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What follows is my account of uncovering the term Fimbulwinter, the three year long winter foretold in Scandanavian legend – in an old comic book. Although my life notes are not as meticulously kept as Laura's in The Wave, my discovery of this old comic was curiously timed to match the new-to-me information regarding the high possibility that we are headed for a new Ice Age. This was all the more fascinating in that the myth of Fimbulwinter not just related directly to a new concept entering into my noosphere – it also revealed to me, in my own terms, how myth can be understood as a blueprint for the energetics of the world-system, as well as a technology for survival, passed down through generations. [Note to mods: I have included two screenshots of images from the comic book - please let me know if that violates the fair use policy, I am unsure.]

In what I had originally wrote ( I was attempting to share my findings on facebook), I included citations from various scientists who were warning of the potential of a mini ice age. These included Dr. Frank Sirocko of Johannes Gutenberg University, who in 2012 stated that cold winters and low solar activity are linked; Dr. Achim Bauer of the German Research Center for Geosciences who stated that the next Ice Age will come on so swiftly that in barely a year much of the northern hemisphere will be encased in ice and snow; and of course Professor Valentina Zharkova. I am going to assume forum members' familiarity with the GSM, and won't include that discussion here.

I have referenced numerous sources that others on this forum have probably already read – so my intent here is to share my own learning process in accessing the Wave and making it clear to myself what is going on in the world. Perhaps it will be 'old hat' to some – but to me, it's a brand new chapeau.

I am happy to share what I have found, and of course I thankfully welcome any constructive criticism for what I write. My main self-criticism is that this information was discovered in a comic book, Peter Madsen's 'Valhalla', which is definitely not the most objective or scholarly of sources – but what I derived from it was personally useful in terms of understanding the mythological archetypes that may be at play, unseen, in this season of impending grand solar minimum.

The comic can be read online, free, here, although these free online comic sites have a tendency to have vulgar banners and ads, and can be loaded with malware, so ensure your computer and mind are guarded:

In the tale, Fimbulwinter is the immediate prelude to Ragnarok. Ragnarok, it turns out, both is and is not the same as various other end-of-all-things scenarios. 'Armageddon' derives its origins from the biblical hill (or har) of Magiddo, where the last battle of good and evil is said to take place. Apocalypse is actually from the Greek meaning 'uncover' or 'reveal', which is a similar concept to the truth, alethaea, or uncovering. Something in how these words are used nowadays suggests an ending, or finality – but that is due in part to the linear notion of time deeply embedded in our sense-making conceptual framework. Eschatology abounds. And that finality comes with all of its slave-making potential, as written about by Laura inThe Wave, Chapter 55.

“Now, what we need to remember about these postulations is the inherentlyoptimisticcharacter of them; the consciousness of the normality of the cyclical catastrophe, the certainty of its meaning, and, above all, that it is never, everfinal! The ideas communicate to us that, just as three days of darkness preceding the rebirth of the Moon are necessary, so is the death of an individual and the periodic death and rebirth of humanity necessary. Any material form, by the mere fact of its existence in time, loses vigor and becomes formless if only for an instant. It must return to chaos, to orgy, to darkness, to water; it must be reabsorbed into the primordial unity from which it issued to be reborn. The King is dead; long live the King!

But something changed the world view. Somehow, the perception of the End of the Time became a terrible punishment. Somehow, a god entered the world stage who destroyed the peace of Eden, and tempted man to place his trust in him, and him alone. “I am the Lord your God, and I am a jealous God!” Time became linear and with a prophesied end that was going to be final and complete. And woe to those who were not on the side of the right god who claimed to be the only one who could offer salvation.

The concept of the end being a precursor to a rebirth was lost with the introduction of monotheism. At that point, the End of Time became the End of the World – for everyone except those special chosen ones who were to be saved by a single, specific god to live in some mystical City of God with streets paved with gold, and almond-eyed houris serving dates and wine on every street corner. This single, specific god, has pretty much run the show ever since in any number of disguises. Until this appearance of monotheism, a myth was annually enacted that described a condition of life that was accepted as the way things were: Time was cyclical. The world might end, but if it did, it was only because it had run down and needed to be wound up again. All of the elements of the story of Noah are found in these myths: “As it was in the days of Noah.”

