She said the gunman had a pump-action shotgun and ran off down Finniss St towards The Gardens.

Witness Matt James said the woman's boyfriend "told me he opened his door and there was this random gunman standing there who proceeded to unload his rounds on her".

'He shot up all the rooms'

Another witness said he spoke to a resident of the motel who was "pretty shaken up".

"He was asleep, heard all the banging and opened the door and the guy was there with his gun, and he just said 'where's Alex?' and he said 'I don't know where he is'," the man said.

"And he [the gunman] said, 'no worries,' and turned around and started shooting the place up again."

Another witness, John Rose, said he saw the gunman walk into the Palms Motel with "a sawn-off shotgun".

"He shot up all the rooms and he went to every room looking for somebody and he shot them all up, then we saw him rush out, jump into his Toyota pick-up, and rush off," he said.

He said the gunman was calm as he shot up the motel.

"Once he left we went in and found one gentleman, he's over there, we pulled him out," Mr Rose said.

"This lady turned up and started screaming, and we didn't realise there was another person in there... apparently he's dead, he's been shot."
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Side Note: Adapt 2030
2:00 AM - 8 Jun 2019 Run Time / 20:33


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June 17, 2019 | 11:08am / Dallas TX / Video with sound 5-6 minute Read:
A bespectacled 22-year-old man clad in tactical gear opened fire with an assault rifle outside a federal courthouse in downtown Dallas on Monday before being shot dead in an exchange of gunfire with officers, officials said.

The masked gunman — identified as Brian Isaack Clyde — died at the scene and was taken to Baylor University Medical Center after he shot the rifle at the Earle Cabell Federal Building, FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno said.

No civilians or law enforcement officers were injured in the incident, which occurred a block from the site of a July 7, 2016, ambush in which a gunman killed five cops and wounded nine others.
“At this time we have no information indicating that there are other shooters or other threats to the community,” said DeSarno, who added that Federal Protective Services officers shot the gunman.

Federal agents said they do not believe Clyde was working with anyone, DeSarno said.

Neither he nor US Attorney Erin Nealy Cox provided any indication why Clyde would target the building, which houses federal courts, the US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Texas, a passport office and US Marshals Services.

A bomb squad examined a vehicle associated with Clyde as a precaution and performed controlled explosions that rocked downtown and sent chills through already unnerved residents.

Police canvassed the area for other possible devices as many buildings were placed on lockdown or evacuated.

The Dallas Morning News reported that one of its photographers, Tom Fox, was at the courthouse to cover a trial when the man parked nearby and opened fire in his and a security guard’s direction, hitting and cracking the glass front door.

The armed shooter stands near the Earle Cabell Federal BuildingTom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

Inside the building, other guards pushed everyone down to the floor.

“It was pretty close range, I was crouched behind a wall next to the back door on Jackson Street and shots were fired down at Jackson and the gunman came up the street alongside the federal building,” Fox told NBC 5.

“He stopped to pick something up and I shot a few frames of him and then crouched back behind the wall. Then he came up to the door and shot out the door on Jackson Street and he never passed me, fortunately,” he added.

One of Fox’s images, which he said he shot with an iPhone, showed officers standing around a shirtless Clyde lying on the ground. He had a red heart tattoo with a black drawing inside — possibly of an animal — on his left arm.

“I’m just thankful to be alive,” he told NBC 5. “Literally I was just around the marble podium, or marble wall, from where he shot out the windows and I was just praying that he wasn’t going to pass me, pass that wall because if he saw me crouch there he probably would have shot me.”

Ed Modla was working from home when he heard a volley of about 10 loud shots. When he looked outside, he saw the gunman running across Griffin Street.

“As soon as I saw the shooter, I got the hell away from the window,” he told the Dallas Morning News.

Another witness, Don Miles, said he heard up 10 to 15 shots as he walked up to the Commerce Street entrance for a 9 a.m. appointment.

“I just ran,” Miles told the paper.

Kelly Carter, who lives near the federal building, said he heard the gunfire and saw part of the chase from his apartment.

“I saw the guards return fire and chase somebody into the parking lot in front of our building,” Carter told NBC 5. “I knew it was gunfire immediately. So, I just figured it was an active shooter or something like that.”

