Session 10 January 1997


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January 10, 1997

Frank, Laura, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And what name shall we use this evening?

A: Lomorra.

Q: And where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Is it alright if we have a short, private session tonight?

A: Certainly!

Q: Some of these questions may be rather moot, but I would like to get some feedback. The first is about Frank's diet. Has he received the correct diagnosis? {He had been having gall bladder attacks or something similar.}

A: Okay.

Q: Is there anything about his diet that should be added or subtracted that he is not presently doing?

A: Not as of yet.

Q: So, he is doing what he needs to be doing?

A: And gauge by response.

Q: Now, anything in particular that I ought to do about my diet right now?

A: Be specific.

Q: Um, is it alright to fast at the intervals I have been doing?

A: Okay.

Q: Well, when I do eat I eat salads and so forth, so I think I am alright. Now, last night I had a very strange experience where it seemed that I was out of the body and doing backflips. Was this an OOBE?

A: You have had these before.

Q: Was this what was happening last night?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, it was fun last night! Is there any danger in medical tests using radioactive isotopes, either by mouth or injected? Any particular danger?

A: Only if repetitive.

Q: So, having them at intervals over the years is NOT gonna give a person brain cancer or whatever?

A: Effect is similar to the radioactive exposure one receives from smoking.

Q: Now, Ark is having another hearing in the upcoming week {he was in Poland}and he has learned from his attorney that {his soon-to-be-ex} has consulted this woman attorney. But, he had the idea that she was delaying the hearing so that the dye would wear off her hair so she could create a dramatic effect... is this the case?

A: If so, who do you suppose will buy it?

Q: Well, nobody, I guess. Is this hearing going to make any progress in the case?

A: Progress is measured in various ways.

Q: I know that, but I want to know a general time frame in which this will be accomplished.

A: Do you expect us to?

Q: I would LIKE to have a CLUE! Maybe not a time frame, but a CLUE!

A: It will not come faster if we tell you this. This is a good lesson for all involved. When completed, you will understand things much more clearly than you do now!

Q: Well, okay. I would like to find out about my own case. I have NOT heard a word from this attorney. Is there anything I could do that I have NOT thought of?

A: Have you contacted them every three days?

Q: No, not every three days. I was waiting to see what they were gonna do. Are you suggesting I should contact them every three days?

A: What happens to the proverbial squeaky wheel?

Q: In contacting them, what should be the approach: accusative, or what?

A: No "what's the update guys?" Simply presenting yourself often enough will make you far more valuable in the "settlement bin."

Q: Why don't I just fire these guys and settle directly with the insurance company?

A: Not a good idea. Without legal assistance, you would be considered a "suspect" by the insurance company!!

Q: Okay. We have talked a little bit about the Gulf Breeze Conference THIS Spring being the one we are supposed to go to rather than the one last year... This time, of course, Ark would be with us...

A: Yes, convince Ark to "foot the bill," which he will do with happiness!

Q: Yes, I know he would like to go... but, there is a limit to how much we can spend...

A: Won't be that expensive.

Q: I had a dream the other night about {my ex}. When he was here to sign those papers the other day, he seemed to not even be connected to reality. Then I had a dream about him coming into the house and acting like a zombie and then walking up to a door and bashing his face against the door frame until it was bloody. This was so strange. I told Ark and he was concerned that {my ex} would go off the deep end. Can you tell me anything about this? What is the present condition of L?

A: We will just say, now would be a good "time" to be kind to {him}!!!

Q: When I am kind to him, he takes it the wrong way...

A: Won't anymore. And remember, there are varying ways for one to be kind.

Q: Anything further on his condition?

A: Is in a state of deterioration.

Q: If I am kind to him, will it help him to get better?

A: Will help to avoid all sorts of negative consequences.

Q: Is that consequences toward me and the children, or just him specifically?

A: Either/or.

Q: Anymore on this? This is causing me to be concerned!

