Session 10 October 2015


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I recently received the cass transcripts for 1994 and 1995, and I've been going through them. It's amazing to see how ever more focussed the sessions have become (for good reason since in the early days Laura did a lot of testing and there was plenty of interference from non-coherent participants) When was the last time "OPEN" was given as an answer?

Some really practical advice coming through in this session. I'm also really surprised at the synchronicity with what's been happening to other forum members over the last three years during which I've also experienced a few singularities!

Perceval said:
Pretty much. But it seems that what is most important is taking personal action in the direction you want to go, to 'attract' the life and world you want to see, and arranging your life - everything from your appearance to what you think say and do - to support that outcome. Take some deliberate critical thinking about yourself and your life to figure out what changes need to/should be made.

Absolutely, taking baby steps and then a time up to see where you are headed so to speak.

Great session as always. Thanks to all.


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Thank you brainstorm-team for inspiring with this session. I feel sorrow for those who live in BRD. It will be quite an ordeal for humanistically active people, and i know some.
For me, life has been very intense this year, and flowing over with lessons, mozaieeking through each other. Breathing exercise helped me wrestle through the downs, but so often i felt honoured with the goodness from others i got to experience.
About presentation, i was in great denial, thought it was like lying, or frivolously guessing/knowing or worse, caring what others think. And now the C's concurr with my friends, who were trying to tell me this exactly.
I'm gonna look sharp!
The theory of the realities, quantum jumps outcomes being influenced by doing, had my attention, in the summer, changing my thinking, but i had missed the connection between that, and the (re)presentation.


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mariowil7 said:
And from my analysis the Queen is Germany...

If Germany falls to the Russian side of the equation... almost all of Europe follows suit... (with a few exceptions...)

That is way the PTB are taking Preemptive actions directed against the actual German Establishment...

The same thought occurred to me as well, due to the influence Germany has in and on Europe. It is closely associated to the USA like a queen is to a king, but as vassal. The USA (king Obama) doesn't want to lose its queen (Merkel). The queen is in danger of being lost, and due to being the economic powerhouse in Europe - as Perceval put it - and having had good trade relations with Russia it suffers severely from the sanctions against that country. Germany tried to break out several times already.
If it was associated with Russia, then there wouldn't be any sanctions from Germany on Russia anymore and no export embargo on German goods from Russia's side. So the US may rather want to cripple the queen instead of her joining force with Russia - therefore keeping its vassal in chains...

caballero reyes

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Thanks perceval for reply 115.

All over the world, journalists and television commentators, are always saying that economic and military countries have "power" but this seems to me dangerous to repeat something that are lies, because when people repeated a lie many times generally it ends up believing.

Because, how can these countries have military power if there are many countries that have bombs and missiles ready to operate but no one can make them detonate it?, would be catastrophic for the world, including those "powerful" countries, so, at least for me, this power is ridiculous, and the same could apply to economic "power", it turns out that the money managed globally, is VIRTUAL.

I wonder what would happen if a country that borrows the International Monetary Fund will accept the loan with the required conditions but demanding the needy countries, receive the loan, either REAL MONEY or GOLD BARS; Fabulous would know the reaction or explanation of IMF if refused the loan under those conditions.


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Thank you for the session everyone, it was one that I felt energised from and has helped me focus on the importance of small choices that one makes each day - this specific point feels more 'real' now to me, than it did before.

On Putin, I feel relief that he has taken a stand against the western psychopathic agenda in the form of attacking ISIS in Syria. The world has sorely needed someone on an international level with influence, to call a spade a spade for a long, long time.


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That is way the PTB are taking Preemptive actions directed against the actual German Establishment...

Maybe all this PTB activity to strong-arm Germany into compliance is going to backfire?


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Thanks for the really interesting session! :flowers:

I've definitely felt like something really major shifted this month with Putin taking out ISIS. The Cs have been predicting it for a while, but with seeing what's going on now, it really does appear that the wishful thinking of the psychopaths in power is starting to overtly emerge as being their downfall. They like to portray themselves as all powerful, knowing everything with spies everywhere and being able to influence and infiltrate everything, as well as having the greatest military on earth, but the level of spending does not necessarily result in success and it looks like the entire US military industrial complex is so fraught with corruption that the gigantic spending is, unsurprisingly, not producing the results they were hoping for and is being completely outmaneuvered by Russia.

I've been thinking about how Putin's actions are basically creating a new situation; the US and western powers have been waging covert wars for quite a long time, but haven't been put into the position where their proxy army, which they've portrayed as the boogeyman, is being obliterated by another force. Russia is basically using the US's own propaganda against it while taking out a portion of their forces, along with giving a peak at the cards they have hidden to the US and western elites. The US sees that they aren't all powerful despite all their wishful thinking and "reality creation", the world sees the anti-terrorist actions of Russia and can compare them with the (lack of) actions by the US, and the US ends up on the defensive, desperately trying to re-spin the stories that it created with actions they didn't anticipate. The US still has a lot of its citizens totally brainwashed and distracted, but Russia is really doing an incredible job of revealing "the man behind the curtain". I thought it was really an incredibly brilliant move by Putin and Russia.

