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It seems odd that Wilson didn’t make the list but the gatekeepers (security and lawyer) gave a nod to just tell him some things because why not right? They don’t “just” reluctantly groan and reveal some stuff and basically improvise the parts they want to reveal on the spot. How do they know what to say and what not to say? Why do they have to say anything at all? They weren’t feeling any kind of pressure, it wasn’t improvised, the groan and the head nod to give info was all just a performance for Wilson. Wilson did not surprise them with a scenario they haven’t considered - that a semi high level executive of a public government branch may decide to poke around. That’s like Bush saying that no one imagined prior to 9/11 that terrorists could fly planes into buildings and were caught off guard. It’s so far from reality, “it’s not even wrong”.

I think they have a cover story pre-selected for every scenario - depending on who is probing. The meeting that took place before Wilson flew down was most likely investigating his background and connection, the nature of his inquiry, what he already knows and doesn’t know, which cover story is appropriate for the situation, and whether they want to use him as a patsy to allow this to leak later and what impact said leak will have. They had his full psychological background and history reviewed by then, also knowing that he angers easily. I’m sure they didn’t expect Wilson to keep a secret - he didn’t sign anything, there were no death threats on him or his family, they didn’t even say “hey please don’t tell anybody, pretty please”. They knew there was nothing guaranteeing that what they said won’t be passed on and eventually leak to the public.

These types have wishful thinking but they’re not stupid, and while they cannot predict or control cosmic forces, public accessing channeled info, and many other things outside their control, a government suit probing above his “need to know” is a pretty basic scenario to plan for. So I tend to agree this smells like disinfo, a “controlled disclosure” of sorts, which pacifies people but also makes the government seem largely out of the loop and not responsible for these projects.

I do think at a high level there is no difference between private and public - tax money, drug money, every kind of black market money, and simply just cooking the books from legitimate/front companies, it’s all just sources of funding and it makes no difference to those groups how the bills are paid. Not to mention, money is probably irrelevant at certain levels - how many people work on reverse engineering UFO’s and then get their paycheck and go shopping with the wife and kids later? Maybe they do, or maybe their entire lives are removed from normal society to be extra safe.


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I've been wondering about other kinds of alien tech which might have made its way into common industry besides the holy grail stuff, (anti-gravity and free energy).

Specifically, I've been thinking about Phased Array antennas and broadcasting. That stuff has been in a few big places recently. Namely Elon Musk's Starlink satellites use it -and it is also apparently the fundamental tech which allowed recently upgraded Navy planes to detect the Tic Tac, GoFast and Gimbal objects...

"The AN/APG-79, and other AESA radars like it on fighter aircraft, offer a huge leap in capability in virtually every respect. This included a massive improvement in reliability as a steerable radar dish is no longer needed with electronically scanned arrays. Mechanically scanned arrays have to quickly sweep in all directions physically and even under heavy G forces and buffeting, and they have to survive crashing down on a carrier deck after missions over and over. So, migrating to a system with few moving parts was a massive coup in terms of reliability for Navy fighters". ~

Wouldn't it be ironic if alien-inspired radar tech is what allowed, in a circuitous manner, for alien detection? Most of the stuff the Navy has been reporting recently was apparently invisible to the naked eye, and only became apparent when the new phased array radar systems were installed.

Anyway, I was wondering about this stuff because when looking at Musk's Starlink satellites; it was driving me a little nuts that no classic dishes were in evidence:


They just have those four flat panel antenna which somehow achieve precision accuracy from 500 km in orbit. Huh?

Anyway, turns out it's not that hard to grasp. Here's an animated graphic from the Wikipedia page on phased array tech which illustrates the general concept:


And it's nothing new, apparently. Humans have understood the concept for over 100 years. Karl Ferdinand Braun won a Nobel Prize in 1909 for demonstrating that you could aim radio beams using this method. But the tech has come a loooong way in the interim.

Wikipedia also notes:

"By 2014, phased array antennas were integrated into RFID systems to increase the area of coverage of a single system by 100% to 76,200 m2 (820,000 sq ft) while still using traditional passive UHF tags."

-That means with a standard reading system an RFID tag, (like those found in the dust jacket of a book or a can of beans or in the seam of your shirt), without any battery power source to make it go 'Ping!', can be ambiently read from up to 275 meters away. -That's about three city blocks! -Not that you'd need anything so mundane as RFID to track people when everybody is walking around with a smart phone, but it still illustrates just how advanced the technology is.

However if Karl Braun was figuring this stuff out 110 years ago, maybe none of it was ever truly beyond the reach of good ol' human knowhow, though.., I have to wonder if perhaps we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be done. -I wouldn't think, after all, that TPTB would allow the truly alien stuff into consumer products for fear of causing a stir; but being able to install granular, ubiquitous surveillance in the population presented enough of a lure for them to endeavor a careful, reasonably explained release, while holding back the really advanced stuff...

