Session 1 April 2007


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Session Date: April 1st 2007

Laura, Ark, Joe, Andromeda, Scott, Atreides, Ailén, Galahad

Q: (L) Hello! Is anybody there?

A: Hello, from Cassiopaea

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Opolinia

Q: (L) Alright. Questions? (J) Do you have one? (S) I don’t have a question. (L) Alright, I have a question … A*** sent me an email about a dream of two drowning horses. Was there any particular significance to this dream?

A: Kind of. Like a warning, but not as serious as she thinks.

Q: (L) A warning to who?

A: Her mainly.

Q: (L) About what?

A: Horses are representations of emotion. She should take care not to drown her emotional nature.

Q: (L) Is that all?

A: She needs to give air to her emotions.

Q: (L) As in air them out I guess … …

A: Yes

Q: (L) What are these emotions regarding? I mean … is there any particular clue?

A: Her sexual nature.

Q: (L) Alright, next? What was it I was gonna ask? Oh yeah, Scotty and I were talking about this … We were gonna ask is there any kind … I mean, since we once before got some information about charging crystals with certain energy. We wonder if there is any way to … you know, any object that could be charged with a particular energy and if there was such an object how to charge it with that energy to either protect or enhance a persons FRV … frequency resonance vibration. Is there? You know, that you could wear on your body?

A: Sort of. Crystals are a good choice. But they must be selected individually for each person by dowsing. Then a combination of sunlight, starlight and intent. No moonlight!

Q: (L) How would you select a crystal for each person by dowsing?

A: Obtain large selection. If you, Laura, select, you will be assisted!!

Q: (L) Okay, and what exactly is this process supposed to do?

A: Shores up defenses when individual is in weakened condition, and adds a little kick when not weak.

Q: (L) Defenses against what?

A: Anything that can negatively affect the “essence”.

Q: (L) Essence as in Gurdjieff essence I guess …

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Alright then … and then you supposed to wear these on your body?

A: Yes or carry in pocket.

Q: (L) And you say, charge with intent. Does that have to be charged by the individual or by me or … can the person charge their crystal individually, themselves, or what?

A: You select, individual charges according to instructions.

Q: (L) What instructions?

A: Each one requires specific instructions.

Q: (L) Well, that’s a lot of hassle. *sigh* I mean, you have to select it and then once you’ve got it then I gotta … then I have to have a session to find out exactly the instructions for charging that persons personal crystal! Good grief. (J) We could do it just for us. (A) But intent was like … as an extra. Even some without intent would be something. (L) True. (L to J) Alright, what kinda questions you got lined up? (J) Uh, global warming? (Galahad) What percentage of what we’re seeing today as global warming is coming from man made compared to cosmic?

A: 4 percent.

Q: (J) There ya go. So let’s buy a hummer. (laughter) (Galahad) And are the people that are selling us the global warming … are they aware that this is all … .all fake?

A: Some.

Q: (J) What was the boom that shook the shutters on the afternoon of the 25th of January this year? There was a boom when we were sitting in the office … (S) Oh yeah, that crazy boom! (J) It was a clear … a pretty clear day and there was nothing outside and there was a boom …

A: Overhead explosion, meteorite.

Q: (S) Sweeet! We almost got wiped out! (Atreides) Suweet! (Andromeda) Excellent! {laughter} (J) Happens all the time … {more laughter}

A: It was quite small.

Q: (L) That just tells you how much power they can have (J) It was a little pebble … it went pooft! (L) Kinda like e=mc squared, huh? (Galahad) There are more and more reports now in the press of these things. What percentage of the actual meteorite impacts or arrivals are actually getting reported?

A: 11 percent.

Q: (S) Well, I guess that’s raindrops then. (Atreides) Is one of these meteorites gonna hit Bush? {laughter}

A: Funny you ask … {more laughter}

Q: (Andromeda) It’ll hit everybody. (J) No, one with his name on it … just a little one … to knock him out, you know? (J) Is the April drop dead date still on the cards?

A: Oh yes.

Q: (J) Is this a combination of things that are scheduled to happen in April or just one initial event?

A: That would be telling. No dice.

