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I wanted to share an experience with Reiki and noticed that there is no thread dedicated to testimonials regarding Reiki, though there is one thread with one person's testimonial. So the intention with this thread is for testimonials from forum members who have had experiences with Reiki which they would like to share.

My own experience started in December 2019, when I started to have pain in my left elbow. A tennis elbow I thought. Having heard from others that these things can go away by themselves, I left it as it was. A year passed during which I tried various things like Near infrared heatlamp on the elbow, DMSO cream, FIR saunas, various supplements etc. I had the feeling that if I could just find a good acupuncture person like @Seamus then it would be fixed. I did go an acupuncturist, but she seemed not quite sure about what to do and thus I left it after just one treatment. She said though that it wasn't a tennis elbow, but a golf elbow which might have elevated any Regency ducal spirits that I might behold, but alas that was all.

Earlier this year I went to a doctor who referred me to a physiotherapist which is what I wanted. A referral is needed here and so I started 9 sessions. It looked promising to start with but after acupuncture, deep tissue work, ultrasound and exercises it ended up with either trying for another 9 sessions or getting a cortisone injection. That was in June this year.
At this point I had learned to protect my elbow from getting those jabs of pain that otherwise happened, when putting on a jacket etc. I would still wake up at night because of lying on the elbow or otherwise moving it in a painful way.

Moving forward until 5 weeks ago. After I had done a bit of heavy lifting clearing a flat I asked my wife if she would give me some Reiki on the elbow. She did and it felt better. Being reminded of how Mrs. Takata when she learned Reiki in Japan, had patients coming every day until an illness was better, we preceded with me receiving Reiki everyday and there was a noticeable difference. It got better and quite a lot, so that it doesn't disturb my sleep anymore or cause problems when putting on my jacket and so on.

A small but perhaps significant detail. When I learned Reiki in 1988, I also learned that it was important for the patient to find out why the illness or physical ailment was there. This stemmed from Usui's experience with seeing people coming back again and again with the same ailments as before and thus he figured that it was important for people to discover why things happened (a la Louise Hay) and then to take action to change it.

Regarding my left elbow, I was aware that it could relate to the giving and receiving aspect of life, with the right being the giving part and the left the receiving part. I am also aware that I find it easier to give but harder to receive or to ask for help. Elbow problems could thus signal some imbalance which needed attention. So asking my wife to give me Reiki every day was a big step even if it looks small, and it might have contributed to the healing process. She enjoys it too and she had in the past asked if I wanted some specifically on the elbow, which I somehow didn't take her up on. We have been doing Reiki to each other once a week for the last few years, but not specifically with focus on my elbow. That has changed and I feel the better for it.


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Well in my own experience I can say Reiki is really good, I'm from México so my english is not that good so if I make any grammar mistakes I apologize in advance.

So, when I took my first reiki session I was going trough some bad things in my life, everything was falling apart and I was feeling really bad so my mom told me about this lady who is a reiki master and at first I was reluctant to go, I thouhg it was bananas but I decided to give it a try becasue I was feeling really bad even kind of depressed at that time. Also, I'm not a relegios person, I believe religions just control people so they can think in a certain way blah blah blah.

So I went there and she asked me a few questions and told me to relax, she asked me to lay down in a massage table, she put some music for relaxation and she lit some aromatherapy candles, not sure if they were aromatherapy candles but the smell was really nice,
anyways she guided me through a meditation, she told me to close my eyes and I kind of fell asleep and in my dream or meditation I started to feel more relaxed, saw a lot of colors. I have no idea what she did but I felt like she was everywhere, like she multiplied herself. She also washed my feet, I was very ashamed at first but all of the sudden I started to feel great and started to see and feel a lot of things I can't even begin to describe, I don't have the proper words to describe that.
Then she told me that within me there is a lot of light, I didn't understand what she meant by that but I always knew that there was something out there, since I was a little kid I have this kind of a "sixth sense" or whatever, I could see and hear things that nobody else in my family or pleople I know was able to see or hear and I thougt I was going crazy and somehow I managed to stop hearing a seeing those things but when this lady gave me the reiki session that thing inside me awoke, don't really know how to call it, intuition? psychic-ness? I don't even now if that term exists hahahahahahahaha
Anyways, I started to see life very different way and somehow I could see how everything is connected, when I say everything I mean literally everything!! People, trees, animals, flowers, etc. I could see a thread coming out of people trees and connecting everything, I couldn't believe my eyes, I didn't know what this thread was until I read that what I was seeing was the so called "silver cord" which connects the spirit of man to the body.

So many years later I started to study and learn Reiki and it has been wonderful, I'm being able to help people and that has been helping me too somehow, I feel great.
I don't want to bore people I just wanted to share my experience with Reiki and if you want to try it just do it, you don't have anything to lose, our mind judges every experience but just clear your mind try to remove judgement and give it a try, you won't regret it.
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