Samael Aun Weor: a big fraud


Dagobah Resident
Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce one I found yesterday seeking information about Samael Aun Weor. The reason is because I have a friend who has spent 20 years following the teachings of Samael-Victor Gomez is the real name- and is always subject to his teachings or the teachings related to this character, rejecting everything else, really sectarian behavior and very subjective. in fact everything about Samael is sectarian. I respect my friend. But I do not like to share knowledge with her. It is her lesson and learning.

After searching for information I found a fairly objective research on such work and legacy of Samael. The good thing is that is made by a person who was within the "institutions samaelians" or Gnostic Church as followers, and tells us from within and realizing it was doing research on the work of Samael. Sometimes a few subjective comments when he thinks about it, but if we stay with the essence of the text have a fairly good and what is false Samael Gnosis.

In the forum had not found information of Samael Aun Weor, and I think he deserves a "place of honor" at the podium of disinformation and distortion of knowledge, as there are many people who follow this line and this may be fine for is unmasked.

It is translated from Spanish, so I need a refresher. Sorry.

I put the link on the page in Spanish:

Why I left

Samael Aun Weor: Almost all students of occultism true meaning lie, have a deceitful tongue, say they have not experienced and that is lies. Today it is so familiar to false witnesses and occult students do not know who commit crime ...
Webmaster: Well here we are studying the deceitful tongue of the "bookworm" Victor Gomez, better known as Samael Aun Weor

"Ever since Socrates drank the hemlock, became bitter truth"

Julio Medina V.

Why I left
To many it will seem strange our decision to withdraw from the mission of the institution, that is why we have decided to explain the details for the case.

Warning: Obviously the goal of this text is read completely, in an orderly manner, as doing so in a disorderly manner will obviously be difficult to achieve understanding. Why do we say this? Because it has happened that after we left we came forward to telling people that "we could not go," but when we wanted to explain our reasons, not to listen to, as we could make them damage and / or removal from the institution. Therefore I warn you, if you are not sure where you are, if any argument you can withdraw from the institutional life, do not read this text, it is very likely to retire from the institution, or at least just stand in a fairly uncomfortable. You are warned.

This situation had been brewing since the course of missionaries arrived at about half of its development. They begin to read authors that we are always implied, if not stated directly, as it was a waste of time to read them.

I mean the Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Obviously one that ignores the works of these authors, you'd better stay out of opinions, as, can we say about something we do not know?

Some will say: "I do not know, but the avatar if, and what the avatara say, as I can and I on ..." or something like that. The very words of the avatar are against those who think: "Almost all students of occultism true meaning lie, have a deceitful tongue, say they have not experienced and that is lies. Today it is so familiar to false witnesses and occult students do not know who commit crime ... "

But hey, this is not the point. What struck us in reading these authors (Ouspensky mainly because we had no works of Gurdjieff at the time), was the finding that many of the claims of the avatar were taken from the books of the Russian author , which motivate us to want to know more and more the work of Ouspensky, because in it we found the source from which he drank the contemporary Gnostic doctrine.

At this point, some ask, "that I used to read Ouspensky, if the" good "for him, and taught by the Master? "Very good question, but suffers from an error, which is that not knowing the work of Ouspensky do not know why some of the statements of the Master. I come to believe that a Gnostic student interested to know why what is in the classes were adamant that dictates both the first and second chamber.

To give a clear example: The Master Samael says that the dimensions are 6 Dim Zero. Turn tells us that the fourth is the time, the fifth is eternity, and the sixth is what is beyond eternity. All repeat that, plus very few know the reason for that. That is what Ouspensky explains in a chapter of his book "A new model of the universe."

Our search through the work of Ouspensky was giving many fruits, until we met with his book "In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching" There we find that the doctrine that the teacher presents in his Christmas message was, almost completely taken by this author, that is, in that book.

In that book was when I found indirectly Gurdjieff's teaching as it is armed so that Ouspensky Gurdjieff expounds the doctrine, citing quotes what he learned from Gurdjieff

Are explained in the book The Law of Three and Seven, the Seven Cosmos, The laws of the Cosmos, The Solar Bodies, The Transformation of Impressions, The Human Machine Centers, Table of Hydrogens, Los Cuatro Caminos, The Seven Levels of Being (shown in Pistis Sophia), Machine Man, The Law of the Pendulum, The Reason for War, and so on.

This surprised me because there was better explained the doctrine taught by the avatara. Some will say how dare you say that? Or Those are your insights! Again almost right ... Why?

The Master makes many excerpts of these books, sometimes in quotation marks, sometimes not, in his work, asks How will we understand something, read excerpts, or reading the whole book?

It's as if I published a book called "Comments on the revolutionary psychology." It would include small excerpts throughout the book, but without clarifying anything, just quoted. Obviously it's much better to read the Revolutionary Psychology. Samael what he did in his Christmas message was mentioned, but never said anything about the teachings of Ouspensky. One who knows the books in question or understand what we are saying.

In our search we found the book "Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution" of P. D. Ouspensky. And, lo and behold, the whole Gnostic psychology is based on this book, especially the following points: The man machine, machine centers, their speed, the wrong job for them, the four states of consciousness, being and knowledge as a way to understanding the magnetic core, essence, personality, false personality, and so on. Samael's works, such as basic education, are full of quotations without quotation marks and without citing the source of that book. No judge in haste, read, compare.

Noticing this, we set out to know when starting the influence of these authors in the Gnostic work of Samael.

Undertake such work is not easy, because you have to know where to begin. The "where" is to get a correct bibliographical chronology. The more accurate we have found is the one that appears on the site analyzing the works of the avatara, we see that the influence of Ouspensky starts from the year 1960-1961.

This can be noticed in the following books that are of those years: The Perfect Marriage [1], The Christ Social, 1960-1961 Christmas message of Gnosis in the Twentieth Century.

In previous books there is no reference to these authors.

