Session 09 June 2009


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We've got a new session to post but this one is going to require some context in order to understand the questions and answers. There is also a bit of specific personal material that will be edited out though I will retain anything that might be useful for others.

First of all, over the past week we were engaged in taking the "Art of Living" instruction taught by Craig Pruess. Craig was present at the session on 3 March 2009. As the Cs had said that the Sudarshen Kriya would be a useful thing for us to know and practice, Craig made time in his busy schedule to come down and teach us. He is a fantastic musician and when he is visiting, there is always a lot of music; this time was no exception!

We again discussed the Art of Living course in the 30 May 2009 session and, interestingly, that was the session where the Cs brought up the topic of Ancient Christianity, or PaleoChristianity as they referred to it. Some of what they said was surprising, some other parts were not (historically speaking), since I had tracked these ideas in "The Secret History of the World".

The first day of the Art of Living course was devoted to preparatory stretching and breathing techniques. This is called "Pranayama" and you really need a trained instructor to learn this - there's no way it can be taught by me writing about it!

The second day, Craig taught us the Sudarshen Kriya. Again, this requires instruction and guidance. Nobody can teach you by writing about it!

This was a very interesting experience for a number of reasons. At one point, several people in the room simultaneously were startled by hearing a voice or voices and asked "Who is in the front hall?!" Even though they heard voices, the dogs did not bark and no one was there. It was discussed and all agreed that they heard a woman's voice in particular, and it was quite clear in sound even if they did not make out any words. This will come up in the session.

The next thing that happened was that, at the same time that the others were hearing this voice, (or voices), I had been having an exchange with "myself in the future" - the Cassiopaeans. This is hard to describe because I'm really not a trancy airy fairy type person. But, after doing the Kriya, in the relaxed space afterward, there was a clear exchange of information and the question in my mind was "what were you talking about when you said "What is needed is for many people to begin to make direct connections with their higher centers. This has been done via the "work" up to now, but there are other methods to accelerate the process and obtain the needed assistance" in the last session? I really wanted to know where they were going with this "PaleoChristianity" thing.

Well, I received an answer and it was at this point that the people in the room heard the voices though I didn't hear any voices myself. I did wonder if the voices that the others heard were related to the answers I had just received so clearly in my own head.

Anyway, what I was told - and it was rather clear and precise - was that there were certain parts of the old transcripts where all the clues had been given and that now was the time to put them together with the Sudarshen Kriya as well as recent hints about modifications to the Kriya to create an effective Sacramental method.

I went up to go to bed that night but, before I did, I pulled the transcript excerpts together that were still fresh in my mind and will present them here, now, before I continue. I'll bold those things that were "marked" for me by the Cs during the Kriya.

1 January 1995

A: Chakras are like escalators, you choose your step and rise accordingly.

11 March 1995

Q: …. (L) Okay, guys, let's connect our brain cells here!
A: No need to connect "brain cells," using your chakras will do!
Q: (L) Don't connect your brain cells, connect your chakras. How do we connect our chakras. (T) I didn't know that you could connect them? (S) They are all connected always. (L) But I mean how do we connect them with each other? (S) Think it, I guess.
A: Discover.
Q: (L) Can you give us a clue on this? (T) Meditation?
A: You are missing the point, don't search, just let it happen when it is ready.

11 February 1995

Q: (L) In a previous reading you stated that the Lizzies tried to abduct my eldest daughter and that I "stopped" it. At the time I should have asked, and am asking now: how, specifically, did I stop that activity?
A: Mental blocking, i.e. using 4th density principles. ...

Q: (L) So, mentally blocking is our defense?
A: One of them.
Q: (L) And, I was galvanized to erect this shield around my child because it was my baby?
A: And you knew what to do.

3 April 1995

Q: … (L) You did tell us at one point that we could achieve a certain level of protection with stones, crystals, and so forth, is that correct?
A: Yes but crystals are "small potatoes."
Q: (L) Is there anything we can do with our thinking patterns or with our bodies, or anything we can do to accelerate the receiving of assistance?
A: Unite.


Q: (L) Okay guys, you are telling us we are under attack, you are telling us it is going to get worse, you are telling us that maybe some of these other guys can help us out, what can we do in the meantime?
A: Prayers help but more is needed.
Q: (T) More than prayers is needed. So, we are on our own until we get contacted?
A: Find an Orion!!!
Q: (J) How? (L) What do we do, go out to the beach and say: "Orions, come here?" …
A: That is all we can tell you, because it is the limit of informative arena, any further would interfere with free will, so discover.

24 February 1996

A: Networking provides solutions, and not just on the computer!!! {…} Remember, you learn on an exponential curve, once you have become "tuned in." This means that you become increasingly able to access the universal consciousness. Please learn to trust your increasing awareness. All who are present here are at one point or another on that cycle, or one point or another on that cycle of progression, some further along than others. If you properly network without prejudice, you may all wind up at the same point on this cycle. We also mean that you can access the universal consciousness to find the answers to otherwise unseen truths…

14 July 1996

A: ... Alright, my dear, you want the facts, so we will give them to you, and hopefully you will comprehend. If not now, then when necessary maybe... Fact number one: All there is is lessons. Fact two: this is one big school. Fact three: Timing as you perceive it, is never, NEVER definite. Fact four: What is to happen, as you state it, is a ways off, and will not occur until you have reached that point on the learning cycle, and you are not close yet. ... Fact five: The learning cycle is variable, and progress along it is determined by events and circumstances as they unfold.

A: "Passion" does not set one "free," quite the opposite!
Q: (L) But what if your passion is for knowledge?
A: That is not passion, it is soul questing.
Q: (L) What is it that gives some people this drive, this steamroller effect that they are determined to get to the absolute bottom of everything and strip away every lie until there is nothing left but the naked truth? What is the source of this desire?
A: Wrong concept. It is simply that one is at that point on the learning cycle. At that point, no drive is needed.
Q: (L) So, you more or less are there because some critical mass has been reached that 'jumps' you to the point where seeking truth is simply who you are? It defines the parameters of your being. ... Is it more like a 360 degree circle, and each person is a different point on the circle, and the whole thing cycles, and you never change relative to the people behind and in front of you, and the only real thing you can do to help anyone is to move the circle by moving yourself, thereby pushing the one ahead of you up, and pulling the one behind you into your previous place? And where you are on the cycle determines what you do?
A: It is a single cycle, yes. There is only one learning cycle, and where you are upon it, determines your EXPERIENCES, and vice versa.
Q: (L) Is there ever any point where lines connect from one point on the cycle so that you can 'jump' from one point to another? Like a wormhole in space or something?
A: Refer to facts 1 and 2 and 3.
Q: (L) So, no short cuts?
A: Now, refer to 3,4 and 5.
Q: (L) So, certain events and circumstances could help a person to make 'leaps?'
A: No "leap," acceleration.

8 Dec 1996

Q: (L) Are the crop circles themselves like antennae, or like homing devices for energy or thought patterns?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the chronology of their appearance important?
A: Semi.
Q: (L) Is their location on the planet, in terms of longitude and latitude, significant?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) In what way yes?
A: Location, not latitude and longitude... Those are merely measure markers.
Q: (L) If the location is significant, what is it about the location that is significant?
A: Magnetic generators of bonding frequency.
Q: (L) Are you saying that magnetic generators of bonding frequency are located at those places, are in those places?
A: Port through them.
Q: (L) OK, location and chronology...
A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?
Q: (L) Well, we talked about Stonehenge before, that it was an energy transducer, so to speak. So, was Stonehenge put there because of the location, or did Stonehenge create... (T) Why don't you just ask what it is about Stonehenge? (L) Okay, what is it about Stonehenge?
A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in order not to have to chase around the countryside reading encoded pictographs.
Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiralled in, and spiralled out.]
A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation.
Q: (L) OK, so that you're saying that moving in a spiral...
A: The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the wave and focusing thought wave transference energy. Utilizes /transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking down signal from universal language of intent into language of phonetic profile. This is for mutiple user necessity.
Q: (L) Mutiple user necessity implies that a number of people must do the spiral. Is that correct?
A: No. Must hear and feel and understand precisely the same thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly sculpted sing to you.

14 June 1997

Q: (Chloe) Thinking is electrical. Does a person leave an electrical echo and can certain combinations produce harmony which is cumulative and exponential, thereby certain groups thinking can produce more than others, or individually?
A: Close. Now, for Chloe. Suggestion: Combine frequencies to witness the development of a directed wave effect; packs a potent "punch."
Q: (Chloe) And is this related to the group of seven? Seven pieces of pizza?
A: Certainly! See what letting it flow does, Chloe?
Q: [Question as to whether “dominos” is an acronym for___ ]
A: Could be... And if so, be on the lookout for others.
Q: (Chloe) Can we make good pizza?
A: If you use the right ingredients.
Q: (Chloe) What does that mean?
A: Recipes.

19 February 2000

Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.
Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...
A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.
Q: The legend was that the god, Phoebus Apollo, danced at Stonehenge every nineteen years. What does this relate to?
A: Symbolic. Tides, moon eclipses, that sort of thing. Think of Wiccans entubed on the information superhighway!

