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Hi, I'm new here. I speak French actually so my English is poor...

I want to point out that the article about Rudolf Steiner needs a major upgrade: The author of this article says that Steiner does not clearly talk about the "feeding the moon stuff" nor about "the wave". Actually, he talked A LOT about those!

In some of his conferences and books, he talks about the eighth sphere. He points out that A.P. Sinnett's account of the eighth sphere is grossly misleading. In Sinnett's book Esoteric budhism, he identifies the moon with the eighth sphere, that is the place were all evil ends. So, Sinnett identifies the maker of the moon, that is Yahve or Jehova, as the king of the eighth sphere. That is totally wrong, according to Rudolf Steiner.

Yes, Yahve is the maker of the moon. Yavhe "made" the moon in order to take away from the earth the extra-mineralizing influence coming from the moon. So Yahve would have separated the moon from the earth, and we now have this satellite in orbit around the earth. This would have happened in the time of the division of the sexes.

This action of Yahve was a counterforce, a counter attack against Lucifer, who was playing diabolos, wanting to separate two sexes in order to start a war of the sexes. We would have been too mineralised and too individualized if Yahve wouldn't have separated the moon from the earth. With the moon is connected the heredity and the natural impulse of reproduction, the body at large, and so the inferior self. Lucifer,the light bearer, had an influence on our astral body, in our soul, were he initiated egoism in our desires. Lucifer also had an influence on our head, Yahve on our body.

In the beginning of the earth, the fallen angel Lucifer and the fallen archangel Ahriman (that is Satan), were active on earth. Lucifer took Imaginations from the preceding stage, preserving backward, retarded forces. Ahriman, linked with the earth and mineralization, materialized these imaginations that Lucifer kept in existence. We then obtain densified imaginations, subtle form of matter, but it is still matter, only it is highly refined and electric. This is spectral matter, not yet spirit, not yet matter, not dead nor alive. The eight sphere is literally made up of this substance. Anthroposophists such as Prokofieff think that the ufo phenomenon is a manifestation of this eighth sphere. Someone who subjects or even LISTENS with interest to mediums or spiritists, visionaries and hallucinated sibyls is slowly loosing his freewill into this eight sphere. The psychotic person is already lost in this eighth sphere. Quarrelsome people are intimately linked with the eighth sphere. All evil will end there, and this will splits up with the moon in a far distant future (this is the meaning of that "Women clothed with the sun" with stepping foot on a serpent and the moon. Revelation of John).

Steiner talks a lot about this eight sphere in the series of lectures named "The occult movements of the nineteenth century". He speaks there of Blavatsky knowing Sinnett's error, knowing that Sinnett was totally wrong when he identified the eighth sphere with the moon. According to Steiner, Blavatsky was disappointed about that and tried to make up for this huge mistake in the Secret Doctrine. But the harm was done and all occultists were lead into a falsehood, or at least a half-truth.

This is a point that I investigated a lot and I must say that the definition of the eighth sphere as given by LKJ and the glossary of Cassiopaea is deeply disappointing. I regret that people like you haven't read more about the works of Rudolf Steiner. But we don't know everything in advance, don't we? We have to learn and to learn means to check out again and again if our knowledge is on the right track or slightly off track.

If you want to learn more about Steiner's perception of the eighth sphere, I recommend you to read:
"The occult movements of the nineteenth century" (Steiner)
La reincarnation sans l'esprit: histoire d'une contre-verite (Irene Diet)
Michael and the two-horned beast (Bernard Nesfield-Cookson)
The East in the light of the West (Sergei O. Prokofieff)

You might also like to check "From Jundi Shapur to Silicon Valley", by the anthroposophist Francis Paul Emberson, about the incarnation of Ahriman (Satan) in computers and our future which looks a lot like The Matrix, with big spider webs across the earth, crawling with spiders of artificial intelligence. The use of fallen etheric forces (electricity, magnetism and the mysterious "third force" involving nuclear powers) inspired by/inhabiting ahrimanic elementals (lizzies) wich are also our own shadow-self, doppelganger, the ahrimanic Double, which comes from the inner earth and want to take over or planet enslaving us.

I also strongly suggest that you read about the ways to save these beings in the cosmic order, as pointed by Nicolaas de Jong in his article "Ufos: The search for Truth, Reality and tools for their redemption", available on the internet. Also: "Ufos: preimminent phenomena of our time" by Patrick Steensma. This will also introduce you to Steiner's christian esoteric occultism. You may also like to read "The tree of life and the holy grail", by Sylvia Francke and Thomas Cawthorne, for an anthroposophical point of view on the Davinci code and holy blood/holy grail phenomenon as a trap for seekers of esoteric knowledge (and the search for illegitimate immortality by using geometrical/geographical etheric currents in France, as in the case of Abbe Sauni�re in Rennes-Le-Chateau. The "22 November/17 January", The illicit incarnating/excarnating door of The Serpent, ex-13th sign, will enlighten your comprehension of this forbidden knowledge/technique).

Finally, Steiner does not talk about a "Wave", but indicates that the Christ is coming back in the etheric world since 1933. It means that more and more people will experience a new form of clairvoyance, for example, thing's and people's aura will be seen. The new way of clairvoyance, though, is not a return to the ancient passive, atavistic, mediumnic and visionary kind of clairvoyance. This new clairvoyance cannot rely on ouija tables because in this way the hand is moved by elemental beings taking their knowledge from the beings on the moon, who once were with us as teachers in Lumeria and Atlantis. When Laura was talking with "Cassiopaeans", she cold only know the given answer by putting the letters one after the other, making a significant statement. This is still an unconscious way and must be avoided. Elemental beings communicating this way (though mediums) are infinitely more clever that whatever we can grasp nor imagine. They can misguide us into half-truths like "the Christ event is not very significant", "the moon is the eight sphere", and so on. The new clairvoyance is described by Jesaiah Ben Aharon, in "The new experience of the supersensible", like a renewed "vision of Paul on Damascus". We will have inspiring and moving revelations wide awake. These are not visions in the old sense. The new clairvoyance must be developed by a strengthening of our grounding in clear perception of the outside world, combined to a healthy development in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing. The michaelic yoga is not inspire-expire but perceive in-think out. This way, imaginations are formed and the refresh our dead knowledge of the world, enabling us to join Christ in a conscious experience of nature and the cycle of year, for example.

The development of the new clairvoyance is hindered by spirits of hindrances such as Lucifer and Ahriman (not to mention the asuras and Sorat, the Beast, which are far superior in evil). Lucifer takes us back into old time religion and ecstatic, subjective mysticism. Ahriman, Mephistopheles or Satan, wants to make us unbelievers in spirit and believers in science, matter and progress. Half-baked oriental mysticism illegitimately joined with modern physics (like Fritjof Capra's works The Tao of Physics) only produces a subtler form of materialism, a super-materialism, in the vein of spiritism and mediumnism. Lucifer and Ahriman join their effort against a healthy experience of Christ in the etheric world by diverting the new clairvoyant faculties into the old kind of clairvoyance (vision, mediumship, spiritism) or into new techniques of manipulating consciousness by means of material means: drugs, electromagnetism, physical sound waves, etc. Spiritual materialism is one of the traps that must be recognised and avoided by all occultist students. The major stuff that we give to the eighth sphere is exactly that materialistic (or spiritual-materialist) imaginative stuff. These materialist (or spiritual-materialist) thoughts (thought-forms) give form, in the eighth sphere, to all fantasies coming from the imagination-activity, morever the most science-fictionesque or grotesque thought-forms. These become "probable realities". The spiritual worlds must not be confused with the spectre nature of the substance of the eighth sphere, which takes the forms of our materialist (or spiritual-materialist) thought-forms. All that is linked with our head (where Ahriman dwells) and our bellies (where Lucifer dwells), is a door opening to this dead world of the eighth sphere. We must instead create moral and spiritual thought-forms that will become the spiritual ground, the body of the future earth-man, called Jupiter state by Steiner (the New Jerusalem).

According to Nicolaas de Jong (2001), "lizzies" (reptilians) are fallen elementals of an ahrimanic (satanic) nature; we must change our thinking in order to reconnect in a healthy way to the elemental kingdom, so that when - in the future - elementals attain the stage of humanhood, they will have at their disposition an adequate spiritual body, made up of the imaginative body that we will have created by our thinking, and not a coarse and dead body which they will use to torment us and parasite us (that which they already do and do more and more in the future). Our though forms, in relation to the elemental world (which is used against us by fallen angelic hierarchies), will become living forms in the future - our little "creatures" - and will be on their way to attain human egohood. Right now and forever, he have a great responsibility in their fall and so have a special role, a moral duty, in their spiritualization process - that is their "coming back into the light".

The substance of the eighth sphere is lost for ever so beware that your innermost self does not gets broken in pieces and that some of its parts get flushed in it.

Thank you all.

Yours truly

David V.
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

Thank you for your well informed comments.

We will take the matter under consideration and expand our Steiner article after some more reading and research. This may take place within the next two weeks or so.

We readily admit that the shorrt space permitted by the glossary format does not readily lend itself to covering such a vast body of work as Steiner's. It may also be that we have been hasty and have oversimplified matters when speaking of what Steiner did or did not say concerning the forces of darkness. Also our comparison of Steiner's concepts with those of others may be improved.

Having said this, there may exist differences between Steiner and the QFS's results that we will still point out. We will endeavor to correct errors of fact or major omissions in our summary of Steiner, however taking into account the limited space available. We may also add references to the literature you mentioned.

Thank you again

Frai Jonah
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

My personal impression of Steiner, after reading a large body of his work at one point, was that he began with good intentions but his intentions were not able to prevent the arising of his self-importance and ego. Also, due to the methods that Steiner utilized to "see," he made himself more susceptible to corruption by negative influences.

I think you might learn a lot about "Christ" if you will read my book The Secret History of the World and thus save yourself from the errors of Steiner.
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

Hi David,

How does one verify any of the statements made by Steiner, Blavatsky, or any of the other authors to whom you refer?

For example, you write:

Yes, Yahve is the maker of the moon.
How do you know?

For example, you write:

But we don't know everything in advance, don't we? We have to learn and to learn means to check out again and again if our knowledge is on the right track or slightly off track.
How do you check that anything you have written here is "on the right track or slightly off track"?