Then, if we continue our analysis of the written work of the avatar can clearly see that in 1961 takes a completely new direction Samael's writings, to the point that begins in 1964 to deliver the Christmas message in book form as "the second part of the message. "

So if the avatara bases its "second part of the message" in Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, will it be worth to study these authors?

So here we are just preambles, still nothing happens, but ...

This past October 27, 200X, heading towards the Monastery A. I made a stopover in B. Reason I was looking for books of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. The search took me to a bookstore which was the famous book by Gurdjieff "Beelzebub's Tales to his grandson," which was written around '40. This three-volume book caught my attention, which "viche", as they say here, the index, for more or less trying. I got surprised when I noted that many of the titles of the chapters of this work were identical with chapter headings Christmas message of Samael.

Obviously, for discretion, I sat down to read the book in the bookstore, but I left with the firm objective to find it for free, and it did not have $ 600 to buy the three volumes. C. When you reach, the city where he was living up to the moment, I looked on the Internet.

Luckily I know English and Spanish that are not available in these books for free. On the Internet I could find only the first 10 chapters of this book, which comprises some 48 chapters, among which are the following: "The Law of the Fall ', mentioned by Samael in" The Three Mountains, "" The Dervish Bojario Hadji-Asvatz-Troov "which appears in the Christmas Message 1965-66, and so on.

And thanks to a Spanish friend, we were able complete the second volume in Spanish.

The fact is that reading this book that is armed in the form of "Stories" [2], we find very interesting things, and this is where the trouble begins.

From now on we will perform a simple test, as some have told us that: "How can you doubt Samael? "We tell them that if something is questioning its veracity, and is able to get ahead of these issues, means that it is real. It's like me saying that one of you is a thief, I think if they fear an inquiry is because they must be, because he who did nothing wrong, there's nothing to fear. If Master Samael is, there's nothing to fear.

In Chapter 10 of the texts I could find in English, appears throughout the history of organ Kundartiguador, as shown in the first chapter of the 1964 Christmas message, known in the Gnostic students as "The Technique of Meditation", or "Technique for the dissolution of the ego."

In that chapter 10 was the whole story, from the Archangel Sakaki, to the Archi-Physical-Chemical-Cosmic-Common Looisos Arcangel, etc..

And this has to do? You ask everyone. The fact is that something that Samael gives a personal investigation, is taken from a story by Gurdjieff.

Some will say: "Perhaps, Samael, seeing that Gurdjieff's stories were real, fully cited in his works. "What happens is that the terms used in this book are invented by Gurdjieff Gurdjieff words, words that seem to come from an Atlantean past, or a sacred language, was invented by Gurdjieff around 1940, when he wrote his book "Beelzebub's Tales to his grandson."

It happens that while reading this book in English [3], in those places that should say "Kundartiguador" actually says, "Kundabuffer." Kunda, Kundalini comes from, and "buffer" in Spanish means "shock" or whether they correctly translated into Spanish: Kunda-buffer, obviously, in the translation used by Samael, had translated the term as "kunda-rtiguador ". This demonstrated that the term was invented by Gurdjieff to his story, and here is where the doubts begin to jump on Samael.

How could an individual being awake, as he himself says, he has not noticed that. A "competent worker in the inner worlds" can not realize he was talking about a story. Anyone who reads Gurdjieff teaching, popularized in the book "Fragments of an Unknown Teaching" by Ouspensky, you understand that the book "Beelzebub's Tales to his grandson", is full of allegories to the teachings of Gurdjieff

Anyone with common sense Gurdjieff interpret the book according to the beliefs and teachings of Gurdjieff

The book is armed in the form of stories, in the words of Gurdjieff Beelzebub takes a hero to his story, making it appear like an alien, a resident of the Planet "Karataz" which for certain reasons was in our solar system "Ors" from Mars observing the strange conditions of life on Earth, in addition, from time to time due to certain missions, he descended to Earth for closer look on us.

Gurdjieff, for his story, invented many words, that would be taken from the language of Beelzebub. To cite a few: Instead of saying "Law of Seven", Beelzebub says: "Heptaparaparshinokh" or "Triamazikamno" instead of "Law of Three" or sun "Ors" by our sun, or "Sacred Raskuarno "instead of death, and so on. Kundabuufer, is a term from the lexicon of Beelzebub.

Gurdjieff Knowing the doctrine we know that the body Kundabuffer, is neither more nor less than an allegory of the "False Personality [4]." Why? Will be explained later.

Continuing the analysis, the following questions arise: Why Samael, did not realize this? And the next is even more doubtful.

One of the mistakes that he attributes to Gurdjieff Samael is as follows:

"Venerable Master" G "falls into the grave mistake of attributing to the ascending Serpent (Kundalini) hypnotic and terrible powers of the serpent descending (Kundartiguador abominable organ). Kundalini is a compound word "kunda" comes to remind us of the abominable organ Kundartiguador, "lini" is a term that means end Atlantean. Kundalini, high grammar, can and should be translated: End of the abominable organ Kundartiguador. The victorious ascent of the Kundalini through the spinal cord canal marks the end of abominable Kundartiguador organ. Undoubtedly, Dr. Maurice Nicoll and Ouspensky, the great initiate, accepted the error of the Master "G". "[5]

Question: How Gurdjieff may be confused with his own invention? Kundalini is possible that a term with thousands of years, comes etymologically from the word Kundartiguador, which has just 60 years ...

If any reader has followed in the analysis, you will realize that we are demonstrating the absurd.

Then, looking at the work of Samael, skip the following nonsense: "Gurdjieff made the mistake of confusing the Kundartiguador Kundalini, the serpent that rises with low and attributed to all claims rising from dark powers the snake down. That is its error, and hence the reason why his disciples failed to dissolve the "I" that was his big mistake. [6] "

A sees that only Samael, because although Gurdjieff Samaelianas not share the ideas about the Kundalini, does not mean that I'm against, or who does not know the power of the Kundalini (From the Divine Mother, or sexual energy). Samael is contradicted himself in his works, as evidenced by the following text taken from a conference:

"Q. - Gurdjieff called" Master. " Does he worked in the Ninth Sphere, or only worked on understanding the "Ego"?