Carter said he was evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

“I knew immediately that this was right outside of my window. I could smell the gunpowder at my place, yeah it was that close,” he told the station. “I could hear ricochets going down Jackson Street.”



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Updated 0939 GMT (1739 HKT) July 5, 2019 Video
(CNN) A 20-year-old man walked into a plasma center in Virginia and asked to use a restroom. Then he went on a stabbing rampage with a weapon similar to a machete, wounding four people, police said.

The suspect hid the weapon as he entered the Octapharma Plasma center in Petersburg on Thursday, according to police Capt. Emanuel Chambliss. He described the weapon as similar to a machete, saying police are not sure what it is.

The suspect waited for police to arrive

When the stabbings started, some people fled through the back door and called the police.

After the attack, the suspect did not try to run. "He was sitting in a chair waiting for us," Chambliss said.

He was arrested at the scene without incident and police don't know of a motive for the attack. The suspect, who has not been identified, is a previous donor at the clinic, police said. The investigation is still active.

Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Assault Suspect in Bodega Bay CA.
Published on Jul 5, 2019

Dramatic New Video Shows Suspected Gunmen In Tanforan Mall Shooting CA.
San Bruno police released edited surveillance video that showed new angles of the chaos during the Tanforan Mall shooting. The video shows both suspected shooters and even shows one of the victims down on the ground. Joe Vazquez reports. (7-3-2019)

Tara O'Sullivan / Aced in the line of ?
Updated on: June 20, 2019 / 5:46 PM / CBS/AP
More than 200 RDS Fired. And clipped at the weak spot of her vest at the arm pit.

Thus this legislation soon followed waiting in the wings.


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Reminds me of a remark by the C's that a large number of people have been tweaked for violence in order to be activated at a certain spot of time in the future.

Well, the time seems to be now. These creatures are being activated right now. Apart from creating general havoc these incidents will obviously be used (problem-reaction-solution) for preparing draconic laws, gun control and abolishment of freedom (or what is actually left of it). :shock:


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LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Los Angeles Police Department's bomb squad is responding to reports of a drone that has fireworks attached to it and is on top of a building in the downtown Los Angeles area.

Traffic is being shut down in the area of the 1000 block of W. 7th Street for the investigation, according to the LAPD.

DEVELOPING: We will add more details to this report as they become available


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So much going on with this situation than meets the eyes's! PIO's divert.

News | July 26, 2019

A chaotic afternoon that involved a manhunt and five-hour closure of a highway on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore due to a bomb threat has come to an end.

As of Friday evening a male suspect, 24-year-old Hobie Gregory, was in custody while a female suspect, 21-year-old Alana Blakemore, was at Barton Memorial Hospital for a possible drug overdose, according to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

The incident started with a call to the FBI field office in Las Vegas regarding a woman threatening to harm herself and others, according to Sgt. Anthony Prencipe of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. The call was forwarded to the FBI field office in Reno.

Sometime around 2 p.m. Friday, federal authorities alerted the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office that a suspected bank robber in a gray Mazda was heading toward Stateline, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies responded but the vehicle changed course and headed into South Lake Tahoe.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department was then notified that a possible fugitive was in the city and threatening to set off explosive devices if stopped, according to the police department.

Eventually, a California State Parks ranger spotted the suspects near the Vikingsholm parking lot in Emerald Bay, Prencipe said. The ranger followed the vehicle without lights or sirens in an attempt to surveil the suspects until law enforcement arrived.

That’s when the vehicle stopped just north of Vikingsholm on California Route 89.

Gregory got out and fled on foot toward the lake, according to South Lake Tahoe police.

Blakemore emerged from the vehicle with what she alleged was an explosive device around her neck, according to Prencipe. She threatened to set off the device.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and, with the goal of bringing her into custody, fired a bean bag at her, Prencipe said. The bean bag brought her down and deputies moved in to arrest her.

As she was arrested Blakemore said the vehicle contained additional explosives, which triggered a response by explosives experts from El Dorado and Douglas counties. The FBI and other law enforcement entities also arrived on the scene.

Blakemore, was arrested and transported to Barton Hospital for drug ingestion and possible overdose, according to South Lake Tahoe police.

