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Enough superlatives, they can't describe this superluminal communication experiment anyway. It's all mind-blowing research and experimentation. Thank you very much for sharing! The H2O method sounds like it is a kind of 4D neurofeedback. Those two techniques could perhaps compliment each other. The whole session inspired me to try dowsing finally. It has been on my mind for a very long time and I believe anyone should really try it to discover their current state in terms of sensitivity to finer energies and ability of focus.

The part about morning prayer is spot on and it reminds me how late I usually go to bed (as right now) and how much I am missing on not being up very early to start the day in the best possible manner. Thank you again!

You are all :wizard::wizard:

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The Living Force
I had someone walking around the yard with dowsing rods, this spring. He said there was a strong ley/energy line running North/South right through the house. He identified the corner of the house where my home crystal sits as being the strongest area.

I have since set up a strong shield using the crystal as the anchor point. This shield is to protect from any psychic attacks directed at the home/people therein. It is working well. There was an attack directed at me with hooks set, etc. There were 16 localized power outages stretching from Quadra Island past Abbotsford. I set the shielding up after that. The dowser said that I had done a good job removing the attachments(remote viewing my aura). When at home it feels like the shielding is strong.

The crystals have more effect than many may give them credit for.


The Living Force
After a weekend working and not being as active on here, it was a really great session and thread to read. I have goosebumps from optimism.

Yes, the negative energy over the weekend and past few days following the shootings/from STS: I remember noticing this when I read Epstein had died under suicide watch in prison.

It's not looking much saner, and it's worrying in the context of what's being accepted and passed off as 'normal', or what's quickly forgotten.


The Living Force

"Aurascope" described in Cayce readings.
As suggested, the theory of the mechanical device is to determine not only the aura of individuals but to use same in the diagnoses of disorders in various portions of the body.
As is known, the body in action - or a live body - emanates from same the vibrations to which it as a body is vibrating, both physical and spiritual.[..]

Especially in big cities with lots of amassed concrete [assuring spiritual-death], if you take mass transportation and as a consequence have to walk in large crowds of people to get to work, there: most people leave behind a colorful trail of aura and have multiple sicknesses in their auras, which are highly infectious [!] and they can make you sick by you simply walking behind them and you sucking in other peoples spiritual diseases like a sponge.
Since auras leave a wake, when the owner body moves, - looking like a long exposure photography but in real-time motion - so you always get into the wake. This is why I always avoid to walk or bicycle behind people.
When your eyes are in that alternate-mind-state/vision mode Castaneda talks about - so your mind is not concentrated on this physical 3D reality that much, but your vision is tuned more on the "spiritual world", you might be able to see people's auras and on some occasions all their bodies together: the entirety of peoples "light-atomic"-existence, which might be probably the Luminous Egg Castaneda was talking about.
I saw a mother this way, her all-bodies-"Luminous Egg" was in a disastrous state. She was very exhausted and vampirized by her OP daughter, whose soullessness I could immediately detect the first time the mother visited with her, proudly presenting her beautiful daughter to acquaintances, in this case to my mom. Based on the same mechanics: frequently I can see the soul inside people, its looks like an immediately apparent radiance, a fleeting light coming from a flashlight held by a thief walking quickly around the apartment at night, a weak or [depending on person] a blindingly strong shine with a muscular/powerful Presence of Being. Works like a palpable magnetic field, your sensitive Third Eye is "pushed" or moved by the Presence of their Soul. Same in case of animals. Dogs, I like mostly, they - in ~half of the cases - have that vestigial soul-shine, which I like to call 'Soul Spark': I'm always reminded that it probably signifies that soon the unfortunate pet will graduate into 3rd Density, into a human body with all its accompanying curses, the poor thing! (He was so happy and worriless as a dog..)