15 April 2000

Q: (L) This is something I have always wanted to get into a session, but I keep forgetting it. So, I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. What is a "Merkabah?" All these New Age types are talking about it all over the place, and I just want to know if the standard interpretation is anything close to the reality. What is a Merkabah?
A: A creative creation.
Q: (L) Are you saying...
A: As were..
Q: (L) You didn't let me finish my question!
A: We heard it in you.
Q: (L) Well, just to get the question on the record, it was are all these people making all this stuff up about what the Merkabah is?
A: But then again, what is made up and why? It is not so simple!
Q: (L) In ancient literature, something called a Merkabah is talked about, but the definition of this extremely mysterious thing has been lost down through the centuries. There have been many "explanations" from such sources as the Midrash - Jewish commentaries - but there is even argument there. It seems that, even then, nobody knew what it was. But now, we have all these New Age folks coming along who have decided that they know what it is, and it is variously described as rotating double tetrahedrons...
A: If no one knows what it is, that is as good as any other explanation.
Q: (L) I want to know what the ancients who wrote about it meant? What is the definition of the word as the ancient writers used it?
A: The original definition predates this.
Q: (L) What is the original definition that predated the ancient writings that we have access to?
A: What do you think?
Q: (L) What? Well, it's a curious word because it is composed of two words or even three: mer kaba or mer ka ba. If we think of it as three part word, we have the Egyptian Ka, which is like the astral body, and the Ba which is similar to the Ka. I guess you could think of them as the astral body and the genetic body. Then there is the Ab which is the sort of principle element of the life in man - like the part that is of God or the soul. The Ab was represented as a red stone. It was the part of the man that expressed desire, lust, courage, wisdom, feeling, sense and intelligence. So, all of them together sort of expresses an abstract creative principle. Kaaba is Arabic for cube, and it is the square stone building in which the Black Stone is housed in Mecca. It was supposed to have been built by Ishmael and Abraham. So with Mer, Ka, Ab, and Ba, we have a cube made up of the principle parts of the etheric self, and housing a stone. Soul stone? Mother stone?
A: By god, she's got it!
Q: (L) Okay, we've got the soul or mother stone. Or the mother of all stones. Now that we have a definition, what was it?
A: The Matriarch Stone.
Q: (L) Is the Matriarch Stone the one in Mecca?
A: Symbolism reigns supreme here.
Q: (T) Is this also the Philosopher's Stone?
A: "Stone" to those you perceive as ancients symbolized communication from "a higher source."
Q: (L) What is it about a stone that made the ancients associate it with communication?
A: Radio waves.
Q: (L) How did radio waves interact with the stone? Were they recorded by the stone; transmitted by the stone?
A: Transmission.
Q: (T) Crystals are stones. Crystals are used for radio transmissions.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And it was said before that Stonehenge was a giant transmitter and receiver. The original purpose of Stonehenge was to receive communication and to send communication. It wasn't all that Druid HooDoo stuff that people talk about nowadays. It was a machine, so to speak. (J***) Could it be that people who come in contact with a stone in one place, and then they go to another place and come in contact with another stone, transfer something from one stone to another?
A: Well, one strengthens their abilities due to awareness channel grooving.
Q: (L) What gets strengthened from contact with the stones?
A: Your abilities.
Q: (L) When they are talking about this Mother Stone, are they talking about something similar to the Atlantean crystals that gathered, dispersed and/or transduced energy?
A: It is more symbolic. But you are on the right track.
Q: (L) So, in talking about Merkabah, we are not talking about spinning tetrahedrons that enable you to ascend or generate some kind of "astral vehicle." They are saying that visualizing yourself inside of one of these enables you to ascend, or something.
A: If you do that, it may help, though.
Q: (L) It may help what?
A: We are going around in circles here. You should use your own abilities to complete the answers to some of these. But, then again, it is one form of "spinning," is it not?
Q: (T) Everything we have been doing here is all about gaining knowledge and increasing frequency in order to transit from 3rd to 4th density. In ancient times, they would have had to do the same things. But, there may not have been as many experiences available. In order to get experiences, they may have had to travel. So, by going to the stones, they might have increased their frequencies to transit from 3rd to 4th density.

(L) Or they used them as a direct machine or device to do it. Archaeologists say that the people who erected the megaliths were barbarians. They are defined as barbarians because they didn't build cities, they didn't have the wheel, they didn't have organized agriculture, and they left no written records. Those are the defined elements of civilization. Yet, this group of people, whoever they were, did things that we cannot duplicate today, and they did it all over the globe. The groups who came along after them who DID have all the hallmarks of what we call civilization, also could not erect these gargantuan stones.

I thought about this for a long time. Archaeologists say they must have erected them as monuments to their gods, or heroes or whatever. Some of them think they were calendars to tell them when to plant the corn. Well, I think that is stretching it a bit. If you can't cross off the days on the wall and look outside and see that it is time to plant the corn, you're in pretty sad shape. You hardly need to haul stones as big as buildings across hills and valleys to set them up in special places to tell you to do that! The psychology of the human being cannot have changed all that much over the many thousands of years from then to now, and it is true that people do not do anything without a powerful motivation; what I call the "payoff."

What could be the payoff to haul these things around on greased logs as they are depicted? To create a monument or to bury their kings? To get naked and dance in the moonlight? (A) Like they had a lot of time to do this while struggling to live the barbarian existence, too! (L) Yeah. They are supposed to be howling savages who must constantly hunt to get food, yet they are spending all their time, occupying all their strongest men, to push rocks around! Meanwhile, according to the archaeologists and paleontologists, these folks only live to about 40 years at max!

(T) They got a lot of mileage out of those 40 years!

(L) Exactly! But, we are supposed to be thinking about the things they didn't have: cities, wheels, agriculture, and writing.

(F) Maybe they didn't need it.

(L) And why would that be? Because the stones did it all!

(T) Maybe they were 4th density STO beings who planted all those stones all over the place.

(L) Well, if you think about a group of people who are setting up these massive stones like they were pieces of styrofoam. The stones collect energy and information. They then transduce the energy or amplify it. These people know things about movement, dances or spinning or something, that enables them to behave in concert with the stones so that they all become part of a grand machine that does things! All of the legends talk about stylized dances and the oldest things about Stonehenge say that it was the Temple of Apollo and that Apollo danced there all night at certain periods of time. Every 19 years, I believe. When you think about that, and the other places Apollo appeared, the inversions and redactions of the legends, and we come to these magical stones that produce things. Then we come to the head of Bran the Blessed which supposedly produced endless supplies of bread and fish or whatever else was desired. Bran's head was the giver of all good things. But more than that, it was an oracle. It could speak. And here we have the idea of a similar function for Stonehenge: both an oracle as well as a giver of blessings and bounty. Anything you wanted or needed it provided for you. If you wanted to go somewhere, it transported you as in the legends of the flying carpets. It was magic transportation. All of these things are associated, when you track them back far enough, with a stone. The stones did everything.

(J***) And it is funny that stones come up. What I have been doing for the past 10 or 15 years is running around the globe collecting stones. I've been to some of the most ancient places on earth, and I go from one to the other. And from each one, I've collected stones. Plus, Apollo: on Crete, there was an oracle of Apollo on Tara...

(L) And there was Tara in Ireland...

(J***) I wouldn't be surprised if Tara meant stone too! How is all this connected?

(L) Exactly. This is what I have always thought about these megaliths. They DID things. All of the things we think are the "signs" of civilization were done by the stones. Maybe Terry is right; these people were at some level of density where they could make this work. At some point, something happened, the ability was lost, and then people had to build cities, engage in agriculture, invent the wheel, and develop writing - because they could no longer do it the "easy" way. …
A: Stones were once utilized to provide for all needs, as the energies transmitted connected directly with the pituitary gland to connect spiritual realities with the material realms of 3rd and 4th densities. So you see, the "stone" was viewed as Matriarchal indeed!
Q: (L) Were the beings involved in this type of activity 3rd density, 4th density or bi-density?
A: Originally 4th when home was in other locators.

14 September 2002

Q: (J) They once said something about bi-density beings. They were like hybrids between 4th density beings and a 3rd density being. Or could such an individual be a genetically enhanced human?
A: Humans were once "bi-density." And some may be again in the natural way. Those of 4D STS "manufacture" are similar. Just think of them as a type of OP with souped up engines.
Q: (L) My next question is: I've been being a bit mouthy on the website. I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when I see so many lies and so much fraud, and the potential for so many people being hurt. I know that things are going to be they way they are being, and that we will 'do what we will do,' but it just isn't in me to keep silent when I see what I see. What are the chances that any of my activities are going to even be helpful?
A: While it may not appear to make a difference, sometimes actions accelerate growth.
Q: (C) Do they mean personal growth or everyone's collective growth? (B) In the form of intensified lessons? (L) Yeah (laughter).
A: Personal growth. And it can lead to lessons, but also to a star for passing the test.

I printed out the above excerpts and we all read and discussed them the following day before the Kriya. We decided to experiment with "modifications" that included drumming and physical movement (spiralling counter-clockwise) before the Kriya to synchronize everyone's moving centers and emotional centers. We also experimented with singing and producing particular sounds. The Kriya was very powerful this way, and very energizing. Then, we had the session.

Session Date: June 9th 2009

Laura, Ark, An**, Joe, Allen B, Craig P, P L, Ar***, Chu, Gaby, Scottie

Q: (L) This is where I start to get nervous. What if they don't answer?

A: Cassiopaea will not let you down!!!!

Q: (laughter) (L) And who do we have with us tonight?

A: Fortunaea which reminds us that you might like that from Carmina Burana.

Q: (Discussion of Carmina Burana)

A: Some of those lyrics are truly ancient even if the music is not.

Q: (L) Questions? (J) What caused the destruction of the Air France flight?

A: Cometary explosion of the Tunguska variety though higher and a bit smaller.

Q: (L) Well, that's what we said in the beginning. Around here that's what I was saying, although there were some people who were doubting me, and saying "impossible!" (Ark) No. (L) Yes! (Ark) Improbable. (L) Well you said it was probability zero, and I said it was nonzero. (Ark) Probability that we meet was zero! (An**) Do the authorities know about this and are they trying to cover it up?

A: Some do.

Q: (J) What a way to go... all of a sudden. (L) But I guess if you're going to go out in a blaze of glory, that's the way to do it. (Ar**) It's the quickest way.

A: A ticket to 5D naturally! They chose the exit at some level. The days will come when the dead seem blessed.

Q: (Discussion of grim answer)

A: For some.

Q: (Ar***) Are they talking about in the next 20 years?

A: Less.

Q: (Ar**) Oh god... (Alenl) In the next year?

A: Five.

Q: (Ar**) So what's going to happen in the next five years that's going to be worse?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (J) We can give you some hypotheses if you want, Ar**. (Ar**) Okay. (L) We can do it later. Next question? (Chu) What did you think about our music during Craig's [Art of Living] course?

A: You are really grooving!

Q: (laughter) (An**) Is there some connection between people with OCD who recognize patterns easily - are they any less or more likely to be suggestible when it comes to hypnosis or dissociation?

A: No. Other factors are related to suggestibility.

Q: (L) So what's on your mind about it? (An**) I was just thinking that it was kind of seeming hard for me yesterday to get into the trance mode ({during Kriya}. I noticed I was thinking a lot, counting, recognizing patterns of breathing and focusing on it, and I was wondering if that was prohibiting me from going into a trance state. Is there any connection?

A: You are much less externally suggestible though very internally suggestible.

Q: (An**) You mean I suggest things to myself and then listen to myself?

A: More or less.

