RH Negative blood, fact and theory

There's a thread on blood types here.
Thank you very much! My interest is more in the area of where the RH negative factor comes from. My research so far has turned up very little that is definitive, and mostly speculative. Here are a couple of links that were the most "interesting".

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and help! During my research, I felt like one foot was nailed to the floor, and I was going in circles. The one aspect that became absolutely clear, unless I missed something, was; the genesis of RH negative, in all blood types, is filled with uncertainties, and basically unknown. The medical establishment‘s interest is mainly transfusion and pregnancy. The theories about its genesis are speculative, but interesting "food for thought". These theories are; a genetic glitch at some point in the past, the Watchers/Nephelim, the bloodline of Noah, off planet bloodline/s, and E.T. Genetic tinkering. Time to let this one rest in peace.
I too am banned from giving blood in Australia because I lived in the UK between 1984-1986. It looks like that from 2000, Australia lost a generation of blood doners because of this very small risk.

From what I found out about it - a few years ago now, it hadn't been reversed because there was no definitive test for vCJD, at the time. This may be different now, according to this article, but I'm not sure what it would take to get the blood bank ban reversed. They tend to be extremely paranoid. I didn't realise that this was only a variant type and that there were other types of this disease too.

The ban on giving blood in Australia for people who lived in the UK has been recently lifted. It is my opinion that people are now far more at risk from blood transfusions from the poisoned tainted 'vaxxed' blood than they ever were from CJD.
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