Session 1 March 1997


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March 1, 1997

Present: Laura, Frank, Arkadiusz, Terry, Jan and Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And what name shall we use this evening?

A: Honaza.

Q: And where are you transmitting from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (T) You had a question about transmitting from Cassiopaea, Arkadiusz. What was the question? (A) I think the question was, why do they need a particular place in the universe to transmit from?

A: We transmit "through" the opening that is presented in the locator you represent as Cassiopaea, due to the strong radio pulses aligned from Cassiopaea, due to pulsar from neutron star 300 light years behind it, as seen from your locator. {Planchette spirals briefly} This facilitates a clear channel transmission from 6th density to 3rd density.

Q: (A) I would like to know how long it takes for the transmission to come from Cassiopaea to Earth.

A: "Zero" time.

Q: (A) 'Zero time...' They transmit, using what? Electromagnetics, gravity, or what?

A: Both. They are interconnected, or you could say "unified".

Q: (A) Zero time? Because of what? Because of... structure of space/time? Of warp?

A: Space and time are selective and flexible.

Q: (A) What is behind that? What is... what is the medium behind which the transmission goes?

A: If there were a medium, your puzzlement would be justified, but, there is not. You see, when one utilizes zero time, there is zero space as well.

Q: (J) If there is zero space, and zero time, why does it need to be fixed at a specific location here in 3rd density.

A: It does not, for "transmission purposes." The need for a specific locator, as expressed previously, as you perceive it, was due to vibrational frequencies helpful to your psychic awareness profile. What causes pulsars, Arkadiusz?

Q: (A) What causes pulsars? A good question... (L) Do you know? (A) Some nuclear reactions...

A: Neutron "stars."

Q: (A) A neutron star is a pulsar. The question is, what is so particular about neutron stars, because anything which is not understood...

A: Quantum physics...

Q: (T) The answer to what causes neutron stars is in quantum physics? Or, is to be found in quantum physics? Is that what they're saying? (A) Or it is known...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, so, if you look up pulsars, it will tell you, I guess... (A) OK...

A: What was the key premise to your "Noah Syndrome"

Q: (L) The key premise? Transformation...

A: By what means, what causative factor.

Q: (L) Well, the causative factor was bodies of the solar system interacting and exchanging energies. The energies exchanged by the bodies of the solar system having a profound effect upon the life on any of those bodies, such as people on the planet Earth. The emanations of the sun, if the sun were to increase its vibration or its surface, a teeny tiny little bit, the Earth would be so charged with electricity, that... I mean, one solar flare, and everything goes haywire. If the sun oscillates inside - they measure oscillations in it; they have all different periods - what if it has a really major oscillation, like every 3,600 years or so? Because they've measured them in terms of minutes, days, months, years. You have the 11 year cycle, there's the 22 year cycle. There's a whole bunch of different cycles of oscillations in the sun, what if it has a really big one? And what if, when it does that, it pulses? And when it pulses, it so charges the solar system with electricity that all the bodies in the solar system just go haywire! (T) Is that the base premise of... (L) That's the base premise of 'The Noah Syndrome.' (T) OK, folks, there you have it, the base premise of the 'Noah Syndrome' is that the sun pulses regularly.

A: A pulsar pulses at an extremely rapid rate.

Q: (T) It creates a frequency... (L) Well, everything's frequency...

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Well, this was a specific frequency they were looking for. The rate of vibration is the rate of frequency. And it creates a frequency that they said was something that would be beneficial to... (L) No, this location is the beneficial thing, right here, this house.

A: No.

Q: (A) But, I do not understand. The frequency...

A: Your planetary realm.

Q: (L) OK, your planetary realm is what they were referring to. (A) OK, there is something about pulsar, because it brings these pulses with a certain frequency. But, of course, it is not these pulses that are important for transmission, because the pulses take hundreds of years to get here. This we know. (L) But, the pulsar is the window... (A) It's a window... (L) The window between densities. (A) Yes, but what is the pulsar that is so specific that it makes a window? Is it this frequency? Or, is it something else? Which physical phenomenon is responsible for making this window? Can we specify, something more exactly than saying that it's just quantum physics?