Q: (An**) Alright, change subject! (laughter) (Allen) I have a question. Did I remember correctly, or did I make it up in my own mind when I remembered telling my mom as a kid that the world would end around the time that I was fifty years old?

A: Your memory is good though your prediction is slightly off.

Q: (L) Okay, we want to know what is the root cause of P's partial arm paralysis. Is it because of his dietary changes and taking {too much} magnesium and so forth?

A: Not really. It is very much psychosomatic though there is a strong physical predisposition.

Q: (P) How to change or reduce the psychosomatic factors?

A: This is going to require work. The main issue is the relationship with the mother. The left side represents the mother and feminine energy. You feel paralyzed by your relationship with your mother and the anger that is unexpressed is turned on yourself.

Q: (P) [something about memories of past abuse] is it my imagination, or is there something there?

A: There is nothing wrong with your memory either!

Q: (L) It's funny that after you {began} talking about this, that not long after that is when this {paralysis problem} began. (P) So, it means that... (Ar**) You need to calm your rage somehow. (L) Or express it.

A: It is a terrible thing to be used by your mother and thus betrayed to the core.

Q: (P) Does it mean I have to forgive her, to love her, despite this past?

A: What did we just say about unexpressed rage? What is loving and forgiving going to do for what is bottled up inside you?

Q: (P) It means I have to express rage, this rage and anger that is inside me...

A: There are several nondamaging ways to do this, also. It would do absolutely no good to express it overtly toward your mother, though it would be helpful for you to limit interactions strictly for the duration of the process.

Q: (L) So in other words, they're not saying, "Dump on your mother." That's not a good thing. (Ark) What did we learn about nonexpressing of negative emotions. (L) You have to find a way of channeling them out without creating more damage. (Craig) Would regular Kriya help this?

A: Very helpful, yes!

Q: (Ark) You see, the first thing I think is just to admit facts about your feelings, admit that you ARE enraged, and then to look objectively at the whole situation and find the best solution without hiding. (L) You're going around hiding this, like your arm. (Allen) The very first thing you thought of was loving and forgiving her - just pushing the whole thing under the rug. (P) Yeah. (L) The way a dog returns to its vomit. (P) I wasn't sure [about the memories] because I was so young. I had glimpses and hints. Now I am more sure and I can do something with that. Otherwise I'm not sure, and feeling guilty to have such bad thoughts about my mother...

A: Guilt is part of the problem.

Q: (L) So in other words, you are feeling guilty because you wrote what you wrote about your mother ... For thinking it, for talking about it! (P) Is it that I feel guilty because often in {child abuse}, you see the victim feeling he was guilty, he was responsible... (J) But P, you were a child then. (P) I know, but...

A: Sexual feelings are natural. It is the duty and responsibility of the parent and all adults to not take advantage of the young in this respect.

Q: (J) They said there was a strong physical predisposition. I was wondering if there was anything he could take that would help him...

A: The old injury that has been discussed.

Q: (L) So, they're probably related. (Chu) So, working on that injury would help the process?

A: Yes. It might also help to get "Rolfed".

Q: (L) Deep tissue massage.

A: It can help to release emotions held in the tissues.

Q: (L) So you're gonna have to get rolfed and do Kriya at the same time! (Allen) And express rage. (L) Believe me, if you get rolfed, you'll express your rage! (laughter) (Craig) Would it help for P to do an advanced course [of the Art of Living]?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Alright. Next topic? {...} (P) I wanted to ask a question about this martial arts school I was in, when we were uniting our crown chakras. Were we uniting chakras?

A: Not likely, but you could figure that out. Stop being so gullible and inclined to believe in illusions when you know better.

Q: (L) Next? {...} (Gaby) Whose voice did we hear a couple days ago when we were doing the breathing exercises?

A: Alternate reality bleedthrough.

Q: (Ar***) Was what we were doing caused that?

A: Opened portal.

Q: (L) Let's ask about the Art of Living, the breathing and so forth. Does anybody want to formulate a question or two here? (discussion of question to ask) {...} (An**) Why did I see a menorah today during the {Kriya}?

A: There have been a lot of bleedthroughs here. Recall your past life!

Q: (An**) I was a Jew?!

A: Yes

Q: (Ar**) I was a celebrity?

A: Maybe!

Q: (Ari**) Oh, be quiet! (An**) Was I a nice Jew?

A: Yes...

Q: (An**) What does that mean?

A: That life didn't end well. Connect your resistance to external suggestion and need for internal suggestion to the menorah and the pain and tragedy of that experience.

Q: (Ar**) That is so evil.

A: You are safe now.

Q: (Ar**) So you were a Jew who was captured by the Germans, huh? Poor An**! No wonder you hate them so much. Do you? Do you dislike the Germans? (An**) Not all of them. (laughter) (J) You'll end up hating the Zionists if you... (L) She was one. A German Jew. (An**) Wow, I really have a past to contend with. (Ar**) Can I ask one last "Ar** question?" Are there any monsters living in caves in France?

A: Yes.

Q: (laughter) (An**) There has to be at least one cave monster question per session with Ar**. (Ar**) I don't have to go to Malta!!! Which direction, north, south, Paris, east, west - what caves?

A: Massif Centrale.

Q: (Ar**) Where is it? (L) Don't encourage her! (P) Is it related to the beast of Gévaudan?

A: Yes.

Q: (P) Does that mean that the beast that was sighted in the eighteenth century is still there?

A: Or a relative and others.

Q: (P) But there are no reports like in the eighteenth century.

A: Wait for the window to open again.

Q: (P) It will come back. (An**) When it came the first time it was...

A: That one was someone's "pet".

Q: (Ar**) Is there a way to track them so I can find them? I just want to take a picture.

A: No dice!

Q: (A**) Oh come on, tell me!

A: Believe us, you don't want a picture!

Q: (J) A 4D lizzie's pet that got off the leash...

A: Remember the "Cheddar" monster? That was a young one!

Q: (laughter) (discussion of bigger, uglier monster) (Craig) About the UK, are they trying a coup to replace the government in the UK?

A: Just getting the pathological types in.

Q: (J) That's what we suspected, ya know? Vin was saying it seemed like a cleaning, like they were getting rid of people with this scandal. (P) I found some statements from Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Green party, he made some statements in 1996 that he was a pedophile. But there was no quote, no judgment, nothing. So I wanted to know if he was bluffing, or if it was true?

A: Why would anybody bluff about that? P, you really need to start using your gray matter more!

Q: (L) You have all that gray matter, and you're not using it. You're letting your emotions rule your life. (Allen) And your arm is probably only the beginning if nothing changes I would imagine. (J) Back to breathing? (L) Yes. So, what do you think of this Kriya?

A: Great stuff, eh? Lighten up on the fluff though.

Q: (J) Would the fluff be... (Craig) The drumming?

A: Drumming is good and intense. There is too much "free time" in altered states.

Q: (J) Remember what I was saying yesterday about how there was too much time when we were just lying there and nothing was being said... that should be guided.

A: When you sweep the house and leave it clean if you do not decide what to put back in then others will do it.

Q: (Craig) Does that apply to this group, or the public in general?

A: Not this group. But definitely those who have not integrated consciousness. The breathing is a tool, a technique, and should be seen as such and not as the result.

Q: (L) That make sense? (Craig) Yup. (J) Should there be any modifications to the breathing? (Allen) Yeah, is the breathing as it's taught now good enough?

A: Yes but your earlier observations were valid and most useful.

Q: (L) I guess when we were talking about the "huh" thing to get rid of anger - maybe that should come at the beginning? But I guess that would depend on the individual and what their problem was. Some people might not be able to release. I guess it would have to be different at different times, depending on the group, depending on the problem, depending on the instincts of the facilitator. (J) What about the question we raised about the staring and suggesting you take the other person in your heart. (Craig) Is there any danger in the eye gazing?

A: Yes, as with everything. But knowledge protects. That particular part is a bit of the New Age fluff. Gazing and unifying exercises should be undertaken with some care.

Q: (L) Like I said, I think that would be really good with couples. (A**) Yeah, it's kind of a personal, intimate thing, when you've already decided that you like somebody. (J) That's a good angle, Craig, couples' breathing! (Craig) That's what Kama Sutra's for! (laughter) (J) No, I don't mean... you can tailor it, ya know? You could have some kind of ideas to bring couples together, or for people who are having problems with their relationships... (Ark) But this may be against the original Indian way. (J) But this is for a New Age, Arky! (Ar**) This is evolution, people! This is going boldly where no one's gone before. (L) Well, I think that, as far as I can tell, even though there's a lot of patristic ponerization in Indian society and thought, they do seem to be relatively free of raving psychopathy. So, in that society, it's not so dangerous - but in Western society, a society that has grown up out of the Judeo-Christian psychopathic... (Craig) Okay. How do psychopaths or OPs respond when they first do the Kriya?

A: Depends upon the individual. But in general, since it is mostly a physiological process, they can certainly fly under the radar.

Q: (Craig) Does this provide any protection to do eye gazing, the fact that Kriya has come before?

A: No. In fact since organic portals are mostly emotion reaction machines they might seek out the process for catharsis.

Q: (Craig) Should I drop it from the courses? (L) Drop what? (Craig) Eye gazing.

A: We hesitate to tell anyone what to do, but in this case we suggest that, yes, it would be safer. ... [letters come very quickly] Do not get lost in an illusion that a breathing technique can protect from psychopathy! Only knowledge can do that, and sometimes it takes a long time to acquire the data to make a determination.

Q: (L) That was pretty strong. (L) So don't think that breathing and prana... I think we ought not lose site of the fact that psychopaths and OPs and all living beings use prana. (An**) Yeah. (L) And they like it. It's life force. (Craig) Does this Kriya have any possibility of rehabilitation for OPs?

A: Why do they need to be "rehabilitated"? Do you want to "rehabilitate cows"?

