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Hi all,

I propose to dedicate a thread to reference any website where we can order whatever related to "Diet and Health" - please admins, move or delete this post if you think it's not appropriate, I searched if such a thread already exists but it seems not.

I start with this site, Swiss familial enterprise. I just hang off with the father, strong connection, he's a good guy who like doing well his job. I really had a good feeling about him and just parsed a bit more the website, they sell natural products but what they do the most is to prepare themselves many recipes, and on top of that, he made me understand that I was welcomed to come to see him. I think this person (he visibly named Bruno) is used to meet the people he takes care for and i found this proposition very ... heartwarming (could not find another word). The lone "backdraft" is that it's whether french, german or italian, no english (or not yet)

So why not dedicating a thread to such "good addresses" that we could share ? Not oblige to be always like here with what could become a closer relationship, it can be simply a reliable source in China who well speak/write in english and well follow any shipment you order him or them (as many exchanged already in the health protocol in regard to covid thread)

We can also normalise the posts, for instance in this case :

Website country : Swiss
Language(s) : French, German, Italian
Email :
Summary : familial enterprise doing their own recipes mainly based on plants, good advisors, like to share their knowledge and help others
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