A: What is the nature of neutron stars, supernovae, "black holes," et cetera?

Q: (L) You go in a black hole, and you come out a pulsar?!

A: All are the junction of matter/antimatter... the borderline between realities as you know them... material realms/etheric realms, density level junctures, realities. One can pass through these windows with ease; remember, the stars and planets are windows too.

Q: (L) And stars and planets were described as being giant atoms. Is an atom a window?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Is a proton a window?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) OK, so it is. And it's massive, so let me ask. Is photon a window, too?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is gravity something from the center of the window to a reflective opposite in the ethereal realm, rather than the attraction between objects in this material realm?

A: Gravity is the "binder" common to all imaginable existence. That is all you really need to know.

Q: (L) Okay, binder. Does gravity bind in the same way that weak hydrogen bonds bind the DNA strands?

A: No.

Q: OK, then, does gravity bind the way the phosphate bond binds the carbon atom?

A: These are material. The missing link for all you folks is that gravity is as much antimatter as matter!!

Q: (A) I would like to ask, not now, but maybe later, about the, is this the concept that our space/time is the boundary of a domain? Is that correct picture?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) All right, Then, concerning this gravity, and the antimatter, is it a correct picture that there are two such domains; positive and negative one, and the gravity has something to do with the exchange between the positive and negative?

A: Gravity is the "fuel," or "life blood" of absolutely everything that exists!!!

Q: (A) What is the mathematical description, the correct mathematical description of that? (L) You want the formula? (A) Yes!! I want the formula!!!! {General laughter} No! I want the concept!

A: That is why you were placed where you were placed!

Q: (A) What does that mean? I'm placed here... for me, or for us? (T) Could you be more specific about that? {General laughter} Heck of a time to get cryptic here! I mean, we're rolling, now!

A: Would you not like to discover this formula?

Q: (L) Well, yes, we'd like to discover this formula; it would be a lot of fun. (A) Of course! Sure! (L) We could even break out a bottle of wine! (T) But, if they'd like to spell it out, that'd be OK, too!! [Laughter] I think that what they said is because what's going to happen is, you're going to get the formula. Wasn't the question about the formula just prior to that? That's why you were placed where you were placed...

A: Ark wanted the first step, or guidance to a possible formula. It is a shame, but others in your "density" have already discovered this, but it is a deadly secret!!

Q: (A) I need to review this unified field theory? (T) What is the deadly secret? That others have discovered this?

A: No.

Q: (T) OK, that's good!

A: The possible methods of utilization of technology springing forth from the formula.

Q: (T) Can we possibly ask what this technology is? (L) Is this right, what we've recorded here?

A: Yes, of course!

Q: (A) OK, now, I don't understand something. Because at some point they wanted me, more or less, to look into this unified field theory, and to rediscover what Einstein or whoever did. So, they want us to discover, the secret, yes?

A: We want you to discover it for your own benefit.

Q: (T) The learning is in the discovery.

A: Not necessary to telegraph the "discovery".

Q: (L) Don't tell anybody about the discovery. (A) Sure, yes. (L) So, we're supposed to use it... time travel, anyone? I think you're getting close to it, anyway... (A) I want something more specific...

A: Yes.

Q: OK, now, there are several unified field theories. One, that is by Einstein. One, by Weyl, a unified field theory by Schrodinger, theory on time and space and the affine connections... I mean, there are many of them. Any clue?

A: No clue.

Q: (T) 'No clue.' Nicely worded, though! (A) OK. Let's ask about these 'twistors'. Do they have anything to do with that?

A: {Planchette spirals} Maybe.

Q: (L to A) Now, remember. Whenever I asked them about you, they said they weren't going to tell me anything. They're not going to tell you... (A) What! They will not?! (L) No, they will not. You're doing it already. You're doing it!