Q: (laughter) (Craig) Moo! (Chu) Ohmoo! (L) I mean, obviously it helps them. They get prana, too. (Craig) Yeah, the thing is that might be more dangerous. (L) Well, the thing is that I think that people have the wrong idea about OPs. I think that OPs are a normal, natural part of the landscape. They are useful, beneficial - as long as they are in their place and doing what they're supposed to be doing, what they're created to do. And as long as they have the proper guidance. It's not something to be afraid of. I mean, you don't want to be married to them or have intimate relations with them, because then they hook in and directly drain your energy. But being afraid of them, that's the whole wrong attitude. We've had a couple here that we've studied long and hard and carefully, and they are what they are. They're emotional and they can be loving towards animals, loving towards their children and families. They can be good householders. (Allen) Also, "rehabilitate" assumes that there is something wrong with them. (Craig) They're blocked from any spiritual development. (J) What do you mean by rehabilitate an OP? (L) Make them not OPs? (Craig) Well, no, help them evolve. (L) Well, they evolve by receiving proper guidance for how to live their lives. And in that sense... (Ark) The point is not to expect from an OP that he will behave like a non-OP. (Craig) Well, that's not my question, my question was... (Allen) What you specifically asked was can they be rehabilitated, and rehabilitation is something you do with someone who was up here, and fell down here. Something happened to them and they got... OPs are just OPs. (L) Oh, well you were thinking... (Craig) Well, because I worked with prisoners. (L) Yeah. (J) Well, then the question shouldn't be... (L) Here, let's ask.

A: Most of the prisoners are not OPs. Most OPs are very good "citizens."

Q: (Ar**) It's like a toaster. Toasters are useful, they toast, and you can give them the ability to toast better, but it will always be a toaster. And you don't want to sleep with a toaster because that would really hurt. (Craig) I suppose this gets into the question of the evolution of individual souls. (J) Kriya could be useful for potentially souled people who are in struggle, or souled people who are in struggle. (Craig) So, is there a benefit for OPs to do Kriya?

A: Of course!

Q: (L) Benefit, just not rehabilitation. I think it's beneficial for everybody. Except that psychopaths might...

[Second Tape is inserted]

(L) As your question. (Craig) So, are OPs in the public signing up to the Art of Living course? Is this a concern?

A: No.

Q: (L) My guess would be that they would sign up, probably in numbers equal to potentially souled people because they have probably as often as anybody else trauma in their backgrounds, or being abused, or... (Craig) So I want to ask the same question about psychopaths. Is this a problem?

A: Oh indeed. Especially as the process becomes more widely known.

Q: (L) It's just something you're going to have to deal with, situation by situation, just like we do with our groups. We give the benefit of the doubt, we have ways and means of testing. (Craig) But my main concern is to protect other people that go to the course. (Allen) But how do you weed? Psychopaths are not easy to spot. (L) Yeah, the good ones are really hard to spot. ...

A: The main thing to consider is this: As people learn the practice and implement it, their own awareness can grow along with "being". And if there is a parallel growth in knowledge, the Kriya will enhance this knowledge thus the protection.

Q: (L) So, it's like one line of things they need to do, I think. Because it's clear to me that it's very helpful. But like they said earlier, you sweep the house out, and if you don't put something back in that's the right thing, then somebody else puts it in for you - like religion, society, television, whatever. (J) What specific aspect of what we were doing opened the portal to an alternate reality?

A: Releasing emotional blockages to awareness.

Q: (Ar**) Who did we hear in the hall? Do they have a name? Was it somebody that we know in another reality?

A: It could have been "you" in the future.

Q: (Ar**) That's what I was thinking. It might have been one of us in another reality in the hall. (An**) What about my flashback or whatever it was to my past life? What happened? How did I die? (L) Which flashback? (J) The menorah one.

A: Experimented on with biological substances.

Q: (An**) Is there anything I can do to work through these emotions from then?

A: Awareness is the first step. Nothing is totally easy. But practice of Kriya with journaling what emerges and releasing the emotions will get you off to a good start.

Q: (An**) What about G**? Is she okay? {Reference to news that a close childhood friend had just been killed in an accident three days previously.}

A: At last she understands and feels peace. .. She is telling you not to grieve. She didn't want to experience the things to come. You wouldn't want her to either.

Q: (An**) That was something I was worried about. (L) All of us worried about it. I mean, come on, she's Lebanese in America. (Craig) Can I ask if the QFG should do the Art of Living course wherever they are?

A: Yes. That is already on the agenda!

Q: (J) You have it on the agenda? (L) I did, yeah. It's on my agenda. We've gotta warn them about the gazing though. (Craig) That's worth asking: Should we warn the local QFG group about eye gazing?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) That would be an easy one for most of them. (L) Yeah, they wouldn't like it. They would feel instantly invaded. (J) They would come up with the same concerns that we have. (Chu) Can I ask a question? For about a month now or so, I get these visions when I'm about to fall asleep that there's something from a past life that is preventing me from seeing something in the present. Maybe from one or several past lives, I dunno. I would like to know if that's true or if there's something in the present...

A: The past and present are intertwined. The same method will work for you as was suggested for An**.

Q: (L) Alright, does anybody else have any questions? I guess we should ask about our Paleochristianity thing. (J) Last time, they said they were going to tell us how to accelerate the process...

A: At this point you already know the answers after having brainstormed about it today, along with a direct message from us during the Kriya!!!

Q: (L) So in other words, that was a message about the transcripts [that Laura received doing the Kriya]. To put those things together in order to understand the point. Is that it?

A: Yes. We've been giving you the keys for years now! It is getting time to use them.

Q: (L) Any more questions? Is there anything that we haven't asked that we should have asked? Consider it asked. (laughter)

A: No dice! Goodbye.

Some additional information. Yesterday evening, Gaby mentioned to me that she had picked up In Search of the Miraculous and flipped it open and found that Gurdjieff had mentioned breathing exercises but no real details were included. I decided to have a look with a text search tool and came up with the following excerpts which I will comment on:

ISOTM said:
Gurdjieff: "The human organism receives three kinds of food
1. The ordinary food we eat
2. The air we breathe
3. Our impressions


"It has been explained before that in ordinary conditions of life we do not remember ourselves; we do not remember, that is, we do not feel ourselves, are not aware of ourselves at the moment of a perception, of an emotion, of a thought or of an action.

If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression he receives while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled. In an ordinary psychic state I simply look at a street. But if I remember myself, I do not simply look at the street; I feel that I am looking, as though saying to myself: 'I am looking.' Instead of one impression of the street there are two impressions, one of the street and another of myself looking at it. This second impression, produced by the fact of my remembering myself, is the 'additional shock.'

Moreover, it very often happens that the additional sensation connected with self-remembering brings with it an element of emotion, that is, the work of the machine attracts a certain amount of 'carbon' 12 to the place in question. Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one's impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions and carries do 48 to re 24. At the same time the effort connected with the transition of one note to another and the passage of 48 itself to 24 enables do 48 of the third octave to come into contact with mi 48 of the second octave and to give this note the requisite amount of energy necessary for the transition of mi to fa. In this way the 'shock' given to do 48 extends also to mi 48 and enables the second octave to develop.

"Mi 48 passes to fa 24; fa 24 passes to sol 12; sol 12 passes to la 6. La 6 is the highest matter produced by the organism from air, that is, from the second kind of food.This however is obtained only by making a conscious effort at the moment an impression is received.

"It is necessary to understand what this means. We all breathe the same air. Apart from the elements known to our science the air contains a great number of substances unknown to science, indefinable for it and inaccessible to its observation. But exact analysis is possible both of the air inhaled and of the air exhaled. This exact analysis shows that although the air inhaled by different people is exactly the same, the air exhaled is quite different.

Let us suppose that the air we breathe is composed of twenty different elements unknown to our science. A certain number of these elements are absorbed by every man when he breathes. Let us suppose that five of these elements are always absorbed. Consequently the air exhaled by every man is composed of fifteen elements; five of them have gone to feeding the organism. But some people exhale not fifteen but only ten elements, that is to say, they absorb five elements more. These five elements are higher 'hydrogens.' These higher 'hydrogens' are present in every small particle of air 'we inhale. By inhaling air we introduce these higher 'hydrogens' into ourselves, but if our organism does not know how to extract them out of the particles of air, and retain them, they are exhaled back into the air. If the organism is able to extract and retain them, they remain in it. In this way we all breathe the same air but we extract different substances from it. Some extract more, others less.

"In order to extract more, it is necessary to have in our organism a certain quantity of corresponding fine substances. Then the fine substances contained in the organism act like a magnet on the fine substances contained in the inhaled air. We come again to the old alchemical law: 'In order to make gold, it is first of all necessary to have a certain quantity of real gold.' 'If no gold whatever is possessed, there is no means whatever of making it.'

"The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).

"As we pointed out before, man takes in three kinds of food. Each one of them is the beginning of a new octave. The second octave, that is, the air octave, joins up with the first, that is, the octave of food and drink, at the point where the first octave comes to a stop in its development at the note mi. And the third octave joins up with the second at the point where the second octave comes to a stop in its development at the note mi.

"But it must be understood that, just as in many chemical processes, only definite quantities of substances, exactly determined by nature, give compounds of the required quality, so in the human organism the 'three kinds of food' must be mixed in definite proportions.

"The final substance in the process of the food octave is the substance si ('hydrogen' 12 in the third scale), which needs an 'additional shock in order to pass into a new do. But as three octaves have taken part in the production of this substance their influence is also reflected in the final result by determining its quality. The quality and quantity can be regulated by regulating the three kinds of food received by the organism. Only in the presence of a full and harmonious conformity between all three kinds of food, by a strengthening or weakening of the different parts of the process, is the required result obtained.

"But it is essential to remember that no arbitrary attempts to regulate food, in the literal sense of the word, or breathing can lead to the desired end unless one knows exactly what one is doing and why, and what kind of result it will give.

"And furthermore, even if a man were to succeed in regulating two components of the process, food and breathing, again this would not be enough, because it is still more important to know how to regulate the food of the third story—'impressions.'

"Therefore before even thinking of influencing practically the inner processes it is essential to understand the exact mutual relationship of the substances entering the organism, the nature of the possible 'shocks,' and the laws governing the transition of notes. These laws are everywhere the same. In studying man we study the cosmos, in studying the cosmos we study man.

I have just said it is imperative that you should understand the principles of the classification and the definition of living beings from the cosmic point of view, from the point of view of their cosmic existence. In ordinary science classification is made according to external traits—bones, teeth, functions; mammals, vertebrates, rodents, and so on; in exact knowledge classification is made according to cosmic traits. As a matter of fact there are exact traits, identical for everything living, which allows us to establish the class and the species of a given creature with the utmost exactitude, both in relation to other creatures as well as to its own place in the universe.

"These traits are the traits of being. The cosmic level of being of every living creature is determined:
"First of all by what this creature eats,
"Secondly by what he breathes, and
"Thirdly by the medium in which it lives.
"These are the three cosmic traits of being.