"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

I have a few problems with the original article. It is not that I consider it false, but to consider it true I have to read into the symbolism, and make my own assumptions around its archaic nature, and I don't know if these are what the author intents to say.

First a few clarifications:

veilledruide said:
Lucifer,the light bearer, had an influence on our astral body, in our soul, were he initiated egoism in our desires. Lucifer also had an influence on our head, Yahve on our body....

...Lucifer took Imaginations from the preceding stage, preserving backward, retarded forces. Ahriman, linked with the earth and mineralization, materialized these imaginations that Lucifer kept in existence...

...All that is linked with our head (where Ahriman dwells) and our bellies (where Lucifer dwells), is a door opening to this dead world of the eighth sphere.
I am just a bit confused because it seems that Lucifer and Ahriman keep changing roles between physical and mental influences. And Yahve having influences on our body, which must be different than Lucifer dwelling in our bellies, must have the physical being more pure than the mental or emotional.

veilledruide said:
This action of Yahve was a counterforce, a counter attack against Lucifer, who was playing diabolos, wanting to separate two sexes in order to start a war of the sexes. We would have been too mineralised and too individualized if Yahve wouldn't have separated the moon from the earth. With the moon is connected the heredity and the natural impulse of reproduction, the body at large, and so the inferior self.
I cannot agree that the separation of the sexes was a diabolic act. Aside from blind assertion, I would like to understand WHY such a separation is diabolic (evil). This seems to be a perspective that all there is between the sexes is war (or that war is the primary element). I think this view would indicate a person with difficulty with the opposite sex than any kind of clear vision.

Steiner also seems to be saying that heredity (our genetic potential), as well as reproduction is something inferior. I can understand how some heredity is flawed, but to throw away this means of physical presence is to negate any meaning to our biological existence. If that existence had meaning, I would think that it would be the impulse of the diabolic to slander it.

Again, pardom my ignorance here, Yahve had an influence on our body, so how is that inferior? I can understand, however, Steiner's misgivings regading spiritists, mediums and sybils. In the 19th century these methods were abused (as they are today), and led to much manipulation, and dead ends. However, I also think Steiner created a whole doctrine around this manipulation throwing out many babies with bathwaters.

vd said:
The use of fallen etheric forces (electricity, magnetism and the mysterious "third force" involving nuclear powers) inspired by/inhabiting ahrimanic elementals (lizzies) wich are also our own shadow-self, doppelganger, the ahrimanic Double, which comes from the inner earth and want to take over or planet enslaving us.
In my experience when a psychopath or negative force wants to disempower us, they try to convince us that something natural and useful is really evil and of their own domain. It is like a person coming into my house and telling me my food, water and furniture are theirs and toxic.

I think there is a confusion between the evil use to which a medium is put, and the nature of the medium itself. Therefore, I cannot agree with the logic (to me illogic) that electricity, magnetism and the nuclear force are "fallen" etheric forces. At the same time I find contradictions between this anti-materialistic view and the following:

vd said:
The new clairvoyance must be developed by a strengthening of our unding in clear perception of the outside world, combined to a healthy development in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing the michaelic yoga is not inspire-expire but perceive in-think out. This way, imaginations are formed and the refresh our dead knowledge of the world, enabling us to join Christ in a conscious experience of nature and the cycle of year, for example.
This sounds very pro-matter to me, as I consider matter as part of the natural world. But the quote that follows makes me confused regarding this "grounded clarity".

vd said:
Lucifer takes us back into old time religion and ecstatic, subjective mysticism. Ahriman, Mephistopheles or Satan, wants to make us unbelievers in spirit and believers in science, matter and progress. Half-baked oriental mysticism illegitimately joined with modern physics (like Fritjof Capra's works The Tao of Physics) only produces a subtler form of materialism, a super-materialism, in the vein of spiritism and mediumnism.
I would think attempting to understand esoteric phenomena in terms of science and objective perception of the natural world is based on clear perception of the outside world, combined to a healthy development in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing. Instead you say they are one and the same as spiritism.

And the only argument in favour of this is invoking the names of "devils". You go on in Steiner's condemnation of "spiritual materialism" by posing that things that have been used for evil purposes, are evil in and of themselves. That is like saying that Christ is diabolic because evil has been done in his name. And you speak of the science-fictionesque, which I find interesting because that is precisely how I see Steiner's symbolism, only much more archaic in nature.

I agree that reconnection with the elemental kingdoms, the hyperdimensional aspects of nature, is a good thing. What I do not find useful is the following:

vb said:
I also strongly suggest that you read about the ways to save these beings in the cosmic order, as pointed by Nicolaas de Jong in his article "Ufos: The search for Truth, Reality and tools for their redemption", available on the internet. Also: "Ufos: preimminent phenomena of our time" by Patrick Steensma.
First you associate these "lizzies" with elementals, an assumption I find erroneous because they are parasitic upon nature as well as consciousness. I cannot associate the forces of being behind the structures of the natural world with forces that destroy it.

Then you pose that they must be redeemed. Moving to redeem evil is arrogant in my opinion, and asking for trouble. It is like saying we should move to redeem, and cure psychopaths. This forum has expressed and explained time and again that such a view is counterproductive at best and often down right dangerous.

I think you are confusing the diabolic with the elemental, that you are confusing the natural with the diabolic and the misused with the perverse, and that you (and Steiner) are doing this in a doctrinal and unsupported manner using Christian and other religious symbolism thrown about arbitrarily as esoteric fact.

Even though if I really try I can make very loose assumptions that might place what you say in some kind of justified light, I still conclude that this presentation is misleading to anyone who is really searching for insight into the truths of reality perceived through inner senses. It is my opinion that Steiner was influenced by the very forces he thought he was combating.
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

Eso already pointed out the obvious "?" in your post.

However I disagree with Laura that reading her Secret History saves yourself from the errors of Steiner.
Actually I don't even know waht that is supposed to mean.

Anyway in regards to:
glossary said:
Steiner makes vague references to qualitative changes in the future but it is hard to tell whether he was conscious of anything corresponding to the concept of the Wave as discussed in this work.
I also like to draw the attention the "Moltke Briefe" in English called "Light For The New Millennium". In my mind an absolute MUST READ. Thinking about it - even more so if one want's to understand the secret history of the 20th, the 10th and some other centuries, in specific.

veilledruide said:
Ahriman, Mephistopheles or Satan, wants to make us unbelievers in spirit and believers in science, matter and progress. Half-baked oriental mysticism illegitimately joined with modern physics (like Fritjof Capra's works The Tao of Physics) only produces a subtler form of materialism, a super-materialism, in the vein of spiritism and mediumnism.
Intersting. It's a long time ago that I read The Tao of Physics (some 17+ years) but I had quite the opposite impression. It made me aware of the consciousness inside of everything.
At the time it was so 'out of the box' I thought it was really refreaching.

I don't know what you mean by "create moral [...] thought-forms"?
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

Fifth Way said:
However I disagree with Laura that reading her Secret History saves yourself from the errors of Steiner.
The devil is in the details. Indeed you can read all that was ever written - and it will not save to you from anything - if you do not LEARN (that is THINK while reading). Laura did not say, as you stated that "reading her Secret History saves yourself from the errors of Steiner". Laura wrote
I think you might learn a lot about "Christ" if you will read my book The Secret History of the World and thus save yourself from the errors of Steiner.
What is important is learning not reading in itself. Whether you learn while reading something or not - depends on you. For instance, many people can READ math books and LEARN nothing. While those who know the language, the subject, meaning of the symbols, and are ready can learn a lot.

I know I am saying something obvious. But it seems to me that you have missed the obvious.
hi there!

Thank you for your attention. I first want to akwnoledge the fact that I still am not a clairvoyant like Steiner, so I cannot verify it. I can only take into account want a good clairvoyant discovered and I consider Steiner one of the best! Steiner is far from Blavatsky's mediumnism and luciferian oriental gnosis...

I wanted to point out that most of what is said about the eighth sphere is, according to Steiner, misleading and purposefully desigend to take us off track into believing that the moon itself is the eighth sphere.

I also want to clear out that Steiner is not one of the gnostics who disvalue the body, on the contrary! Yahve is a lunar Elohim and th Sun Elohim are closer to a Sun spirit such as Christ (although Lucifer is also a sun Elohim, bu Lucifer is in himself a very complicated matter. I could take years just trying to explain it to you). the splitting of the sexes is not in itself a bad move from Lucifer. I did not explain myself clearly on this point, sorry. Lucifer wanted to start a war of the sexes between extrovert-male and introvert-female sexes. So Yahve splitted off the moon from the earth and cerated man and women bodies, implying that they have to unite (SYMBOL unites, DIABOL divides) to procreate. Moon forces are linked to our lower selves, made up of animalistic urges, instincts and impulses. This Eros sexuality is being sublimated in love, agap� and philia. Yahve thus established blood relationships (reproduction, heredity, etc.) but Christ broke this link and established love on an individual and universal scale (he said: "I didn't come to bring peace but the sword". He also said: "He who does not hate his parents cannot follow me".). According to Steiner, Ahriman (Satan or the lizzies) entered our evolution in Atlantis, Lucifer entered in Lemuria, in the Fall of man and the splitting of the sexes (and duality at large) which was Yahve' answer to Lucifer temptation. Ahriman also entered our evolution more closely with Yahve's intervention in human evolution, that is when he approached Abraham and later Moses. I know cassiopaeans said that Yahve Elohim was some kind of "front" for 4th density rosteem now known as Rosicrucians, an also a lizzie projection (am I right?). I do not believ that Yavhe is in itself a bad guy, and Steiner warned occultistes that there is a big effort made by luciferian and ahrimanic occultists to mak us believe that Yahve was bad (a gnostic-luciferian belief).

