RIP Tyler and a New Family Dog?


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You know, in the movie The Road, now spoiler, there is a dog, at the end and this dog means that his kid found a good family in this world that is so hard and dangerous. In this movie, the dog is the only beautiful thing in the story because dogs are love and protection. So the father can go knowing that is kid will be protected by the family and the dog that symbolizes love.

Good luck with your looking for that new family member who will soon will give you love and protection
My friends dear dog passed away on Sunday. I would often look after him and take him for runs. His favourite thing to do was chasing a ball. He had leukemia for the last year and his organs finally gave up. There were four humans to say goodbye as he was given the anesthesia overdose that put him to sleep. It was quite a sad moment. Here's the handsome boy with his cheeky little sister.

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I helped pick out his "little sister", Molly, when Tyler was sick and I adore her. I see her a couple of times a week and she's quite attached to me.

My daughter has been asking for a puppy of her own for years and I have to say I've finally come around. I know it's the end of the world and all that but I don't know what's going to happen. We can share a can of salmon if it comes to that.

My daughter is going through her difficult teen years so I think having something else to focus on would be good therapy for her. I also spend 22/24 hours at home because this is where I work for the most part.

I've always been put off buying a dog because it seems like in this world the options regarding sterilization, vaccines, etc. are a choice between bad or worse. I have come around a little into thinking that maybe one can make do with what one has, even if the choices aren't all that great and some suffering can't be avoided.

My friend suggested a Whippet, and I think I agree. They seem to have character traits that I would like, affectionate, sensitive, quiet, energetic and playful. And it kind of sounds a little bit like me. :-D

I've been looking at Aragorn's thread on buying a new puppy and I've written down a list of websites for info on diet, vaccines, training, etc. I haven't decided on anything 100% yet but these are the thoughts I'm having at the moment.
Please accept my condolences about loosing such a dear lovely creature in your life.
I once had a beautiful American Eskimo dog that I adored. I had to have her euthanized because of sickness. I was very hard for me.

One day, I was semi sleeping on the couch and I had a vivid dream about her. She came to me, i told her i loved her, she let me pet her on her neck and then she ran away with several other dogs, jumping and having fun. It felt like they came from another dimension to say their final goodbye. That was the day that I finally felt at peace with her death. She was in a better place.

Now, I have two annoying and very demanding big babies but they are wonderful. The expression in their eyes is priceless.

You cannot predict the future, so live in the present. Having a pet for yourself and your daughter will be a gift, a gift worth having and giving. Enjoy the beautiful creature's company and look after it even if times are hard. Do the best you can, that is all we can achieve at this time.

Here, in our location, there is an overwhelming population of pets that are returned to shelters. All shelters and Animal Rescues are over capacity and they keep receiving more and more pets that are abandoned. People no longer want their pandemic pets and for many, it is about feeding them as the food cost has skyrocketed! Any lovely pet who can find a home is a great blessing. I hope you find that very special one who will be so happy to be with your family. The best of luck.
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