"Generally speaking we know very little about Christianity and the form of Christian worship; we know nothing at all of the history and origin of a number of things.

For instance, the church, the temple in which gather the faithful and in which services are carried out according to special rites; where was this taken from? Many people do not think about this at all.

Many people think that the outward form of worship, the rites, the singing of canticles, and so on, were invented by the fathers of the church. Others think that this outward form has been taken partly from pagan religions and partly from the Hebrews. But all of it is untrue.

The question of the origin of the Christian church, that is, of the Christian temple, is much more interesting than we think. To begin with, the church and worship in the form which they took in the first centuries of Christianity could not have been borrowed from paganism because there was nothing like it either in the Greek or Roman cults or in Judaism. The Jewish synagogue, the Jewish temple, Greek and Roman temples of various gods, were something quite different from the Christian church which made its appearance in the first and second centuries.

The Christian church is a school concerning which people have forgotten that it is a school. Imagine a school where the teachers give lectures and perform explanatory demonstrations without knowing that these are lectures and demonstrations; and where the pupils or simply the people who come to the school take these lectures and demonstrations for ceremonies, or rites, or 'sacraments,' i.e., magic. This would approximate to the Christian church of our times.

"The Christian church, the Christian form of worship, was not invented by the fathers of the church. It was all taken in a ready-made form from Egypt, only not from the Egypt that we know but from one which we do not know. This Egypt was in the same place as the other but it existed much earlier. Only small bits of it survived in historical times, and these bits have been preserved in secret and so well that we do not even know where they have been preserved.

Here Gurdjieff is party right and partly wrong. He is aware that it was not the “same Egypt,” but he erred thinking it was in the “same place.” The older Egypt – as demonstrated by Iman Wilkens – was in NorthWest France and the original “Nile” river was the Seine. The original “Karnak” was “Carnac,” and so on. PaleoChristianity was, apparently, the religion of the megalithic culture.

ISOTM said:
"It will seem strange to many people when I say that this prehistoric Egypt was Christian many thousands of years before the birth of Christ, that is to say, that its religion was composed of the same principles and ideas that constitute true Christianity.

Special schools existed in this prehistoric Egypt which were called 'schools of repetition.' In these schools a public repetition was given on definite days, and in some schools perhaps even every day, of the entire course in a condensed form of the sciences that could be learned at these schools. Sometimes this repetition lasted a week or a month. Thanks to these repetitions people who had passed through this course did not lose their connection with the school and retained in their memory all they had learned.

This is what Caesar reported about the Druids – that all their learning was memorized, that they did not commit the important things to writing. I wrote about this in Secret History as follows:

Secret History said:
One of the principal historians of the Roman era, Julius Caesar, tells us that the Celts were ruled by the Druids. The druids “held all knowledge.” The Druids were charged with ALL intellectual activities, and were not restricted to religion, per se, which suggests to us that “religion” and “knowledge” in a more or less scientific approach, were considered essential to one another - symbiotic.

It is later writers who began to vilify the Celts by accusing them of the usual things that people get accused of when someone wants to demonize them: human sacrifice, homosexuality, and so on. Most of that nonsense goes back to Posidonius, who has been quoted as an “authority” by every other “authority” on the Celts since. Unfortunately, when one checks Posidonius, one finds that he really didn’t have a clue and was probably making stuff up to fulfill an agenda.

The lack of written texts by the Celts has been the greatest problem for historians and students of the Celts. A lot of ideas are “supposed” or ancient sources with agendas have been relied on, and some of them even propose that there was a “taboo” by the Celts on putting things into writing.

Well, I suppose that, if our civilization came to an end and all our records on magnetic media were destroyed, people might say that we didn’t put anything in writing either.

There has been a lot of nonsense written about WHY the Celts didn’t write things down, and the most nonsensical, considering what we do know about their culture, is that this was how the Druids “kept their power” or that they believed something silly like: “if the sacred myths were revealed, they would become profaned and thus lose their mystic virtues.”

What Caesar said was that the reason for the ban on writing was that the Druids were concerned that their pupils should not neglect the training of their memories, i.e. the Frontal Cortex, by relying on written texts. We have discussed the production of ligands and their potential for unlocking DNA . It seems to be very interesting that the very things that we have learned from the Cassiopaeans, from alchemical texts, from our own experiences, and from research - that “thinking with a hammer” is the key to transformation - was noted as an integral part of the Druidic initiation.

It is worth noting that, in the nineteenth century, it was observed that the illiterate Yugoslav bards, who were able to recite interminable poems, actually lost their ability to memorize once they had learned to rely on reading and writing.

Although the Druids prohibited certain things from being written down, it’s clear that they DID write. Celtic writings in Ogamic script have been found on many ancient stones. Caesar tells us that the Celts were using the Greek alphabet when the Romans arrived in Gaul in the first century BC.

However, the knowledge of the initiates was transmitted entirely orally, and with the information about ligands and receptors, we are beginning to understand WHY.

The destruction of Celtic culture was so complete that we know very little about their religion. We do know that they celebrated their “rites” in forests and by lakes without erecting any covered temples or statues of divinities. Tacitus tells us:

They do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls, or to portray them in the likeness of any human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves and they apply the names of deities to that hidden presence which is seen only by the eyes of reverence.

Plato had doubts about the Greek origins of Homer’s work because not only do the physical descriptions in his poems not correspond to the Greek world, but also the Homeric philosophy is very different from the mainstream Greek philosophy we know about today. The latter is based on the dualism of two opposing elements, thesis/ antithesis, good/ evil, life/death, body/soul, etc. omitting the idea of the Third Force.

Since Plato’s times, many have sought to derive “synthesis” from these opposing elements, with little success. The “third force” of Gurdjieff has been brought up many times with little satisfaction in the attempts to understand it, and perhaps it is in what we can derive from the Celtic teachings will help us here.

According to Homer, the philosophy of the ancient world was that there was a third element that linked the opposing elements. Between the body and the soul, there is the spirit. Between life and death there is the transformation that is possible to the individual, between father and mother there is the child who takes the characteristics of both father and mother, and between good and evil there is the SPECIFIC SITUATION that determines which is which and what ought to be done.

In other words, there are three simultaneous determinants in any situation that make it impossible to say that any list of things is “good” or “evil” intrinsically, and that the true determinant is the situation.

In any event, the symbol of this philosophy is the triskele, representing three waves joined together.

The simultaneous existence of the third element does not mean that the notion of “good” and “evil” did not exist or was not reflected in the Celtic law. What was clear was that it was understood that nothing could be “cut and dried” in terms of law, that each situation was unique and the circumstances had to be carefully weighed.

Aristotle considered Gaul to be the “teacher” of Greece and the Druids to be the “inventors of philosophy.” The Greeks also considered the Druids to be the world’s greatest scholars, and whose mathematical knowledge was the source of Pythagoras‘ information.

And so, we see that there is another way to consider the “three forces.” This brings us back again to “perspicacity” which is a function of knowledge. The ability to “assimilate B influences” as Mouravieff describes it, depends upon the evaluation of the Impression in the specific context in which it is experienced.

ISOTM said:
Sometimes they came from very far away simply in order to listen to the repetition and went away feeling their connection with the school.

From another session:

Session 19 February 2000 said:
Q: (L reading) Diodorus Siculus, writing in the 1st century B.C., said that "certain sacred offerings wrapped in wheat straw come from the Hyperboreans into Scythia, whence they are taken over by the neighboring peoples in succession until they get as far west as the Adriatic. From there they are sent south, and the first Greeks to receive them are the Dodonaeans. Then, continuing southward, they reach the Malian gulf, cross to Euboea, and are passed on from town to town as far as Carystus. Then they skp Andros, the Carystians take them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. That is how these things are said to reach Delos at the present time." So, from very ancient times, there was this practice of the Hyperboreans sending sacred offerings to the Island of Delos. Now, the Island of Delos is supposedly the birthplace of Phoebus Apollo, whose mother was Leto. Supposedly he was born on Mt. Cynthus. This is a very curious thing. This is contrary to the old view that the cultural flow was from the Mediterranean to the North, that civilization began in the Near East. It implies a cultural flow from the North to the South. What were these ancient Hyperboreans sending to the Island of Delos?
A: Leaves bearing cryptic codes.
Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.

Gurdjieff in ISOTM said:
There were special days of the year when the repetitions were particularly complete, when they were carried out with particular solemnity—and these days themselves possessed a symbolical meaning.

Session 19 February 2000 said:
Q: The legend was that the god, Phoebus Apollo, danced at Stonehenge every nineteen years. What does this relate to ?
A: Symbolic. Tides, moon eclipses, that sort of thing. Think of Wiccans entubed on the information superhighway!

ISOTM said:
"These 'schools of repetition' were taken as a model for Christian churches—the form of worship in Christian churches almost entirely represents the course of repetition of the science dealing with the universe and man. Individual prayers, hymns, responses, all had their own meaning in this repetition as well as holidays and all religious symbols, though their meaning has been forgotten long ago."

Continuing, G. quoted some very interesting examples of the explanations of various parts of orthodox liturgy. Unfortunately no notes were made at the time and I will not undertake to reconstruct them from memory.

The idea was that, beginning with the first words, the liturgy so to speak goes through the process of creation, recording all its stages and transitions. What particularly astonished me in G.'s explanations was the extent to which so much has been preserved in its pure form and how little we understand of all this. His explanations differed very greatly from the usual theological and even from mystical interpretations. And the principal difference was that he did away with a great many allegories. I mean to say that it became obvious from his explanations that we take many things for allegories in which there is no allegory whatever and which ought to be understood much more simply and psychologically. What he said before about the Last Supper serves as a good example of this.

Here I'm going to insert Gurdjieff's comments about the Last Supper extracted from a different part of ISOTM:

ISOTM said:
"For instance, in all the denominations of Christianity a great part is played by the tradition of the Last Supper of Christ and his disciples. Liturgies and a whole series of dogmas, rites, and sacraments are based upon it. This has been a ground for schism, for the separation of churches, for the formation of sects; how many people have perished because they would not accept this or that interpretation of it. But, as a matter of fact, nobody understands what this was precisely, or what was done by Christ and his disciples that evening. There exists no explanation that even approximately resembles the truth, because what is written in the Gospels has been, in the first place, much distorted in being copied and translated; and secondly, it was written for those who know. To those who do not know it can explain nothing, but the more they try to understand it, the deeper they are led into error.