So the changes that we're seeing from Putin and Russia, as well as this part:

Q: (L) Alright. So, when I gave these talks here at these meetings we had a few years ago, and I described making a decision to help and just do one thing after another, day after day; in making such choices one day after the other, will this gradually move you step-by-step to a different timeline?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's accumulation of daily steps, daily choices, daily activities?

A: Yes and it would be extremely beneficial if more of your members learned and practiced this.

Q: (L) Can you be more specific about that?

A: For those who find themselves in a life situation that is less than desirable or optimal, small daily acts that declare their affinity for another reality will accumulate and trigger a phase transition.

are really inspiring! Instead of imagining grand and rapid life changes, just keep making small ones that can be accomplished and accomplishing them, while aiming for bigger ones and achieving them by adding up smaller changes. Maybe the more people that actively do that, the faster and/or more significant the reality changes will be.

Onwards and upwards!


Changes in small things lead to incremental change. That's the best news I've had in a long time. Thank you for sharing!


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In regards to turning Earth into a total "slave planet" here is the session Perceval alluded to.
Session110611 said:
Q: (L) Well, what was all this spinning about, and what was all this hodge podge messing around about?
A: Interference. Needed cooperation for grooving.
Q: (L) What kind of interference?
A: HAARP-like beamed at you.
Q: (L) And how long has this been going on?
A: Off and on for some time.
Q: (L) And what is the source of this? Is this a 3rd density or 4th density source of energy?
A: Both. You have been tracked for a long time now.
Q: (L) Well, why don't they just bump us off if we're such a pain in the whatever?
A: They can't.
Q: (L) Why?
A: We cannot tell you that as it would interfere with mission.
Q: (Galaxia) Why would it interfere with the mission?
A: If you know why you will anticipate and possibly make mistakes fatal to yourself. Let us just say that "they" know that harm to you would result in their own total destruction along a more negative timeline.
Q: (L) Well, if my death would bring about their destruction, then maybe it would be a good idea for me to check out, right? Well, isn't that what we want? (Belibaste) Why would it lead to their destruction?
A: Again, we cannot tell you all. But know that there is no chance for a positive outcome for Earth and the future without the presence.
Q: (L) So, there's no chance for a positive outcome without me, and yet my death would ensure their total destruction.
A: And all else!
Q: (Perceval) Maybe it's got something to do with balance, ya know? The universe wanting balance. There's a higher power in the universe that allows things to play out as long as there's some kind of balance. But if you weren't here, then this world would be completely a dark, negative star, and there'd be some mechanism that would destroy it and everything associated with it.
A: Yes.
It was discussed a bit in this thread,38174.0.html

When I think about the law, I'm reminded of the discussions about the Ray of Creation in the 4th way books and how the different realities are nested within one another with additional laws being applied the further down you go. In Mouravieff's version, he talks about how the will of the Absolute is manifested in a hierarchy of cosmic laws along the way. At the top is the Absolute I, which is the universal energy of intelligent infinity which permeates all of creation. Next he describes the Absolute II which always expresses itself as a duality. Lastly we have the Absolute III which he asserts is mainly responsible for maintaining the General Law. As is discussed in the CassWiki, the Absolute II probably corresponds to 6th density. The only duality we know of which is universally and objectively present throughout all of the cosmoses is that of Being/Nonbeing, except perhaps on 7D where all is one. The Cassiopaeans describe 6D as being a perfectly balanced state that expresses the two dualities. My deduction is that 6D beings are responsible for transmitting this energy to lower levels much like organic life on Earth is responsible for providing a certain form of energetic "food." The Being/Nonbeing law comes down from 6D and is therefore outside the control of the Lizzies on 4D. Trying to meddle with it is like a lower court trying to overrule the legislation of a higher court. A funny example of the Clerk in Kentucky who refused to perform same sex marriages comes to mind here.

Another wrinkle is Laura's connection to "herself in the future." If it is within the freewill of 6D Cassiopaeans to disseminate certain information through Laura, then perhaps that provides a certain degree of protection. What power does a 4D entity have to obstruct the "divine will" of a 6D entity, particularly when the obstruction runs counter to the way the Ray of Creation was designed to function? Of course, I'm sure there are limits to this, you could abuse the protection by trying to goad them into attacking in order to provoke some kind of retribution, perhaps such an idea would be a back door way of accomplishing the STS agenda. Such an egotistical plan would likely increase your STS polarity and cause you to fall out of resonance with the STO thought center and by extension the protection it provides. By very sneakily manipulating the situation and corrupting the people involved, 4D STS could attack with no threat of retribution. However, I think the law is that as long as people desire to know about STO, that information must be made available and there is nothing the Lizzies can do about it.

