Recurring Commercial


The other day, I had a dream where I was in some kind of public place - like a shopping mall. And a came upon a stranger who I didn't know, and he said to me: 'You have cancer'... and I was like 'What? How would you know?' And he said he looked at my chart...

Well, this morning it occured to me that there is a commercial on tv that always plays, and the dialog is very similar to what I had in the dream. And I always set my tv to sleep mode - where it turns itself off. Or I take a nap in front of the tv.

So, some dreams might be a result of the tv or radio playing and bleeding through into your dreams.

On another note...
A couple friends tried to wake me up by feeding me strawberries as I slept, and I ate them - don't remember any of this, I only remember awakening in the kitchen trying to move the refrigerator into the living room - with them laughing so hard and I am wondering what is so funny...

So they told me what they did, and apparently I wanted more strawberries and tried to bring the refrigerator to the living room where I was sleeping, but I awoke and wondered what happened. And they got a good laugh because they didn't realize I was still sleeping - sleep walking.
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