A: When you learn, you grow. When you grow, you progress. When you progress, you transform.

Q: (L) GIVE ME THE FORMULA!!! {Laughter} (A) No, no, no. Let me try. Because, okay... the unified field theory is a classical theory. And now, there's this quantum business which is so important now. Is it true that this classical, unified field theory will explain quantum theory? Is this true? Is this correct, what Einstein had dreamed, once?

A: What do your instincts tell you?

Q: (A) Okay, my instincts tell me that I should sit down at a desk and compute, rather than sitting here... {laughs} (A) Yes, yes, that is clear. OK. Sure, do it yourself.

A: Sorry, but we want to see you discover.

Q: (L) They want to see you at that desk, computing. That's what they want to see. (A) OK, now, I want to change a little bit the topic. Because I have this seminar next week, Wednesday the fifth. Something has to be prepared for this is there any particular advice for me? How to...

A: Specifically...?

Q: (A) A specific question, do I have? (L) Do you already know what you want to talk about? (A) I know what I will talk about, but... it's a question of how to present it, so that it makes just the right... (L) What are the options? (A) I can present it as something revolutionary, or as something simple. So, these are the options.

A: Revolutionary.

Q: (A) OK. (L) Ask a specific question, get a specific answer. Except about formulas...! (A) OK, it would not be fun at all if I would be taught a formula... Anyhow, I would not believe... (L) Exactly, so you'd still have to prove it yourself, anyway... (A) Right! (L) So, what would be the point?!? (J) Where's the fun in that?

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) Now, A got an email from some organization called The Institute of New Physics, informing him they were financiers, and was he interested in joining? Could you tell us who or what is behind this Institute of New Physics?

A: Well, perhaps it would be better to help you to tell yourselves. Where did the message come from?

Q: (L) We don't know... (A) No, there is something, because there is, some info - GAIN - and I looked on the Web, and there are many institutions which have "Gain," you know, in their name. And I don't know if this is just one... (L) Well, don't you think it's kind of funny that it has "gain" in the name, and you're in Gainesville? (J) Yes, that's what I thought, too... (T) 'WWW dot... well, no it's email, so it would be... (J) Oh, 'gain', and they're financiers...

A: What do financiers do?

Q: (L) What do financiers do? They give you money. They finance you... (J) They help you 'gain'... (L) Yes.

A: Do they do this for no reason...?

Q: (L) Of course they don't do this for no reason! They have an ulterior motive. They want something.


Q: (L) Ahah!? (T) Yes, they're the money store! (L) Well, all right. We'll play it by ear, and see what they want...

A: Do they have an agenda?

Q: (L) Of course! No doubt, they have an agenda. Everybody that's been writing to us lately has an agenda! You know, we've been getting these...

A: What may this be?

Q: (L) Well, their agenda... (J) They want something from him, obviously. (A) When I get back to Poland, they said that they will have some printed material on this New Institute ready, that we could read, that they will send it to me... (T) Where is the New Institute located? They didn't say? (A) No, they didn't say. (J) Oohh, I think you have a right to know that! (L) Well, I'd say, just let it float, and see what they say... (J) They had to wait until you were back in Poland before they'd send you anything? (A) Well, if this is just in the stage of organization, so perhaps, it's a big something, which until now, was working in a certain field, getting money from, I don't know, from something, and now, they want to expand and to invest in nanotechnology, or whatever.

A: When you are getting close to something, there are always those who wish to distract, disrupt and track for later plans... Anything worth getting must be sought.

Q: (L) Yes. Anything worth getting must be sought. 'Sought'; it's a funny word. It is; s-o-u-g-h-t? I mean, is it 'seek, sack, sought?' (Alice) Something like that. (L) As in 'think, thank, thunk'? Or 'drink, drank, drunk'? (J) Or 'fink, fank, funk'? (L) How about 'wink, wank, wunk'? {laughter}

A: "Jump, Jamp, Jimp."