Meanwhile, Gregory was at large and there was a concern he could have an explosive device.
A helicopter circled over Emerald Bay and law enforcement scoured the area. The beach and park area were evacuated.

During the manhunt, a driver noticed a suspicious individual, who turned out to be Gregory, hitchhiking near Camp Richardson, according to South Lake Tahoe police. That driver reportedly saw Gregory get picked up and proceeded to follow him. Eventually Gregory was dropped off at Raley’s at the Y.

South Lake Tahoe patrol officers and SWAT team responded to Raley’s and located Gregory with the help of store staff, according to police. Law enforcement searched the store and found no explosive devices.

Gregory was booked into the El Dorado County Jail on charges of resisting arrest.

At about 7:30 p.m., authorities determined there were no explosive devices at the scene near Vikingsholm. No weapons were found in the vehicle, according to Prencipe.
California State Parks is leading the ongoing investigation into the matter. Park officials were not available for comment at the scene Friday evening.

This story will be updated as additional information is made available.

California Route 89 has reopened. No explosive devices were found.
This post will be updated.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.
The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has located a man “who was outstanding” and added that nobody else is being sought at this time, according to Sgt. Anthony Prencipe through Twitter.

EDSO also tweeted that they are handling a suspicious device on California State Route 89.
Caltrans District 3 confirmed on Twitter that the highway remains closed around Emerald Bay due to police activity.
The road is expected to be closed for roughly 4 hours.

The Record-Courier, a sister paper to the Tribune, reported that around 2 p.m., Douglas County deputies were alerted that a 2006 gray Mazda containing two bank robbery suspects and driven by a woman was headed through Stateline, Nevada.

Reports were the vehicle turned onto Kingsbury Grade, prompting deputies to close the road while they prepared for a felony stop.
But the vehicle turned back around and headed through South Lake Tahoe toward Emerald Bay.

The Mazda was stopped around 3 p.m. and the driver was taken into custody, but the men took off into the woods headed for Lake Tahoe.

Original post

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — California State Route 89 is closed just north of Emerald Bay.
The Tahoe Douglas Bomb Squad arrived on scene at 4:20 p.m. just north of Vikingsholm.
A second bomb squad truck arrived at 5 p.m.

Eight to 10 law enforcement vehicles sped through town heading south on Lake Tahoe Boulevard.
There is heavy law enforcement activity on scene including the FBI, CHP, South Lake Tahoe Police Department and El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

No vehicles are being allowed to leave the area or pass through at this time.
This post will be updated.

July 24 at 12:37 PM

Media vultures circle the sky's.



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2 dead, 2 wounded in shooting at Walmart in Mississippi
SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (AP) July 30, 2019 — A gunman described as a disgruntled Walmart employee fatally shot two co-workers and wounded a police officer before he was shot and arrested Tuesday at a Walmart store in northern Mississippi, authorities said.

Southaven Police Chief Macon Moore said the man, whom he did not name, shot a Southaven police officer, who was protected by a bulletproof vest and suffered minor injuries. The chief said a second Southaven officer shot the suspect, who was then taken for surgery to a hospital in neighboring Memphis, Tennessee.

Both the people killed were Walmart employees, Moore said. Employees told The Associated Press that the first was shot in the parking lot, and the second was shot inside the store.

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite described the suspect as a disgruntled worker with a grievance against his employer. Travis Jones, an overnight stocker, said the suspect had gotten in trouble after pulling a knife on a customer.

"It wasn't an accident," said Jones, who was working when he heard shots. "He knew what he was doing when he came in there."

Jones said he saw the body of store manager Anthony Brown on the floor as they ran out of the store. "It was an ugly scene," he said. DeSoto County Coroner Joshua Pounders said the 40-year-old Brown, an Olive Branch resident, appears to have died from a gunshot wound.

Nicholas Gales said the other slain worker was his brother, 38-year-old Brandon Gales of Hernando. Jones called Brandon Gales his best friend and an "all-around good guy," saying he was the father of multiple children.

The shooting at about 6:30 a.m. brought a massive police response to the shopping complex, at a busy exit off Interstate 55 in Southaven, a suburb of 55,000 people.