The attitude some people have toward evil is that it cannot be redeemed, like psychopaths. I agree you can't do anything with psychopaths, they are long gone into hell. But AMONG elementals, there are SOME that are ahrimanic and we have a huge responsibility toward elementals because they accepted FOR US to be emprisonned in matter for our evolution's sake. And one must know that elementals do not limit themselves to external nature : we are part of nature (!) and nature is full of consciousness! Elementals are higher hierarchies that accepted to be limited in the nature and the cosmos' laws. There are elementals of the 4 basic elements, elementals of the vegetal kingdom, of the animal kingdom, of the human kingdom, etc. There are enough testimonies of their existence so that I cannot dismiss it. Acording to De Jong, Grays would be progeny of Lucifer, linked with electricity and our world of soul (astral world). They missed the development of emotions and use it for the MOTION of their craft (the colors they emit is a sign of this astral world, where emotions appear in colors). Their densification is ahrimanic though. Lizzies would be ahrimanic progeny linked with magnetism. You should know that lizzies and this sort of 4th density SDS are linked with geomagnetic and geographic areas. Steiner talks about the influence of geomagnetism and etheric geography on our doppelganger, exciting our dark Double into being materialistic, computerized mind and egoistic. you should know that cassiopeans tlaked about the computers linked in a web being a vehicule of incarnation of lizzies/antichrist/nwo. Steiner didn't talk about computers, but Francis Paul emberson does in his very good book "From Jundi Shapur to Silicon Valley". In the same vein, he also talks about HAARP and the use of electromagnetism on our brain processes. Electricity, magnetism and nuclear forces beeing "fallen etheric" forces is not implying that it is evil in itself. Though, ahrimanic elementals inhabit our machines, every machine, be it mechanical, electric, magnetic, computer, chips, etc. Fallen means here that they are a fallen/deadening counterpart of etheric enlivening processes. Electricity, magnetism do not bring life, they can only bring death. Like ahrimanic elementals. We must be aware of their presence and be on our gards. Also, this Double and loose ahrimanic elementals feed off fears and pleasures. They are parasitic beings, like luciferic ones, though the former have fallen earlier in cosmic evolution than luciferic ones. Asuras are like grasshoppers in Revelation. They have fallen earlier than ahrimanic beings but their influence in man's evolution is more recent. They split off parts of the self and eat them. If the self is lost, it is lot forever and there is nothing to do about it. People who radiate glowing hatred from their eyes manifest asuras. Sorat is the Beast from out of this world. In a distant future, there will be tow races of human beings: a spiritual one and an animalist-cmaterialist one bent on veil and technologies. Spititual ones will develop a moral technolog whici wil imply working with elementals. There is a hint of this future in the Temple Legend, where Hiram makes a move with his hands and so "magically" gathers all the people. Freemasonry has an important role in this future.

Somebody tells me that it is very confusing the way I talk about Lucifer and Ahriman because they mingle all the time: You are right, they mingle all the time but their influence is different. Lucifer is expansive, ahriman contractive. hot and cold. Like polarities they are always seen together, attracts or repels each other. Anthroposophical medecine is founded on a reequilibration of these processes: saltening process of ahriman and dissolving oily/juicy lucifer. In excess, they cause harm and the opposite must be added to reequilibrate bodily processes. In general, Ahriman has taken hold of or thinking, like saltening fixing process. Lucifer has taken hold of our bellies, where our craving desires dwell (we eat egoistically to please our hungriness, not our body). In the far distant past, at te timeof the fall, the separation of the sexes and the splitting off of the moon, Lucifer had an influence in our head and Yahve created our body "to his image". Lucifer implanted egoist desires in our soul. Yahve wanted to make us evolve naturally in symbiosis with natural processes. Lucifer made us develop eagerly by implanting desires in our soul illegitimately, too soon. Lucifer is also the one who made us develop freedom, freedom from the will of the spiritual hierrarchies. He will be redeemed and this redemption is the Holy Spirit. Boddhisattvas are taking their knowledge from the Holy Spirit, but bodhisattvas are like a Moon logos, reflecting the Sun logos, that is Christ. oriental mahatmas, relyning on boddhisattvas, cannot know Christ because theuir knowledge does not extend so far as to encompass the sun logos, they are limited to the moon logos carried by boddhisattvas to mahatmas. That is why Steiner, Rosenreutz and Perceval (reincarnation of the great Mani) are closer to a knowledge of the Sun logos Christ and must be consulted in our search for knowledge in Love. I am digressing...

I read a lot of LKJ material and I respect her and her work. Unfortunately, There are some points where she relies on channeled material and I cannot take theses findings into account because channeling is not a propre way to enter the spiritual world. We all were atavistic clairvoyants in distat past lives and we don't remember it because it did not serve our evolution as and ego being. We must pursue occult knwoledge in a clear and awakened state of mind, not through ouija board. You cannot know exactly who the entity who is talking REALLY is. Developing clairvoyancy is a totally opposite to mediumship. Excellent information can come from channeled material, however. We must not be fanatics and onesided in opinions: I recognize and find goo material in Cassiopaea, though it does not help to develop myself as an independant being, as an ego. the medium loses his ego in the process, on the cnotrary the occultists develops slumbering faculties that permits to "see" truth clairvoyantly, by himself, without relying on omniscient entities (elementals). There is another way to talk with angels that is totally awake and crystal clear : I suggest Irene Johanson "What the angels need to tell us" and "More messages from the angels". One must carefully check if the person involved in this sort of communication is not a freak, a visionary, in trance, or in any way unconscious of the process (moving a cursor on letters and reconstructing words IS an unconscious process, it becomes conscious afterwards only).

Think for yourself, don't believe what i say

I wish you only the best things in life.

Good luck for the enduring future that is to come.

David V.
Laura in Secret History of the World wrote:

In numerous tales of the Grail, the description of the castle of the Fisher King includes some interesting time anomalies: it is a place where time slows down or stops altogether. This is also the case with the ancient Celtic legends of the Head of Bran the Blessed, in which presence his warriors feast and make merry with no awareness of the passage of time. This theme occurs with great regularity and suggests a deep and ancient significance that will become apparent as we proceed.

The most ancient conception of time was associated with the "Goddess" and was cyclical - like women. Everything was "real" only insofar as it was connected to an archetypal gesture - illud tempus - from the beginning.

Every hero repeated the archetypal gesture, every war rehearsed the struggle between good and evil, every fresh social injustice was identified with the passion of a divine messenger, each new massacre repeated the glorious end of the martyrs. ...Only one fact counts: by virtue of this view, tens of millions of men were able, for century after century, to endure great historical pressures without despairing, without committing suicide or falling into that spiritual aridity that always brings with it a relativistic or nihilistic view of history.

This reflected the idea that the world in which we live was a "form," or reflection, or "double" of another cosmic world that existed on a higher level. These were Celestial Archetypes. Plato gave an explanation that is still unsurpassed in its simplicity:

"And now," I said, "let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened. Behold! Human beings living in an underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them over which they show the puppets. ...And do you see," I said, "men passing along the wall carrying all sorts of vessels, and statues and figures of animals made of wood and stone and various materials, which appear over the wall?
...And they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave... how could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their heads... and of the objects which are being carried in like manner they would only see the shadows ...And if they were able to converse with one another, would they not suppose that they were naming what was actually before them? ...And suppose further that the prison had an echo which came from the other side, would they not be sure to fancy when one of the passers-by spoke that the voice which they heard came from the passing shadow? ...To them, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images. [...]

And now look again, and see what will naturally follow if the prisoners are released and disabused of their error. At first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn his neck round and walk and look towards the light, he will suffer sharp pains; the glare will distress him, and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his former state he had seen the shadows; and then conceive someone saying to him that what he saw before was an illusion, but that now, when he is approaching nearer to being and his eye is turned towards more real existence, he has a clearer vision - what will be his reply? And you may further imagine that his instructor is pointing to the objects as they pass and requiring him to name them - will he not be perplexed? Will he not fancy that the shadows, which he formerly saw, are truer than the objects, which are now shown to him? [...]

And if he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a pain in his eyes, which will make him turn away to take refuge in the objects of vision which he can see, and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than the things, which are now being shown to him? [...]

And suppose once more, that he is reluctantly dragged up a steep and rugged ascent, and held fast until he is forced into the presence of the sun himself, is he not likely to be pained and irritated? When he approaches the light his eyes will be dazzled, and he will not be able to see anything at all of what are now called realities. ...He will require growing accustomed to the sight of the upper world. And first he will see the shadows best, next the reflections of men and other objects in the water, and then the objects themselves; spangled heaven; and he will see the sky and the stars by night better than the sun or the light of the sun by day? [...]

Last of all he will be able to see the sun, and not mere reflections of him in the water, but he will see him in his own proper place, and not in another; and he will contemplate him as he is. ...He will then proceed to argue that this is he who gives the season and the years, and is the guardian of all that is in the visible world, and in a certain way the cause of all things which he and his fellows have been accustomed to behold? [...]

And when he remembered his old habitation, and the wisdom of the den and his fellow prisoners, do you not suppose that he would felicitate himself on the change, and pity them? ...And if they were in the habit of conferring honors among themselves on those who were quickest to observe the passing shadows and to remark which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together; and who were therefore best able to draw conclusions as to the future, do you think that he would care for such honors and glories, or envy the possessors of them? Would he not say with Homer, 'Better to be the poor servant of a poor master,' and to endure anything, rather than think as they do and live after their manner? [...]

Imagine once more such a one coming suddenly out of the sun to be replaced in his old situation; would he not be certain to have his eyes full of darkness? ...And if there were a contest, and he had to compete in measuring the shadows with the prisoners who had never moved out of the den, while his sight was still weak, and before his eyes had become steady (and the time which would be needed to acquire this new habit of sight might be very considerable), would he not be ridiculous? Men would say of him that up he went up and down he came without his eyes; and that it was better not even to think of ascending; and if any one tried to loose another and lead him up to the light, let them only catch the offender, and they would put him to death.

This entire allegory you may now append, dear Glaucon, to the previous argument; the prison house is the world of sight, the light of the fire is the sun, and you will not misapprehend me if you interpret the journey upwards to be the ascent of the soul into the intellectual world according to my poor belief, which, at your desire, I have expressed - whether rightly or wrongly, God knows.

When we consider a semi-physical realm that projects itself into our reality, we also have to consider the factor of Time. In our geometry we define a point as an infinitesimal section of a line. A line is an infinitesimal cross-section of a plane and a plane is an infinitesimal section of a solid. Thus, our three dimensional reality must be defined as a series of infinitesimal sections of a four dimensional body. Conceptually, this means that our entire reality is a section of a four-dimensional body - a realm of potential dimensions beyond three-dimensional contemplation.
We usually consider the past as no longer existing. The future does not exist, either, and the "present" refers to the momentary transition of non-existence into non-existence!