"R. - Worked in the Ninth Sphere built the existential superior bodies of the Being, but failed to complete dissolution of the" Ego "because they rejected the Divine Mother. How can dissolve the "Ego" ungrateful son? The ungrateful son does not progress in these studies. First of all, before reaching the Father, we must come to the Mother, that's obvious. Any other brother has something to ask in relation to the issue? "[7]

At another conference, which is in the collection published by AGEAC conference, entitled "The Fifth Gospel", Samael says that Gurdjieff achieved a 70% raise awareness.

In books like "The Great Rebellion" or "Revolutionary Psychology", Samael says that consciousness can not be aroused without removing the ego. Then: An individual who is able to create their superior existential bodies of the self, to work in the forge of Vulcan, and raise awareness, Will you know the powers of the Divine Mother? If you answer this question with a No, it means you do not need the Divine Mother for the above, or whether they would contradict the doctrine.

That is, Kundalini Gurdjieff calls you to something else, we shall see later that it does not mean you do not know the powers of the Divine Mother or to rule against it. Here we are seeing, as we show in the course of this trial, and criticized Samael said things that never understood ...

What did Gurdjieff say with "Kundalini"? Why is an allegory Kundartiguador False Personality?

Let's start with the first question:

In Chapter 11 of "Fragments of an Unknown Teaching", Gurdjieff says:

"In the literature call, you have probably found the expressions <> or. These terms are often used to indicate an alien power latent in man can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the true explanation of the Kundalini force. This force is sometimes attributed to sex, sexual energy, that is associated with the idea that you can use the energy of sex for other purposes. The latter interpretation is completely wrong because Kundalini can be in all things. And above all, Kundalini is not in any way desirable or useful for the development of man. It is curious to note how the occult have used a word whose meaning has changed completely, making this very dangerous to force an object of hope and promise of blessing. "

"Actually, Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of imagination, which usurps the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when your dreams take the place of reality, when a man takes himself for a lion, an eagle or a wizard, Kundalini is the force acting on it. Kundalini can act in all places, and with their help all the centers can be met, not in real but imaginary. A sheep that takes itself a lion or a magician, lives under the power of Kundalini.

"Kundalini is a force that has been introduced to the men to keep them in their current state. If men could really realizing his situation, if you could realize the full horror of this, would be unable to remain as they are, even for a second. Immediately begin looking for a way out, and find it very quickly because there is an exit, but men do not see, simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in their state of hypnosis. For men, awakening means to be <>. There is the main difficulty, but also where we find the guarantee of the possibility of awakening, because there is such a dream Organic legitimacy - the man can wake up. "

Here we see that the Kundalini is that Gurdjieff hypnotic force that keeps us asleep. Outside hypnotic force that enters us through the five senses, staying asleep, or whether we sleep we are not processed prints.

Now, false personality, according to Gurdjieff Dampens impressions, that is, what comes to us through the five senses, is cushioned by the False Personality. Cushioning means forcibly removing something. A print "x", admitted to our centers, and is "buffered" so as not to wreak havoc on our psychology. Example: A teenager who looks in the mirror and sees that it is not as handsome as the heartthrob of the TV, but the False Personality, absorbs these impressions to continue seeing handsome and follow his dream, that is unable to see the reality.

Understand that any student of Gurdjieff, except for students Gnostic knows that the idea of ​​Kundartiguador is an allegory, but, anyway try to show why.

Who would believe that humanity was disappointed in the world, and to be fascinated with it, you will implement a "tail" or "tail" which manages to be fascinated with that world? How is it possible to perform such an operation, and then cut the tail of all humanity as the story says? Question: How can a humanity that was rebellious against the gods and the creation, implement a queue leave just like that? What did you tell to convince the gods that humanity? And as they did to cut the tail at all? [8].

Samael's phrase in his book "For the Few": "All truly positive vision must be fully supported by the facts of the physical world ... "Truth does not depart from human nature." "If we consider truth departs from human nature, then, can not be true. "These sentences are quite eloquent.

So the only way to perform such nonsense would be through genetic engineering which, if it is illegal for humans cosmic level, it must be so for the gods.

In addition to Gurdjieff presented this story as an allegory, it would be sufficient to disrupt the words of Samael, logic dictates that the real version is actually an allegory.

If we move in the book we will see later Gurdjieff says:

"On the contrary, in the presence of beings who come to power for the first time, not only is there no real awareness eseral, nor was there any in the beings of the old establishment, but also they begin to manifest in various "spells" a particularly tumultuous and give results as terrible as extraordinary, these various "spells" are crystallized in the presence of brain tri-terrestrial beings, and especially today, as a consequence of certain properties kundabúffer organ, such as "vanity," "pride", "presumption", "self" and others, whose functioning is still very fresh in them, since they almost never have reached the required satisfaction. "

The properties here mentioned by Gurdjieff such as vanity, pride, conceit, pride, etc.., Are attributed to Gurdjieff False Personality, which demonstrates what we affirm.

So my questions now arise. Why Samael, being a person awake, did not realize this? He himself says he does not like to adorn themselves with feathers outside, but filled his Christmas message with stories plagiarized the works of Gurdjieff.

According to the dictionary "plagiarize" means: "Copy the works of others and make them their own."

What did he Samael in your books? I pose this question assuming that you know the books of Samael, as well as those of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, to name some authors who based his work Samael. To those unfamiliar with the works of Gurdjieff, O. Samael and we answer them with the words of Samael: "Marx's attacks on metaphysics has no value because the basic logic says:" a critic's opinion is worthless if there is full knowledge "[9] .

Could last several sheets showing subjects Samael's works are taken from these authors. The funniest of the case, is that anthropological research Samael, are almost all taken from the books of Gurdjieff Since the monkeys come from man, even the names of cities and continents Atlantis (Perlandia, Maralplecie, Grabonzi, etc. .).

