Session 1 November 1997


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November 1, 1997

Frank, Alice, Terry, Jan, Laura, Ark

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Biominia.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have here the Denver Airport Pictures which Chloe took on her trip and perhaps we would like to have a little bit of an interpretation on this very bizarre figure here. Is it supposed to be looked at this way or reversed?

A: Either.

Q: Could you give us a little interpretation on that picture; it’s about the strangest thing I’ve ever seen… well, no it’s not, but it’s right up there! {Laughter}


A: It is a rectagon.

Q: What is a rectagon?

A: Picture uniting numerous rectangular principles of photo optic representation.

Q: What's the point?

A: If one gazes at it long enough, they will involuntarily be placed into an alpha state.

Q: Okay. If they go into an alpha state, is there some other kind of message that the picture then conveys?

A: That is not the point!

Q: What is the point?

A: They then are open to programming of a level one order!

Q: (Ark) Does the scale of the picture matter?

A: It works better when one gazes at the mural itself, rather than a photographic representation of same. There are magnetic factors at the Denver Airport which play into the situation.

Q: What kind of magnetic factors?

A: Artificially contoured wave-like beams.

Q: These beams have a magnetic effect?

A: Magnetism.

Q: (Ark) If gazing at this picture produces an alpha state, how long does it last?

A: Indefinite.

Q: (T) How long do you have to look at the picture?

A: Each individual responds differently.

Q: (T) Does repeated exposure ... is it cumulative?

A: No.

Q: When you say indefinite in terms of time, do you mean it can vary from individual to individual?

A: Indefinite because the subsequent program is the determining factor.

Q: How does the program get installed? Is there something there at the airport that installs the program? That works in conjunction with the murals? Is the programming in the pictures? Or is it in some carrier wave? Or is it in the individual themselves, and the murals simply activate it?

A: Originates from underneath the complex.

Q: And it has something to do with the beams?

A: Yes.

Q: So, in other words, Chloe may have been subjected to some of this programming by going there and spending so much time looking for the murals?

A: In her case, no, because you warned her, therefore her conscious state was in the "awareness mode."

Q: (Ark) Is any one of these photographs, or any one element, more significant than the others? Anything we ought to pay more attention?

A: All are equally important. But, pay attention to the tiny details. You will see that the discovery process is neverending.

Q: (T) I searched the web to see if there was any way to order sets of pictures of these murals and there just isn't anything. (L) Yes, Chloe said that there was nothing in the gift shops there either. (T) I asked her and she said that she did not actually go in the gift shops because she doesn't do tourist things. (L) Okay, what is this picture? (Holds up photo.)


A: This is a pictorial representation of an essence of a concept.

Q: Essence of the concept of what?

A: Overt control.

Q: So, does this mean that overt control is NOT going to be used, since this huge ugly figure is lying there seemingly dead?


A: Phasic.

Q: It will be in phases. (T) Is Alex Christopher's general idea of the meanings of these paintings correct?

A: Close.

Q: (T) Is my take on what she said close?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So this overcoming of evil is just one of the phases...

A: You should learn what you can, discreetly, about masonic principles.

Q: (Ark) I would like to know if the Cassiopaeans, together with other STO, are participating in some of this programming?

A: There is no need for us to participate in programming.

Q: Why is that?

A: Because we do not violate free will directive!

Q: (T) It's 3rd and 4th STS that does it.

A: 4th, mostly.

Q: Now, we have been in a little bit of a pause mode for the past couple of months in terms of working, and now I have had this terrible blow with my computer... What caused my computer to crash?

A: Manipulative interference.

Q: By who or what?

A: 4th density STS.

Q: What was the actual mode of this interference? Was it just that the guy blew up the computer?

A: Agents and agencies are omnipresent. You were moving in a direction whereby the knowledge gained would be most compromising, if shared. We have suggested before that this forum was better served as an educational realm for you, rather than one from which to launch upon an effort to educate all others.

Q: Which particular line that I was following caused the problem?

A: Discretion opens the door to security.

Q: (Ark) Regarding this manipulative interference, what means can we use to prevent such interference in the future, if there are such means?

A: Patience with "glitches." Remember: who do you trust?

Q: No one. Who to trust the computer to or in general?

A: Both. Next time, be not so quick to take computer to be worked on.

Q: That was the week from Hell. The cat got killed and we had a rather cool response from UCF... just kind of a really bummed out week. And I lost my ring! And I was sick!

A: Too many.

Q: Can you tell me where I will find my ring or if I will find my ring?

A: You will.

Q: Are we going to be safe going to Gainesville, the kids and everything else?

A: For now.

Q: Is there anything we need to do relating to UCF other than what we have already planned?