In order to maintain this control in the present day, if, indeed, anyone thinks about space-time manipulation seriously, they must be misled to look in the wrong direction. Obviously, control would be lost if people were aware of the true nature of time and the fifth mathematical dimension, i.e. fourth density. So we must understand that this is a very great secret. It cannot be allowed to be scientifically revealed and proven.”

Ragnarok as a word gestures towards an older, cyclical conception of time. As the comic states on the first few pages of the the last volume, all stories have an ending. This is because they have a beginning. There is an event-chain, a process, development, an emergence. Cause and effect. The old Scandanavians had a word for this emergence, or 'effect'. It was 'rok'. 'Ragna' means 'of the gods'. Ragnarok, therefore, means means 'emergence of the gods'. It is the end of their story, the effects of their cause. It is the closure, as in all good stories.

Fimbulwinter begins when Fenris wolf swallows Freyja, goddess of love. In healthy times, Freyja sleeps all winter, saving her energy for the coming seasons of growth. When she awakens and walks the world again, her energy thaws the ice and melts the snow, and ushers in the flowers and countlees new births of spring. So here we have Love, eaten by the Beast. The Beast, also discussed in the Wave, is an aspect of all of us – someone under the sway of the beast is ruled by material impulse – food, sex, fear, and territory. With Freyja inside the belly of the wolf, spring doesn't come. The gods themselves get the chills. From Barbara Hort, Unholy Hungers, as quoted in The Wave, Chapter 25:

“The beast hungers for survival, but not for life as we know it. … It has a clever mind and an insatiable hunger. To survive, the beast must appease its hunger, and it can feed only on the thing it lacks — the essence of life. So the beast must prey upon us, the living. It must suck our lifeblood and drain our force.

If we are lucky, we will merely die. If we are less fortunate, we will succumb to the deepest horror of the beast’s predation, which is that most of its victims will not die. Instead, we will become the thing to which we have fallen prey, and we will be compelled to feed in the same parasitic way. Thus the feeding frenzy spreads, swelling into a bestial legion whose progenitors haunted prehistory. The beast is ancient and global and growing. I have many stories, and shapes without number, and all are like shadows — elusive and dim. But the name that we call the beast itself is clear and cold and precise. We call the beast vampire.”

Many more references from the Wave (and other sources) could be added here, concerning the wiles and machinations of 4D STS and their psychopathic emissaries run amok on this planet. I am going to assume the reader is familiar enough so that endless referencing is not required.

If we were to view the current state of the world as a mass psychosis of the Beast, Carl Jung would perhaps nod his head in approval – a world of people programmed to live lives simply to satisfy STS urges, amplifying over and over the circuitries of earthly suffering – including their own. In my original facebook post, I paused at this moment, to digress into my own discussion of 'human-cosmic connections'. And let me tell you, it was jaw-dropping to listen to the human-cosmic connections interview hosted by the ADAPT 2030 guy with Laura and Pierre. There I was, seeking to make similar connections, with my own limited research in the field, and pow! Here was a whole book on the topic. So it was very heartening to listen to that. The synchronicity of it in terms of timing and topic both suggested that I was on the right track with my own research.

And so, what follows is my own ruminations on the human-cosmic connection.

I asked my facebook friends, “What's happened to Love on this planet? What's happened to the human heart? What has happened to our hearts is key to this whole thing. And to understand what has happened to the heart, first I must ask a different question. What isthe human heart? What does it do? The easy answer comes – 'it pumps blood'. But this is dogma – and not necessarily the case.

“Dr Cowan became fascinated by the ground breaking ideas of Weston A. Price (of whom he is a board member – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) and Rudolf Steiner early in his stint at medical school, and remained a disciple, particularly of Steiner’s provocative claim that the heart is not a pump. Dr Cowan shows that Steiner was correct and that our general understanding of heart disease (with its supposed origins in the blood vessels) is completely wrong.

Another major influence was Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester, inventor and intellectual with his ideas on the behaviour of water, and that fitted in with that of Pollack (The Fourth Phase of Water). Putting the two together - the forces of levity in water and the flow characteristics of structured water - enabled Cowan to gain an insight into how fluids flow in living systems, and how blood flows in arteries and veins, in particular. This led to challenging the idea that the heart is a pump by looking at a different force within the body that circulates blood through the vessels.