"To understand what took place at the Last Supper it is first of all necessary to know certain laws.

"You remember what I said about the 'astral body'? Let us go over it briefly. People who have an 'astral body' can communicate with one another at a distance without having recourse to ordinary physical means. But for such communication to be possible they must establish some 'connection' between them. For this purpose when going to different places or different countries people sometimes take with them something belonging to another, especially things that have been in contact with his body and are permeated with his emanations, and so on. In the same way, in order to maintain a connection with a dead person, his friends used to keep objects which had belonged to him. These things leave, as it were, a trace behind them, something like invisible wires or threads which remain stretched out through space. These threads connect a given object with the person, living or in certain cases dead, to whom the object belonged. Men have known this from the remotest antiquity and have made various uses of this knowledge.

"Traces of it may be found among the customs of many peoples. You know, for instance, that several nations have the custom of blood-brotherhood. Two men, or several men, mix their blood together in the same cup and then drink from this cup. After that they are regarded as brothers by blood. But the origin of this custom lies deeper. In its origin it was a magical ceremony for establishing a connection between 'astral bodies.' Blood has special qualities. And certain peoples, for instance the Jews, ascribed a special significance of magical properties to blood. Now, you see, if a connection between 'astral bodies' had been established, then again according to the beliefs of certain nations it is not broken by death.

"Christ knew that he must die. It had been decided thus beforehand. He knew it and his disciples knew it. And each one knew what part he had to play. But at the same time they wanted to establish a permanent link with Christ. And for this purpose he gave them his blood to drink and his flesh to eat. It was not bread and wine at all, but real flesh and real blood.

"The Last Supper was a magical ceremony similar to 'blood-brotherhood' for establishing a connection between 'astral bodies.' But who is there who knows about this in existing religions and who understands what it means? All this has been long forgotten and everything has been given quite a different meaning. The words have remained but their meaning has long been lost."

Obviously, Gurdjieff was not completely correct on these points. It makes a lot more sense to think about the Last Supper in terms of stones that provided everything, including food. I covered these matters more extensively in "The Secret History of the World" in particular pointing out the unusual juxtaposition of the story of the beheading of John the Baptist to the story of the loaves and fishes and how this could be compared to the ancient legends of Bran the Blessed who died and left his head which prophesied and produced "loaves and fishes." Here is a bit from SH on this topic:

Secret History said:
There is a very ancient Celtic tradition about cauldrons of rebirth, into which wounded, dead or dying soldiers were plunged, and came out healed, whole and reborn. The Holy Grail also bestowed health, healing of battle wounds, and curing of disease upon its bearers. The Celtic cauldrons were also sources of abundance, prophecy, inspiration, and knowledge. Cerridwen, the Welsh Moon Goddess, had a magic cauldron of inspiration. Welsh Bards called themselves Cerddorion (sons of Cerridwen). The Bard Taliesin, founder of their craft, was said to be born of Cerridwen and to have tasted her potion known as “greal,” made from six plants for inspiration and knowledge. Branwen, the sister of Bran the Blessed, was the “Lady of the Cauldron,” as well as the Lady of the Lake. In short, the “Lake” from which the famous Sword emerged, and to which it was returned, was a Cauldron, or the Holy Grail. {...}

The reader who is familiar with the literature of both the scholars of the Grail, as well as the many “alternative” theory books being published in the present time, will have no difficulty in identifying the cross-correspondences between the Grail stories and the stories of Jesus in the New Testament that seem to be highly sanitized versions of the same general schemes. For example, in addition to the reference made above to a “Last Supper,” there are also the stories of the multiplying loaves and fishes juxtaposed against the head of John the Baptist on a platter. We note that the Head of Bran the Blessed and other “talking heads” on platters were associated with multiplying loaves and fishes, prophecy, and abundance in general. It is fairly simple to see how present day researchers have been misled to associate the Grail stories with the myths of Jesus (with a lot of disinformation produced by the church at the time, it must be admitted), and to assume that the “bloodline of Jesus” is the primary issue of the so-called “Sang Real,” or “Holy Bloodline.” However, with this firm connection to an older Ossetian story, a Scythian cycle of sagas, we find that we must look much further into the past for the origin of our Perceval/Christ. We note in passing also, the curious story in the Bible of the “Pearl of Great Price,” and the casting of “Pearls before Swine” as hints of these relationships.

ISOTM said:
"Every ceremony or rite has a value if it is performed without alteration," he said. "A ceremony is a book in which a great deal is written. Anyone who understands can read it. One rite often contains more than a hundred books."

Indicating what had been preserved up to our time, G. at the same time pointed out what had been lost and forgotten. He spoke of sacred dances which accompanied the "services" in the "temples of repetition" and which were not included in the Christian form of worship. He also spoke of various exercises, and of special postures for different prayers, that is, for different kinds of meditation; about acquiring control over the breathing and of the necessity of being able to tense or relax any group of muscles, or the muscles of the whole body at will; and about many other things having relation, so to speak, to the "technique" of religion.

Again, from Secret History there are clues:

Secret History said:
Diodorus Siculus, writing in the first century BC, gives us a description of Britain based, in part, on the voyage of Pytheas of Massilia, who sailed around Britain in 300 BC.

Diodorus said:
As for the inhabitants, they are simple and far removed from the shrewdness and vice which characterize our day. Their way of living is modest, since they are well clear of the luxury that is begotten of wealth. The island is also thickly populated and its climate is extremely cold, as one would expect, since it actually lies under the Great Bear. It is held by many kings and potentates, who for the most part live at peace among themselves.

Diodorus then tells a fascinating story about the Hyperboreans that was obviously of legendary character already when he was writing:

Diodorus said:
Of those who have written about the ancient myths, Hecateus and certain others say that in the regions beyond the land of the Celts (Gaul) there lies in the ocean an island no smaller than Sicily. This island, the account continues, is situated in the north, and is inhabited by the Hyperboreans, who are called by that name because their home is beyond the point whence the north wind blows; and the land is both fertile and productive of every crop, and since it has an unusually temperate climate it produces two harvests each year.

Now, it seems that there is little doubt that Diodorus is describing the same location, but we notice that the climate is so vastly different in the two descriptions that we can hardly make the connection. However, let us just suppose that his description of Britain was based on the climate that prevailed at the time he was writing, and the legendary description of the Hyperboreans was based on a previous climatic condition that was preserved in the story. Diodorus stresses that he is recounting something very ancient as he goes on to say:

Diodorus said:
The Hyperboreans also have a language, we are informed, which is peculiar to them, and are most friendly disposed towards the Greeks, and especially towards the Athenians and the Delians, who have inherited this goodwill from most ancient times. The myth also relates that certain Greeks visited the Hyperboreans and left behind them costly votive offerings bearing inscriptions in Greek letters. And in the same way Abaris, a Hyperborean, came to Greece in ancient times and renewed the goodwill and kinship of his people to the Delians.

Diodorus remark about the relations between the Hyperboreans and the Athenians triggers in our minds the memory of the statement of Plato that the Atlanteans were at war with the Athenians, and we wonder if the Hyperboreans are the real “early Athenians.” After all, the Greeks are said to be “Sons of the North Wind,” Boreas. Herodotus expounds upon the relationship of the Hyperboreans to the Delians:

Herodotus said:
Certain sacred offerings wrapped up in wheat straw come from the Hyperboreans into Scythia, whence they are taken over by the neighbouring peoples in succession until they get as far west as the Adriatic: from there they are sent south, and the first Greeks to receive them are the Dodonaeans. Then, continuing southward, they reach the Malian gulf, cross to Euboea, and are passed on from town to town as far as Carystus. Then they skip Andros, the Carystians take them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. That is how these things are said to reach Delos at the present time.

The legendary connection between the Hyperboreans and the Delians leads us to another interesting remark of Herodotus who tells us that Leto, the mother of Apollo, was born on the island of the Hyperboreans. That there was regular contact between the Greeks and the Hyperboreans over many centuries does not seem to be in doubt. The Hyperboreans were said to have introduced the Greeks to the worship of Apollo, but it is just as likely that the relationship goes much further back. Yes, this is contrary to the idea that culture flowed from south to north, but we are writing a contrary book; so don’t let that bother you! Herodotus has another interesting thing to say about the Hyperboreans and their sending of sacred offerings to Delos:

Herodotus said:
On the first occasion they were sent in charge of two girls, whose names the Delians say were Hyperoche and Laodice. To protect the girls on the journey, the Hyperboreans sent five men to accompany them … the two Hyperborean girls died in Delos, and the boys and girls of the island still cut their hair as a sign of mourning for them… There is also a Delphic story that before the time of Hyperoche and Laodice, two other Hyperborean girls, Arge and Opis, came to Delos by the same route. …Arge and Opis came to the island at the same time as Apollo and Artemis…

Herodotus mentions at another point, when discussing the lands of the “barbarians, “All these except the Hyperboreans, were continually encroaching upon one another’s territory.” Without putting words in Herodotus’ mouth, it seems to suggest that the Hyperboreans were not warlike at all.

A further clue about the religion of the Hyperboreans comes from the myths of Orpheus. It is said that when Dionysus invaded Thrace, Orpheus did not see fit to honor him but instead preached the evils of sacrificial murder to the men of Thrace. He taught “other sacred mysteries” having to do with Apollo, whom he believed to be the greatest of all gods. Dionysus became so enraged; he set the Maenads on Orpheus at Apollo’s temple where Orpheus was a priest. They burst in, murdered their husbands who were assembled to hear Orpheus speak, tore Orpheus limb from limb, and threw his head into the river Hebrus where it floated downstream still singing. It was carried on the sea to the island of Lesbos. Another version of the story is that Zeus killed Orpheus with a thunderbolt for divulging divine secrets. He was responsible for instituting the Mysteries of Apollo in Thrace, Hecate in Aegina, and Subterrene Demeter at Sparta. And this brings us to a further revelation of Diodorus regarding the Hyperboreans:

Diodorus said:
And there is also on the island both a magnificent sacred precinct of Apollo and a notable temple, which is adorned with many votive offerings and is spherical in shape. Furthermore, a city is there which is sacred to this god, and the majority of its inhabitants are players on the cithara; and these continually play on this instrument in the temple and sing hymns of praise to the god, glorifying his deeds… They say also that the moon, as viewed from this island, appears to be but a little distance from the earth and to have upon it prominences, like those of the earth, which are visible to the eye. The account is also given that the god visits the island every nineteen years, the period in which the return of the stars to the same place in the heavens is accomplished, and for this reason the Greeks call the nineteen-year period the “year of Meton”. At the time of this appearance of the god he both plays on the cithara and dances continuously the night through from the vernal equinox until the rising of the Pleiades, expressing in this manner his delight in his successes. And the kings of this city and the supervisors of the sacred precinct are called Boreades, since they are descendants of Boreas, and the succession to these positions is always kept in their family.