But, if it is true that only Now exists, then the logical conclusion is that, as wave reading consciousness units, we are, in some way, responsible for our perception of time. We regard time as linear, long or short, an endless line, a progression from past into future. But this creates an insurmountable problem. On a line, NOW is a mathematical point of infinitesimal smallness - it has no dimension! By scientific logic, it does not exist!

The first mathematician to explore the fourth dimension, William Rowan Hamilton, was born in 1805. Hamilton was so precocious that he was reading the Bible at the age of three, at which point he also began learning Hebrew characters. By the age of ten he could read Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit, Bengali, Latin, and Greek, as well as several modern European languages. Hamilton was so was skilled in mental arithmetic that he was entered in a competition against a boy from Vermont who toured as a calculating prodigy. Hamilton was disappointed, however, when he found that his opponent seemed to have no knowledge apart from his unusual math abilities.
While studying at university, Hamilton joined the Tractarian movement, a religious organization, of which Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a member. Coleridge had the notion that algebra was the science of time, and apparently this idea had a profound influence on Hamilton who discovered a four-dimensional manifold of numbers, the "quaternions." Though he was a genius mathematician, Hamilton seemed to be unable to think beyond the strictly material world, and though he was reaching for a fourth dimension, Hamilton could not consider the fourth dimension as "real."

The next phase of development of the concept of fourth dimensional space was the work of Ludwig Schlaefli, a Swiss schoolteacher. He understood that four dimensions was the conceptual continuation of the first three spatial dimensions. As a schoolteacher, Schlaefli was not in the company of "academics" and this may have played a part in the fact that he was able to develop this new geometry during his early career, before he joined the mathematics department of the University at Bern. It is interesting that Grassmann, who also explored an ingenious algebra of higher dimensions, was another schoolteacher whose writings were ignored for many years. During that period, anyone who worked in these directions was thought to be a bit mad when actually, what they were really doing, was following an ancient tradition of relying upon pure thought to take them beyond what could be confirmed in the sensory world.

Many New Age Gurus teach that "higher knowledge" can only be accessed "directly," through the "heart." To this end, they produce endless techniques and rituals designed to stop thought and induce "feeling." This is simply another variation of the "blind faith" routine that teaches a person that only knowledge brought directly by God is "true," and all human knowledge is basically "bunk."

What is interesting about this is that it is another example of disinformation - a lie wrapped in truth to make it easier to swallow. As we have already pointed out, most of what passes for "techniques of ascension" amounts to little more than stimulating chemicals in the body which results in a "feel good experience," but which does nothing to increase the level of Being.

As already mentioned, there is a "gravity" to the realm of Non-being which is the Thought Center that "creates" matter. Matter constitutes the predominate nature of our reality. What this suggests is that our "field of expression" is dipolar - gravity vs. consciousness.

The "field of consciousness" is a primary field like gravity, but we can see that it is very little manifested in our world. This means that to move from the gravity field of matter, one must act against a rather strong force.
The field of consciousness is that of thoughts, feelings that are not chemical, ideas, motivations, attitudes, and such that acts on our minds/consciousness as gravity acts on objects and masses. Just as there is gravity and anti-gravity, so must there be consciousness and anti-consciousness as we have already described in our discussion of Thought Centers.

The consciousness field is a mirror image of the gravity field of matter. As above, so below. And just as in the case where great effort must be made to move a stone uphill, so it takes great effort to move one's motivations and attitudes and emotions from the influence of matter into the realm of the consciousness field.

When such an uphill movement of motivation occurs, a specific effort of consciousness needs to be made. Thoughts and ideas and concepts that are based on material interpretations of reality require little effort. It is the reaching into the higher realms of thought that enables us to discern when our emotions are "material" or pure and belonging to the soul. To approach this problem without working to create the vessel of thoughts, concepts, ideas, is again, the process of believing lies and binding to "spiritual drugs."

Understanding this permits us to distinguish when we are working toward higher consciousness. Going "downward" in the field of consciousness is like going downhill in the field of gravity: no work of lifting need be involved. Thus a downhill motion in the field of consciousness is easy, effortless, and pleasurable.

When we go uphill in any possible field, including the consciousness field, we need to put a significant effort (work) into this motion. This leads to the logical conclusion that those things that increase consciousness are also difficult and go against the gravity of the material world explanations.

There is, of course, much more to this that will be introduced in a later volume. For now, the important point is that developing the intellect so that it can be used as an instrument of perspicacity is one of the first requirements of spiritual development.

So, for those New Age and fundamentalist teachers who denigrate thought, consider the following written by another schoolteacher:

Isn't it amazing that Newton couldn't discover universal gravitation until 50 years after Descartes created the mathematical method of analyzing geometric data in an algebraic equation? It would take about 50 years for the method to disseminate, become second nature, raise a new generation immersed it, and who then began noticing phenomena that these new mathematical expressions did a really good job of modeling. It was more than 40 years after Hamilton created quaternions that Maxwell discovered how well they fit for formulating the equations of electromagnetism. It was 50 years after Riemann created his general, curvilinear, non-Euclidean geometry that Einstein, with help from Minkowski, noticed how well it expressed the relations of special and general relativity.

My theory is that people can't notice something until they have the reference point to understand what it is they are observing. Specifically, scientists can't notice, "hey, these new patterns fit together" until they have a mathematics that describes this kind of relationship as being a pattern, rather than random marks on a graph. Think about what it would be like to discover that all of your data fit into a parabolic shape, but you don't know what a parabola is. How disappointed you would be to realize it doesn't make a straight line, when straight lines are all you know. "I guess there was nothing to that hypothesis after all," you say as you discard the data. Tomorrow some brilliant mathematician will create a method of graphing quadratic equations thinking he has invented the perfect pure math, which couldn't possibly have any practical application. Fifty years from now, your grandson will review your data, or recreate your experiments. He will get the same data points that you did, but now he recognizes the pattern as a parabola. It was a parabola all along, but you didn't know it, because parabolae hadn't been invented yet when you plotted the data.

If you don't recognize the pattern, then your brain interprets it as random - no pattern at all. This means you pay it no attention. In this way, mathematicians create the world we live in. What an outrageous statement! No Physicist would admit the validity of that, after all, they are trained to observe the real world, not confirm some dreamer's fantasy! Yeah, right. Only problem with that is, history tells us that over and over, Physicists were unable to see the patterns in front of their eyes until someone had invented a mathematics that made this kind of pattern recognizable and distinguishable from random noise.

Therefore there is a very real sense in which the only reality we can recognize is that of the patterns for which we have a mathematical template. Therefore we can only observe that part of infinite reality for which some enterprising mathematician has invented the pattern. The mathematician does NOT describe an objective reality, which he observes; he instead creates relationships, which he considers "beautiful", or "elegant", or perhaps "entertaining". He doesn't think his creation has any practical application, but it always does. Because any time somebody describes the template for a new pattern, now (in about 50 years) people will begin noticing those parts of the infinite universe, which fit into to this new pattern. Before they just seemed random, but now that we recognize the pattern, it's so obvious we don't understand how Aristotle overlooked it. And a new generation of historians will write books about how Archimedes was actually on the verge of inventing this himself just before the Romans killed him.

In exactly the same way, it is by gathering information and making unprejudiced observations while at the same time stretching the mind into the field of consciousness, that we develop the vehicle for the Soul, which can then "know" things by virtue of the gift of God.

Each adventurer into the world of these ideas of hyperdimensions, which now concern us profoundly, found the trail easier to navigate as a result of the simultaneous expansion of other branches of knowledge. For example, in geometry it was noticed that the lines in ordinary three-dimensional space could be regarded as elements of a manifold of four dimensions. Connections of this kind soon made the fourth dimension acceptable to mathematicians.

It is at this point that something truly strange occurred. The idea of the "fourth dimension" was adopted by spiritualists and occultists as the "realm of the ethers" or the afterlife, the place of the dead.

S�ances of the nineteenth-century attracted spirit beings that produced physical effects as well as peculiar psychological states, and disappeared again - like the UFOs of our time. It was as convenient then (as it is now) to assign them a home in the inaccessible dimensions of space, and to make absolutely certain that everyone was convinced that these dimensions were ethereal.

The nineteenth-century astronomer Zollner set out to demonstrate scientifically that the ethereal beings attracted to spiritualistic s�ances were from the fourth dimension. Even though his demonstrations were never successful, at this point, the fourth dimension became a means of conceiving of mysterious phenomena in a non-materialistic way.

In the final phase of nineteenth-century thought, the fourth dimension became a subject for meditation and was taken up by the Theosophical Society, and later by Rudolf Steiner, who gave reportedly brilliant lectures on the subject based on the work of Howard Hinton.

Hinton's work was the outcome of the ideas of his father, James Hinton, whose philosophy was based on the ideas of the Kantian noumenal world that lies behind phenomenal experience. This higher world was feminine, nurturing, free of social and legal restraint; virtue consisted in "harmonizing one's intentions with the noumenal world", and could not be captured by merely regulating behavior. The person who acts selflessly for the greater good of humanity was as likely to break the law as the brutish criminal.

Howard Hinton was inspired by Hamilton's writings to adopt a materialistic form of Kantianism. When he began work as a schoolteacher, he came to doubt that knowledge could ever come from an external authority. In an effort to find some knowledge about which he could feel certainty, he made himself a set of colored blocks that he rearranged in various ways to make larger cubes. Using these blocks, he felt he could acquire knowledge of spatial position that was beyond all doubt. As he looked for patterns in the rearrangement of these blocks, he began to investigate the fourth dimension, which he saw as governing sequences of transformation in three dimensions.

By the time of Hinton's death in 1907, his writings had inspired theosophists in India and England to investigate the fourth dimension for themselves. Steiner, following the theosophists, continued to view the fourth dimension as a "spiritual" realm, though he had some fascinatingly insightful comments to make about it, keeping in mind his "esoteric" approach.

Everything we do here is simply a symbolic representation of the higher worlds. [...] Only developing new possibilities for vision can attain what lies within these higher worlds. Human beings must be active in order to reach these worlds.

