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Here's one able to climb walls. His name is Paraswift and come from the collaboration of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Disney Research.

(September 7, 2011)
Awesome indeed.

According to the project team’s website, the robot employs a fast-moving impeller which is capable of generating a partial vacuum. The site claims to achieve an adhesion force of 40 Newtons [...]

The project site:
Sirius, feel free to put the link without the underscore when it's not a disinfo site :).
Ellipse said:
Sirius, feel free to put the link without the underscore when it's not a disinfo site :).

Indeed, but if you have some doubts, don't take any chance and keep using the underscore. :halo:
Pretty freaky-the potential for covert use is obvious-if they build one that can wash windows and clean gutters, now THAT would be useful! :lol:
Re: Robots - SQ1

There's now a small version by South Corea of the Bigdog robot :

Only a prototype at this time. Anyway, keep in mind this is public. So, far away from what military know to make.
Here's a spherical robot that flies like the little ones that jedi used to train their padawans in star wars.
Another one that when finished, will be able to run at 27 MPH:
Today’s robots move about as fast as your grandma’s morning mall-walking group. Tomorrow’s robots will move as fast as Usain Bolt — all thanks to limbs modeled on ostrich legs.

That’s exactly the point, according to the Darpa-funded researchers behind a collaborative effort underway at MIT and the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Only one year into a four-year research contract, the team is showing off stunning results that are expected to produce the fastest, most agile ‘bot ever. He’s called FastRunner, and he’ll zip along at 10 times the speed of a standard mobile robot, which clocks a mere 3 miles per hour.

“We’re using principles found in biology to build efficiency and speed right into the robot,” Johnny Godowski, a research associate at IHMC, tells Danger Room. “And we’re confident that this will open up the possibility for humanoid robots that are useful in all sorts of situations — military for one, but also fire rescues or natural disasters, for example.”

Already, the team has developed a simulation of FastRunner’s eventual capabilities and a full test leg that can zip along at 27 miles an hour — the same pace as Usain Bolt’s record-setting 2009 sprint. Eventually, they hope to see the ‘bot hit speeds in excess of “30, 40, 50 miles an hour,” according to Dr. Russ Tedrake at MIT.

Terminators, here we come.
AquaJelly, Jellyfish Robot 2008:
That was cool Ellipse,

heard about Petman:
-Robot 'first' to walk like a human
-Can withstand hard shove without losing balance
-Built so it 'sweats' under pressure

It swings its arms and moves its legs just like the soldiers it is meant to mimic.

The PetMan robot created by Boston Dynamics is designed for military use - but don't expect to see its human-like gait treading across a war zone any time soon.

The thing can do push-ups. Pretty surreal watching it do them.

How about BigDog:

Then there is Sarcos:

Orwell is turning in his grave.
i find anything that 'festo' makes very interesting.
they model their bots after natural animals / systems.
there are robotic jellyfish, penguin-like swimmers, air-jellys, elephant trunks and even some robotic human-like arms.

go on youtube and search 'festo' if interested..
'petman'.. indeed.

and also the first time i saw 'bigdog' i shuddered.

i do hope the application of these kinds of bots will be limited to helping people move their furniture.........
Cheetah, created by Boston Dynamics, financed by the Pentagon is officially the new fastest robot: 29Km/h / 18miles/h.
Ellipse said:
Cheetah, created by Boston Dynamics, financed by the Pentagon is officially the new fastest robot: 29Km/h / 18miles/h.
Yeish, can you say distopian future. The thing that comes to mind with all this techno wizardry, is what the C's have said about our technology eventually gaining sentience, and also that the 3rd catastrophe is what eventually did Atlantis in and that 3rd catastrophe was precipitated by the Atlantean's own crystal technology attaining sentience. Think about it, a civilization that was able to recover after an entire planet entered it's solar system, passing close to it's home planet, was destroyed by it's own creations. That is of course if you take Atlantis as described by the C's and others as having a high chance of existing in our recent past.

The way events are unfolding though this present "civilization," doesn't need anything so flashy to destroy itself, although it could help.
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