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I posted this message to a mailing list on 9/11 this morning but I'm posting it here as well.

me said:
I just saw this image:

That little collapsing section indicates severe damage.

Now, does anyone on this list know *WHEN GIULIANI EXITED WTC 7*?

For example, I am wondering along the lines of

and thinking back to the OKC bombing and the failed nature of that bombing [several bombs were reported by local news media to have been removed. I was also looking at some quotes from Giuliani [which must be taken with a grain of salt]:

Shortly after arriving at the disaster site, the mayor recounts the tragedy he witnessed.

* I get the first real view of the building and see that, no matter how it was described, it's much worse. The top of the building is totally in flames. I look up, and for some reason my eye catches the top of the World Trade Center, and I see a man jump -- it must have been at least one hundred stories up....When I look around, what I see is something close to a nuclear bomb. I see dark smoke.

Something close to a nuclear bomb...hmmmmm...strange thing to say...

I'm ordering this book to see what else it might contain.

This is pure supposition at the moment but I think it makes "operational" sense *if* the emergency bunker was indeed the location for the decision to demolish WTC 7 then demolishing WTC 7 becomes a priority. Again, "What if" WTC did not properly implode when expected and they had to decide what to do?

I'm going to post this message on one or two research forums but if anyone can post links to Giuliani/WTC 7 related info, I'd be obliged.
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