Howard Hinton and the ideas of the fourth dimension also had a profound influence on P.D. Ouspensky who produced a very simple illustration of the concept of our relation to the fourth dimension, which actually gives a more "physicalized" aspect to the concept. In this illustration, he speaks about a snail on a journey across a garden.

Its movements are governed by pleasure/pain. It always advances toward the one and retreats from the other. It always moves on one line, from the unpleasant towards the pleasant. And, in all probability it senses and knows nothing except this line. This line constitutes the whole of its world. The snail on this line of motion senses all the sensations entering from the outside. And, these come to it out of time - from potentiality they become actuality. For a snail, the whole of our universe exists in the future and the past, i.e., in time.

The snail is probably not self-aware - that is, aware that it is surging across the landscape - all of which exists simultaneously, of which the snail could be aware if it were possible to expand its awareness through some process of metamorphosis, lifting it high above the garden to expand its scope. But, it only perceives the various phenomena - the leaf, the grass, the twig, the sand, the walkway - at the moment it interacts with them - and then only a little at a time. They are events of long or short duration, past and future, which come to pass as the snail inches along.

Ouspensky suggests that this is the way we experience our world relative to the fourth dimension. Our five sense organs are merely feelers, our means of touching and interpreting the world, through the mathematical constructs of our brains and in the limited terms of three-dimensional consciousness. Scientific gadgetry only lengthens our feelers a bit.

Imagine a consciousness not limited by the conditions of sense perception. Such a consciousness can rise above the plane on which we move; it can see far beyond the bounds of the circle illumined by our ordinary consciousness; it can see that not only does the line along which we move exist, but also all the other lines perpendicular to it which we cross (in our series of nows.) Rising above the plane, this consciousness will be able to see the plane, make sure that it actually is a plane and not only a line; then it will be able to see the past and the future living side by side and existing simultaneously.

There are several important considerations contained in the analogy of the snail. First, if our true perception is as limited, relatively speaking, as a snail's, why is this so if we do, in fact, possess inner knowledge and capabilities unknown to our waking, ordinary consciousness which often manifest spontaneously, or which can be developed through long and difficult training? Second, we must note the implications of a consciousness of this type that DOES exist on the physical, three-dimensional plane. But, before we endeavor to deal with those questions, let's return to the question of time.

The past and future cannot be non-existent. They must exist together somewhere; only we do not see them. The present, as opposed to the past and the future, is the most unreal of unrealities. We must admit that the past, the present and the future do not differ from one another in any way, that the only thing that exists is the Eternal Now of Indian Philosophy.

The Alpha and Omega. But we do not see this - at least very few of us do. And then we only see imperfectly, "through a glass darkly." We are snails crossing the fields of flowers of the universe, aware only momentarily of the earth, the leaf, the flower, or the raindrop before us. At any given moment we are only aware of a small fragment of the universe, and we continue to deny the existence of everything else: namely the coexistent past and future, and the possibility of perceiving it.

There are two main theories of the future - that of a predestined future and that of a free future. The theory of predestination asserts that every future event is the result of past events. If we know all the past, then we could know all the future. This is linear time. The idea of a free future is based on quantum "probabilities." The future is either only partially determined or undetermined because many of the varied interactions are possible at any given point. This probable future posits the idea of true free will and suggests that quite deliberate volitional acts may bring about a subsequent change in events.

Those who support predestination say that so-called "voluntary" actions are, in fact, not voluntary. Rather, they are but the results of incompletely understood causes, which have made them imperative acts - in short, nothing is accidental.

So on the one hand we have "cold predestination": come what may, nothing can be changed. On the other hand, we have a reality that is only a point on some sort of needle named the present, surrounded on all sides by the Gulf of Non-existence - a world which is born and dies every moment. Ouspensky unifies these views:

At every given moment all the future of the world is predestined and existing, but it is predestined conditionally, i.e., there must be one or another future in accordance with the direction of events of the given moment, if no new factor comes in. And a new factor can come in only from the side of consciousness and the will resulting from it.

In other words, the snail can choose to change his direction if he increases his knowledge and becomes more aware. The snail may be following the scent of food or a need for warmth, and he may crawl into the path of a car, or into a field full of birds that wish to eat him. In practical terms, this means that snails and human beings, who are crawling through the universe very often, without knowledge, find themselves in the path of destruction. Quite often this destruction can only be overcome by mastering our instinctive urge for pleasure and avoidance of pain. This can only come about by becoming aware of the probable course he is on. If his natural tendencies were leading him to an abyss, which will plunge him into a blazing inferno below, then it would behoove him to learn exactly what it is he must do to avoid it. And therein lies the rub. In order to do that, a being must achieve a more aware higher state of consciousness, not a more intense state of feeling!

In the past, what is behind us lies not only in what was, but also in what could have been. In the same way, in the future lie not only what will be but also what may be.

In other words, motion in space is merely an illusion of the brief illuminating light of our consciousness upon a given construct of consciousness. If it is so that All exists simultaneously, then it is only we who, singly and collectively, can change the focus or development of our consciousness.

In time events exist before our consciousness comes into contact with them, and they still exist after our consciousness has withdrawn from them.
Now we come back to the questions: Why can we not perceive reality as it is? Why can we not enlarge our perception - why are we chained in this painful existence we call "life"? We come back to the idea of the Cave of Plato - or what is popularly known nowadays as The Matrix. What we are facing is the fact that the limited way we perceive our world is actually a sort of defect - the effect of the "fall" - the "ritual fault" that brought the Golden Age to an end.

At the present time, many physicists have suggested "hyperspace" has explanatory value in terms of bridging the gap between the physical and ethereal worlds. The New Age market took such ideas up with fiendish glee, producing endless ignorant variations on "Sacred Science" of millions of words, few of which are comprehensible to the layperson, much less the scientist. Those who read this drivel and who say, "oh, it sounds so true, but what is it saying?" are contemptuously told that only "initiated understanding" can grasp such lofty ideas!

The fact is, the realities of our world in terms of any connecting principles between matter and consciousness are not helped by any such philosophical discussions. What we need is further empirical study and experimentation. What's more, it needs to be done by those who are qualified to do it - not charlatans and con artists.

There are physical scientists of the highest caliber who are open to the possibility of other forms of matter and other dimensions. They understand that such hypotheses would have explanatory value in their own fields as well as in parapsychology. Thus it is that, while the subject matter of parapsychology and physics is significantly different, their fundamental insights curiously coincide.

I hate to have to tell you that Steiner was wrong about what they were calling the "4th dimension" back then, but he was. It is NOT a "spiritual" realm. It is quite real, and even quite physical.

Laura in The Secret History of the World wrote:

There is similarity between the two basic paths of fundamental research in modern theoretical physics, and the two realities we are considering: matter and consciousness. Just as in psi research there have been attempts to reconcile, or unify, matter and consciousness, the same has been true in advanced physics where although serious attempts have been made during the past two decades to find a Unified Theory that incorporates both a quantum approach ("matter") and the field approach ("consciousness"), no single theory which incorporates both has been successful as yet in either set of problems. Quantum mechanics deals primarily with the sub-microscopic world of elementary particles. It is based upon probabilities of events taking place non-deterministically, rather than a deterministically known state, which can be calculated using the classical equations of motion.

When you have an infinite number of possible states, any of which can be solutions within certain boundary conditions, you run into certain problems when you try to transfer these concepts to classical realities. The state vector is the collection of all possible pre-collapse states and represents the system in which the event exists in all states simultaneously. Once the event happens, or what is called "measurement" occurs, the system collapses the state vector into a single, probabilistically determined state. Until this collapse occurs, the state vector that has developed in time deterministically specifies the system collectively. This interpretation of quantum mechanics is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation and is dominant, with minor variations, in the quantum mechanics used today. It is characterized by a direct break with classical physics where a cause leads to an effect.

At the same time, field theory, (Einstein's general theory of relativity) plays the leading role when we are considering real world physical realities. Field theory seems to follow from the classical view of cause and effect and determinism. Classical mechanics deals with equations of motion that can be solved for specific events when initial conditions, such as position and velocity, or initial and final conditions, are known. So it is that the field represents a deterministic interrelation of mutually interacting forces between different events (i.e. particles), which can be found by substituting values into the field equations.

Both the field and quantum theories have special characteristics which are useful in physical theories of psi. However the same problems pop up in trying to combine quantum theory with (relativistic) field theory: no such system has yet been devised which can account for all phenomena.

At the present time, however, it seems that quantum field theory has been by far the most successful attempt at this endeavor. Many of the speculation about physical theories of psi deal with quantum field theory, rather than pure field theory. Whiteman notes: "It seems therefore that any attempt to unite parapsychology and physics should adhere, substantially at least, to the language of quantum field theory, in terms of 'as if' fields at a level of creative potentiality."

The older theories of psi described transfers of energy in several different ways, but newer ideas have gone beyond such approaches. One argument against the idea of psi and a physical theory of psi based on energy (or particle) transmission has been that the energies would be far too subtle to be received by the brain. John Eccles has shown that the cerebral cortex acts as a sensitive detector of small influences. Using a probabilistic quantum mechanical argument, it is possible to show that the neurons can be fired by these subtle influences, thus exciting the brain in a normal cascading effect of neurons. In this way, the brain may act as a receptor of small influences such as what might be exhibited by carriers of psi.

Among other attempts to unite biological functions with quantum theory, W. Elsasser has speculated on certain biotonic laws operating exclusively in living beings and drawing upon "accumulated quantum-mechanical and information theoretic uncertainties." All such approaches represent a convergence of bioelectronics and quantum theory to explain psi abilities, including PK (psychokinesis, the movement of objects by mental effort alone).
There are so many interpretations of quantum theory that may be relevant to psi and that may assist in gaining an understanding of how consciousness interacts with matter. Most of the new theories are based upon the introduction of a new level of duality in nature in that consciousness has a separate and distinct wave function from that of the normal wave function representing matter and physical reality in quantum theory, a sort of three wave system like biorhythms, where when all the lines cross, something happens.