A: Were you not before?

Q: Yes, I have been concerned on an ongoing basis. It seems that no matter what I do, he takes it the wrong way.

A: Adjust your methodology, and make intentions clear!

Q: Is Ark gonna have the same problem with {his soon-to-be-ex}?

A: No.

Q: When you say {my ex} is deteriorating, do you mean mentally or physically?

A: Both.

Q: When he fell, did he fall because the attachment that was affecting me left and went to him?

A: No.

Q: Does he have a permanent brain injury as a result?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this brain injury something that is deteriorating?

A: Not the injury, the after-effects.

Q: What were the after-effects that are deteriorating?

A: Subdural hematoma recurrence.

Q: What effects can this cause?

A: Many.

Q: Oh, dear. Aside from just being kind, is there something I can do to help?

A: Suggest that he see a specialist/change physicians... Not getting adequate help, either on "home front," or professionally.

Q: Okay. Anything further that we should know this evening?

A: No.

Q: Mother has a couple of questions. (Alice) Since you told me about the past life experience, and that all of my problems have been emotional, have all the mistakes that I have made been because that is what I INTENDED to do in this life?

A: Scrambled.

Q: Are you saying her question was scrambled, or that her life was scrambled?

A: Question.

Q: (A) You straighten it. (L) No, you have to do it. That's part of the learning process. (A) Well, how was it scrambled? Were all the mistakes I have made in this life part of a plan?

A: No. Mistakes are made by choice, plan is merely "blueprint."

Q: So, she had a blueprint, and the mistakes were made by choice because she made the wrong choices?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, I think that what she is trying to deal with here is her guilt. She wants to know why she has lived her whole life making these mistakes and messing everything up every time she made a choice to do something?

A: Must be specific as to mistakes, always!

Q: You must name specific mistakes and ask about them individually. (A) Well, I am not prepared to do that. It is a blur. Just like they said, everything in my head is scrambled.

A: Not prepared due to "shyness." Remember, we told you about the unfulfilled quest for love, acceptance, approval and to be "needed." The reason for the failure of the quest is being hasty, impatient and stubborn.

Q: Well, Mother has the most annoying habit of interrupting people when they speak, because she assumes all the time that she knows what is going to be said, and, in fact, she is rarely right, and would receive ALL the information that she wants if she would just be quiet and listen. Sort of the idea of the old saying: we have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk.

A: Judge not, lest ye...

Q: I understand that, but I am trying to help her to get to the issue here...

A: She must do this on her own.

Q: Okay, any more questions? (A) Well you know I have! (L) Well, I can't help you. (A) I don't know where to start now. (L) Well, start at the point where they left you. They said you are hasty, impatient and stubborn. Ask Why? And how can you overcome it? (A) Why have I been so hasty, impatient and stubborn?

A: Because of past life programming. You see, this is the challenge for all those in third density existences. Some learn in any given lifetime, and some do not!

Q: (A) But, I had never heard of it!

A: Not necessary. Just follow "the signs."

Q: (A) Is it that I am so stubborn that I cannot see?

A: Have been; less so now.

Q: (A) How can I get out of this mess?

A: Silly question.

Q: (A) I didn't mean it to be silly. (L) Well, you have to want to and work at it. It is NOT easy. (A) Well, I've never SEEN any signs. (L) Oh, don't start THAT. You have had PLENTY of signs! (A) Well, is this past life experience that you described before, the same one that is at the root of the stubbornness and hastiness?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Can you add anything to what was told to clarify?

A: No, not necessary.

Q: (L) Can you give her one or two hints or clues as to where she could start to release some of this toxic emotion she lives with?

A: That is part of the lesson, but it really should be obvious.

Q: (A) Is this toxic emotion the problem?

A: Yes.

Q: What else? (A) Well, I can't think how to ask anymore questions... (L) Then you should try to digest what you have. Okay, that's it.

End of Session
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