So my question is: Why, if Samael was the avatara, the messenger of the new era, "the postman cosmic", etc.., The message he brought to mankind, had been given for 40 years before Gurdjieff ? We already know that Gurdjieff instructed his group in Russia since 1915.

Consider the "message" of Samael.

Samael says in his Treatise of Sexual Alchemy: "All those who divulged the Great Arcanum before me, died. There is only one man who divulge the Great Arcanum, and not die. That man was me. "

But it happens that the arcane A. Z. F was taken from the play "Rose Cross" Krumm Heller, chapter 12:

"Given the current state of society, considering readers armed with false modesty, and for this time to avail myself of the official school method, give the recipe in Latin, which consists of a soft virilis in vaginam inmissio sine membri ejaculatio seminis . "

This book was written by Krumm Heller, during the 30s. Obviously, long before Samael deliver the arcane. Some will say, "but it was in Latin." We say that in course of Krumm-Heller Zodiacal also delivered the Arcana, the only thing this time in Spanish. Also in those years that Latin was not as unknown as it is today, especially in esoteric circles. Any person could only approach the village priest or any teacher and ask him to translate that text.

In addition to the scientific, cosmic and psychological effects of such practice, including the practice itself was given by Gurdjieff, in Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson. Obviously before Samael. So if Samael was the messenger, arrived late ...

Then we have all the information about the chakras, inner bodies, round rays, cosmic drama, and so on. This is taken from the works of Theosophy.

The "Revolutionary Psychology", is based on the book "Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution" by Ouspensky.

The Gnostic Theurgy is taken from the book "Dogma and Ritual of High Magic" by Eliphas Levi, with slight deformation.

The parts that are added to the Perfect Marriage in its second version, they are almost entirely taken from Ouspensky's "A New Model of the Universe." The three types of sexuality are taken away, for example.

Even the dogma of evolution, that bothers both Samael and believes disrupt actually had read of the work just quoted from Ouspensky.

Kabbalah is taken from the work of Dion Fortune called "The Mystical Qabalah", which obviously makes corrections that only he, Samael, meant by mistakes.

That is, Samael was a good compiler, the default key that includes the quotes did not exist in his typewriter ...

Then we also see that all the titles that is attributed, are "self-titled."

We use avatars, Patriarch of the Gnostic Church, Buddha Maitreya, and so on.

If we consider that Samael did not provide any "new message", who is the Avatar? ¿Sai Baba, who also said avatara, or him? say for example. For followers of Sai Baba, he is the Avatar. It also cures and has powers. So that having power is not a guarantee of anything.

The Patriarchate of Samael.
Looking at the Patriarchate of Samael, appear many doubts.

Here we have to deal with the ignorance of the Gnostic students, but hey, continue ...

First of all, you should know that the Gnostic Church referred to the Samael, is that of Krumm-Heller. This church was founded in France in 1890. Krumm-Heller was anointed bishop there in 1929. While in Colombia, in 1928, founding the Rosicrucian Fellowship, Victor Gomez (Samael), was just 11 years, hardly Krumm-Heller has been appointed as his successor a 11 year old boy who does not even belong to his school since Samael She claims to have entered more or less than 18 years. The other reason which can not be named successor, Krumm because at that time did not belong to the Gnostic Church.

The center of F. R. A. Israel was commanded by Rojas. We know that Victor Gomez, is removed from the fraternity, and as shown on its books Samael was not quite agree with Rojas. Samael hardly have been appointed successor.

So is the self-proclaimed Patriarchate. And if it was named from the higher worlds, nothing can be proved.

We know that the Gnostic Church is the holy book Pistis Sophia. In the words of Samael: "The Holy Gnostic Church is the jealous guardian of the" Pistis Sophia ", which is written the whole teaching of the Divine Rabbi of Galilee," excerpt from the Revolution of Beelzebub.

Also in his book The Seven Words Samael made an explanation of the Pistis Sophia taken without quotes from the book "The Gnostic Church" of Krumm-Heller (Viracocha). To add more, Huiracocha says in his work: "The Book of integrity, intact, the true original Greek as written and with purity of teaching, is held by our Holy Church, as a relic esoteric, that does not know more that those who are able to receive, its deep and clear truths ... A we necessarily had to come and it is our Patriarchate as the faithful keeper of precious jewel. "

Our question here is: Why, being that the Gnostic Church, through its patriarchy, is the faithful keeper of the original Greek, when he decides to give humanity its summit book, gives an incomplete version, replete with translation errors?

We know that the version of Pistis Sophia is known within our institution, is taken from an English version, which in turn was translated from the version found in England in Latin, which, according to Krumm-Heller, the is incomplete.

In addition, Samael, at a conference in the mid-70s says the Pistis Sophia is a Gnostic treasure is unfortunately not available in Spanish, but they are translating from English to deliver later correctly revealed to mankind.

Again questions arise: If you really Gnostic Church is the holder of such original, and is the patriarch a faithful guardian, why not deliver Samael such a book? Do not you know? Why earlier claims that there is, in the Revolution of Bel, and later appears unaware of their existence? Did the patriarch can not access the main book of your church? Does the Pistis Sophia Unveiled, can not access it? ¿Samael is not able to receive these teachings, as expressed by Huiracocha rule, or simply not the Patriarch?

But that is not here, anyone who reads the Christmas message of 1967, entitled The Ring of the Buddha, you may notice in the chapter entitled Gnosis, of this book, see a full quote of Chapter 102 of the Pistis Sophia. The question is this. If the mid-70's at a conference, Victor Gomez says there is no Pistis Sophia versions in Spanish, how to quote made several years ago? Did the Patriarch can not recognize the treasure of the Church when you read it? Each draw their own conclusions.

The Prophet of the New Era.
Samael said to have begun a new era, and became the prophet of it. We must remember that in 1904, Aleister Crowley, English occultist known, declared to be the Prophet of the New Aeon, which began in 1904 when he was given "The Book of the Law." A text that has no precedent, that is, before there was Aleister Crowley. In this book are the rituals of 1st. and 2nd. Grade used in the institution, which were taken by Samael Krumm-Heller. Krumm was a disciple of Crowley and he got the material to create their rituals.

