Scandalous Poltergeist Case


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Hello friends, I put this case, because the interesting thing, is that the first case of this type here in Chile, that has become a national issue, in all the news and mass medias, as it's credited that it's 100% real, and where there are many witnesses, beginning with the police that recognizes the matter publicly, journalists from various media, etc.

This is one of the videos, and I don't know if it's just my idea, but at the minute 0:58 there are something that looks strange, and coincides with that the person who reading the Bible (Psalm 91: 4) says that he saw something got through:

In this other video on this link;

a prominent and serious journalist (Pablo Barría) of a very serious medium; Radio Cooperativa (equivalent to what could be RT), in which he witnesses some "minor" situations starting at 1:45 min.
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