Q: (J) But it’s like April already! (Galahad) That would be telling. No dice. (L) You know they don’t tell about stuff like that. (J) Yeah, but when it’s right on your doorstep?! (L) They still don’t. It would violate free will. (J) It would? (L) Yeah, 'cause then we’d wanna be told something else. (J) It would violate our free will to be surprised? {laughter} (L) You’d wanna know more and more and then you wouldn’t always be in an alert state to be prepared for whatever happens. It would weaken you. I got over it. I mean, I used to be the one that always wanted to know everything that was gonna … I mean EVERYTHING … I wanted all the info … I got over it. You do get over it. It’s more fun the other way anyway. (J) Yeah, it is actually. (J) In November. The 20th of November last year I was in bed at night … in the middle of the night and there was an electrical buzzing noise and a light outside my window … and just I was kinda half asleep and half awake … you know … and I woke up to it and it was gone. I was just wondering what that was.

A: EM anomalie. Your bed is over underground stream that produces EM field. There was crustal stimulus for the event.

Q: (L) That means the ground shifted. (S) Will Joe wake up in the pond one day? {laughter} (J) So we’ve had like meteorites and crustal movements and what are we missing? Is there a volcano under this place? (L) Geez, that’s all we need. (Andromeda) Should we move?

A: You will move when the time is right.

Q: (S) Cool!!! We get to move! (J) We heard that before didn’t we? (L) Yeah. (Ark) I want to ask about this fellow who has been writing to me: R******, a Hungarian. He wanted me to ask C’s about whether he’s obsessed with numbers or if he has real talent and should pursue this … his study of trying to build something based on Heim theory.

A: He needs to stop obsessing or he will end up like John Nash.

Q: (J) Who was in the plane that I saw circling the house at the beginning of November last year? (L) Everything happened in November, huh?

A: Photographer.

Q: (J) Was he photographing the house?

A: Obviously.

Q: (J) Yeah, it WAS obvious. So this was just an ordinary benign photographer photographing the house just 'cause he likes pictures of Chateaux?

A: Not necessarily benign.

Q: (J) So, who was this photography working for? If he was working for someone …

A: Northern European Consortium.

Q: (L) And what kind of a consortium are they and what do they get involved in?

A: Let us say that it is related to “market man”.

(L) Oh, you mean the strange incidents that followed our expose article on Godlike Productions; all kinds of weird people popping up and when we tracked their connections, we found links to child trafficking or pornography and stuff. Those are just sicko people … you know … gathering intel. I would say.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) As long as we don’t bother them, they wont bother us?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) They’re lucky I was on the roof that day 'cause otherwise they woulda just got pictures of the house 'cause nobody else was outside. They mighta got a picture of me. (L) Did you give 'em the bird? (J) Um hmmm. It was kinda instinctive … you know … {everyone laughing} … because I grew up in Northern Ireland and I'm used to British army helicopters hovering over the place all the time. So … (Ark) Do they have like flying mechanical bugs that they can like run through our windows and uh …

A: No.

Q: (J) Why are the Israelis digging under the Al-Aqsa Mosque … what are they doing when they are digging under the Al-Aqsa Mosque?

A: Planting fraudulent antiquities.

Q: (J) The Temple of Solomon … See what we found? It’s all true!

A: They have been practicing on “Jesus”.

Q: (L) Fraudulent antiquities. (Galahad) Yeah. (L) Yeah, I get it. (J) What is that? (Galahad) You know … the tomb and the … (L) The tomb of Jesus. (Andromeda) Where they discovered where Jesus and his family was buried. (L) Oh, you were in Ireland when that was going on. Did you read our article about it? (J) Yeah. Was that recently though? (L) Yeah. While you were in Ireland I put a whole article about it up. That was because they just brought this movie out and all this kind of disinfo stuff. Tried to convince the world that they found Jesus’s tomb and that Jesus and his family … and he was just a regular guy … you know … Jesus down the street. (Andromeda) Jesus six-pack. {laughter}