The fact is the following: Aleister Crowley, despite self-proclaimed Prophet of the New Age, at least to bring humanity a new text, new message, yet a very interesting code of behavior, ie the Law of Thelema, of "Do what you want, this is the only law ...", which Samael was not able to do, ie, did not bring a new message.

The Buddha Maitreya.
Supposedly Maitreya Buddha is the one linking the teachings of the East with the West. How can we come to believe that Samael is the Maitreya, when not joined any teaching? All he mentioned about the East is taken from books by various authors, mainly those of Theosophy. In any case, who had joined East and West were those authors, such as Blavatsky, to name some.

In addition, Gurdjieff, for example, if studied in the East, more specifically in Tibet [10], and from there made his journey westward through Russia, founding of the Fourth Way schools, etc.. We know that Samael never left Mexico, after having established there, an alleged prohibition of the Divine Mother, arguing that if he came out of Mexico, would die. In any case if India saw was in pictures. So How did you link the two parts of the world with his teaching, if all that had taken the teaching of books? As he was already in the West, means that those who had made such a union, were the books.

With all these compelling facts begin to doubt the authenticity of Samael. It was here that we saw, as already said, that his works were composed based on books by other authors before him. We refer to Eliphas Levi, Krumm-Heller, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Max Heindel, and so on.

The fact is that to ensure its supremacy, Samael attacks the vast majority of them in his works, and often, making assertions and critical issues that never understood ... Always, when you correct some of his Master s, Samael the attacks, to remain in power superior to them and easy to argue against it.

What we said about Gurdjieff is quite strong, but see another. About Eliphas Levi, Samael, in his book Igneous Rose says:

"Eliphas Levi, says:" I guess comes from the word divinaris, divinus, which means exercising the divinity. " But you forgot the Abbe Alphonse Louis Constant particle A, which precedes the word divine. Grammar says the following: A, preposition denoting separation, estrangement, Vg. Teo, means God, but if preceded by the particle A, we form the word atheist, with what we call that does not believe in God. I guess, is exactly the opposite of the divine, that is, the diabolical. Apolitical, non-political means an individual. "

Thanks to this comment Samael is secured to modify the teachings of Eliphas Levi, without suffering the slightest reproach. We have heard students say that Gnostic works of the author are of black magic, or as usual, that is to waste time reading them.

Here we see misunderstanding on the part of Samael, ie lack of Etymology.

According to an etymological dictionary guessing means "Addivinare, guess, formed ad and divinare, guess. Divinare divinus comes from, in the sense inspired, as if the inspiration intervene divinity. "

The dictionary is quite eloquent, but go to logic, trained as Samael, no right-handed, according to the dictionary, the one who has expertise in something. Wealthy, as Samael, no money, according to the dictionary, the one who has money.

That is, the examples cited Samael on the "particular" are good, but not all cases.

Eliphas Levi should consider telling paraphrase: "Grass for intellectuals."

It also attacks Krumm-Heller said, "We can not accept that statement of the Master Huiracocha that blacks or yellows may belong to the White Lodge, because this is only for white people. We recognize that the Master Huiracocha is a guru of the Universal White Fraternity, and I know that is Archbishop of the Gnostic Church, but when he made those statements in the course of Magic-Rune, are sadly mistaken. There is no doubt that if the Guru had Huiracocha rectify those mistakes physical body, because the man is a fool wander and remain in error. "

Huiracocha Samael should learn that, in his book The Gnostic Church, and corrects his mistake. "We sent our Apostolic Blessing to all humans regardless of gender, caste, race, or color wheel hoping that the evolution of this life cycle to accelerate its pace, for the Universal Fellowship become flesh among all the children of the Father and the Divine Logos kindle Blessed Rose of Spirituality on the giant Cross of our Earth. "Excerpt from the book of Huiracocha.

In his book Tarot and Kabbalah, Samael reads, "The concept of Descartes:" I think therefore I am "is completely false, because the True Man is the intimacy, and intimacy does not think he knows. Atman does not need to think, because he is omniscient. "Perhaps it would have been nice to Samael took a dictionary and then see that the word means" therefore. " Descartes then the phrase would be, "I think therefore I am." What's wrong with that?

About Max Heindel says in his book "Greater Mysteries":

"Heindel says: In the baptism of Jesus operated a change, says disincarnated Christ Jesus and then entered the vehicle is false is sufficient proof that knows nothing Heindel resplendent doctrine I AM. Heindel does not know that Pink is The Crown of Life. Christic esotericism unknown Heindel, is an honest mistake, and those who are going the way of error, because blind guides will stop all the abyss. "

Samael forgot that years ago in his book The Seven Words was written: "JESUS ​​disincarnated at the age of 30 years, when John the Baptist baptized in the Jordan. And at this very moment Christ went into the body of Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus was no body. Christ spent three years between the body of JESUS, JESUS ​​CHRIST gave his body. "Excerpt from the First Edition of the Seven Words. That is, the same error that attributes to Max Heindel, Samael had committed years before. Why not recognize their error, and self-correct, instead of attacking Heindel? Samael's own words leave it more clear: "Because the man is a fool wander and remain in the error." Again, draw your own conclusions.

At this stage of analysis, it appears become boring, but we are simply showing that Samael attacked and criticized things I never understood.

We have not yet come to know because I went. The reason is that due to the above, Samael was a fake, a plagiarist, and so on.

To understand that we are not saying that he had no powers, astral out or not, or not to cure the sick, etc.. And so on. And so on. Just say that many things that claim to be and know, really the others had taken.

This is the first point. The second point is the proposed work he performs.

I ask the following, Why are ye, for example, under the guiatura of Lakhsmi, and not remain alone in Ageacac or not you two for the IGA, etc.? Obviously the method that you Lakhsmi delivery, you seem more logical, more practical, and so on.

