Reading For 6 Minutes Each Day Can Reduce Stress By 68 Percent


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I am putting this here as a reminder for myself. If anyone wants to join me for the challenge, you are welcome.

I have been missing on reading for the last couple of years a lot, the reason being partly a procrastination following my hard work and partly too much involvement in creating our website (Czech SOTT blog) which takes reading a lot of web articles. When it came to books, I think I have only re-read The Wave 1, hoping to finish the whole series again, one book on R. Steiner's pedagogy and one about workings of financial system. Maybe I forgot some but the point is I am not happy with me putting reading books aside although it is arguably one of the most satisfying and helpful activity for one's development.

The guy in the video (7 minutes) talks about his experience with reading one book a week for four years. The result for him was:

* My sense of the world expanded *
* My ability to think improved *
* My sense of possibility grew *

He talks about it in a bit more detail but it is a short message which brings home what most of us here surely know. However, I have not been doing it and I am going to start today. Now.

Have a nice day and if you feel the same, don't like this post - pick up a book ;-)
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