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Hi guys,

You will find below a Notebook attached written by Sand and Jenaël.
I decided to share this one as it deeply moved me when I first read it, and made me understand how wrong my STO outlines were at the time and which are still evolving every day on my path of this tremendous journey.
I will continue to share their work, and please do tell me if specific topics can interest you all. Anyways, stay tuned for more coming up soon !! :-)

A toute !



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That's an interesting little booklet and quite collinear with the material here, although at this point it is hard for me to tell whether they are actually channeling something or just sort of plagiarizing the Cassiopaeans. Maybe the writer just amalgamates things into his own words.
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The Force is Strong With This One
Hi guys !

Here are 5 dialogues which will let you imagine-have an idea of Jenaël's path in 2011, as well as all of the struggles he had to go through until now.
These dialogues represent the start of the connexion between him and his Superior Self, as well as the impulse of the future LEO consciousness circle, which really happened when he met Sand later on. The dialogues are obviously colored with a New Age tint, but I really enjoyed translating them and deeply believe that they are essential to understand the expansion of these different stages of their work : Dialogues - Notebooks - Chronics. These stages of their path represent the expansion of their consciousness whilst experiencing in matter and seizing understandings of their learnings, as well as observing their work evolve and grow guided by their consciousnesses. Jenaël had been wandering for many years until the day where he met Sand, and this is why I am really happy to share the first dialogues, which are the keystone to everything happening currently as well as the strength Jenaël deployed to bring us where we are now.

Hope you will enjoy, a toute ! :-)



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The first two sessions seem like he's just channeling his own subconscious, getting into his "zone", while collating bits and pieces from the information field. Then Christine comes along, who while maybe possessing a wider perspective after crossing over into 5D, is obviously a 3D "dead dude." She talks about the Annunaki impeding Earth's transition to 5D, which is funny because 5D is basically the death density. I think some 4D STS beings would consider that an acceptable loss if they are unable to dominate the planet in 4D. What they really don't want is a 4D Earth aligned with STO. The Cassiopaeans don't seem to have much interest in 5D because most of the "action" in terms of lessons and experiential understanding occur outside of it; specifically densities 3, 4, and 6. One of their areas of specific focus seems to be telling us as much as they can about 4D. Christine can probably be forgiven for mixing up the concepts since she is only a 3D consciousness. I'm assuming the reason these sessions have negative numbers is that these were kind of like the warm up sessions before contact was made with the actual "source."


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I read the most recent discussion from 2016 and I think I've seen enough to get the gist of it. It reads like a Cass forum digest with a lot of good and interesting information, because it was basically lifted directly from this site. The guy has a certain amount of respect for the Cassiopaeans, and mentions them several times. He is usually pretty good about segregating sections where he is just quoting the Cassiopaean material from parts where he is commenting and putting his own personal spin on it. I'm not particularly impressed with this "angel," seems a bit too new-agey for my taste, and the only information that it gives that really interests me is when it is basically paraphrasing the Cassiopaeans. As far as this group here is concerned, this is the part that would seem to concern us the most.
We often wondered if a difference existed between the teaching of Cassiopeans and that of the Leonins.

When we asked the question, our cross-dimensional Consciousness or "the Angel" communicated us this:

Cassiopeans and LEOs carry out one of the new potential of future of a tiny part of humanity. They will participate in "the flight" of those having chosen the Service to Others. Other people, other lineages will express other potentials. Some fates will be entropic like those in
whom a great majority of individuals are going now. But somehow or other forms of energy participate both in the cycle of the Evolution. One by its contraction, the other one by its expansion. One by its inspiration, the other one by the exhalation. Both being essential in the balance of the universal cycles.

Concerning the center of thought of the Leonins, it is only the continuity of the Cassiopeans. If there is a subtle difference between both, it expresses itself only by your way of operating, your way of putting yourselves in connection with other working groups, your open-mindedness, your intuitive and emotional capacities, the domains of information which you spread and your predisposition to co-create a new future to the " - STO".

Cassiopeans allowed to open the consciousness of the public to the terrestrial changes, to reveal the science and the forbidden researches, to reveal the political psychopathy... They offered the possibility to humanity to operate a choice for its future with full knowledge of the facts, that to decide between an orientation in the Service to Others or to persist in the Service to Self. The group of people gathered around their teachings, mainly established by intellectuals, by scientists, by physicists, by researchers of all kinds, cleared the ground so to speak, so that you do not have to take care of it anymore. Thus, it is not your role to keep denouncing or fighting against the predation of 4th dimension STS. From now on, persisting in revealing the destructive and psychopathic behavior of the predation STS of 4th dimension, is not really within your jurisdiction anymore. Your vocation is in your commitment, which goes well beyond these "denunciations", even though it will sometimes be still justified to highlight them.