Paraphrasing, so, what does the heart do? Apparently, the blood in the venous system flows upward towards the heart, essentially under its own power (with some help from the valves and muscle contraction). Steiner said that the closest ‘machine’ to the heart is the hydraulic ram – where, when the pressure and volume build up on the incoming side, a vacuum is created on the other side, and when the pressure differential reaches a certain level, the valve opens and fluid can be propelled upward. At the same time, in the heart, another process occurs, the form of the blood changes from a laminar flow to a vortex. The action of the heart on the blood is one of using suction to increase the momentum of the blood. The function of the heart is to create vortices – one horizontal and one vertical.”

-from a written review of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, from Prodigal Son, on this forum, found here:

It is my assumption that these vortices of the human heart generates an electro-magnetic field that has been measured to extend several feet away from the human body. Here I'm thinking of the iron in the blood swirling in a vortex, similar to an alternator that spins to create a current – although I haven't read the book, and this is another avenue for more research for me. Moving along, though, this heart-field has also been claimed to be much stronger than the brains magnetic field (the HearthMath research suggests it is 5000 times stronger, though I personally have no way of verifying their data). The father of Quantum theory, Max Planck, referred to The Matrix. Forgetting Neo and Trinity for a second – the etymology of the Matrix is 'the Womb'. It is described as an energetic field that underlies us, our hearts and minds and bodies and spirits, and all things that we can and cannot see, do and cannot do. The substratum. The cosmic womb. The Mother. Nourishing, informing, protecting – and perhaps, by its very nature, loving.

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

-Max Planck,
Das Wesen der Materie[The Nature of Matter], a 1944 speech in Florence, Italy

Many ancient traditions across this planet concur in some way that 'we are One'. Interpretations abound, of course, but my main takeaway is that, despite aeons of conditioning otherwise, these teachings gesture towards the notion that we are not separate from our world, our planet, and all the changes on all the scales of magnitude. Included in this oneness, the same could be said for the sun, Sol. We are not so separate from Sol. But what does that specifically mean? It is easier for the programmed, civilized mind to accept that the external world beyond the body affects on our inner experience. It is more difficult to entertain the reverse – that our inner experience affects the world beyond the body; that our very thoughts have a power beyond our ken. It would be a strange and wonderful day for the world if there were to be a burgeoning geo-science and astro-physics of human emotions that was motivated by a mission of holistic healing.

It could be that our Oneness depends on our connect-ability, our openness to receive and transmit. This is not just an attitude. As Laura has made it clear in The Wave, Chapter 69, in her fascinating discussion of those vibrating receptors the old battle between 'nature vs. nurture' is moot. It is both – the physical affects the emotional and vice versa. And it all has to do with how our bodies work as functioning holons, or healthy cells in the various larger bodies we find ourselves in. It could be that it scales all the way 'up and down' – from our cells, to our tissues, organs, our body, our relationships, our family and friends, our community, our bioregion, our continent, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, to the Most Holy Sun Absolute and to Creator – all the way out and back again. As above, so below. Here I am inspired by the work of Mae Wan Ho, in her book, The Rainbow and the Worm, posted by Jones here: Human physiology in an electric universe following is from Chapter 16:

“You may think I have been using the word ‘consciousness’ rather loosely in referring to the embryo, which after all, does not have a brain. Whenever people speak of ‘consciousness’, they usually locate it to the brain, where ideas and intentions are supposed to emanate, and which, through the nervous system, is supposed to control the entire body. I have always found that odd, for like all Chinese, I was brought up on the idea that thoughts, like feelings, originate from the heart. I have come to the conclusion that a more accurate account is that our consciousness is delocalised throughout the liquid crystalline continuum of the body (including the brain), rather than being just localised to our brain, or to our heart. By consciousness, I include, at the minimum, the faculties of sentience (responsiveness), intercommunication, as well as memory. Though in the emerging ‘science of consciousness’, it seems to be restricted to conscious awareness (see later). You have seen how the entire cell is mechanically and electrically interconnected in a ‘solid state’ or ‘tensegrity system’ (Chapter 10). Actually all the cells in the body are interconnected to one another via the connective tissues, as has been pointed out by biophysicist James Oschman more than 20 years ago, when he began to develop into a world authority on energy medicine that he is today. The connective tissues include the extracellular matrix surrounding all cells, the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, filaments, the wall of arteries, veins, alimentary canal, air - passages, and various membranous layers covering the internal organs and tissues. The connective tissues are also liquid crystalline, and fresh-frozen or well-fixed sections of the skin, cartilage, and tendons all exhibit the same brilliant interference colours typical of living organisms. Most people regard the connective tissues in purely mechanical terms; their functions are to keep the body in shape, to act as packing between the major organs and tissues, to strengthen the wall of arteries, veins, intestines and air passages, and to provide the rigid elements (bony skeleton) for the attachment of muscles. At best, connective tissues or the extracellular matrix is seen as part of the tensegrity system of the body that transduce mechanical information to cells to determine their structure and function (see Chapter 10). The proteins of the connective tissues have always been seen as poor cousins to the many ‘sexy’ (!) growth factors, hormones, transmitters, signalling proteins, receptors, regulators and enzyme cascades that plague our biochemical and medical texts . We really have not done sufficient justice to the connective tissues. For they may be largely responsible for the rapid intercommunication that enables our body to function as a coherent whole, and are therefore central to our health and well - being.”