A: Good things take effort to achieve... bad things are easily obtainable.

Q: (Ark) I want to know to what extent I was responsible for the computer crash...

A: 0.

Q: [Discussion of computer crash.]

A: Patience, Laura, is not your strong suit.

Q: Well, this event just took all the wind out of me. It is like falling out of a tree onto your back. I am just totally devastated by it. I have almost lost my will to work.

A: Then the 4th density STS are winning!

Q: I'll recover. Just give me a little time. (Ark) I really want to know where and how the 4th density STS interfaced with 3rd density to cause the computer destruction.

A: Repair.

Q: You mean the repair man?

A: Yes.

Q: (Ark) Who was behind it?

A: We have described for you before the Orion STS.

Q: Are these Lizzies or humanoid types?

A: There is something akin to a "chain of command."

Q: So it could be a human who is influenced by implants and thought control via a Lizzie who is controlled by an Orion... (Ark) Can you see any other impending danger?

A: One needs to always expect danger.

Q: (Ark) General rules for everyone.

A: No! This means you more than any others!

Q: Why did they say that?

A: Arkadiusz made reference to "general terms."

Q: Oh, so they were talking specifically to you!

A: And you, too, Laura!

Q: Thanks a lot.

Q: (T) Frank and I got off Scot free that time!

A: No!

Q: Could you give a general indication of which direction any or all of us ought to go in the upcoming months in terms of research, or any particular clue that might come our way? What to do? Which way to go?

A: Ridiculously vague question!

Q: I know, but I tried to fly it! (T) I would say to keep doing what you are doing and don't let outside influences sway you from your path.

A: Good.

Q: (Ark) Is there anything that I am doing wrong now?

A: Vague.

Q: (J) But, not 'ridiculously' vague! (L) Okay, you have a couple of teaching positions offered. Is either one of them optimal or should we pursue something in a different direction?

A: Patience pays best.

Q: Does that mean that he should not accept either of these and wait for something else. But, he can't do that. He has to give an answer now.

A: All there is is lessons.

Q: Okay, so he'll teach! (Ark) Okay, I want to know why this Susan Brana is being silent? (L) I think she was a fraud to begin with. (Ark) Okay, I want to know if that is the case.

A: Opportunity to mislead.

Q: (Ark) Was or is?

A: Both. Would have lead to trap.

Q: (T) Yes, that whole situation was amazing. The search I did on that word brought up so much strange stuff! (L) Yes, indeed. It blew open a huge door to a TON of stuff!

A: Expect tentacles to attempt to reach from Poland.

Q: What kind?

A: Legal and economic.

Q: Well, if they reach over here, we'll chop them off! (T) That's what you do with tentacles!

A: Not so easy as that.

Q: Okay, you brought it up, it must be an issue, so what do you want to tell us about it?

A: Redouble efforts here.

Q: Along what line? (T) Legal and economic?

A: Yes.

Q: I don't know what else to do. We are just waiting for time to pass so he can file. I do expect SOMEthing to happen because they were not expecting him to leave when he did and it was probably awhile before they even knew he was gone and they had a perfectly good hospital scenario set up. Okay, you said to redouble legal and economic efforts... is there something I am missing?

A: Patience pays.

Q: Is it possible to go to Mexico and get a divorce? Fairly quickly? Is this what you are talking about? I know that you can get a divorce about anywhere and make it stick anywhere else with a good lawyer.

A: Yes.

Q: Yes to the lawyer?

A: Yes. Vigilance.

Q: So, we need to see Fernando.

A: Up to you, but, not a bad idea.

Q: (A) Does the redoubling of economic efforts mean anything more than looking for a job?

A: Just be on the lookout for efforts to undermine coming from Poland.

Q: Okay, we are on the lookout. Is it from any source other than Anna?

A: Blended. Good night.

End of Session
While I have been enjoying reading through the sessions you've recently reposted, I'm quite struck on why you're posting them again Laura? If I'm correct, these were already up in the 'session transcript' section. Is there something in these sessions you want us to pay attention to?
These are messages that need to be posted. STS did everything in their power to break me. It's insidious.
Villival said:
These are messages that need to be posted. STS did everything in their power to break me. It's insidious.

Yes but theses sessions were already up on the transcript section.
Solie said:
Villival said:
These are messages that need to be posted. STS did everything in their power to break me. It's insidious.

Yes but theses sessions were already up on the transcript section.

Can you show me a link to them?

I go by the list here:,13581.0.html

If the date is not linked, that means the session is not available. Within a day or so of my posting sessions, admins come along and insert the link in the table.