The strength of the LEOs following the example of the Urmahs lies in their talent to do the cleaning and to reconcile certain galactic lineages. They are the craftsmen and guarantors of the universal balance, the peacekeepers of your galaxy. They are the ones who intend to break the taboos of the "world" of the emotional, by which people react sometimes so violently and so mindlessly. Because it is essentially because most people react to elaborate and sneaky programmings, pushing them vehemently on a destructive emotional mode, because they don’t use logic and critical mind.

The role of LEO is from now on fundamental. It answers the need for human beings to learn to see, to accept and to surpass their destructive emotional, energy of which the predators are so fond of. In the end, feelings are only Energy in movement. They can become destructive if they are piloted by the predator, but creative if they are the expression of your higher and human part.
So this guy is essentially claiming to be channeling the Cassiopaeans, except that the focus of the energy has changed slightly because the Cassiopaeans are broadcasting from a different point, similar to how the Cassiopaeans once told Laura that they used to be the Pleiadians. Furthermore you don't need to be fighting against or denouncing the presence of 4D STS and their minions, you should instead just focus on healing people's feelings and emotions. Yeah I started to fall off my chair when I read that, but it is buried between other somewhat reasonable pontifications so it goes down smooth and you don't really notice it. Another oddity about all of this is that for someone who on the surface is so supportive and philosophically close to the Cassiopaeans, it is curious they have never tried to establish any official ties with us considering that we are sort of the trunk of the tree that they have branched off of. I guess if my source told me that fighting against the predation of 4D STS is pointless and I should be more focused on my feelings I would have no need to talk to us either. One begins to think that Jenael and his "angel" are very much interested in cultivating and herding their own personal "flock." Now perhaps it is true that this Leo group is a different conduit into 4D and have their own role to play, and we are where we are because we are the only few, proud, and brave who can actually stomach the heavy lifting, but I just can't take some of the claims "angel" makes very seriously.

Some other things I didn't like about this document are their discussion of the Mark of Cain, which I think is dead wrong, even if this part is commentary and not channeling.
The Knight Templars had adopted the cross as the symbol of their order. Originally the pawed cross was called the " MARK OF CAIN ". This symbol had been born more than 5000 years ago in the proto-Sumerian period. It had been used by the followers of the "God of the One", until they arrived, not in Palestine after having left Egypt, as wanted the religions of the book to persuade us of, but on the European continent after the disappearance of Amen-ti: The western part of Atlantis.

The esoteric meaning of the Mark of Cain can be symbolically found in the Bible in the chapter of
the Genesis (Gen. 4:13-16):

13 Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is more than I can bear.

14 Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”

15 But the Lord said to him, “Not so[a]; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.

16 So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

However, the combination of a metaphoric writing style of and historic facts engenders a lot of confusion for those who trust the Bible completely. The deep truth about the Mark of Cain can be found only by the one who carries it in his memories, the one whom the Soul "remembers".

In Ancient Egypt (or "Amen - ta" in ancient Sumerian), those who wore the " Mark of Cain" showed that they were protected by " the God of the One " from the fury of " Jehovah " (in other words of the Sumerian god the AN). This meant that their carriers had left the spiritual path consisting in taking from others (the Service to Self- STS) and had embraced the path to give to the others (the Service to Others - STO).
There is a lot of historical commentary in this document about what esoteric group was in possession of what technology and which alien beings they may have been in contact with, which isn't really my cup of tea because it is so easy to jump to conclusions and just make stuff up. I think it detracts significantly from the good material that is in the document.

Their preoccupation with 5D that I identified in the first sessions is still present and interwoven throughout the document. Yes, I suppose there are some beings in 5D who are guides or who undertake certain spiritual missions there, and advanced 4D STO beings may stopover there for awhile to amalgamate all of their incarnations into a unified understanding in preparation for 6D, but in my mind it is mostly just a recycling zone and there isn't a whole lot that happens there. Any 4D STS being can promise to deliver you to the 5th dimension and be totally honest about it, grab phaser and pull trigger. I'm not sure that's what's going on here, but they seem to be opening themselves up to a vulnerability to be led down a dark alley.

In conclusion, my instincts suggest to me that this is another channel static situation, where they are sometimes channeling a deeper aspect of themselves, sometimes dead dudes, sometimes spirits from parallel dimensions, sometimes elementals, with maybe a little bit of 4D STS thrown in. It is a Francophone site with French people so I can see where it would appeal to that demographic, whereas we are overwhelmingly English/American, and for a disinformation site (probably more like misinformation) it's really not that bad, but their approach seems to lead to the creation of a sort of glass ceiling at which point you will stagnate once you hit it. Due to some similarities in their worldview, they seem like an interesting group of people if for no other reason than giving you someone to trade with after the world ends, if you live in France and assuming they survive. However if you want to talk shop about the Cassiopaean material, it's best to come straight to the source.