I would like to note immediately how similar the above story of the Maenads murdering their husbands is to the story of the daughters of Danaus murdering their husbands on the wedding night connected to the story of the massacre at the Cloisters of Ambrius attributed much later to Hengist and Horsa. Keeping in mind that the Danaans were the family of the hero Perseus who cut off the head of Medusa, while comparing this to the beheading of Orpheus and his “singing” head floating down the river. The two themes, wives murdering husbands and a significant beheading are startling enough to give us pause. Was an original legend then later adapted to a different usage, assimilated to a different group or tribe? More than once?

In any event, we have discovered a most interesting little collection of things all in one place. First a “round temple” on an island that can only be Britain, may be describing Stonehenge and the way in which it was utilized by a group of people. Next we see that Diodorus is suggesting that the 19-year lunar calendar is a product of the Hyperboreans and that it relates to a period in which the “return of the stars” is accomplished. We realize immediately that these “stars” must refer to a geometric relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth, rather than the “stars” in terms of real stars and the planets because they certainly do not “return” to any particular position every nineteen years. And we now suspect that this may have something to do with a gravitational node of a three-body system.

We begin to think that these ancient people really knew something!

In the Temple of Apollo, we also find that there are musicians whose job it is to continually play in the temple and sing, and the most famous of ancient singers and musicians is associated with the worship of Apollo. This suggests to us the possible use of sound for something; the utilization of gravitational nodes, perhaps?{...}

We will pass from that subject for the moment to return to our matter of the dancing god who came every 19 years to Stonehenge, and how it may relate to spinning in airplane seats, producing sounds, and overcoming gravity - and perhaps even space and time and matter. What we find is that these elements are all connected in such a way that we suspect that they were elements of a technology that enabled an entire group of people to live in harmony, and to produce all they needed so that the artifacts of civilization, as we know them, were not required by these peoples. What is more, they seem to have been related to their ability to perform feats of which we are incapable with all our technology. These “wonders” that are the stuff of myth to us now, were, apparently, part of their daily reality.

In searching for additional clues in the nature religions associated with the symbols of the Holy Grail, we find that dancing was part of the archaic grail ensemble. The Sword Dances, Morris Dances, and Mumming Plays, for example, seem to be an inherited tradition of solemn ceremonial dances performed at stated seasons. And that is exactly what Diodorus has told us: The god danced all night every 19 years at the time of the Equinox.

Jessie Weston, among others, was moved to think of these dances and the entire Grail cycle ensemble as a ritual designed to “preserve and promote the regular and ordered sequence of the processes of Nature.” In other words, the disjecta membra of the advanced technology of a vanished civilization.

It seems to us, from looking at the evidence of the absolute reality of what these people were capable of doing, that the dances, the myths, and the rites, all point to an archaic technology that is preserved idealistically as “promoting the processes of Nature,” but it was actually a direct interaction with Nature that resulted in the manifest production of all that was needed by the peoples in a literal and immediate sense.

The earliest recorded Sword Dancers are the Maruts, the attendants of the god Indra. They are a group of youths of equal age and identical parentage and are always dressed alike, and they are always dancers. Throughout the Rg-Veda the Maruts are referred to as “Gold bedecked dancers… with songs of praise they danced round the spring… When ye Maruts spear-armed dance, [the Heavens] stream together like waves of water.”

The image of the “spear armed” dancing of course has led people to think that they are dancing with spears, but what if it means something altogether different? Anyone who has watched traditional Celtic dances is immediately struck by the stiff armed posture of the dancers who only move the lower parts of their bodies. Dancing in perfect synchrony on a wooden platform produces a hypnotic and thrilling effect, and we find here a possible system of elevation of consciousness that might produce vibratory effects not only in stone, but also in the very cells of both the dancers and the audience. More than this, when we consider the immobility of the upper part of the body, and the stylized motion of the lower part of the body, we think of the “length of string” attached to a pendulum that accesses other realities. {See discussion of Tom Lethbridge in Secret History} We may also consider the addition of a real “lance” as a “lengthener” of the “string,” or something that was incorporated to connect the dancer to a specific frequency. Add to it very specific music, utilized to amplify the energetic effects, or sound that was a RESULT of the dance, and we begin to see a very different picture of the dance of Apollo at Stonehenge every 19 years. In fact, we are reminded of that curious story where Fulcanelli supposedly told Jacques Bergier:

Jacques Bergier in "Morning of the Magicians" said:
Certain geometrical arrangements of highly purified materials are enough to release atomic forces without having recourse to either electricity or vacuum techniques.

Most especially when we recall this:

Fulcanelli said:
For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried. And just as by means of fire, gold is separated from impure metals, so, Scripture says, the good will be separated from the wicked, on the great Day of Judgment. […]

The Maruts were the companions of Indra, his helpers in the fight against his adversaries, the evil gods who afflict mankind. But more than this, these dancers, (Dan-cers) were bringers of all necessities to the people in some magical, mysterious, and astonishing way:

Rg-Veda said:
The adorable Maruts, armed with bright lances and cuirassed with golden breastplates, enjoy vigorous existence; may the cars of the quick-moving Maruts arrive for our good. …Bringers of rain and fertility, shedding water, augmenting food. …Givers of abundant food. …Your milchkine are never dry. …We invoke the food-laden chariots of the Maruts.

We now begin to see the wild orgies of the New Year festivals, the Dionysian frenzies, and the Nature cults with parades of ecstatic men and women bordering on being in a state of madness, as corruptions of what was obviously an original, formalized series of dance type activities.

Here we have some of Ouspensky's musings about the words of Gurdjieff:

ISOTM said:
At this point I ended my survey of the system of cosmoses from the point of view of the theory of many dimensions.

"There is a great deal of material in what you have just said," said G., "but this material must be elaborated. If you can find out how to elaborate the material that you have now, you will understand a great deal that has not occurred to you till now. For example, take note that time is different in different cosmoses. And it can be calculated exactly, that is, it is possible to establish exactly how time in one cosmos is related to the time of another cosmos.

"I will add only one thing more:
"Time is breath—try to understand this."
He said nothing further.


Once when looking through some notes, made the year before, I paused at the "cosmoses." I wrote earlier that the "cosmoses" particularly attracted me because they coincided completely with the "period of dimensions" of the New Model of the Universe. I mentioned also the difficulties which arose for us at one time in connection with the different understanding of the "Microcosmos" and the "Tritocosmos." But by this time we had already decided to understand "man" as the "Microcosmos" and organic life on earth as the "Tritocosmos." And in the last conversation G. silently approved of this. G.'s words about different time in different cosmoses intrigued me very much. And I tried to remember what P. had said to me about our "sleep and waking" and about the "breath of organic life." For a long time I could make nothing of it. Then I remembered G.'s words that "time is breath."

"'What is breath?" I asked myself.

"Three seconds. Man in a normal state takes about twenty full breaths, that is inhalations and exhalations, to the minute. Consequently a full breath takes about three seconds.

"Why are 'sleep and waking' the 'breath of organic life'? What are sleep and waking?

"For man and for all organisms commensurable with him and living in similar conditions to him, even for plants, this is twenty-four hours. Besides this, sleep and waking are breath, as for instance plants when asleep, that is, at night, exhale, and when awake, that is, by day, inhale; in exactly the same way for all mammals as well as for man there is a difference in the absorption of oxygen and CO2 by night and day, in sleep and waking." […]

Twenty-four hours made up the period of life of the cell. And although the period of life of individual cells can in no way be considered as established, many investigators have arrived at the fact that for a specialized cell such as a cell of the human organism the period of life appears to be precisely 24 hours. The breath of the cell equals 3 seconds. This told me nothing. But the 3 seconds of life of the small cell told me a great deal and it indicated above all why it is so difficult to see these cells, although from their size they should be ac¬cessible to vision in a good microscope. […]

When I began to compare the movements of various cosmoses, I obtained some very startling correlations, for example, for the earth, the period of its rotation on its axis was equal to one ten-thousandth of a second, that is, the speed of an electric spark. It is very doubtful whether at such a speed the earth could notice its rotation on its axis. If man rotated, rotation round the sun should occupy about one twenty-fifth of a second, the speed of an instantaneous photograph. And taking into consideration the enormous distance which the earth has had to traverse in this time, the inevitable inference is that the earth could not be conscious of itself as we know it, that is, in the form of a sphere, but must be conscious of itself as a ring, or as a long spiral of rings. The latter was the more probable on the basis of the definition of the present as the time of breath. This was by the way the first thought that came into my mind when, a year previously, after the first lecture on cosmoses, G., in adding to what he had said earlier, said that time is breath. I thought at the time that perhaps he meant that breath was the unit of time, that is to say, that for direct sensation the period of breath is felt as the present. Starting from this and supposing that the sensation of self, that is, of one's body, is connected with the sensation of the present, I came to the conclusion that for the earth, with one breath in eighty years, the sensation of itself should be connected with eighty rings of a spiral.


But I will return to the physical exercises we carried out at that time. G. showed us the different methods that were used in schools. Very interesting but unbelievably difficult were exercises in which a whole series of consecutive movements were performed in connection with taking the attention from one part of the body to another.

For instance, a man sits on the ground with knees bent and holding his arms, with the palms of the hands close together, between his feet. Then he has to lift one leg and during this time count: om, om, om, om, om, om, om, om, om, up to the tenth om and then nine times om, eight times om, seven times om, and so on, down to one and then again twice om, three times om, and so on, and at the same time "sense" his right eye. Then separate the thumb and "sense" his left ear and so on and so on.

It was necessary first to remember the order of the movements and "sensing," then not to go wrong in the counting, to remember the count of movements and sensing. This was very difficult but it did not end the affair. When a man had mastered this exercise and could do it, say, for about ten or fifteen minutes, he was given, in addition, a special form of breathing, namely, he must inhale while pronouncing om several times and exhale pronouncing om several times; moreover the count had to be made aloud. Beyond this there were still greater and greater complications of the exercise up to almost impossible things. And G. told us he had seen people who for days did exercises of this kind.