So, again, show me where these sessions are by giving me a link.
Solie said:
While I have been enjoying reading through the sessions you've recently reposted, I'm quite struck on why you're posting them again Laura? If I'm correct, these were already up in the 'session transcript' section. Is there something in these sessions you want us to pay attention to?

I searched and did not find this session replicated in the Cassiopaean Session Transcripts board.
Whoopse... You're right. I just recalled reading some of the sessions, but I didn't take the time out to search them on the board before I spoke.
Solie said:
Whoopse... You're right. I just recalled reading some of the sessions, but I didn't take the time out to search them on the board before I spoke.

I have to tell you that working with these sessions is often very traumatic for me. We went through so many awful things that are discussed in them that it practically triggers PTSD when I have to re-read them. But I also realize that there is very valuable information in there for others so I make myself do it. So, it is just a TAD discouraging to realize that you did not read them carefully enough to know that the sessions I'm getting online as part of this commitment had not yet been put up.
La session ce trouve sur ce lien :

N° 971101
I do understand why they would be traumatic... I should clarify, when I look at the board I did see the dates to these sessions but not the link. The first session I read was October 4th with the rose cross, which sections of are in the wave series, so I assumed that if they were mentioned in the wave series they must be on the forum. When I saw that there weren't any links on the transcript board I thought maybe you had deleted them in order to add a modified or prof-read version, but since they are tracked (so to speak) I figured meant they must have been up at some point. Which lead me to ask...

I have been catching up with the transcripts, but I haven't reached as far back to 1997 so I was also speaking from a point of not really having a point of reference (except snippets in the wave and jumping back and forth in the transcript book), and again, assuming that they must have been up.

I do appreciate your efforts in getting online the transcripts that haven't been up, especially understanding the extreme hardships you and your family passed through specifically during the time of these sessions.

I feel really guilty... I hope I have clarified that it was just confusion from jumping to assumptions from my part, and not me de-valuing or taking lightly your work, efforts, and selflessness.

P.S. Thanks for posting the sessions... Much to learn.
"They" are still building and refining the finishing touches of this massive (base) complex. Even with the recent addition (what DIA refers to as a world class hotel) of the Westin @ the Denver International Airport.

Me thinks i would rather take my chances at Bates Motel! There both creepy, but one just has a better route of escaping.

Denver International Airport Construction Time-Lapse
Published on Dec 3, 2015
Denver International Airport is flying high after the opening of its Hotel and Transit Center, also known as the South Terminal Redevelopment Project. Witness three years of construction - including the development of a 500-room Westin hotel and creation of a public transit center - with EarthCam's construction time-lapse!

15 secrets of the new Denver International Airport Westin Hotel project
(Accompanied with a video)
5:50 PM, Feb 12, 2015

DENVER :shock:- The countdown is on! The new Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport is scheduled to open in about nine months -- just before Thanksgiving.

While the general public can't go inside the construction area, a team from 7NEWS put on hard hats to take a tour and find out some of the secrets behind the scenes.

Many people have speculated that the hotel looks like a navy ship, a cruise ship or a mustache. It's supposed to resemble a pair of wings.

Secret No. 1:
The building is shaped that way because the airport needed at least 500 rooms for the hotel to be financially viable, but it can only be so high due to FAA limitations, and can only be so wide because there are roads on both sides. So a plan was created to build a hotel that might have an odd shape, but had enough space for what turned out to be 519 guest rooms, plus a convention center, transit center and plaza. DIA owns the hotel but Westin will operate it.?


Secret No. 2:
All of the rooms on the angle/slanted part of the hotel are suites. This is a picture of a living room in a suite.

"The suites benefit from that design," explained Stu Williams, senior vice president for hotel and transit and special projects at DIA.

Secret No 3:

While most hotels hide their columns, this hotel does not. All of the suites feature a column somewhere. In some suites, there are columns in the bathroom and the main room. This is a photo of a bathroom under construction.

Secret No.4:
Each room is the width of one window. Yes, that's one really BIG window.
And the window is the wall. Even in a standard size room like the one above, the window is the width of the room. The windows use a three pane system so guests will hear no external noises -- no planes taking off, no traffic, nothing. :shock:

You may notice that there are a lot of windows in the rooms.


Secret No. 5:

If you put all the windows in the hotel side-by-side, they would cover four football fields.
Those windows give guests an impressive view of the snow-covered mountains to the west, the airport's tent-covered terminal to the north, the planes on the runways to the east and the transit center to the south.

Secret No. 6:
The hotel rooms occupy only the top eight floors of the 14-story building. The first floor is the platform for the trains arriving from the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. Commuter rail service is expected to start in Spring 2016. :shock:

Williams is proud to say that travelers exiting the trains will need just five to six minutes to cross the train platform, walk to the escalators and ride to airport security.