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Thanks for that synopsis, Neil! I've had a similar impression to yours, although I'm not totally familiarized with their work. Another problem I see is that they don't use anything like the Ouija board, which we know can lead to tricky situations. It's as an "internal monologue". What I like about them is that they don't hide that, nor do they claim to have the whole truth. When they cite the Cs, they are very respectful and I haven't seen any big "distortions" of the material. The problem that I have is that they are not very "scientific" about it, and seem to focus a bit too much on the hyperdimensional aspects and "woowoo". But again, they don't pretend to do otherwise. So, IMO, it is okay for some people, and others will come straight to this source if they are more interested in our approach.

I myself have corresponded briefly with them, and they never hid who they were or what they were doing. I believe they have good intentions. As we know here, though, that's not always good enough for the message to avoid "noise", and the devil is in the details.


The Force is Strong With This One
Le Réseau Leo uses "intuition" much more, trusting their higher self / therefore us in the future (therefore faith in the invisible).
And it is another form of walking in the unknown while following the STO path.

To familiarize yourself, you must read all the material and not stop at prejudice, and feel if you vibrate this vibrational frequency in STO path.
The bottom line is networking and experimenting!
As Julius Caesar puts it so well: "Experience is the master in all things"
All is lessons!
All roads lead to balance!
We learn by walking in the shade to find the light. (learn and discover, it's fun)
Nice day everyone!


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@moyal and @Vyninho even though this isn't a first post for either of you, it seems that you have both missed being invited to make an introduction post in the Newbies section. If you'd each like to start a thread there and tell us a bit about yourselves and how you found your way to the forum, it's not too late to get our official welcome.


The Force is Strong With This One

Being a member of the leonin family and therefore of to be Leo ♌ , you have to browse the site and take it chronologically, there are lots of information, videos, so that you can understand the stages of creation and network and objectively see the essence of this STO energy. (create a new form of awareness)
(le réseau Leo, and dialogues avec l'Ange have been created for some years)
So also for the Wave of our dear Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
In other words, it is necessary to hammer several times so that people can integrate information and can feel and see the invisible (the 4th density) which can be done by intuition helped by the Cassiopaeans group which is more intellectual lean.
The balance of the two hemispheres of the brain allows the fusion of the STO candidate on the way during the transition.
Helping each other, networking, share, let's give, create delay is the heart of STO.

Good search for knowledge!


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I think at this point it will be interesting to bring a quote that @Laura makes in the article "Stalking or Precis on The Good and The Evil":

“The traveler who wants to reach the goal safely must avoid the deceptions that lie in wait for him on the path. Once he has reached the stages of unveiling and witnessing, he will be tempted by Satan and his own caprice to depend upon himself rather than follow the “scale of the law.”

“He must move forward according to the scale of knowledge derived from [networking].

“If a “divine command” should come to him in that which is made manifest to him, that contradicts the scale, then he has been duped.

“Many of those who wish for God have been duped in their states without being aware. This is a hidden deception. a strong divine guile, and a being led on step by step without their being aware.

“Beware lest you throw the Scale from your hand… If you understand from it something different from what the people (meaning those of the path) understand such that your understanding comes between you and them, then do not rely upon your understanding! For it is a deception of the ego in a divine form without your being aware.

“We have come across sincere people among the Folk of Allah who have been duped by this station. They prefer their own unveiling and that which becomes manifest to them in their understanding. They depend upon this in their own case. Anyone who relies upon it is totally confused and has left his affiliation with the Folk, thereby joining the “greatest losers.” Their striving goes astray in the present life, while they think they are working good deeds.”

“When the friends of God climb in the ascents of their aspirations, the goal of their arrival is the Divine Names, since the Divine Names seek them.”

“They receive only in the measure of their own preparedness.

“We do not ask those who have opinions of their own. We say to them, “Has it been revealed [among the Folk, Friends of God?]

If he says yes, then you must weigh it against what you have come to know and what has been said to you. You should also weigh it against what is known to others. This is the scale.

“The spiritual traveller who is not sufficiently rooted in the Scale of the Law may think he no longer has need for it.

“The friends of God witness the angels, but they do not witness the casting itself; or they witness the casting and they know that it was done by an angel, but they do not witness the angel. No one can combine the vision of the angel and the casting except a messenger. This is how the friend is differentiated from the messenger.