The issue I would like to emphasize here is that we desperately need a scientifically acceptable conceptual framework within which Parapsychological phenomena make sense as part of nature and human life in its entirety. I believe that such ideas were known to an ancient civilization, that they did develop the "Holy Grail" of physics: The Grand Unified Theory, and that in point of fact, the Holy Grail of physics may have a great deal to do with the Holy Grail of legend.

In considering the general theory of relativity, science usually utilizes a four-dimensional space-time continuum. In classical general relativity, the metrical properties of the continuum are intrinsic to the continuum, but a fifth dimension in which our normally sensed space-time is embedded can also be used to account for the curvature and properties of physical space. In the space-time continuum, one can say that all parts of the four-dimensional world exist simultaneously, in the sense of a mathematical formalism, and this would naturally lead to a complete collapse of the philosophical ideas of causality.

However, many scientists who work with these ideas do not think that this continuum is 'real' in a physical sense, such that physical entities could move back and forth at will in and out of time as easily as changing direction in three-dimensional space. We, on the other hand, think that it is not only possible, but also extremely likely based upon certain observations.

In relativity theory, time intervals between events are not completely fixed relative to moving systems or frames of reference. This has led to some speculation that there may also be analogies between precognition and anomalies. However, "time dilation," the contraction of time intervals between moving reference frames, is too small to account for precognition and would still require any information transfer to travel faster than light, and the special theory of relativity, when narrowly interpreted, does not allow for physical travel backwards in time, but relegates this concept to an imaginary mathematical formalism.

Even though it is almost forbidden to question Einstein's restriction on superluminal travel, Einstein did, at one point, propose to consider the hyperdimensional world as "real." In 1938, with P. Bergmann, he wrote a paper entitled On a Generalization of Kaluza's Theory of Electricity:

So far, two fairly simple and natural attempts to connect gravitation and electricity by a unitary field theory have been made, one by Weyl, the other by Kaluza. Furthermore, there have been some attempts to represent Kaluza's theory formally so as to avoid the introduction of the fifth dimension of the physical continuum. The theory presented here differs from Kaluza's in one essential point; we ascribe physical reality to the fifth dimension whereas in Kaluza's theory this fifth dimension was introduced only in order to obtain new components of the metric tensor representing the electromagnetic field.

We believe that Einstein was following a path that was later to prove very fruitful. Einstein, however, was somewhat nervous about this idea, but he followed it anyway, writing in his paper:

If Kaluza's attempt is a real step forward, then it is because of the introduction of the five dimensional space. There have been many attempts to retain the essential formal results obtained by Kaluza without sacrificing the four-dimensional character of the physical space. This shows distinctly how vividly our physical intuition resists the introduction of the fifth dimension. But by considering and comparing all these attempts one must come to the conclusion that all these endeavors did not improve the situation. It seems impossible to formulate Kaluza's idea in a simple way without introducing the fifth dimension.

We have, therefore, to take the fifth dimension seriously although we are not encouraged to do so by plain experience. If, therefore, the space structure seems to force acceptance of the five dimensional space theory upon us we must ask whether it is sensible to assume the rigorous reducibility to four dimensional space. We believe that the answer should be "no," provided that it is possible to understand, in another way, the quasi-four dimensional character of the physical space by taking as a basis the five dimensional continuum and to simplify hereby the basic geometrical assumptions.[...] The most essential point of our theory is the replacing of ...rigorous cylindricity by the assumption that space is closed (or periodic).[...] Kaluza's five dimensional theory of the physical space provides a unitary representation of gravitation and electromagnetism. [...] It is much more satisfactory to introduce the fifth dimension not only formally, but to assign to it some physical meaning.

The reader should note that when considering field theory, it is necessary to differentiate between 1.) Pure field theory such as gravitation, and electrical and magnetic fields and 2.) Quantum field theory. Fields such as electromagnetic fields and gravitational fields are continuous and spatial while quantum fields are quantized, broken into discrete sections of particulate substance or energy. The basing of a theory of psi on a gravitational field rests partly on the fact that gravitation is not subject to the maximum velocity of light because it doesn't travel, but is structural. Evidence from Vasiliev and others suggests that psi is also independent of the velocity of light.

However, general relativity has obliged science to abandon the "action at a distance" idea, causing the 'distance force' to be abandoned, and has placed gravity under subjection to a maximum velocity. Nevertheless, Margenau has suggested that general relativity ought to be regarded as a 'formal' principle such as the Pauli Exclusion Principle. In this case, gravitation would be non-energetic and subject to no maximum velocity and would act as a guiding way to physical phenomena."

These ideas have been adopted by many "alternative science" writers who have related them to buildings, energy fields, light beings, earth grids and all that, and it does, indeed, seem that there may be locations on the planet where one can "tap" a certain energy with greater or lesser ease. But the phenomenon that these ideas speaks to more directly is that of hyperdimensional realities wherein mental energies or consciousness energies are amplified and can be interactive with the environment. There may be a specific technology that suggests not only power for transport that is partly physical, partly "ethereal," that suggests communication that is also partly physical and partly ethereal, as well as powers of "manifestation" that might seem impossible to us in our present state of technology. All of these properties DO belong to hyperdimensional existence, and such a state of being has been reported for millennia as being the "realm of the gods."
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

As I wrote in another thread on the subject of channeling:

For years and years I read books about channeling and channeled info. [including Steiner] Most of this was stuff that you simply could not "check." [including Steiner] However, I didn't take the position of that it was necessarily "higher and better" and thus didn't NEED to be checked.

For example, I've written in Amazing Grace about how the C's first "started" back in 1985. The whole thing was triggered by reading In Search of the Miraculous...

... How many other people had I met who claimed to "know" things, but the evidence of their lives, their actions, did not support their claims?

I also thought about my study of the history of man in my search for the justification of God, and how I had come to see it as the biography of Satan. I was beginning to realize that something was very wrong with the picture of the world that we are taught from the moment we are born, and that is further implemented in our culture, our society and most especially our religions.

I thought back over my life and realized that all the events that had gradually maneuvered me into my present position could most definitely be perceived as the "forces that act to keep a person asleep". It was a certainty that some tremendous pressure had been applied to stop me from observing, from analyzing, and most of all from thinking and learning.

The question was: who or what was the true nature of the "Evil Magician?"

Reading this book sort of "jump-started" my thinking processes, which had lain fallow for some time now. Unconsciously, I was establishing a regimen of deep and intense thinking, alternating with the stopping of thinking that was achieved during meditation. My meditations seemed to progress quite rapidly. I had heard that achieving just a few minutes of deep contemplation was difficult and often took years of practice, but it seemed that I rapidly achieved that point, and soon was able to enter a rather "timeless" state for what proved to be somewhat extended periods of time.

After my regular meditation exercises, I would sit up in bed, surrounded by piles of books and notebooks, reading and writing notes on what I read. As I did so, I would stop and think about questions that occurred to me as I read. The instant these questions were framed in my mind, thoughts would simply pour into my head so fast that I was mentally leaping and jumping just to follow them. These thoughts always and only came in response to the questions that I would pose mentally about whatever I was considering at the moment in my studies. The urge to write these thoughts down was so overwhelming that I spent literally hours a day, filling page after page in longhand, until I felt completely drained mentally and physically. I still have these notebooks. Because these questions had little to do with matters of faith or religion, it didn't occur to me that I was "channeling" at the time. I was just "thinking".

But, there was a curious thing about this "thinking". If I didn't write the thoughts down, they would stay there, backing up like dammed-up water. As soon as I started to write again, it was as if there had been no break in the flow of thoughts whatsoever. They picked up right where they left off.

At some point, I decided that I must find out if these ideas that were coming to me had any basis in fact whatsoever. I most definitely needed more input! So the answers that "came to me" pointed me in the direction of certain studies that otherwise might not have been part of my experience. I was compelled by my rational and reflective nature to research each concept to discover if there was any way it could be supported scientifically and objectively.

I subscribed to a library service by mail, and soon began ordering and reading book after book on subjects that ranged from geology to physics, from psychology, to theology, from metaphysics to astronomy. As I read, I found many pieces that fit in the framework of the information that was pouring into my head relating to these very subjects. I was both surprised and energized to find that the ideas I was getting weren't so crazy after all!
This is my major point: since I had read so much stuff that was channeled by other people that was nonsense, just because I was "thinking thoughts" or "channeling" doesn't make it any better than what others have done. I never was so subjective that I excepted my self and my ideas from critical examination. I'm not sure why, but that's the way I am made.

In Grace I quoted a letter I had written to a close friend which discusses channeling (she had sent me a tape)

December, 1987 -

Dear _____.
About the 'Journey Into the Light' tape you sent - it was very interesting and not unfamiliar or dissimilar to previous personal experiences of my own.

But, I want to comment that, years ago, I interviewed a number of people who had taken mescaline. It seems they had all experienced fantastic "inner voyages". It is, it seems, a total alteration of perception; they 'see' sounds and 'hear' colors and movement. Most of them described, laying over the whole experience, 'waves of reality.' They traveled into 'other realms' and perceived other beings - even very frightening areas of darkness and despair. They describe a disintegration of reality that includes the self. For most of them, this 'loss of identity' is terrifying.

In my own experiences with meditation, I have experienced 'transfer of information,' most of which is kept buried and which I have never shared with anyone. Until I can find confirmation of it in some other source, I will continue to hold it inside.

The point is: the mescaline experience - including other hallucinogens - is purely chemical - or, at least, chemically induced. Since the brain is capable of such incredible 'voyages' as a result of chemicals, how can we assert with absolute certainty that similar self-induced 'flights' or even acts of 'channeling' are not also merely chemical reactions within the physical brain?

How do we know we are not merely manifestations of the imagination of some slumbering Cosmic Being? Or the toys or whatever of a group of celestial adversaries? (For I cannot doubt some foundation for our existence other than mere accident).

Now, I suppose that what has happened to me is that my faith - once so strong and impervious to external assault - has succumbed to a sort of 'devil's advocate' mode of thinking. For so long I maintained the 'proper' attitudes - performed the proper acts - to 'create' a reality more in line with what I felt would provide the environment for creative productivity and simple happiness...

Well, hope springs eternal, as they say. I will continue to do those things which should lead to 'enlightenment.' I will water the shriveled plant of my faith and withhold judgment. But I cannot lie and pretend all is at peace in me or that I find my life, up to this point, at all what I would have hoped.