Q: (L) Dmitri, the Bulgarian guy from Sophia, who claims to be practiced in the art of PK, and... (T) This is another email? (L) Yes. (T) Oh, my lord, they're coming out now! {Laughter} (A) Yes, yes, yes. (T) Have you ever heard of this gentleman? (L) Well, he's just an ordinary bloke, the man on the street kind of guy. But he just has this unusual interest, he claims to have had... (A) He's got this story... (L) ... he claims to have had a near-death experience, after which, I'm not entirely sure what... (A) Yes, he started to see everything coming to him in advance. (L) Yes, that's right, he had like a three minute... (T) OK, that's the same story, one of the effects that Brinkley was experiencing.... (L) Yes, that's right. Dannion Brinkley... (T) With his near-death experience, was that he was, he knew, he was seeing things and hearing things happen before they happened. He was answering the questions that hadn't been asked yet.

A: A shame it was not two hours in advance.

Q: (T) As opposed to seeing the future only two minutes in advance. (L) Yes, damned inconvenient! Two minutes just doesn't give you enough time to prepare for anything!

A: Or play the "lotto."

Q: (L) Right! Two or three minutes doesn't give you time to get down there to play! (T) You have to stand outside the Circle K and hope they don't arrest you for loitering! Football teams can stretch two minutes to a couple of hours! (L) Right! So, in other words, it's... well, they didn't give us an answer about this guy in Sophia. (T) Well, we didn't get to asking the question about him yet... (L) Well I mean, you know these are what I would call semi-sarcastic remarks!

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, are we to take it that just let Dmitri float along also, along with the Institute? (L) Well, we don't have to let all of them float, you know!

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Well, of course we know it's up to us! But, I would say that their remarks on that subject, you know, it's like I said. The guy is... if he had something that was so wonderful, why isn't he out there, doing something? Why does he want you to make him a machine that's going to turn him into a... (A) This is true, because he said he went for two years to the States, looking for asylum, and then after that, he went back. (L) And it was a disaster. (A) Yes, it was a disaster, so probably he confessed that he has liabilities, so probably he was investigated...

A: No; this is Bulgaria, so it was a disasterovicho!

Q: (L) So, there you are! And he said he never finished school, and he never really said why. (A) But, what is strange is that he writes perfect English. (L) It is bizarre, isn't it? (A) Yes, it is. (T) He writes perfect English? (L) Yes, and for me it was like reading in English... (A) And everything makes sense, yes, you see... (L) But, I'm reading it in English , like reading it in American English.

A: So, what does that tell you?

Q: (L) It tells me that he's maybe not being completely up front about everything. In fact, he's maybe not being... OK, right there, you said that he duplicated the Dannion Brinkley story. Well, I haven't read that book, so I don't know that.

A: Always be on the look out for deception.

Q: (L) Well, we're always on the lookout for it. We don't want to, you know, assume it, but we look for it. Yes, I guess when things don't fit... I want to ask... OK, we've got a whole bunch of DNA, in these funny- looking double strands. And, according to the book, only 2% is actually used, and the other 98% of it is what these 'experts' are pleased to call 'junk.' They call it junk. Now, I would like to know, is there any way to activate this other DNA?

A: Won't it be activated on its own?

Q: (L) 'Won't it be activated on its own'? Will it? (J) I think that's what they've said... I think the question is what it does... what it codes... (J) Ask if there's a way to activate it?

A: 4th density.

Q: (L) On 4th density. OK. You asked one time for me to comment upon the connection of phosphorus to the body, so I discovered that phosphorus plays an important part or role in the DNA, and also the 3-5 code, so, I would like to know if the addition of phosphorus to the diet would enhance some of the DNA to the point where... (T) would activate...

A: Maybe it would "enhance" SHC.

Q: (L) What did it say? SHC? (T) What is SHC?