Now we see that method call. Method: "Order is still in the sciences to investigate and teach the truth." His way of teaching, and practices that will seem more logical delivery, more effective, and so on.

Let's stick with that. To continue the analysis we must now take another direction.

Presumably, as taught, work must be prosecuted within Gnostic in three aspects: "Psychological Death, Birth, Sacrifice for Humanity."

To carry out any of these aspects of the work is necessary to have a method with which to practice.

The sacrifice for mankind is closely related to the charity, not so difficult to put forward. Birth is carried out through sexual practice without ejaculation of semen, plus certain details, which will not go.

The situation is complicated when we factor of psychological death. Hundreds of students Gnostics endeavor to carry out, more do not, it was stated that the method is wrong, and because of that, beginning in July 2003 what is called "The New Work Order".

Supposedly, this new method would achieve the goal of ending the ego.

But, how is it possible to know whether the new method is effective? Many may say that putting them into practice, you can check if it works or not. That answer is pretty naive, because we can spend a lifetime, testing methods. A clear example is in the Gnostic students who have more than ten years of Gnostics, and the facts show that many have failed.

And here again we must make a clarification of terms. If we are honest, if we understand the gnosis, we see that make an inside job is not to participate Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in an institution, or help pay the fee on profit selling on Sunday. Obviously the interior work will be carried out by those who can meet the three factors. If at this point I say "not easy", well, who told you it would be easy?, But not seek security and peace in your hearts by simply participate in the classes of second chamber, has long since invented the term "Gnostic Bread and Wine".

We know people one year of serious work, have succeeded in raising awareness. If we see students with more than 15 years within the institution and have not done that, it means that something has failed, or at least who have not followed the correct method.

And why is it so important to the method? Some might say. Because this is like the recipe, to accomplish something. So how do you know if a method is wrong, but putting it into practice? Simply analyzing the logic. We know there are students who because of their fanaticism, they even speak out against the logic and other capabilities of a developed human being, but, well, for those have not written this text ...

Example: I have "fried cakes". In the recipe (method) that I have indicated the need to bake. Obviously, this method is wrong, because I want to make fried cakes, they should be "fried." Before implementing it, using logic, I could tell if that method was used or not. But to do so, I need a method for the preparation of fried cakes, or have me someone who knows and who know the facts show, that tells me the faults or errors of the method I'm about to use.

Gnostic students happen to know no other method that is taught, and as already explained, the methods are taken from Gnostic writers like Ouspensky and Gurdjieff. So, these, being delivered in modified form, generally do not lead to expected results.

Consider this and see why.

If the individual is a "human machine", as stated in the modern Gnosticism, we can say that selves Psychological are faults in the machine. To study the first Christmas messages Samael, you can verify what I say.

But how could you come to find that your machine has faults? First of all you must realize the fault, then move on to fix it, but you can not fix it if not for to know where you are.

Here we see two things are necessary before moving on to clear the fault, or the ego. First of all you need to realize that it exists, is awakening. It is also necessary to know the components of the machine. You need to know how these pieces, which are the roles, which do not meet, how they function optimally, when not, and so on. For example, if a room does not light a lamp, there may be many causes. One may be that the switch is damaged or the cable is cut, or maybe the bulb is burned, or simply misplaced, and so on. To realize the real failure is necessary to know that there are all these elements, how they work, and so on.

The same happens inside the human machine, you may realize that you may possess psychological selves. But who knows all the functionalism of the human machine? By their fruits ye shall know, Jesus said. The fruits show that Gnostic students do not know in depth the machine. How is it possible to make repairs to it, if not even know where the fault takes place?

Why this happens. Because in the books of Samael where it should be the method of knowledge, this appears not delivered in full. It's like having my hands on the first chapter of the manual on a TV. In this chapter I have indicated that parts of the machine, ie the power button, the screen, the remote control channel changers, control volume, etc.. It is known that in the rest of the book are the functions of those parts. Also shown in the rest of the book when the machine is working properly, when in forced, and so on. With all this knowledge, a technician, just watch TV, can know what is wrong and where it is located.

It happens that the full manual is on the books of Ouspensky, Samael is content to deliver just the first chapter of this manual. The rest, the exact detail and thorough machine parts and their functions, and so on., Does not deliver, for the simple fact that if I did would plagiarize the whole book of Ouspensky, which would be too obvious. Obviously this comment is made for those who know the work of Ouspensky, I do not think you are becoming so childish to say I'm wrong in my views without even knowing the works of Ouspensky. Read, see, it costs you nothing. Learn from St. Paul: "Prove all things, hold good."

The same applies to the Awakening. If you appreciate all the details and tips that Ouspensky teaches in his works, and is able to implement them, obviously we will move fairly rapidly.

That is why the Gnostic student's situation is quite complicated, as it is demanding something, fourteen after fourteen, which is unable to perform due to ignorance of the correct methods. How will you get rid of the ego, one that raises awareness and working knowledge of the machine?

So my question is, why, if the "new work order" is the "new method" given by the gods, this does not indicate such matters? What if students fail to "get in astral consciously "and actually do make contact with the Masters of the white lodge, because they do not tell the student how to do it?

Today, Thursday December 4, 2003, we know who have given at least 38 bulletins on the work order, but none of them shows the operating machine. It's like a cripple being required to win a marathon, to deliver his "salvation", or going to the "island". Obviously the disabled will be unable to run. But if the instructor is able to rehabilitate it, obviously, time will be able to run and participate in the marathon.

The same applies to the Gnostic student, you call things you can not achieve, at least in its current state. Why this is not indicated in any of the newsletters? Obviously the work order begins to look not as effective. If we analyze, we can see that after certain newsletters, its lack of logic begins to increase. To cite an example. On October 2 ordering in a newsletter of the sun descend into hell to remove certain egos, the October 17, 15 days later, it is ordered in a new bulletin, which is down to hell psychological Mars, ending with certain other selves. How is it possible that in 15 days this can be done? Obviously it is illogical, especially for a student who does not know Gnostic fully machine, and obviously for their deeds and actions, has not awakened consciousness. If Lakhsmi is the guide of the "People Gnostic" perhaps does not know the level of their students, their guided?

