Red Empire


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If anyone has the chance to ever see this documentary called ‘Red Empire’, 1990, it is well worth the effort. There is some very unique but difficult B/W film of the digging of the Volga Canal, excavating Subway Stations; much with slave labour and the vile :cry: human nature of the Empire in places like Ukraine is well documented.

The film was on VHS when last viewed and think it may only still be in that format availableat link below – it was a miniseries; _

Here is the review left on the website:

A thorough and intelligently summarized history of the Soviet Union, from the socio-political origins for the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917 to the near end of Mikhail Gorbachev's government, immediately prior to the downfall of "real communism" and the splitting of the USSR. Conducted by British historian Robert Conquest, narrative benefits from a careful research of archive footage and from recent interviews with mostly common who participated in the events. Written by Bruno de André


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All the parts of the Red Empire are available on youtube ( scroll right, if you don't see on this page).

Here is the first episode link

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