Secret No. 7:

While the escalators are under wraps right now and there's scaffolding blocking the view at the top -- these escalators are actually FIVE stories high. :shock:
And you won't get bored riding the escalator. The walls will feature an art installation with crystals that create images as you ride. (We'll be back in November to check that out!) :shock:

Level 2 of the hotel is the conference center. It features 12 conference rooms, two junior ballrooms and one grand ballroom. The grand ballroom has space for about 800 people standing or about 300 people in banquet seating, depending on the configuration.
And unlike many conference centers that are in the basement :shock: of the hotel, this conference center is on the second floor.

Level 3 of the building is mechanical and the location of secret No. 8. It's so secret, we don't have a photo of it. But we're told the tracks for the airport's internal trains that take passengers from the terminal to the concourses were extended into the hotel.
"That makes room for additional trains and to run the trains on both sides," Williams said. "That increases capacity by 30 percent."

Secret No.8a:
IF the airport ever expands and adds another processing area/terminal, the tracks could be extended from the hotel, on the level above the commuter rail transit center, to another building. But that's years away!

Level 4 of the building is security and Level 5 is the plaza. The plaza is the big, open outdoor area between the hotel and the terminal.

Secret No. 9:
The plaza is the size of a football field and two basketball courts with some room left over. The goal of the plaza is to have events there that will draw people from the metro area to come to the airport. They can take the train, enjoy a concert or event, and spend the night or take the train back home.
Inside the hotel, on the plaza level, will be two restaurants and an area for grab-and-go food.

Secret No. 10:
While everyone is talking about the plaza, there's another outdoor space on the other side of the hotel, on that same floor.
This deck, on the south side of the hotel, will have seating for the two restaurants and will feature views of the transit station below.

Secret No. 11:
If you look closely at the transit center, you may notice it's not centered in that space. Williams said the tracks are off-center to leave room for future expansion.

Secret No. 12:

The excavation of this area created a lot of dirt -- 1.5 million cubic yards. That's enough to fill Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium two and a half times.
The dirt is still on DIA's property. Airport officials said the dirt will be used for future runways and taxiways. :shock:

Outside the hotel we have three more secrets.


Secret No. 13:
The bridges. You may remember some recent detours at the airport because of the hotel project. Officials had to reconstruct the Level 5 bridges for the plaza project.
However, they also decided to reconstruct the bridges on Level 4 and Level 6 for three reasons -- the bridges were halfway past their useful life, it was a good idea for the ultimate development of DIA and it better aligned the bridges, Williams said.
Because there are bridges on both sides of the terminal -- a total of six bridges were reconstructed.---$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and counting!


Secret No. 14:
What's that funky area in the middle of the hotel, the curved area that's a different color? On one side of the hotel that's the pool and spa. On the other side, it's the fitness center.

Secret No. 15:
While some people say the hotel blocks the view of the airport's iconic tents, Williams says the tents from the terminal are reflected in the hotel's exterior.

"When you’re in the terminal, you can actually see a reflection of the tent," Williams said. "Which before, you were just inside the tent."


Exploring Denver International Airport
Published on Jan 4, 2015
Hi all, I was down for a week ( no internet) :cry:...and while catching up i "caught" something that may be relevant...or not. It could just be "pattern recognition run amok" as they say..

...anyway, in the Black Knight satellite thread in questions for the C's section, there was a link to a site with this pic.

now look at the second pic in the transcript...


notice the "thing" above the creepy soldier and the doves...i guess its supposed to be folds in the black ribbon but as soon as i saw it something "clicked"....(maybe it was just my skull cracking :lol:)

I do have drafting exp. and i have a decent ability to transfer 3 flat views into a mental 3-D image. Although none of the pics in the first photo are exactly like the DIA mural, the one on the bottom left is pretty close, IMO.

I'm not sure what the meaning of it is in the overall message of the mural, but for me it makes it even more creepy/strange than it already is.....or maybe i'm just running amok. Please let me know what you all think.

Thanks, Dave
It probably happend cause i got programmed into percieving head is important, but maybe i wasn't, so i am putting my thoughts about first picture anyway:
Pic.1 "thing" head stripes look like ukraine flag.
I know there are more stripes, but it made me think that both this photo and urkaine flag colour and order of those stripes must be there for a reason.
It probably happend cause i got programmed into percieving head is important, but maybe i wasn't, so i am putting my thoughts about first picture anyway:
Pic.1 "thing" head stripes look like ukraine flag.
I know there are more stripes, but it made me think that both this photo and urkaine flag colour and order of those stripes must be there for a reason.
also background looks like a desert, the creepy being is coming from a hole, may be hinting at atacama/ukraine and portals

Boooo xD
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