A: Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Q: (J) OK, well, maybe that's not such a good idea... (L) Well, that would make sense... phosphorus... (J) Yes, it would! {Laughter} (T) If you really want to make a show, take a little magnesium with it! Whoah! (J) Then you'd have a 'Highlander' quickening! (F) I just had this image of Laura deciding she's going to answer 'Not really! I'll have you know, my diet now includes 90% more phosphorus than it did any time previously!' And all of a sudden, flames start shooting out... {laughter} (T) Now that your finger can hold flame, it's a bad time to quit smoking, you know! No lighters anymore! {Laughter} And you'll never be lost in a cave! (F) Between that and Carlos Castanedas snapping back from... it could be dangerous. Experiment not when you don't know what you're doing! (L) OK, no phosphorous. (T) Anything interesting going to happen in Gulf Breeze? Of course, that depends on what I define as interesting. (L) Yes, Terry, you have to be more specific than that...

A: We see distinct possibility of major nuclear accident at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Q: (T) What's that got to do with Gulf Breeze? (J) I don't know. (L) They weren't talking about Gulf Breeze... (T) I guess not! Thanks, I feel really wanted now! (L) OK a major nuclear accident in Tennessee. I know that this is a really, really unacceptable question, but do we have a, in terms of 'photon belts' being fields of probability, do we have a time frame for this? Somewhere in there?

A: Near.

Q: (T) About the same time as the Gulf Breeze conference, this month? (L) Maybe that's what triggered it...

A: Possibly.

Q: (L) Anybody know anybody in Oak Ridge? I don't.

A: Radioactive fallout over East Tennessee and Western North Carolina and Virginia.

Q: (T) Yes, we know people in Western North Carolina... (L) Yes, we do. In Waynesville. (L) Where is Oak Ridge? (T) Near Knoxville, close to the Tennessee/North Carolina border, probably not more than 50 miles from the border. By Knoxville. (F) There is a breeder reactor right there... (J) That's where the whole dang thing started. (T) What kind of accident is this going to be? Is this going to be a big explosion, a fire? Is it going to be like Chernobyl, or is somebody going to accidentally release radiation into the air?

A: First of all, it is possible, not definite. Second, if it happens, it will be bad!!

Q: (T) Is Crystal River in operation?

A: No.

Q: (T) Well, that's the story, that it's not been in operation. It's been down for a year, and they're going to be down for another year. I was reading in the paper, who knows how true this all is, that the US Energy Department is using the private reactors for breeding tritium. They're on a big rush to get as much tritium as they can. (F) For what? (T) Nuclear weapons, or something with nuclear weapons, something to do with nukes. Or as a byproduct for something else that they're using it for. It said that they were using a private power company reactor up in West Virginia, I think, and one other one out west, along with their labs. (L) Let's say good night here. Anything we need to ask or ought to know, that we haven't asked at this point? Aside from this?

A: Maybe, but good-bye.

End of Session
LOL that session made my day !

You guys are hilarious sometimes , Ark you are so skillfull at getting info and not revealing it in session ;) .

As allways thank you Laura and team ..
"A: Ark wanted the first step, or guidance to a possible formula. It is a shame, but others in your "density" have already discovered this, but it is a deadly secret!!"

Nikola Tesla said on his 81st birthday that he had figured out his dynamic theory of gravity, shortly before he passed away, which was that the relation between gravitation and electromagnetic force as a unified field theory. There is mystery surrounding his latest work that went missing after he died and his death itself, the actual date of his death is unknown, some say the FBI came in and confiscated everything as soon as he died.(imagine that)
Tesla also challenged Einstein, he said that there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment, he considered this a physical truth of the greatest importance. He said all the attempts to explain the workings of the universe are futile without recognizing the existence of ether.

I'm new to the forum and I haven't seen everything so I apologize if this has been talked about already.
orion186 said:
I'm new to the forum and I haven't seen everything so I apologize if this has been talked about already.

Hi orion186 and welcome. You can introduce yourself in this board:,39.0.html and maybe tell a little about you (nothing personal of course), your research and how you found the forum :)
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