I thought it was interesting that Pierre brought up the nuclear scenario in this session. I remember reading the Origin of Life: The 5th Option book and how there was this huge concern about how nuclear technology was a "self-limiting subsystem" designed to keep the Living System from getting too evolved and risking interplanetary contamination. I remembered reading Dolan's book and knowing it wasn't true. The author did a good job of dissecting organic life on Earth as an intelligently designed system placed here to fulfill a certain purpose, but he seemed unable or unwilling to go deep enough into the UFO material to discover that the purpose is basically to farm sentient life and feed off the energy. As far as creating a General Law to maintain a Living System, which would correspond to the Absolute III, I do believe the Lizzies have almost total control over that as long as it does not explicitly violate the laws of a higher level living system. So they've been able to fine-tune humanity to suit their purposes pretty well. The Cassiopeans have said we would be responsible for seeding the 3rd density universe when we know how, and this sort of manipulation seems to be part of the lessons at this level. There may in fact be some incredible message in the DNA bottle left by the original creators of our Living System, which certainly weren't the Lizzies, but until we can get back all of that DNA that they have deactivated through their tampering, parasites/viruses, and HAARP-like technology, it's kind of a moot point.

On another topic, as far as reality splits are concerned, it does feel like that since the end of the last month, the air is different. It has a greater "vivifyingness." I'm hoping we've reached the point of inflection where the transition to the new reality really starts to take off in overtly visible ways. I've thought about "checking out" now and then in a transient fashion because the world seemed to be on an intractable trajectory to some horrible end and nothing I did seemed to matter for anything, but this "October surprise" certainly provided a clear counterexample for that line of thinking. There is actually a little bit of hope again.


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I love checking in to see a newly posted session! I was worried based off the previous session that bad things would come in October. And the C's said its still not over :P. This part below made me feel happy inside :D:

Laura said:
(Perceval) There's been talk before of a kind of secret government that is not the overt government. Is it possible that they are in some way restraining the Americans like you just described?

A: The secret government did not anticipate Putin.

I guess the 'cat wasn't in the bag', or maybe it was only possibly in the bag, but not definitively, because the future isn't set in stone!

Laura said:
(Pierre) And it connects to what we said previously about reality changes/splitting. If Putin wins the propaganda war, billions of people will see the world more objectively. That's not good for US supremacy.

What strikes (inadvertent pun) me is that the Russian airstrikes were shown openly and transparently through their video release by their defense department. It's not like they had a documentary with people in Iran video taping the cruise missiles flying over their airspace, but there was a 3D animation of what happened! It even showed snippet of drone footage!

What's interesting is the Obama administration has tried to project a more 'open and transparent' image since his 2012 reelection. This included the Open Data Movement in cities across the US and opening up the site for citizens to sign petitions for bills ( though Senators probably have interns print these out just so they could light them in their waste basket with their cigars). The sad truth is many events since the reelection have shown this transparency promise as yet another sham. These events, as everyone on this forum knows, include the exponential increase in drone strikes, secret authorized assassinations abroad and the NSA spying scandal that still has forthcoming revelations. There are very few things the Obama administration has been 'open and transparent' about, which makes Putin's video collage of the Syrian airstrike so well played. Somehow the immense US defense budget can't budget for these sorts of 'infographics', arguably because they're not creative or transparent enough to do so. Despite the thousands of drone strikes, they'd be at a loss compiling footage that didn't contain 'collateral damage'.

One could argue the video the Russian government released could be considered propaganda. Consider, however, that the Russian government went to the trouble to film and compile a video and publicly discuss the successful outcome with no civilian causualities, yet other countries who have launched strikes on Syria outsourced their typical lies and speculative/spoon-fed rhetoric to the media.

As an aside, I still think it's awesome Russia used shipping crates as a launchpad for their missiles. How tactful! No one expects shipping crate missiles! :D


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Perceval said:
mariowil7 said:
And from my analysis the Queen is Germany...

That's another strong possibility I think.
Since the Queen is the strongest piece on the board, I thought it had to do with the US financial system(petrodollar), which projects far more soft power and reaches it's tentacles into far more people's lives than any military campaign or political agreement. It is really the underlying source of all the US is able to do. A geopolitical locus of this attack might manifest as Saudi Arabia being forced to cave to Putin such that it no longer had any authority to effectively lead OPEC according to US diktat. Once the petrodollar collapses, the US is really nothing. There is a lot of military hardware and supertech and spies the US secret government has that could still be used to cause problems for awhile, but with the foundations crumbling out from under it and the nuclear arsenal off the table, how long will the empire last? Everybody keeps fearing that when the pathocracy has nothing left to lose they'll launch a bunch of nukes, but we know that's not allowed, so something else is going to happen. With the Queen gone, only the King (military power) and maybe a few pawns remain. If the Russians really do have some secret weapon that is causing the Pentagon to run in fear, it looks like that King is in danger of being checked in a few more moves.


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240,000 ISIS mercenaries sneaking into Europe and headed for it's most prominent nation. To do notorious things and bring about Regime Change. How absolutely despicable!! This has to stop, and the best way I can imagine for it to come about is for ISIS to be outed, and those who engineered it held responsible. And not only that, but America as a whole needs to see the dirty laundry in the light of day.


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Thank you very much for sharing the session. In Bolivia we are also experiencing an intense process of change in different dimensions. Furthermore, other forms of life are manifesting, people who are living the change we want to see in the world. It is fascinating how this session clarifies the questions that I have to live my experiences at this time. Thank you very much and very strongly, let's move!
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