The other fact which demonstrates illogical bulletins work order is that it calls for study those books where, for example, indicates that practice is the awakening of the chakras, and so on. Here you start by Lakhsmi contradict the "Restorer," the doctrine of the avatar, as Samael says in his Christmas message, 1960-61:

"Practice timely advice you want and read what you like, but remember that when you go to build, the first thing you need is the stone for the foundation, because if built on the sand, your building will inevitably roll into the abyss.

KRIYA Do you love? Well, practice it, but first put the foundations of your temple. Builds upon the living stone, that stone is sex. It builds upon the sands of the theories because your BUILDING roll into the abyss.

Do you want power? Vehicles where they need to develop powers. GHOSTS astral, mental and causal powers can develop GHOSTS, that's all. YOU NEED THE POWERS CHRISTED. What's going car to develop? Have you not purchased the ASTRAL CHRIST? DO NOT HAVE THE MENTAL CHRIST? DO NOT you enjoy THE WILL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST?

Stop a moment and meditate. DO NOT BE fanaticism or sectarian. Stop a moment! PLEASE. Be honest with yourself. IF THESE VEHICLES DO NOT HAVE YET CHRISTED, not waste time. ENGÉNDRALOS NOW BEFORE YOU COME TO THE DEATH. "

I think the words are quite eloquent. Some argue that it is an old book, which is not the only one Samael, and so on. Study the literature of Samael chronology and tell me which book then after that just indicated, Samael REBOCA in words.

Following this, in addition to noting that the method indicated by Lakhsmi is wrong or not to hurt feelings, at least not that we are interested in, we began to notice that Lakhsmi, the restorer, contradicts the work of the avatar .

Always said that Lakhsmi (Theophilus Bustos) was the restorer of the Church of Christ and had never changed anything in the work of the avatar.

On the restorer, we have a copy of the letter appointing the restorer Samael his Church, and never mentions Lakhsmi, or Theophilus Bustos.

Moreover, in Salvador, Philadelphus Novoa, ie Anubis Master Sabaoth, also claims to be the Restorer, and also claims to have the letter ...

Then, they say: "By their fruits ye shall know them." Arguing that the Church led by Lakhsmi is expanded throughout the Americas, and that has thousands of Lumisials, etc.. Quantity does not mean quality ...

Returning to the subject that interests us, there are many facts which show that the doctrine of changed Lakhsmi Samael. A clear example is the way to deliver the Rune Thorn in their newsletters, and someone who delivers Samael versions, you know the version of Lakhsmi is altered.

In the book In a new exodus aquarium Lakhsmi an analysis of the 78 cards of the Tarot. It apparently does not know Theophilus Bustos and his followers is that there appears Tarot is not the delivery Samael in his works. For the curious, we have the document that shows what we say. So if that's not change.

In addition to the varied number of rituals that Lakhsmi Gnostic added to the liturgy, such as "The Ritual for 19", "The Rite at Dawn", etc.. If that does not add, what is it added?

Why, when one comes to an instructor with lessons from other Master Samael s post, it says that such teaching has no value, as the avatara gave all? Why is accepted then aggregates Lakhsmi?

Moreover, if Lakhsmi is what it says, recommends the study of a book as the "Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic" by Samael Aun Weor, which has teachings of black magic. Some may wonder, how did you say such nonsense? Do not hurry, and explain what we say.

There are two versions of the book Treatise of Occult Medicine ... One that Samael published in the early '50s, in which there are these teachings, and a 1977 version, which does have these teachings, which is called "Extended and Corrected" .

Then you can reach Lakhsmi argue that refers to the original version. The way to express themselves in the "Treaty of Theurgy" of Lakhsmi shows that unknown origin of these practices, when he says this: "When in Mexico, Master Samael Aun Weor delivered the latest version of the book" Occult Medicine ... "enlarged told us: "whoever does not wake up in the inner worlds with this book is because they want", and I have proven to be so. "

Now ask: How do you know that in this version there are practices of Black Magic?

Theurgy practices that were added to this book are taken from the Grimoires of Black Magic, which appeared in the Middle Ages, of course, long before Victor Gomez breathed on the face of the earth. We refer to the following practices: "The Secret to travel through the air of mystery" is from the book "Grimorium Verum", by Black Magic. The Summons to the Kings of the four cardinal points, as "Wizard", for example, are taken from another grimoire, attributed to Pope Honorius. The exorcisms for the days of the week, are taken from the Heptameron of Peter of Abano Pietro Apono or (same author), also acts as part of the grimoires.

But the most obvious is when teaching practice with the "Magic Mirror and the Angel Azrael". This practice, apart from appearing in the Verum Grimorium appears in a book of Papus, who believes Samael, God knows why [11], a Black Mage. In addition to Samael says in his book The Revolution of Beelzebub: "There is a huge difference between the mirror of theurgy and necromancy mirror, the mirror is different from Eleusis mirror and school Papus California AMORC. The mirror of the school of Necromancy and Papus is black magic. The mirror of the mysteries of Eleusis is pure and divine theurgy. "Again, draw your own conclusions.

So if Lakhsmi is the guide of the "people Gnostic" because he was not warned of these dangers.

So, not finding an effective method in the "Universal Christian Gnostic Church Confederate Samael Aun Weor" as well as see the work of its founder was plagiarized from other authors, decided to retreat, because we did not consider giving your life right for a cause not worth it.

Some say, and what about the liturgy, with the anointing, as you get? The very words of the liturgy disrupt Gnostic Samael, showing that this is not suitable for individual machines.