One experiment in connection with what G. said about breathing and fatigue explained many things to me and chiefly it explained why it is so difficult to attain anything in the ordinary conditions of life.

I had gone to a room where nobody could see me, and began to mark time at the double trying at the same time to breathe according to a particular count, that is, to inhale during a definite number of steps and exhale during a definite number. After a certain time when I had begun to tire I noticed, that is, to speak more correctly, I felt quite clearly, that my breathing was artificial and unreliable. I felt that in a very short time I would be unable to breathe in that way while continuing to mark time at the double and that ordinary normal breathing, very accelerated of course, without any count would gain the upper hand.

It became more and more difficult for me to breathe and to mark time, and to observe the count of breaths and steps. I was pouring with sweat, my head began to turn round, and I thought I should fall. I began to despair of obtaining results of any kind and I had almost stopped when suddenly something seemed to crack or move inside me and my breathing went on evenly and properly at the rate I wanted it to go, but without any effort on my part, while affording me all the amount of air I needed. It was an extraordinarily pleasant sensation. I shut my eyes and continued to mark time, breathing easily and freely and feeling exactly as though strength was increasing in me and that I was getting lighter and stronger. I thought that if I could continue to run in this way for a certain time I should get still more interesting results because waves of a sort of joyful trembling had already begun to go through my body which, as I knew from previous experiments, preceded what I called the opening of the inner consciousness.

But at this moment someone came into the room and I stopped.

Afterwards my heart beat strongly for a long time, but not unpleasantly. I had marked time and breathed for about half an hour. I do not recommend this exercise to people with weak hearts.

At all events this experiment showed me with accuracy that a given exercise could be transferred to the moving center, that is, that it was possible to make the moving center work in a new way. But at the same time I was convinced that the condition for this transition was extreme fatigue. A man begins any exercise with his mind; only when the last stage of fatigue is reached can the control pass to the moving center. This explained what G. had said about "super-efforts" and made many of his later requirements intelligible.


When I told G. about this experiment he said that without general work, that is, without work on the whole organism, such things could only succeed by chance.

Later on I several times heard descriptions of experiences very similar to mine from people who were studying dances and dervish movements with G.

From the above survey and comments, we can see that Gurdjieff was most likely mistaken about certain things though he had the general principles right. I think that we can also see that the Christian stories and rites are, more than anything else, corruptions of Grail stories which are remembrances of PaleoChristianity.
Once again screaming........... ;D.............Thanks Laura...and as well as all important players whom continue to promote and ask such provocative questions for mind blowing answers......! :cool2:
Laura said:
First of all, over the past week we were engaged in taking the "Art of Living" instruction taught by Craig Pruess. Craig was present at the session on 3 March 2009. As the Cs had said that the Sudarshen Kriya would be a useful thing for us to know and practice, Craig made time in his busy schedule to come down and teach us. He is a fantastic musician and when he is visiting, there is always a lot of music; this time was no exception!

For Spanish and interested people, here is the link to the Spanish site of the Art of Living Foundation, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Laura said:
Well, I received an answer and it was at this point that the people in the room heard the voices though I didn't hear any voices myself. I did wonder if the voices that the others heard were related to the answers I had just received so clearly in my own head.

Anyway, what I was told - and it was rather clear and precise - was that there were certain parts of the old transcripts where all the clues had been given and that now was the time to put them together with the Sudarshen Kriya as well as recent hints about modifications to the Kriya to create an effective Sacramental method.

Undoubtedly a great work.

Thank you for sharing Laura
Really interesting with the breathing part! When reading this I remembered taking a breathing class in Linköping,Sweden years ago, where the breathing techniques coupled with diet and acupressure was a way to do alternative medicine. Suphu Tho got some pretty amazing results with people who had all sorts of diseases and ailments. I still practice it, and it really seems to help, especially since I have weak lungs and heart. Once I did the breathing technique just before a diving contest, and managed to dive about 70m under water with relatively little effort. Amazing how well these deep breathing exercises can oxygenize the body. So, reading the above I decided to look up the center that I went to, and they seem to have changed name to "Art of Living" (_ttp:// I don't think it's the same as the "Art of Living" discussed in the session, although the basic idea seems to be similar. I can really recommend them, if you're living in Sweden.

I am also just now re-reading Bringers of the Dawn, and the P's emphasize the importance of oxygenizing the body. I suppose these breathing techniques is a good way to do that.
It does seem like we are getting somewhere with this. Obviously, everybody needs to learn the Sudarshen Kriya though, with care. You'll have to sign up to take the Art of Living course from a teacher near you. I understand that they are in all metropolitan centers and you can go to their website to find one:

By the time everybody gets onboard with that, we'll have more specific details of how to go about this. We already have a list of questions that should identify any particular procedures that need to be added or implemented.

I will say that a period of drumming and dancing in a circle was very effective even if I wasn't one of those dancing - I leave that to the young ones! Craig is great on the drums and we have a big African one with a really mystical sound.

We'll be doing daily short kriya here, and weekly long kriya with drumming and dancing. We like Mondays.... Moon-day.
foofighter said:
I am also just now re-reading Bringers of the Dawn, and the P's emphasize the importance of oxygenizing the body. I suppose these breathing techniques is a good way to do that.

I think it is more than just oxygenating the body. Read what Gurdjieff had to say about the breath that I posted above. This "Prana" may be just a word for certain elements in what we breathe... and some of those elements may be cosmic stuff that science hasn't yet gotten a handle on.

Just to add to the mix of information we have been discussing this past week while doing this course, have a look at this: Prediction of the Virgo axis anisotropy: CMB radiation illuminates the nature of things

Notice what he says about the CMB radiation on the Autumnal Equinox. That would suggest that engaging in a Sacramental Protocol designed to enhance Frequency Resonance Vibration on that day could be super powerful.

ADDED: Since Berkovich also points out that the "axis of the universe" runs from Orion to Virgo, his paper gives new meaning to the Cs' remark: "Find an Orion!!"

Obviously, taking a scientific approach to these matters and understanding what you are doing and why and what you can truly expect from the actions is a WHOLE world of difference from "rites and rituals" that are performed mindlessly and with no real knowledge of what they mean or, worse, false ideas of what they are intended to do like all that magick mumbo jumbo!
Thank you Laura (and the C's) for this very rich session!

Just to clarify a passage about one of the subject mentionned:

(P) I found some statements from Daniel [???] of the Green party, he made some statements in 1996 that he was a pedophile.

P was talking of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, from the Green party, who took part in the European election last Sunday; 30 years ago, he indeed confessed in a German newspaper, and in a book written in 1976, that while working at a kindergarten, he "enjoyed" the company of children. Children would come to him and began to touch or caress him, and he would respond "differently" according to the circumstances. Note that he shifts the responsability to the victim by stating that the kids were provoking him and he just couldn't resist.
He reiterated the same declarations during a TV show in 1982 -- pointing that interactions with 5 year-old girls were a wonderful "erotico-maniacal game".


16% of the people who voted in France last Sunday voted for this guy and his party…
During a debate between Cohn-Bendit and another politician (François Bayrou) prior to the election, Bayrou brought up this subject, and said what Cohn Bendit's statements about children were revolting. Bayrou was the one who was ridiculed and criticized by the media following this declaration, and he got a very bad result in the election.
Laura said:
It does seem like we are getting somewhere with this. Obviously, everybody needs to learn the Sudarshen Kriya though, with care. You'll have to sign up to take the Art of Living course from a teacher near you. I understand that they are in all metropolitan centers and you can go to their website to find one:

Thanks for the session. very interresting ,

I will be applying for Art Of Living 1 in the netherlands, the course includes breathing techniques, meditation, simple yoga, and Sudarshan Kriya a powerfull breathing technique.
Well I just came through a heavy emotional feeling when I just read this new burst of obviously profound and pertinent information. I certainly feel privileged and thankful to be able to share in this.

I feel lacking, and weak about into putting it into proper practice, however. For example, I anticipate huge obstacles about getting to a course, or trying to arrange one in Finland. But we will do what we will do...

Carcosa said:
16% of the people who voted in France last Sunday voted for this guy and his party…
During a debate between Cohn-Bendit and another politician (François Bayrou) prior to the election, Bayrou brought up this subject, and said what Cohn Bendit's statements about children were revolting. Bayrou was the one who was ridiculed and criticized by the media following this declaration, and he got a very bad result in the election.

That's a clear example of what was said in the May 30 Session:

Q: (L) In other words, there's no hope for our planet or our species if normal human beings do not come together and get over these varied pathological belief systems and religions and "your truth" and "my truth" and all that sort of thing?

A: Yes. All of that was created and spread by pathological types under the influence of their hyperdimensional masters for the purpose of turning this planet into a "hell on earth" with them as the masters. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. What is needed is for many people to begin to make direct connections with their higher centers. This has been done via the "work" up to now, but there are other methods to accelerate the process and obtain the needed assistance.
I wish you luck with going to the 4d density and connection with higher selves, I am afraid that I am staying. (But not on my will)

And milllions of others in my country solely. There is no artofliving course in my country or any around. And interesting thing is that I didn’t understand absolutely anything that I just read, maybe I should read it lately more thorough, I was disappointed with not having that artofliving near. Which seems important. But if that is the case half (but, even half of the Europe only) of the world don’t have a chance even to try it.

So, goodbye then friends, and good farewell :cry: :(
Avala said:
I wish you luck with going to the 4d density and connection with higher selves, I am afraid that I am staying. (But not on my will)

And milllions of others in my country solely. There is no artofliving course in my country or any around. And interesting thing is that I didn’t understand absolutely anything that I just read, maybe I should read it lately more thorough, I was disappointed with not having that artofliving near. Which seems important. But if that is the case half (but, even half of the Europe only) of the world don’t have a chance even to try it.

So, goodbye then friends, and good farewell :cry: :(

Not to worry, my dear. I'm thinking about that and solutions... Have faith!
Dear Laura :) high spaces with you. What do you mean is it Cassioppea information thrue gods relation for humanity world? Have we thrue hope for next future, who have a power for jump in to te next level to IV densitet. Where is first thue, who is primary enemy human spaces....many many ansver I wait, your friend from god light, jeeeee
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