Q: (L) I want to ask about this crop circle supposedly that was created here on or around Aug. 15, 2002 and I guess the first thing I'd like to ask is “who done it?”

A: It was produced via 4th density technology.

Q: (V) STS or STO 4th density technology?


Q: (L) Okay. You said via 4th density technology. However you did not say via 4th density beings...

A: Correct. There has been much advancement in 3D realm tech due to 4D interaction.

Q: (V) Between whom and 3rd density?

A: Consortium.

Q: (L) Well, I noticed that last year, on or about the same date, the crop circle appeared with the woman's face and the so called signal thing. Was that also the production of 4th density?

A: No.

Q: (L) I noticed also that Aug. 15 is, in fact, an ancient feast day of the Mother Goddess and therefore the appearance of the face last year was somewhat appropriate. This one, produced on almost - if not exactly - the same date, seems almost like it is a response to the face image last year. The message deciphered from this new crop circle is - and Ark has checked it and confirmed the deciphering - "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time - and then an unknown word - there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing. (bell sound)." What is the meaning of this message?

A: The first thing that was intended was to demonize the crop circle phenomenon. The second thing was to give those who are susceptible the impression that their favorite gray aliens might be "good guys." The third thing intended was to send a message of doubt directly to this room.

Q: (Atriedes) 'The conduit is closing.' Since the C's have talked about creating a conduit since the beginning, they are trying to convince us that the conduit is closing. What was the garbled word, was it believe, or is it believe?

A: It was believe. However the glitch was due to the application of the technology. This provides the clue to the STS source.

Q: (Atriedes) Okay so their amateur fumbling caused the glitch. (Ark) The guy is probably the glitch in the software. There was a noise...

A: Wishful thinking will get ya every time.


The idea of EM induced heart attacks on demand was also quite alarming, (as per last session's comments about all those mysterious elephant deaths being "target practice"). -And one of the cats at the Chateaux succumbing to EM toxicity, though I don't know if that's related.

In any case, I'm not sure that flying saucers are really the alien bugaboo the UFO community should be primarily concerned about. Would "Disclosure" include a footnote: "Oh, and by the way, we can eliminate wrong-thinkers from orbit on a case by case basis."..?

They'd probably leave that part out, I'd guess.

Anyway, I found the 5 hour Dolan interview about those documents to be a valuable listen if only for the illumination shone on how corporate compartmentalization works.


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Based on my reading over the years, "aloof and casually disinterested" is how I'd best describe those in the know. Dolan lost me a bit when he wrote AD After Disclosure with Bryce Zabel, but pretty much all of the rest of his CV checks out. His main idea is that this breakaway civilization operates in this aloof manner, and has little to no interest in bringing anyone from the wider public along. They are on their path and screw anyone who tries to interfere with their efforts.
These are lessons in basic human psychology taught here especially well! Tax evasion is the real-world equivalent of Deep State UFO technology. So widespread that almost everyone is doing it and screw the IRS! Any kind of secretly & technologically achieved advantage over the neighbors means leaving the competition in the dust. Once someone has this advantage and enjoying The Power of Privilege it lends to its owner.. of such secret methods / secret machines, then I think basic human psychology kicks in:
- Screw everyone else! I fly where-ever the hell I want! I also discovered the secret of elongating my life and now I am above everybody!

The Break-Aways, I think, simply distanced themselves from the Human Condition on this Prison Planet Earth.
Imagine getting hold of a flying car that is invisible to radars and does not require oil nor a Tesla Supercharger Station.

No more buying gas! Just pouring good old groundwater from a puddle into the tank and you can remain airborne for a week and fly in All-Weather!
No more fear from volcanic ash in the air, storms can't touch you. No extreme speed gusts-of wind nor hurricanes can harm your brand-new secret-tech flying car either!

Nazi's allegedly had this All-Weather capability + more than 7x24 hours continuous flight-time with one refuel only: on their largest saucer craft in WW2 already. Screw the stupid cops hunting for drivers [prey] on traffic-heavy streets. Haha! That old & Ridiculous rat-race of ground-bound road network!

I still remember that 20+ year old story about the Inner-Earth girlfriend, how she said that from time-to time, she has to go back and repair her body with the machine-tech they have, because living on the surface damages tissues more and toxins accumulate way faster. That is another example of being BreakAway.

I think coming into possession of such **just two** different technologies and using them can affect the psyche so much, that anybody might seriously start to lose: The Human Condition.

Not an accident that allegedly Alchemists built their own colony. Psychological separation of the two-worlds - because of change in personal environment - becomes too great, I think.

Any group becomes BreakAway, once acquiring technology that becomes indistinguishable from Magic. "Magic" for a contemporary human who still has a social security number and is burdened with the usual marriage problems exhausted by his numerous children and he is paying tax in a blue-collar job.
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This was really good so I thought I would post! I don't know how he is able to talk non-stop for 52 minutes and remain interesting the whole time. Not a skill that I have. He did this live.