And, as a follow-up, from Chapter 19:

“Ideally, we should be one with the system so that the observer and observed become mutually transparent or coherent. In such a pure, coherent state, the entropy is zero; and hence uncertainty and ignorance are both at a minimum. Perhaps such a state of enlightenment is just what Plato envisaged as being one with the Divine Mind; or, as the Taoists of ancient China would say, being one with the Tao, the creative principle that is responsible for all the multiplicity of things. It involves a consciousness delocalised and entangled with all of nature, when the awareness of self is heightened precisely because self and other are simultaneously accessed. I believe that is the essence of aesthetic or mystical experience. This manner of knowing — with one’s entire being, rather than just the isolated intellect — is foreign to the scientific tradition of the west. But I have just demonstrated that it is the only authentic way of knowing, if we were to follow to logical conclusion the implications of the development of Western scientific ideas since the beginning of the present century. We have come full circle to validating the participatory perspective that is universal to traditional indigenous knowledge systems the world over. I find this very agreeable and quite exciting.”

The solar field and the Earth’s magnetic field are patterns of frequency and vibration – it makes most sense to me to see these as songs. These 'songs' have long been studied. The sun-songs and earth-songs have been found to affect human health and behaviour. Numerous studies claim that these songs affect our brainwaves, heart rhythms, memory, athletics performance, attitude, energy levels, and overall health. Even this information itself – that we are, in body, mind, heart and spirit, affected by the energy of the cosmos around us – could be hard to digest if one were not prepared to open one's mind from the usual programming of solely human-centric (and ego-centric) activity. From Gurdjieff:

“I mentioned before about fate and accident in man’s life. … Fate exists, but not for everyone. Most people are separated from their fate and live under the law of accident only. Fate is the result of planetary influences which correspond to a man’s type. A man can have the fate which corresponds to his type but he practically never does have it. This arises because fate has relation to only one part of man, namely to his essence.

It must be understood that man consists of two parts: essence and personality. Essence in man is what is his own. Personality in man is what is “not his own.” “Not his own” means what has come from outside, what he has learned, or reflects, all traces of exterior impressions left in the memory and in the sensations, all words and movements that have been learned, all feelings created by imitation – all this is “not his own,” all this is personality.”

I read of one very striking case-example of the relationship between the cosmic bodies and our emotions. I am unsure of the source of this information, so if anyone has any more information, of it his has been debunked, I'd like to know. This information comes from a man named Gregg Braden– the validity of the following is uncertain.

He refers to the the GOES Satellites, which are positioned in the Southern and Northern hemispheres. They measure the Earth’s magnetic field every 30 minutes. Rumour has it that on a certain day, not so long ago, researchers noticed readings totally out of previously recorded patterns. Intrigued, they began to explore what may have caused these massive spikes. They referenced the data in terms of date and time and found out that the dramatic readings had occurred on September 11th, 2001. The first peak had occurred 15 minutes after the first plane had hit the first tower of the World Trade Center. Again, I am unsure of the validity of this claim, and also unsure how to confirm it. Any help here would be of use to me – I have found it to be eye-opening, and it could serve as a valuable example if true.