“As for how the casting takes place, I can tell you that it occurs through affinity. The heart of him who receives the casting must have the preparedness for what is cast into it. Without it, there is no reception. But preparedness is not identical with reception, since preparedness depends upon divine designation. Indeed, certain souls may walk upon the path which takes them to the door from behind which, when opened, there takes place this specific casting. Then, when they reach the door, they stop until they see that through which it will be opened for them.

“When it is opened, the command emerges one in entity, and they receive it from outside the door to the measure of their preparedness. They perform NO WORKS in achieving this. On the contrary, God specifies each of them with a preparedness.

“It is here that distinctions are drawn among the various groups, between followers, or friends, and those who are messengers.

“He who has no knowledge imagines that traveling to this door is the cause by which was earned that which was gained when opening took place. Were this the case, those who experience the opening would all be equal.

“The states present dangers to the person who experiences them. Though they are divine bestowals, there is always the risk of taking them too seriously, thinking that one has deserved the states, becoming proud, losing one’s mental equilibrium. States are trials that the traveler has to undergo. The sooner they are done with, the better.

“Though “divine inrushes” may come without self-exertion, the traveler who is not prepared for them [is in grave danger.]

“There are three levels of this:

1)When the inrush is greater than the strength of the soul, so it rules over the soul. Such a person has no ability to govern himself.
2) The inrush takes away the person’s rational faculties and nothing is left but animal faculties.
3) The inrush does not last, the state disappears, and the individual is able to return to his fellows with his reason intact. He governs his own affairs, and he understands and acts based on deliberation. Such is a messenger and the friends of God.

“When the inrush is balanced with the individual’s own capacity, no one will even be able to detect that the inrush has occurred. In such a case, even if you do not see anything with your eyes, you notice that something has distracted him from you, as if someone were speaking to him. Or he has suddenly begun to think about something, so his senses turn toward it and his eyes become veiled.

“Sometimes the individual’s capacity is greater than the inrush so that when it comes to him while he is conversing with you, you are aware of nothing. He is able to receive the casting, and to continue to attend to what you are saying.

“The traveler seeks to increase their capacity to receive inrushes so that they will NOT be affected by them.

“They also avoid those states which become manifest as “extraordinary.”

According to the Koran, God is the “Best of Deceivers.”

These deceptions are the many tests to determine if the traveler can “see through” and navigate the path.

“So, preserve yourselves, my brothers, from the calamities of this place, for distinguishing it is extremely difficult! Souls find it sweet, and then within it they are duped, since they become completely enamoured of it.”

[Excerpts from William Chittick’s translation and exegesis: The Sufi Path of Knowledge, State University of New York, 1989]


The Force is Strong With This One
Appreciated your analysis also Neil, thank you 👍

Their identification with the ‘Urmahs’ caught the eye, one may assume the group are also well acquainted with Anton Parks?

Yes ! Anton Parks is definitely a huge source which is a strong link to their work as well as many phenomenons S & J went through. I'll be sharing about their personal journeys in the next few days, which will let you have the possibility to develop your own point of views about their paths and experiences they have had. It will also bring you to understand their material-way of working-mutual strength more clearly !


...Their preoccupation with 5D that I identified in the first sessions is still present and interwoven throughout the document. Yes, I suppose there are some beings in 5D who are guides or who undertake certain spiritual missions there, and advanced 4D STO beings may stopover there for awhile to amalgamate all of their incarnations into a unified understanding in preparation for 6D, but in my mind it is mostly just a recycling zone and there isn't a whole lot that happens there. Any 4D STS being can promise to deliver you to the 5th dimension and be totally honest about it, grab phaser and pull trigger. I'm not sure that's what's going on here, but they seem to be opening themselves up to a vulnerability to be led down a dark alley.

DIALOGUE N°10 lays out the details:


The Force is Strong With This One

Here are the "Dialogues with our Angel" from N°-6 to 10. As @Vyninho said up above, they are chronogically rhythmed with Jenaël's path and therefore are the development of Jenael's connexion with his Superior Self. You will notice that the lapse of time between his writtings is very short ! As said before, the texts have a "Noodle Age" tint but which does not mean that nothing can be seized from them. On the contrary ! By reading between the lines they really have a deep meaning and are a symbolic of Jenael's force along his walk when he was still wandering alone and had nobody with whom to communicate with. I deeply believe that Jenaël's story - identity has to be known, in order to understand his material, the person he is and the strength which inhabits him. At that time, while watching his life collapse around him, the start of the dialogues with his "Angel" were the bribes opening the connexion between him and his embryonic Superior Self, and therefore representing the faith he decided to listen to in order to dive, like our friend Don Juan, into the Unkown !


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