"Our police really showed their guts today," Musselwhite said, noting Southaven officers recently undertook active shooter training, "If it hadn't been for their efforts there would have been more lives lost."

Officers kept working to clear the store hours after the shooting, Moore said, in part because they found a suspicious package and called a bomb squad.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation will handle the inquiry into the officer's shooting of the suspect.

Moore said about 60 employees were working at the time. They were taken to the parking lot of an adjoining Chili's restaurant and interviewed by officers, remaining there for hours. Some embraced, while one was placed in an ambulance. Others gathered in a circle to pray. Finally, authorities brought employees back into the store after noon, spoke to them and released them to go home. The store remained closed, even as businesses operated as usual elsewhere on the high-traffic suburban strip.

"The entire Walmart family is heartbroken by the loss of two valued members of our team," Walmart U.S. President and CEO Greg Foran said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. "We feel tragedies like this personally, and our hearts go out to the families of our two associates and the officer who was injured."

The company is relieved the suspect was apprehended, and appreciates the quick response by authorities and its employees, Foran said.

"We'll continue to focus on assisting law enforcement in their investigation and on supporting our associates," he added.


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Boy thrown from London’s Tate Modern is French tourist visiting UK

Visitors walk by a sign that explains that the viewing level is closed in the Tate Modern gallery in central London on August 5, 2019. (AFP)

August 05, 2019 - LONDON: A six-year-old boy thrown from a tenth-floor viewing platform at London's Tate Modern gallery is a French National who was visiting the British Capital with his family, police said Monday.

The boy is no longer in a life-threatening condition, according to London’s Metropolitan Police, who appealed for further witnesses to the Sunday afternoon incident to come forward.

A 17-year-old boy who was initially detained by members of the public on the tenth-floor platform and then arrested by officers, remains in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

“This is being treated as an isolated event with no distinct or apparent motive,” senior investigating officer DCI John Massey said in a statement, adding there was no known link between the victim and the teen arrested.

He said the victim was now in “a stable, but critical condition in hospital with his family.”

Massey asked anyone in the vicinity of the viewing platform who might have witnessed the incident but left immediately afterwards in shock to contact police.

“My team is also very keen to talk to you if you witnessed a male whose behavior seemed out of place, suspicious or worrying, in the hour or two before the incident in or near the gallery,” he added.

The contemporary art museum on the banks of the River Thames, Britain’s most popular visitor attraction, was evacuated but reopened on Monday.

However, the Tate said the viewing platform was closed. The boy fell from there onto a fifth floor roof and was airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

Witnesses who were on the viewing platform at the time said they heard a woman screaming “Where’s my son, where’s my son?“

BBC journalist Olga Malchevska said the woman was shouting and “crying desperately.”

Administration worker Nancy Barnfield, 47, said her friend heard a “loud bang.” “We did not notice the mum before, we noticed her after because she was hysterical by then,” she said.

She said visitors quickly gathered around a man who was nearby, who was restrained by members of the public. He “just stood there and was quite calm,” she said.

A spokesman for the Tate said: “Tate is working closely with the police to help with their investigations. All our thoughts are with the child and his family.”

The Tate Modern recorded 5.87 million visits in 2018, according to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions.


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French boy thrown from London gallery suffered brain bleed and spine injuries, court told
The Tate Modern, including the 10th-floor viewing platform from where a six-year-old child was reportedly thrown, is seen in London, Britain, August 6, 2019. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

A teenager appeared in court on Tuesday charged with attempted murder after a six-year-old French boy was reportedly thrown from a 10th-floor viewing platform at the Tate Modern art gallery in central London.

The 17-year-old male, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on Sunday shortly after the boy, who was visiting London with his family, was found on a fifth floor roof.

Bromley Youth Court was told the boy had sustained a bleed on the brain and fractures to his spine, legs and arms, Sky News reported. He is in a stable but critical condition in hospital.

Police said it was being treated as an isolated incident and that there was no link between the boy and the 17-year-old.

The teenager was remanded in custody until Thursday when he is due to appear before London’s Old Bailey court.