Anyway that mother's ""Luminous Egg"" [or rather her entire existence, all her bodies together] at that one occasion, I referred to .. , she looked like a transparent plexiglass statue composed of faint, dirty, drained rainbow colors. Even physically She looked almost dead, saggy skin, dark circles around her eyes. Spiritually she was even so!! Her "all-bodies light-atomic existence" looked like being projected from "heaven", from High Above, just like sunbeams shine down on a meadow.
To demonstrate:
1. this is in nature that you can see with your own eyes.
2. This is how her soul + all bodies looked to me like as projected from uh.. by probably 7th Density Ray of Creation? On the picture I left the top a rainbow with healthy, vigorous colors, representing healthy-person life energy, on the bottom I did an approximation of how "7D light" was shining through her => projecting her entire "spirit-light-atomic-existence" [all bodies] into 3rd Density. Much like a presentation projector projects the image. Probably as Heraclitus saw it:
Heraclitus proposed that the Universe contains a divine artisan-fire which foresees everything and, [!!] extending throughout the Universe [!!], must produce everything via the unity of opposites: “the path up and down are one and the same.”
Knight-Jadczyk, Laura. Comets and the Horns of Moses (The Secret History of the World) (p. 260). Red Pill Press. Kindle Edition.
When I saw her in that temporary "altered-mind state", her entirety, her spirit & physical body & soul - her entire existence together, she was composed of light-atoms, and looked unreal, unphysical, unsolid, like merely projected from above.. maybe from 7thD as everybody's physical body is projected downwards.. and in that all-bodies-light-composition: she looked almost dead. I think Castaneda or Don Juan would have described her Luminous Egg having been almost eaten entirely by the Predator with a only tiny light remaining.

There is / was on YT a video about aura reading done by two ~octogenarian Russian psychics with one walking behind the other and reading the other's aura, which must have become filled with the strong concentrated thoughts about an object the leading psychic was thinking about for the experiment. In such a case an aura is like a paint canvas ==> telepathic information is leaking from the mind and is drawn upon the aura like oil paint on a canvas. The Russian psychic walking close behind the first one was able to read: "Lenin Statue". It was fun to watch, how he probed for thoughts in the other and gradually assembled the two words. Then he went to the shelf and presented the Lenin statua, what the other was thinking about and he was right.
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Many thanks for a fascinating exchange. On the subject of spirituality and dawn, I notice that I've always felt awe being awake at this particular time. I've gone out for a smoke in the garden about 4am and felt like I wasn't alone in any way. Eerie, but awesome. Makes me want to try prayer at this particular time...