(A) Well, maybe we ask about this mp3 that you were listening to today about this … (L) Oh, yeah … there was a thing back in … what was it … 1977 … where what was his name? Grillon? Vrillon? … of the Galactic Ashtar Command or something like that. Now, don’t laugh people! {everybody laughing} (J) Too late! (L) Don’t laugh! This is serious! Now let me think. There’s … what happened was that back in 1977 there was like a TV broadcast on in England and all of a sudden the broadcast was overridden by a strange voice and sound effects that came on and it was on for like about 5 minutes and it was a message and it said it was from Grillon or Vrillon of the Galactic Ashtar command and there was somebody apparently who was able to decipher it … (A) It is not too difficult. (L) But the thing is that at that period of time, it wasn’t too likely for amateurs to have the equipment to be able to do that because it was at a very upper level of the network so that it was over the whole south-west of England. You know, it’s like regional. So, they would have had to have some real fire power to do that. And, of course, you would think that if it was aliens they wouldn’t just stick to one section, they’d do the whole planet or at least a big area. Then of course you also think that … well, if it happened in England it was because they were good guys and they were related to the crop circles and all that kind of stuff. So … I mean … there’s all kinds of things you think of. So, that’s the background on the thing. So we wanna know who was this … (Ark) And why. Okay, first who … ?

A: Military psy-op.

Q: (A) Why did they do it?

A: Convinced a lot of true believers.

Q: (L) Then Ashtar shows up later and we know what the whole Ashtar thing is … it’s basically … do nothing, just believe that you’re gonna get air lifted … you know … don’t resist … and … I mean … it kinda set the situation up. You know, your government isn’t listening to us, they must get rid of their evil weapons and there is no beneficial use for nuclear technology and blah blah blah. Just the same old same old. (Atreides) Is Rosie O’Donnell going off because she’s really interested in the truth or is this just like another play?

A: She is under a lot of pressure and she is just acting out. Of course she might become more interested in truth for its own sake once she is booted.

Q: (L) So, is she gonna get booted?

A: Very likely. Or she will sell out under pressure and recant. The future is open.

Q: (J) Who does Christopher Bollyn work for?


Q: (L) Do the Reseau Voltaire people know that he works for the CIA?

A: Some.

Q: (Atreides) Does Reseau Voltaire work for the CIA?

A: Some.

Q: (Ark) I want to ask if we can have some information about where Lobaczewski got his materials and …

A: Russian and Hungarian. Remember the story about the guy who wanted to publish anonymously in Red Symphony? There were others like him.

Q: (L) I don’t remember the story exactly … (Ark) But are some of these materials still available in a published form that we can go to the sources or did they all disappear?

A: Traces, mostly gone as it was discovered.

Q: (L) Okay, what else? I’m getting tired … (Joe) Is Hugo Chavez on the level?

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) When are the aliens gonna arrive? We’ve been waiting so long. Just kidding … they’re already here! They’re right in this room.

A: No comment!

Q: (Andromeda) Those rascally C’s!! (L) Can we quit now … I mean does anybody have anything really pressing? (Galahad) Any advice for PoB?

A: If she takes the proper stand now there is a small chance that it will assist M**** to make a beneficial choice later. If she does not, there is no chance for M****.

Q: (L) So in a sense it’s not even about PoB, it’s about M****. Because if she allows M**** to manipulate her, M**** will choose manipulation as a way of life … forever.

A: Yes. She has already chosen that, but there will come a moment when all fails. If she has a role model it might make a difference.

Q: (L) So, in other words, if PoB fails, M**** is lost. Question is … does PoB have that kind of strength? I mean there’s a lot of people who do a lot of things because they love people or say they love people, but in the end they don’t love them as much as they said they did. (J) Can PoB practice some tough love? (L) Alrighty then … (Ailén) May I ask if they have any advice for me, for my project of going to the interpreters school? (L) What do you mean advice? Be specific. (Ailén) Is there something I … I don’t know how to ask it.

A: Wait and see if you are accepted before asking advice about going.

Q: (Ailén) Patience. (L) Yeah. It’s hard for you kids isn’t it? It’s tough! {laughter} I mean us older folks - you know - we got that thing aced. We’ve already had every nerve in our body drawn out 5,000 times right to the end of the line! (L) Where is my book "Defying Hitler"?!! {everyone laughs} (J) Wait and see, no dice.

A: In the house!

Q: (Andromeda) Aww, that’s so helpful!! {more laughter} (J) See?! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If I can’t know what’s gonna happen in April, you can’t know where your book is!!

A: Look in garage.

Q: (L) Is there anything we need to know about that we haven’t asked? Consider it asked. {laughter} (J) Be more specific. (Atreides) What, is that like wishing for more wishes?

A: Nice try! All is well and on track. Carry on! Goodbye

End of Session
Q: (L) Okay, what else..? I’m getting tired…) (Joe) Is Hugo Chavez on the level?

A: More or less.