I am now at the age you were when I met you. You are now past 50 - and so little time has passed! I thought we would be young and adventurous and carefree forever, or at least until we died. As Rose said: "I expect to be dead someday, but I don't plan to spend any time dying." Yet, my mortality has never weighed so heavily upon me as now. Maybe I'm going through "the change". I feel crazy as hell sometimes...
As events proved, I was NOT "going through the change." My fifth child had not even been born at this point. The events of that period were quite interesting, though, even if "subjective." More from Grace:

Even in my state of doubt, I continued to meditate. I had the idea that if I could produce the required changes in myself - even if it was only acceptance - that would enable me to pass through this rough period. ...

My meditation practice rapidly progressed. After only a few months of practice, I found myself "zoning out" for up to three hours at a time, coming to myself feeling as though no time at all had passed. The only problem was: I never seemed to bring anything back with me. I had no idea what had been going on, where my mind had been. I did note that I was far more peaceful and able to cope with the difficulties of my life, but it was still frustrating not to obtain something a bit more "concrete" from all of this endeavor.

As a matter of practicality relating to health issues I began to meditate lying on the bed. Some people cannot do this because they tend to fall asleep, but that was never a problem for me. I could "zone out" in meditation, "come to" some time later, and then go to sleep easily at night. I was generally so uncomfortable in any position, that getting to sleep was problematical if I didn't meditate first.

... I began my breathing exercises. This part of the process I had borrowed from my hypnotherapy training and was extremely useful. Of course, I later learned that it had been "borrowed" for hypnotherapy from certain meditation systems.

At this point, I don't know what happened. All I remember is starting the breathing phase, which came before the contemplative phase of the exercise. But then I made some kind of big "skip".

The next thing I knew, I was jerked back into consciousness by a sensation that can only be described as a "boiling turbulence" in my abdomen. It was so powerful that, at first, it felt actually physical - like there was a boiling agitation in my organs that was going to erupt upward in some way.

I was frantically holding my throat, because I could feel a tightening of the muscles in the throat area, as wave after wave of energy blew upward like the precursors of steam blasts from a volcano before it erupts. I struggled out of the bed, holding the wall with one hand and my throat with the other, clenching my teeth so whatever it was would not come gushing out of me and disturb Larry or the children. For all I knew, I was just going to be violently sick!

I rushed outside to the porch ... where there was a lawn sofa, and collapsed onto it just as the outpouring began.

I wish I could describe this in better words, but there are simply none that apply other than to use ordinary descriptions that don't come close to the essence and intensity of the event. What erupted from me was a shattering series of sobs and cries that were utterly primeval and coming from some soul-deep place that defies explanation. Accompanying these cries, or actually, embedded in them, were images - visions - complete scenes with all attendant emotional content and implied context conveyed in an instant. Again, it was like the idea of "your life passing before your eyes".

But, in this case, it was not scenes from this life. It was lifetime after lifetime. I knew that I was there in every scene, in these vignettes of other lives. I was experiencing myself as all these people.

And the tears! My god! The tears that flowed. I had no idea that the human physiology was capable of producing such copious amounts of liquid so rapidly!

Now, if this had been just an hour-long crying jag or something like that, it would have to pass into history as "just one of those things," maybe like PMS. But, this activity had a life of its own! It went on, without slowing or stopping, for more than five hours! If I attempted to slow it down, stop it, or "switch" my mind in another direction, the inner sensation of explosive eruption rapidly took over, all the muscles in my body would begin to clench up and I was no longer in control. (Rather like what happens when one is vomiting violently.) I could only sit there as a sort of "instrument of grief and lamentation," and literally sob my heart out for every horror of history in which I had seemingly participated or to which I had possibly been a witness. I think that there were even some that I was simply aware of without my direct participation. And some were truly horrible scenes.

Plague and pestilence and death and destruction. Scene after scene. Loved ones standing one moment, crushed or lying in bloody heaps the next. Rapaciousness, pillaging, plundering; rivers of blood and gore; slaughter, carnage and butchery in all its many manifestations passed before my eyes; holocaust and hell. Rage and hot anger, bloodlust and fury, murder and mayhem, all around me, everywhere I looked. Evil heaped on evil like twisted, dismembered bodies. And the grief of centuries, the unshed tears of millennia, the guilt, remorse and penitence, flooded through me; melting, thawing and dissolving the burdensome shell of stone that encased my petrified heart; washing away the pain with my tears. An ocean of tears.

As this release of the worlds of accumulated guilt and grief of many lifetimes went on, the "voice-that-was-not-a-voice" in the background, ever soothing, ever calming, repeated:

"It's not your fault. There is no blame. It's not your fault. You didn't know."

And I came to understand something very deep: I understood that there is no "original sin". I understood that the terrors and suffering mankind experiences here in life on earth is not caused by some sort of "flaw" or "error" or aberration from "within". It is not punishment. It is not something that one can be "saved" from.

I understood that every scene of terrible suffering and heart-rending cruelty was the result of IGNORANCE. And each experience was the gaining of knowledge.

It is easier to see this idea when you consider the Crusades or the Inquisition. You can trace the path of twisted reason, leading from the idea of the Love of God to imposing that view on others "for their own good, " ending in torture and mass murder. Forget for a moment about those who just viciously used such philosophies for their own gain and political maneuvers. Think for a moment about the sincerity of the philosophies behind such events. But it is based on IGNORANCE.

Those who were seemingly out for gain and self-aggrandizement were operating out of ignorance - fear and hunger of the soul that cannot be satisfied. It is only a matter of degrees, but in the end, it is only ignorance.

When the flow of energy, images and tears finally began to subside, I felt a sensation of warm, balmy liquid, almost airy in its lightness, and so sweet that to this day, I can still remember the piercing quickening of the fire of love for all of creation. It was ecstatic, rapturous and exultant all at the same time. I was lost in wonder, amazed and at the same time bewildered at this vision of the world.

Well, the result of this event was a state of prolonged "elevation," or "loving peace" that persisted for a very long time. You could even say that the effects reverberate to the present. Never again was I able to condemn (act against with intent to destroy what they choose to believe) another, no matter how wicked their deeds. I could see that all so-called "evil" and "wickedness" was a manifestation of ignorance. No person, no matter how holy and elevated they may think they are in this life, has not reveled in the shedding of another's blood in some other time and place. And no person who chooses ignorance and wickedness and destruction in this life is "wrong".

Yes, I had the right to avoid them, to defend myself against them, to understand what they were doing and to share my insights with others who also chose the way of knowledge. But it was not my place to go on a campaign to "change their mind" if their mind chose ignorance.

The significant point is: Ignorance is a choice, and one made for a reason: to learn and to grow.

And that realization led to another: to learn how to truly choose. To be able to learn, at this level of reality, what is and isn't of ignorance, what is of truth and beauty and love and cleanliness. I understood the saying of Jesus that some things are bright and shining on the outside, but inside they are filthy and full of decay. And I don't mean that I was seeing this negativity as something to be judged. I clearly understood its reason and place as modes of learning, but I was deeply inspired to seek out all I could learn about this world to best manifest what was of light.
And let me repeat that other point for emphasis: "Yes, I had the right to avoid them, to defend myself against them, to understand what they were doing and to share my insights with others who also chose the way of knowledge. But it was not my place to go on a campaign to "change their mind" if their mind chose ignorance."

Later in Grace I wrote about channeling as it relates to me:

During the course of the past few years I have received a lot of correspondence from people about my choice of "instruments" - the Ouija board. (It's actually not a Ouija board exactly, but the principle is the same so the name suffices.) uffice it to say that, at this point in time, I had done sufficient research to feel confident that my choice of "consciousness tuning instruments" was correct. As a rule, I didn't trust channeled information that came directly into the mind. Even though I had just channeled the concepts behind The Noah Syndrome (which became Secret History of the World), I didn't think of that as "channeling". I was just "asking myself mental questions" and "thinking my way" through them. And it should be noted that my reaction to the ideas that came into my mind was to research them rather than just "accept" them as "Holy Writ".

There's a major difference between the mode of using the Ouija board and that of other "channels". The Ouija board allows for a dialectic approach that does not effectively exist in other channeling procedures. It allows for a long period of thesis, antithesis, and finally synthesis. And, in a real sense, this was the process of Noah. The question was asked, the answer came, the research was done, and fuller and more valid understanding was achieved.

But I didn't fully realize that then. I still needed a "tool" that could be safely handled and monitored in a fully conscious state, and the only one that fit the bill was the Ouija board.

So, you see that there is a fundamental difference between my approach and that of Carla and most other "channels." This is best described in a passage from Secret History:

Ark discussed the essential nature of this approach recently in an exchange with Robin Amis, the editor and commentator of Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis:

Ark to Robin Amis:
You stated that:
1) Scientific method has its limitations.

2) Knowledge should be understood in broader terms so as to include, for instance "noetic knowledge". In particular:

a) there is a true form of knowledge that is normally associated with religion
b) those with intellectual training tend to regard it as not being knowledge at all

3) That you - Praxis - teach this other form of knowledge, and the conditions under which it can be understood.

4) The reason that Praxis (and other religions) depends on a suspension of judgment is "that newcomers studying this material, despite quickly getting confirmation of its reality, will not understand it deeply enough."

I will try to address and expand the above points and, perhaps, try to add some new ideas, if only for the future discussion.

Point 1) I agree. I agree completely. In fact it takes a scientist to truly know the limitation and the weaknesses of science, as many of the tricks and games and even lies are known only to the insiders - scientists.

Point 2) I agree that there is such a knowledge; I agree that is important and, in fact, is crucial. And it is because of this fact that we stress on our Website and in our publications the importance of "knowledge", not just "science" or facts. It depends on whether you start with a fact and follow the clues to real knowledge, or whether you start with an assumption, and interpret all facts based on what may, at the very beginning, be a lie.

a) Whether this "true knowledge" is, was, or should be "associated with religion" is disputable.
The term "associated" is somewhat vague and can lead to misunderstandings. Science is also associated with religion. The Pope has scientific advisers; the Vatican supports scientific research.

On the other hand the greatest crimes of history have also been - and probably are still - associated with religion, one way or another.

Religion, if analyzed sincerely and critically, has many dark spots, and analyzing the reasons for this is not an easy task.