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I decided to check back to see what was going on in Dolan world, and I found this presentation on youtube, a three part investigation into my favourite subject, the madness that is the paranormal/UFO phenomenon. I've been ruminating on this subject with a mate of mine in the last few weeks, and we both agreed that there is a process of acclimatisation going on and it's just been given a little bump up in intensity recently. I also have a lot of family who are religious, and the implications for world faiths are pretty serious too. I follow a Christian news channel online who also address the subject, and their perspective is that they are demons! Not really so far from the truth really.

Dolan himself is a man who is adept at managing his expectations, but I enjoy his exploration of what is a paradoxical situation. He thinks disclosure is simultaneously impossible and inevitable. Governments who are accused of secrecy of course have a get out clause because any info/material on UFO's gets sequestered by private interest groups/corporations very swiftly anyway. To some extent, that gives them their plausible deniability, because to mainstream eyes and in a very real sense they don't actually know very much on the subject anyway.

His perspective on the insiders however is most interesting. He has many times described the atmosphere within the community of those in the know as being like a pressure cooker, and they are anxious about whether they can maintain the secrecy indefinitely. As we know on here the "programming is complete", and the greatest trick the Devil ever played was by convincing the world that he didn't exist. So, how long will they be able to maintain the status quo without bleed-through and sightings intensifying as the much-vaunted Wave approaches? This has long exercised my mind I must say. Truly we will "never know the hour or the day" , but as a conservative estimate I think we can all agree on here that we'll be lucky to have another decade or so's worth of so-called normal living, and of course the great drive for total control has been made glaringly obvious this century; with 9-11, the war on terror, false flags aplenty/mass shootings, and now also the bloody fake pandemic! Which turns out to have been a botched experiment to make people easier to control! Lord have mercy! The last 20 years have been absolutely freakin' crazy when you take a step back and let it all seep in. We've never lived in a sane world, that's the terrifying truth.

And then you come back to us, the poor plebs just struggling to make ends meet and build our understandings as we live in the ashes of a fading, crumbling civilisation which has been hijacked by psychopaths in power. The darkest days are still ahead of us before we see some narrow chinks of light, and my hope is that the 4d cat slips out of the bag and then we can begin exploring a new realm together, as the C's have said. That's the only hope we have as a race. My suspicion is that bleed-through will increase but then this will coincide with earth-changing phenomena as well. Maybe another "pox" or two is on the way too? It has been quite the ride this life! It began for me in 1998 reading about JFK, and things have just snowballed from there. I think I can simply say to finish up this rather long (for me) post by saying "21st Century? You have blown my mind!" :wow:



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Dolan's dropped a new vid, focusing on the subject of corporate censorship. It's a good little piece, mainly touching on how official narratives can be enforced, and woe betide anyone who goes against them. Personally speaking, there's never been a more important time to create a strategic enclosure. He also makes mention of how a modern form of facism comes into being. Obviously it won't be like the 1930's version. As always, it requires consent, and that is the thorn in the issue. Too many people are going along with the mainstream narrative, without wishing to rock the boat. If that's their choice, well, leave them to it. They've made their bed, and now they can lie in it.



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Dolan's dropped a new vid, focusing on the subject of corporate censorship. It's a good little piece, mainly touching on how official narratives can be enforced, and woe betide anyone who goes against them. Personally speaking, there's never been a more important time to create a strategic enclosure. He also makes mention of how a modern form of facism comes into being. Obviously it won't be like the 1930's version. As always, it requires consent, and that is the thorn in the issue. Too many people are going along with the mainstream narrative, without wishing to rock the boat. If that's their choice, well, leave them to it. They've made their bed, and now they can lie in it.

Thank you for bringing it up! I listened to it and I think it is worth the watch.

By the way, he has a new book out (mentioned by Medulin above), on which some of his speculations seem to be based. It is called "The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth" and here is the blurb:

Of the many books on UFOs and aliens, this one may be unique. Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading historians of the UFO subject, has analyzed the different alien types and agendas based on longstanding patterns observed by witnesses. This is both a careful review of the best evidence we have of human-alien interaction, as well as a bold speculation of just who the aliens are and what they want. Dolan’s analysis starts with our ancient pre-history and potential genetic modifications and monitoring by extraterrestrials. He also studies the long history of interaction with perfectly human-looking beings who somehow did not seem as though they were “from here.” Such interactions have continued through the present day. Who are these beings? He also analyzes reports of gray aliens and other types, including reptilian types, insectoid types, hybrid beings, and a range of others. With a view toward understanding their psychology, their technological capabilities, and the nature of their interactions with people, he speculates as to what ultimate plans may be. He argues that the alien presence is especially important now. This is because of the rapid transformation of human civilization into something we have never before experienced. We still don’t have a proper name for what we are going through, but it includes a combination of radical new technologies with a new social order that ultimately might make human civilization much more like the societies that these other beings already have. One that combines a tightly centralized and controlled social order with sophisticated science and technology.
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