I apologize for the denseness......Does 'on the level' imply that he's in bed/on par with most other controlled leaders?
Cholas, I can't answer that question, but I did enjoy the interview posted on SOTT by BBC Hardtalk with Chavez in the last couple of days.
cholas said:
Q: (L) Okay, what else..? I’m getting tired…) (Joe) Is Hugo Chavez on the level?

A: More or less.

I apologize for the denseness......Does 'on the level' imply that he's in bed/on par with most other controlled leaders?

No worries, cholas -- 'on the level' means honest and up-front.
Thanks Shijing. Kind of surprising actually and no doubt rare in the world of politics/leaders. :O

And thank you Jazper, I've yet to check that interview out. Did very much enjoy 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' though.
cholas said:
Thanks Shijing. Kind of surprising actually and no doubt rare in the world of politics/leaders. :O

Kinda explains why the US hates him so much though, doesn't it? :)
Very true Aaron. But it also makes me wonder how he's been able to pull it off for as long as he has.

Must have some friends in very high places?
Here you can keep up with what's happening in the country. The web of the government channel. There are programs that specialize in breaking the misinformation, and tell the world what really happens in the country, social programs with people, etc. everything. There is a program called "the cutter" excellent program. It does an amazing job, really.

Have been established, alternative newspapers, alternate media, just to fight the private media, who day by day, call for an assassination. I do not believe in politics, but the facts speak for themselves. Venezuela has emerged. I wonder, that awaits south america. I feel something rare here in the "air". And while the world in another "latitude" are involved in war, and others go through droughts, or floods etc. Here we are still "very well", for now.

Now, if Chavez, one day the mask is removed. Well, it's another voice. From an objective point, if that man happens to be a psychopath, he has the people, very won. And people are very identified with it. Here capitalism has no chance. Politicians on the right. They are in Diapers. Just do and say stupid things, always the same, no arguments or proposals. Nothing.

The only way that capitalism, seizes to Venezuela,is killing to Chavez. And if that happens, this country will be ungovernable. Will have to erase this country off the map. Which is not a problem for those who love war.

"Knowledge is power" curious phrase that is used here.
I think the Comment about Red Symphony was very interesting. Is Red Symphony mentioned in other transcripts? I recall that the thread has its own "stalker," but the consensus as I recall is that the material is most likely genuine. My take from the material is that the main actors were psychopaths' and the "consortium" the bankers/m.i.c. crowd of slimes running this planet as tools of 4d (as a working hypothesis). It demonstrates how false and scripted the events of our history are--its a disgusting mess and total waste of energy and human effort--devolution (sts) vs. growth and evolution (sto). Trotsky, far from being a good guy, was one of the master manipulators behind the scenes, ala Henry Kissinger, et. al.
Q: (Andromeda) Those rascally C’s!! (L) Can we quit now … I mean does anybody have anything really pressing? (Galahad) Any advice for PoB?

A: If she takes the proper stand now there is a small chance that it will assist M**** to make a beneficial choice later. If she does not, there is no chance for M****.

Q: (L) So in a sense it’s not even about PoB, it’s about M****. Because if she allows M**** to manipulate her, M**** will choose manipulation as a way of life … forever.

A: Yes. She has already chosen that, but there will come a moment when all fails. If she has a role model it might make a difference.

What exactly is this questioning? What does choosing manipulation as a way of life mean? Is this in relationship to careers and climbing the corporate ladder while stabbing others in the back so-to-speak or am I way off here? Just curious as to the context of these questions.

How does one break free from a financial imprisonment or revolving door? I mean there are plenty of people hurting in the world because of the economic system.

I often wonder what the real point and overarching value is for being given the gift of life here on Earth. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with how much you own or how rich you are but more of what you've learned and have grown from. I interpret Life as an infinite school where we are supposed to recognize that there are specific lessons for each individual to be taught. Any other thoughts on this one? And then there is the question of karma and how to effectively complete it or is it incapable of being completed or satisfied?
Hi FrankM4326754

Most of your questions can be answered by reading the Wave Series in its entirety along with Adventures With Cassiopaea. You will see that we all here also know that all there is is lessons.

There is much to learn in those series. Enjoy!
Thanks Nienna Eluch! I will have to read all of them ASAP!

I appreciate everything within this forum as well as the representatives of it. Thanks again!
Just found this session now but I'm off to bed- will read it tomorrow but I did have a skim through it and.... "Jesus-Six-Pack"?
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