According to Samael not have one mind, but we have many, according to what we have in our inner selves. According to Samael psychological selves are "demons" if a person is psychologically asleep, thinking about anything, obviously possessed by a demon is psychological, therefore, can we come to believe that a demon is able to give a Christic atoms piece of bread and a glass of wine? Obviously that can be carried out only by a priest who performed in consciously. What priest is able to be conscious during a ceremony an hour?

In addition to Samael reads: "The Roman priests monopolized the Holy Unction, and because of this poor humanity lost without her twentieth centuries. Pray always, my brethren, and then break bread and drink wine. This solemn teaching I owe to the Angel "AROCH" angel of command. Each person can, alone, to pray and persevere in the breaking of bread and wine. "[12] suppose that the priests Gnostics do not make the same mistake.

[1] Remember that this book has two versions, the "Kinder", 1950, and the "Expanded and corrected," which is the most widely known in the institution.

[2] This should be clear from the beginning

[3] The English version we have been collated by Gurdjieff.

[4] Do not forget that false personality is not owned by Samael, but is a subject on which the teachings of Gurdjieff deal

[5] Extract from "The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac" Cap.: The Binary Serpent.

[6] Extract of Conference: Taste Life, Taste Labor.

[7] Extract of Conference: Taste Life, Taste Labor.

[8] Be it known also that the tail or tail was cut off, beyond the story of Gurdjieff, Samael repeats the same in the book that includes the story, called "Christmas Message 1964." Some say that the queue exists in the astral. That is a doctrinal extra information, but not something to be said Samael. Furthermore, the same Samael says that the internal bodies are similar in their anatomy to the physical. Where do we tail in the physical?

[9] The Social Christ, chap. "Metaphysics."

[10] Samael Which recognizes in his lectures.

[11] We say this because Papus (Dr. Encausse), was Master of Krumm-Heller (Viracocha), Samael teachings that also takes to his books.

[12] Excerpt from "The Seven Words"

caballero reyes

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Hi, Alvaro. I've read some books of samael and certainly he was a master of plagiarism. There are many places around the world, specially in Latin america and Spain with the name "Centro de estudios gnosticos" like effective centers of desinformation.


Dagobah Resident
I know them. Several groups also fight among themselves. There are schools that are rivals samaelians because certain practices may do differently or because they include readings that are out of the set.

Of note, in many samaelians circles Mouravieff's work is not well accepted and is accepted in few groups. Who does not like too much is Gurdjieff, Ouspensky it exceeded that knowledge and being. Gurdjieff did not like because if Samael criticizes him as he says, was his teacher in other lives, to samaelians may not like -and that he copied much of Gurdjieff-. Anyway ...


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Álvaro said:
Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce one I found yesterday seeking information about Samael Aun Weor.
Some will say: "Perhaps, Samael, seeing that Gurdjieff's stories were real, fully cited in his works. "What happens is that the terms used in this book are invented by Gurdjieff Gurdjieff words, words that seem to come from an Atlantean past, or a sacred language, was invented by Gurdjieff around 1940, when he wrote his book "Beelzebub's Tales to his grandson."

It happens that while reading this book in English [3], in those places that should say "Kundartiguador" actually says, "Kundabuffer." Kunda, Kundalini comes from, and "buffer" in Spanish means "shock" or whether they correctly translated into Spanish: Kunda-buffer, obviously, in the translation used by Samael, had translated the term as "kunda-rtiguador ". This demonstrated that the term was invented by Gurdjieff to his story, and here is where the doubts begin to jump on Samael.

I know this post is "old", but while I was searching for threads that include the word "kundabuffer", I came upon this one.
I just wanted to comment that the translation of "kundabuffer" into "kundartiguador" must have been in trying to combine the words "kunda" and "amortiguador". The latter, in Spanish, means dampener, as in shock-absorber. This would make the invented term "kundabuffer" more understandable to a Spanish reader. FWIW.


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Meh. I haven't posted on this forum in years but I'll say this. I studied Gurdjieff and O for a couple of years because of Laura's work and her speaking on it. Awesome. Still live their work to this day. I've been studying Theosophy for a couple of years, as well as some Hermeticism, Steiner's Anthroposophy, and a couple of other's. All great works.

If plagiarism is his flaw, so what? Did he not denounce all copyrights? I see people like Samael, HPB, Gurdjieff, Steiner, as well as other's being messengers for humanity. Though I haven't seen the other author's denounce copywriting, why? Seems to me, while the other's wanted to make money to expand their teachings (great, they should!) Samael made it point of contention that anyone that looked to prophet off of spiritual teachings were black magicians. I'm undecided in that for a couple of reasons but pass on that for now.

As far as the plagiarism goes, I'm not saying he didn't have access to all the other works, he did, but there was no internet like today.

I'll ask this. Is it possible that Gurdjieff, HPB, Samael, etc., had such an easy time with projecting to the other planes, that they viewed the same things in search of the greater truth and had similar teachings and/or wording with similar translations? Is it possible that the Kunda.......... organ reference was something they were both taught on the higher planes? I mean, we're talking about people that could astral project at will and you're defining their works as only being referenced in this 3d physicality. That's odd to me. Unless he's openly looked to harm people, I don't think there's a solid case against him. I mean, Gurdjieff and O had beef, things were said, and regretted by Gurdjieff so that seems a greater knock than what Samael has done but you don't include any of his flaws. With all respects, I think you're looking through a narrow lens regarding Samael. Unless you have more, I disagree. ✌

Soraia Oliveira

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I heard that people from Samaelian gnosis intend to spread this uninformed doctrine in the USA, and for that reason, I have come to leave my blog for Brazilians not to be deluded as I was.



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I heard that people from Samaelian gnosis intend to spread this uninformed doctrine in the USA, and for that reason, I have come to leave my blog for Brazilians not to be deluded as I was.

Hello @Soraia Oliveira, welcome to the forum. Since this is an English forum and you believe your information might be helpful to those in the US it would be good if you could provide a translation of the post you linked to.

Other than that, it's customary for new people to make an introductory post in the Newbies forum where you can tell us a bit more about yourself and how you found your way here :-)
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