So, the above is my own grasping at what Pierre and Laura detail as the human-cosmic connection detailed, for instance, in the Chinese Mandate of Heaven – that the Earth and the Sun, and perhaps even beyond, respond to the 'song' of the collective human heart on this planet. A song of terror could be said to produce certain effects (or a corresponding song) from deep space – such as the return of the Sol's twin, an imminent cometary impact, and perhaps a reshuffling of the current 'stable-state configuration' of the solar system.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the gods are shivering away in Valhalla because Fenris has eaten Freyja. Odin, with the help of Mimir, sees what the signs foretell – Freyja is missing, but this is no mere woman snatching by a pack of trolls, and this is not just an unusual coldness – as he says, it is the Jotunns,trying to stop the wheel of the world. By abducting Freyja, he says, the Rime Thurses have suspended the change in the seasons – the order of the gods! In a world-time that has been stilled, their only path is to engage in the battle to reclaim creation.

It turns out that it was not the usual suspects – the Rime Thurses – but another group of Jotunns, the Muspelheim horde, led by a Jotunn named Surtr, who are behind Freyja's abduction. Surtr had tortured Fenris to break his will, and used the powers of his jaws to break through Freyja's magically-protected house. Reading the symbolism of these events, my seeing of the potential lesson here is somewhat obvious – that it may not be the 'usual suspects' who are behind stopping the wheel of the world. And also, that the beast, who exists as part of nature, has been intentionally manipulated from it's usual, natural, devouring self. The beast within us all has been weaponized to eat love – or, as has been said in Topper – to eat light.

Surtr has been busy planning the downfall of the gods. His Jotunn witches had channelled Freyja's love-energy into an impossibly powerful flaming sword. On their way to Valhalla, the Sons of Muspel set sail there on a massive ship of nails, the flaming sword affixed to the helm of the ship, melting the ice of the oceans frozen by the long cold. The world-serpent Jormungandr, who was locked and unmoving in the frozen seas, is at first freed and then boiled by the sword, and goes berserk.

The flaming sword could be a clear reference to a comet. In trying to interpret the symbols literally, it could be said that the comet arrives when the sun goes cold, and the possibility of love, which is integral to the functioning o the wheel of time, is devoured by the bestial aspect of the human heart, all under the control of 'unsuspected' maleficent beings. This is probably starting to sound quite familiar to you all, I'm sure. The coming of the comet will melt the ice and free the world-serpent, but torture it, too, suggesting a deluge, or a mass change in the behaviour of the hydrological cycle – which we are currently seeing with years' worth of rain falling in a day, flooding, mudslides, and unprecedented snow events.

In our timeline, the chronology doesn't fit, with Jormungandr already going berserk before a comet worthy of being called a 'flaming sword' has shown up in our contemporary skies. Rather than a prophecy, it could be that this myth is recounting what happened in the past – a previous Fimbulwinter. Or it could be both. It could be that as the myth was passed down through the ages, a caveat was included regarding the non-linearity of the events of the story, similar to the C's saying that the future is open, depending on our behaviour, which is an important function at play in the Hopi prophecies – what may be called the 'if-factor'. If you do this, then this. If you do that, then that. If humanity sings this collective song, then this return-song will manifest.

Odin dives into Fenris' belly, spear in hand, to retrieve Freyja. Male Wisdom penetrates the beast's hunger and retrieves female Love. In this tale, Freyja responds to Odin's spear. She awakens once more, and the sun returns to life, melting the ice, and ushering in a new springtime of the world. There are powerful archetypes here - the tumultuous events of birth, sex and death. Perhaps it is a literal tale of 'what could be' on a grand earthly scale, or a legonomism pointing to the Norse version of shamanic initiation - or both.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 12.45.59 PM.png

It is said that prophecy is different from prediction in that prophecy, in addition to speaking about future events, always entails an injunction regarding how to be so as to mitigate the effects of what's coming down the pipe. It is in this sense that I view myth as a technology – a technique of being, if one can grasp the underlying symbolic reality beyond the surface or the stories. Reading Valhalla as prophecy resonates with the C's injunction that 'Knowledge protects.' Wisdom will save the day – however, at great danger to himself, plunging into the Beast's jaws. I don't see the C's advising us to be martyrs. Thankfully, they show that being too empathic will simply turn you into lunch. However, there is still a sort of sacrificial ideal at play in the C's material – that of intentional suffering to overcome ones programming, ignorance, and arrogance, in order to be of benefit to ourselves, each other, the earth, the sun, and the cosmos in moving from STS to STO. As they say – Learning is fun! I had fun learning through reading this comic book, comparing notes with the C's material and other information shared on this forum.

What is clear for me is to continue to network, to learn, to 'clean my machine' so that I am able to become a relay in a beautiful circuit, all the way up, and all the way down. Thanks for reading.
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