Reluctance & the two identical caps


The Force is Strong With This One
This thread is dedicated to all those reluctant, including myself, and an invitation to all for sharing. To my case I think the main apology on this is because I’m a little exhausted by so much STS attacks. So a little late, but not too much, I think.

May 18th 2019 Transcription:
But now there are two caps.
(L) So, I want to ask: How did he get two caps?!
A: Timeline merge.
You know what's more bizarre? I've vaguely remembered read this story of the two caps at more than 15 years ago. I think there was a similar account in the internet at that time, maybe when I was researching Michael Topper work or elsewhere. The subject in that past was also the appearance of two identical objects; this I know. Perhaps is my imagination but now, looking at the two caps photo, I think was these same 2 caps. This already happened! A deja vu by sure. Well may be just my fancy, but perhaps the C's tell us more if asked.

May 18th 2019 Transcription:
Q: (L)Okay, the next item on my list is: sharing impressions and troubles.
A: Big one! So many are reluctant to share thoughts, impressions, worries, fears, etc. This dramatically changes the inner landscape and can even shut down the receptors so that you are more subject to STS manipulation of thoughts and feelings via mechanical means!!
Moving on, I have been thinking how I could helpfully answer Ant22, since she asked me. Thus this is for her and all those in the same page. First of all, the forum itself is a great work, but if one is looking for even more objectivity seek in it that which is unorthodox and then with some attention you will find the beacons lighting up the passage of the gate; it seems already done.

Moreover these days I was concomitantly reading some books such as the intriguing Virgil, a work I wonder by where odds land, and thought of, not only this latter but more in particular the "Vita Merlinus" (Life of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth) should be useful for her as it is for me." I, as an alchemist candidate, if I may suggest to anyone, search the Caledonian forest, unveil its boar; why is the oak tree of Merlin relevant? And there is more there; key elements. I believe that if you connect all these with the C's transcripts and with your soul, then quoting the C’s, “lightbulbs will illuminate.”

And finally since I stopped by here awhile, there is another interesting book, "Alchemy & Mysticism, the Hermetic Museum" by Alexander Roob. The story behind it is that a couple months ago my notebook got all black. The hard disk was gone, physically damaged by no reason. During two weeks, in vain I tried to resuscitate it, yet the problem only was resolved after 22 days with a new HD. But, in spite of this disaster, in the meantime I took the opportunity to take off my shelf this book which I had bought, imagine, about twenty years ago, and till then had never read. Though at start I was a little skeptical about it, nevertheless, I ended reading one third of its 7 hundreds pages and I came up with a new package of answers and mysteries.

That's all, sorry if too long.
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