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Man attempted to attack multiple people with a knife in busy Sydney streets. Reports from the scene claim he looked mentally ill and he was screaming "Allahu Akbar", although police later say they found a USB on his person with white supremacy material... He stabbed one woman in the back (and a man can be heard in one of the Twitter video's stating this). He was taken down by a number of citizens who held a milk crate over his face whilst waiting for police to arrive. Also that day a woman's body was found in an apartment which may or may not be related to the incident.

Warning: The Twitter videos contain strong language.

Knife attack by man screaming "Allahu akbar" in Sydney, Australia

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 04:27 UTC

sydney police
Australian police and witnesses said a knife-wielding man yelling "Allahu akbar," or "God is great," attempted to stab several people in downtown Sydney on Tuesday before being arrested. At least one woman was brought to a hospital.

Police said later that "all the evidence points to" a man with mental health issues lashing out, but they would not rule out any potential motives as the investigation was still at an early stage. Given the information they had, however, they said the incident was not being classed as terrorism and that the suspect was believed to have acted alone.

Witnesses say the man, wielding a long knife, tried to stab multiple people near a busy intersection. New South Wales state police said in a statement that the man was caught and the woman was in stable condition.

Not far away, the body of a woman believed to have been an acquaintance of the detained suspect was found in a home.

A witness told reporters the man was screaming comments about religion before yelling to police that he wanted to be shot. Police said he used the Arabic phrase "Allahu akbar." However, police later said the man also had in his possession a thumbnail USB drive containing information related to white supremacy.

Asked by a reporter whether the conflicting religious references suggested to him a mental health problem at the root of the crime, New South Wales Police Commissioner Michael Fuller said, "certainly all the evidence points to that" at this stage of the investigation.

The incident brought the central business district of Australia's biggest city to an early afternoon standstill, the Reuters news service reports.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised members of the public who helped subdue the suspect during the attack.

Reuters quotes Police Superintendent Gavin Wood as telling reporters in Sydney the woman was stabbed in the back but her wounds weren't life-threatening and that the attack on her seemed to be unprovoked.

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Knife attack at French train station leaves 1 dead & 9 wounded
A suspected knife assault near a train station in Villeurbanne, France, has left one person dead and nine wounded, according to reports. Police are said to have arrested one man.

The attack occurred on Saturday afternoon at Laurent Bonnevay station in Villeurbanne, metropolitan Lyon. Local media reported that two alleged perpetrators attacked people at random in the parking lot, with the latest tally of casualties standing at one 19-year-old dead and nine wounded.
One man has reportedly been arrested, and the presence of a second attacker remains unconfirmed by official sources.
The city’s Metro service was suspended as police descended on the scene.

Footage shared on social media purportedly shows a crowd of onlookers surrounding and subduing one of the suspects at one of the station’s elevators. Another man, seen holding a long, thin object, may also be a suspect, as one of the alleged attackers was reportedly armed with a kitchen skewer.

Police have not yet said whether they believe the incident was a terrorist attack. They have asked people nearby not to disturb their operation.

The Mirror (fwiw) reported that the attacker was an Afghan asylum seeker

The knifeman claimed to be from Afghanistan as he was confronted by witnesses, including four bus drivers, after the attack, Le Progres reported.

There was no indication from the authorities that it was a terror attack.


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At least 5 killed, gunman dead in mass drive-by shootings in Texas
At least five people have been killed and dozens more reportedly injured in Texas, where people were randomly shot at by a gunman from vehicles in Midland and Odessa. One suspect has been shot and killed during arrest.
Odessa police told media that five people have been killed and 21 injured.

Midland Police Department confirmed that a gunmen was shot and killed, adding that officers have been looking into reports of other possible suspects.

The suspect was shot and killed by police near the Cinergy movie theater at the Music City Mall in Odessa. The gunman, who was in the hijacked mail truck at that point in the chase, was killed by the officers as he attempted to ram the sheriff’s car.

Earlier, there were conflicting reports as to the number of the attackers. Odessa Mayor David Turner told Fox News that there was a single shooter who is now deceased.

In Odessa, active shooter situation was reported near a Home Depot. The rifle-wielding gunman shot a state trooper and then opened fire on civilians from a gold Honda.

Midland Police Department then reported that there appeared to be two shooters in two separate vehicles in Midland. What happened in fact was that the shooter hijacked a USPS postal van.
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