But I hope you will agree with me that one of the reasons why religions have these dark spots is that people were lulled into believing that they have (in opposition to others) the "true knowledge".

So the very concept of "true knowledge" is risky. It is easy to imagine that two different people will have different, orthogonal truths. For one the truth may be that he needs to kill the other man, while for the other man the truth may involve avoiding being killed. Every noetic truth has down-to-earth implications. Or so I think.

b) Though I agree that what you wrote may describe a general tendency, yet there are exceptions. History knows scientists - great scientists - that were "mystics" at the same time. Pascal, Newton, Poincare - just few examples. So, indeed, the term "tend to regard" that you used seems to be appropriate. But for this present point, it is important to know whether there is a real contradiction between being a scientist and appreciating other forms of knowledge at the same time. It seems to me and, I believe, you will agree, that there is no intrinsic contradiction.
Point 3) Here of course you are assuming that Praxis is already in possession of such a knowledge. Perhaps this is the case or, perhaps, Praxis has only "fragments of unknown teachings", and not the complete picture.

Being a scientist I am always careful and I would never state that I have the full and complete "knowledge" of something. I may know about tools, theories, formal structures, data etc. But one day, all my tools, data, theories and formal structures may prove to be wrong or useless with the uncovering of a single datum that shifts the entire structure. A true scientist MUST be open to this. What is important in science is being always open to surprises, to new paradigm shifts etc.

So, I think, you - Praxis - are teaching what you BELIEVE to be, at the present moment, "the true knowledge", and you may have very good reasons for such a belief. You may have very important pieces of knowledge - as we think based on research - but, perhaps, you are still lacking some of other important pieces - which we also think, based on research.

How can we know in advance where the next unexpected discovery will lead us?

And here I would like to make some constructive - or so I think - comments.

Looking at the history of "our civilization", religion seems to have been in existence much longer than "science." And yet we see that religion has failed. In spite of its teachings people are still constantly at war with each other. Human beings have not become better, and they are often much worse than animals. Gurdjieff described seeing the truth of our condition - the condition of our reality in general - as the "terror of the situation." It is terrible because, when you really SEE it, you realize how great a failure religion or the "powers" of the various versions of God really are.

Science, which came later and has exploded in the last millennium, has failed too. It has brought mankind to the edge of self-destruction. Advances in mathematical, physical and computer sciences have brought about "applied game theory", where "wars" are called "games", and to "win the game" is to kill as many people as possible with as little cost as possible.

Is there any hope at all? And if there is, then where?

Perhaps it is time to try something new? Perhaps a "marriage of science and mysticism" has a chance?
Why not take what is good from science and what is good from religion, and discard what is wrong?
What is the best thing about religion?

Religion teaches us to be open minded and accepting of possibilities which are far from being "rational". Religions teach us to pay attention to singular events, miracles, phenomena that are fragile and hardly repeatable. Finally religion teaches us to look inside as much as outside: know thyself.

The strengths of the approach of religion just happen to be the weak points in science.

Science is often narrow-minded and conservative restricting everything to what is material and rigidly repeatable. Science teaches us that what is "out there" is not connected to what is "in here," that it must be captured, weighed, measured and manipulated. That is why new paradigms are so painful when they come - but they DO come in science, and they seldom come in religion which is "fixed" and dogmatic and not open to discussion.
What is the best thing about science?

Science is open to criticism and discussion. Even if many forces on the earth try to make a sort of religion of science, in general, scientific theories must be published and publicly discussed. We can find an error in Einstein's papers because these, as well as other papers, are publicly available. Everyone can learn mathematics, as advanced as you wish, from reading monographs, articles, going to conferences, and discussing with other scientists.

The strength of science just happens to be the weakness of religion. Religions are always "secret" in one respect or another - even if that secrecy is only the declaration that no changes can be made, no questions asked, because the ultimate truth about God is a "mystery," a "secret." That is why the teachings of religion are so easily distorted and misunderstood. It is so easy for the central "authority" to achieve the "pinnacle" of the religion and declare to the followers the correct interpretation and that no other is permitted.

Point 4) What you say about students not being able to judge for a long time is certainly true. But whether discouraging them from such judgments is the only solution - I am not sure.

Certainly that was the way it was done in the past. Groups were usually small, whether exoteric or esoteric. Travel and communication possibilities were severely restricted. But today a qualitative change has occurred: we are now in the era of networking and instant communication on a planetary scale.

Therefore a different approach is possible: instead of having few students and "teach them even when they are not yet ready", we can address ourselves to those who are ready.

This was not so easy to do in the past when teachers communicated, at best, to merely hundreds of potential students. But it is possible now, when we can communicate with millions.

Whoever is not yet ready for the next stage, let him stay where he is or go back where he was. Those who ARE ready, will find you - if you take care and NETWORK efficiently.

So, I would not discourage students from making early judgments and discussing subjects that they are not prepared for. If they come to the wrong conclusions and go away or attack you, that is their free will. Let them go where their minds and their hearts lead them.

That is, at least, our approach in QFS . Perhaps we are making a mistake here, but it is always good to try different methods - if available.

So it is, we seek to combine science and mysticism for the few who are colinear with this approach. And this was uppermost in our minds - to convey this effectively - when planning the look and emphases of the new and revised Cassiopaea Website. We understood clearly that there are many "seekers" in the "New Age" milieu who would be turned off to this approach. They are seeking a guru, to be underwritten in their choices, a messiah. As Ark has written: those who are not ready for this stage of Becoming Free, let them stay where they are or go back to where they were. And if readers form conclusions based on their illusions, that is their free will and we have no quarrel with that. Each individual should be where their minds and hearts lead them.
Of course, there are still some items that the C's have come up with that obviously could NOT come from a "reordering" of the masses of material available to my subconscious from years of reading. In that respect, due to the novel way in which the material was obtained as a "group effort," perhaps some of the material was extracted from the subconscious databanks of the other participants? And perhaps some of the data was nonsense - my own and others? These are all questions we consider when we analyze the material and subject it to verification or testing.

There is still another category of material - that which later proves to be insightful in ways that simply could not come from the subconscious data of ANY of the participants.

Or could it?

Perhaps an awareness of what is going on politically and socially can be "sorted and reassembled" in the subconscious the same way the information that led to the discovery of the Benzene Ring was? Perhaps probabilities are calculated in the subconscious mind based on vast collections of data that we don't even realize we have? Perhaps lifetimes of observations of the world "out there" consisting of billions of databits can be stored in our subconscious and lead to very complex "data sorting" and "probability estimation"?

Perhaps there is, after all, a completely scientific and material explanation for the Cassiopaean Material; except for just a few items that I am certain were NOT part of the conscious or subconscious data of any of the participants - items that were known to only a few people on the planet and which we had to dig deep to verify. But then, that is only evidence of an ability to access information that may be in the databanks of unknown others at a distance...

But, isn't that the point? That we search for that tiny clue that there IS a reality beyond that which the materialist scientific view accepts as measurable?

Just as certain mechanical aids can augment the perception of certain ranges of light such as infra-red, ultra-violet, x-rays, and radio waves, so might our so-called psychic perceptions be similarly augmented. This was my theory at the beginning of the Cassiopaean Experiment though I never thought it would evolve into a dialogue with "myself in the future."
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

ark said:
Fifth Way said:
However I disagree with Laura that reading her Secret History saves yourself from the errors of Steiner.
The devil is in the details. Indeed you can read all that was ever written - and it will not save to you from anything - if you do not LEARN (that is THINK while reading). Laura did not say, as you stated that "reading her Secret History saves yourself from the errors of Steiner". Laura wrote
I think you might learn a lot about "Christ" if you will read my book The Secret History of the World and thus save yourself from the errors of Steiner.
What is important is learning not reading in itself. Whether you learn while reading something or not - depends on you. For instance, many people can READ math books and LEARN nothing. While those who know the language, the subject, meaning of the symbols, and are ready can learn a lot.

I know I am saying something obvious. But it seems to me that you have missed the obvious.
Your totally righ Ark.

Being not a theologist and since as long as I can remember I considered the new as well as the old testament a work of - well whatever it is that Laura describes it to be - but certainly not anything that can believed in any way, I am not very familiar with the details. Therefore I got totally worn out by that third of SH that deals with that - got totally tired reading the endless bible details. Thus I may have missed out on some learning. However nevertheless I am proud that I still managed to finish SH despit that thick long section and hope that I learned some.

Time will tell.
"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

Fifth Way said:
However nevertheless I am proud that I still managed to finish SH despit that thick long section and hope that I learned some.
Time will tell.
It happened to me many times that I was reading some book or some article, I thought: "interesting, but I do not know what to do with it". Only many years later, when I was searching for something on my own, I remembered what I was reading long ago, and only then, while reading the second time, I could see things that I missed completely (as insignificant or not understood) the first time.

So, quite often, by reading something, we are planting seeds - it may take time to grow them (they need to be taken care of, otherwise they simply hibernate or die). And then, after some time, when we are ready, we come back to the text, and we see new things - things that fill our needs, that we know how to apply.
Today on my community website (called Nextdoor) a man posted this meme. It seemed prophetic to me being that these statements were made by Steiner some 100 years ago. So I did some digging online and I came up with a treasure trove of information regarding Rudolph Steiner and his philosophy regarding “spiritual science”.

Here is one video that I thought was very enlightening and currently useful to expand knowledge …

If you had done a forum search before posting you would have found that RS was mentioned several times. There is even a short thread on him here.

Laura’s take on him:

"Rudolf Steiner" according to the Sign of the Times' glossary

My personal impression of Steiner, after reading a large body of his work at one point, was that he began with good intentions but his intentions were not able to prevent the arising of his self-importance and ego. Also, due to the methods that Steiner utilized to "see," he made himself more susceptible to corruption by negative influences.

I think you might learn a lot about "Christ" if you will read my book The Secret History of the World and thus save yourself from the errors of Steiner.

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If you had done a forum search before posting you would have found that RS was mentioned several times. There is even a short thread on him here.

Laura’s take on him:

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Thank you for that information nicklebleu! I’m still learning to navigate the site. In fact, I just used the search function for the first time today to find information on Crystals. Will definitely make the search button my friend 👍🏼
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