(Andromeda) Yeah, how do you not influence the choosing of the spots or filters or the pictures?
A: That is possible. One way to train is by practicing with dowsing lost objects to sharpen your sensitivity.
I occasionally do this, but not with the intention of exercise, but as an instrument, when I lose something, or when a member of my family loses something. One technique (my favorite) I use is to imagine a lost object surrounded from all sides by bright light. In this way, I connect with the object and sometimes my intuition takes me straight to it. I usually search in various places as I normally would, but that kind of imagination increases the likelihood that I will head straight for the object. Bright light symbolizes awareness and knowledge (it can be a special exercise, to try to imagine as much light as possible, or it can be a test of your current state). This technique also refines concentration on object. Another technique is to imagine that we are a lost object and try to see what is around us (to locate, recognize place). The third technique is to divide an area into zones and scan the zones (with mind) to see where we will most strongly sense the presence of the object.
It is not always comfortable to have increased sensitivity. It happened that I felt when someone spoke negatively about me. When I with a group of students visited a place where a war crime took place against civilians, it particularly struck me (because I felt an imprint of energy) and I saw that others did not experience it so deeply. Sometimes I feel spirits of dead people. I once dreamed of talking with a spirit of a dead soldier (in that dream, the soldier kept the beliefs he had while alive and the justification to fight/rebellion, even though it led to his death). It was a very emotional dream. I dreamed his bones still lying in the forest unburied. In one dream, I spent time with ISIL terrorists fighting to survive air strikes. Then I stopped hating them because I felt that they are essentially humans too (not all are evil). I want to warn those who will exercise sensitivity to be ready and not afraid, because there will be a price. With that comes the bitter side too.
My brother says he gave up the exercises when unusual results began to emerge (and they weren't even scary by my standards, as he described them).
Q: (L) Well, I just have a problem with him being a vegetarian and stuff. [laughter] I mean, did he ever apply the method to himself and inquire what's the best thing for him to eat?
A: An example of a "physician" who does not take his own medicine.
I was a vegetarian and often felt like I was missing something. And I asked myself and my body what it was missing, what it needs, and the main signal was: fish. So I started eating fish and it really suited my body and I no longer felt nutrient deficiency.
Q: (Artemis) Is there an optimal time for people to pray?
A: Early morning before dawn.
If you need a little longer, I think it begins in 3:15 when some roosters crow for the first time in a day. In horror films, when a roosters crow, it's a sign for vampires to run back to the shelter (but in movies it's usually a little later, at dawn). Then, I think, good period begins, until sunrise, which signals a "back to everyday earthly activities". All these people and animals start activities and that also changes the atmosphere. The worst part of the 24h-day is therefore the first part of the night. Interestingly, "pray-time" is the period between night and day/sunrise, as a search for a gap, passage, between two. But still not the gap between sunset and night - the root of the night. According to religions (Hinduism, Islam), then the door for evil spirits is opened to our world.
A: In case you did not notice, a great wave of negative energy circled the planet over the past few days, affecting those who are vulnerable due to lack of awareness.
I felt an unusually large amount of negative energy these days, but I thought it relates only to me. So I did energy cleansing and aura repair and then I dreamed the same night dogs barking at me, and I go the way and avoid them and run away from them. I think they are a symbol of negative energy.
But I also noticed in the news an unusual wave of negative events (violence, accidents and pyromania).

As for that treatment technique, I became interested in learning that. But that will probably become much more practical later. My idea for those who are also interested and cannot immediately learn this technique is to practice the classic bioenergy technique because I think that technique is an upgrade for bioenergy.


A Disturbance in the Force
Years ago I studied Barbara Brenna's work quite extensively and wound up taking a three day course held in the seminary building of the UBC campus, as I recall.

After the expected couple of days of prep work, I suppose, we got down to some actual hands-on energy work on the third day. Actually it was 'hands-off' because you never actually touched your subject, rather you 'ran energy' into the person.

The guided drill then was to start at the feet and work up to the head, stopping at all the major joints. So, the ankles, the knees, the hips and so on.

We were 'guided' as to when to move to the next location.

Through much consideration during the preceding few years I was much concerned with not projecting my 'stuff', my auric contamination if you will, onto a subject.

Eventually I came to the realization that I needed to simply to 'conduit' energy to the person and that they knew far better than I what was needed and where and how.

The problem was that they'd become blocked in some some way or another for some reason or another and so couldn't 'metabolize' their needs from the 'ether' (for want of a better word) and simply needed a 'boost' or a 'reminder'..

So with that in mind I set about our exercise making energy available at the various locations and found that I could feel when an area had taken up all that was needed, at which point it was time to move on.

And our instructor was guiding us time wise.

When I got my subject's right knee I ran and ran and ran and ran energy, the perspiration was literally running down my back and the instructor kept urging me to catch up with the class, which was bloody annoying because I wasn't done and, "You are distracting me and please bug off" was my unspoken vibe.

Finally, her knee 'kicked in' and started to metabolize on its own and I could move on. By that time I was so 'lit' I/we went zap, zap, zap, thru the rest of her areas and finished about the time the rest were finishing.

Afterwards we all went out into the hall to talk amoung ourselves and looking over at her she said' "You wouldn't know but I had surgery on that knee and it never has been right."

This was something like 40 years ago and the memory remains very clear.
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