Session 12 February 1997


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February 12, 1997

Frank, Laura, Ark, Alice
{The first session where Ark was physically present.}

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And what name shall we use this evening?

A: Wardleh.

Q: And where are you transmitting from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Alright, questions...

A: You are the one has the questions!!

Q: (L) Me?

A: Did we mean singular? Or plural?

Q: (L) Ask a question. (A) Me? I didn't think about a question... I can't think of one...

A: Arkadiusz, you have racing thoughts, thus making you tired and wide awake at the same "time."

Q: (A) Yes...

A: We see those thoughts... Be not reluctant to seek relief. A question not asked leads to a problem unresolved, as all your many years of training, education, research, and networking have taught you.

Q: (A) My first question is: I want to understand what is this "predestined mission," what it consists of?

A: It consists of following the path that has confronted you.

Q: (A) Okay...

A: We do not tell you of your predestined mission, because then it is no longer "predestined." You learn by experience, and as you sense, you are on the threshold of a rather profound experience.

Q: (L) What kind of experience? (A) Yes! What kind?

A: We could well ask you the same!

Q: (A) So, we don't know what kind of experience...

A: Yes we do!!

Q: (L) We who? We here or we/you on 6th density?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Quit teasing me! (A) What do I think? Okay... (L) Is this experience going to be something that involves interacting with external sources, an internal experience, a learning experience, can you give me a hint here? (A) Yes...

A: We would prefer Arkadiusz ask these questions... We were always most impressed with his skills in this area. Do you remember being caught in a cold rain on the "long walk," and how through your upset, you had an insight that "opened a new door?" We remember 1966 as a turning point. Well, this is another, Arkadiusz, and the emotions feel strangely familiar, but this time you have the aid of others on 3rd density.

Q: (A) Umhm. I would like to know if physics is of any use, or if this is something completely different. I am supposed to concentrate upon what WE are supposed to concentrate on, and does this require abilities in physics or some completely different abilities?

A: Can you not combine?

Q: (A) Okay. I could combine. But what are the other abilities? I have no idea.

A: Not so, my Arkadiusz. You have reluctance, much like a small child learning to walk. But no lack of ideas. Before, when fear crept into the picture, you had the wisdom not to "look back," even though you had the temptation to do this. Look what has happened!

Q: (A) Okay, I don't believe there are any dangers because I think I know how to avoid danger; I think they are illusions. I don't want to be... I just... I don't believe them. I'm safe. I don't believe that there are dangers which I do not see. Now, are there any dangers that I am not aware of? Something new?

A: It would be nice if those on third density could always be aware of all dangers which exist, but, then again, the learning would be hindered, would it not?

Q: (A) Okay. It is nothing. Essentially nothing. They are just avoiding answering questions. This much I could explain myself. I asked if there was anything new, anything that I am NOT aware of!

A: You are presently in less danger because of your physical locator.

Q: (A) Okay, so that's new. Why?

A: Why, you ask? Well, because the grooved vectors of attack for you lie in the locators where you have established your principle connections.

Q: (A) I want to know if they can tell me what I should really do during these two months that I am supposed to be here? That I should work on this problem of phase of the wave... of whatever wave... electromagnetic or gravity or whatever... phase... phase...

A: The answers for this connection will come to you with surprising clarity, and will "unfold in front" of you with greater and greater intensity with each passing day.

Q: (A) Okay. Very good. This is something that will be going on. (L) Then why did you ask? (A) Because I thought that there would be.... (L) Because you thought they were going to just hand it to you on a little silver tray... (A) No, no, no! I wanted a hint! But there is no hint! (L) Well, they did say "unfold" and "in front of you." (A) Sure! In front of me and not behind me! (L) Well, let me ask: is there a hidden meaning in those terms? Unfold in front?

A: Maybe.

Q: (A) There are clues in front of me. Waiting for me. Very good. Perhaps I should not ask any more. Okay, I pass. Because there is nothing complete... I mean this was a complete question. I thought that there would be a complete answer.

A: You hold back questions which you would love to have answered. The clarity of the response is based upon the level of specificity of the question!

Q: (A) So, they are asking me what are these questions. Genes, unified field theory, relativity and time. Okay, those are the questions. What else. On the one hand, it looks like that what one needs is to do something clearly spiritual. To be spiritual and one doesn't do this by equations and mathematics. And the suggestion was, and what I understood was, that there is no use for physics or mathematics... (L) Who said that? Not the C's! They have said that mathematics is VERY important! (A) Yessss... okay. This is what they said. But when I asked them what kind of mathematics... they said something which... I mean, the technical answer to this question... (F) Well, maybe if they gave you answers that did not make sense at first, you ought to examine it further and you may discover important lying under there. It's like a treasure hunt. Buried treasure. We don't learn if they just give us answers. Yes, they may be very specific, and maybe more specific than we think. But, the answers in and of themselves have to be examined very closely. (A) Ummhmm.

Q: (L) Let me ask a question. Earlier they said something about being on the threshold of an experience. And now they say something is going to unfold in front of you. Are the two responses "threshold" and "unfold in front of you," connected?

A: Of course!!!

Q: (L) Okay, he is on the threshold of some kind of experience. Is there some way that we might identify this experience? Is it going to be so outstanding that you can't miss it? Or, is it going to be something that you have to pay attention to or you might miss it?

A: What does "threshold" imply?

Q: (L) Well, a door. It's a door. Does this mean he is going to go through a door, psychically, spiritually, physically? Going to someone's house?

A: It does not just imply a "door," but also one's positioning, and a sense of inevitability.

Q: (L) Is there something I can do to help?

A: Have you not helped already?

Q: (L) But, I mean specifically in this "threshold" and "unfolding" experience?

A: Yes! And, by the way, Arkadiusz, science is most spiritual indeed!

Q: (L) Well, considering certain other elements, I was just wondering if our pathways are supposed to now be parallel or diverge... how they relate from this point...

A: Seems to us that your pathways are intertwining!

Q: (L) The use of the word "intertwining" is curious. You used that in regard to the relationship between EM and gravity. Is there a parallel?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) Well, I am tired, Ark is tired, so is there anything further you would like to tell us this evening?

A: Combine energies in pursuit of answers, and the rest falls into place.

Q: (L) One last question: you say "combine energies." Is there any reason why this will facilitate the pursuit of answers?

A: Complementary souls.

Q: (L) Okay. Thank you and good night.

A: Good night.

End of Session
LOL you guy's were so happy about haveing some time togather you couldnt think !

Intertwined = filiment = ele universe ?

1966 is one of my hallmark years , I finally comprehend linear time ... as if that was helpful LOL ! it took till 1974 get that out of my head & to understand time doesn't exist :cool2:

Laura Thank you soooo much for haveing time to get more sessions up The Work continues !
Chopper said:
Laura Thank you soooo much for haveing time to get more sessions up The Work continues !

It's not "having" time, it's having to do what I committed to do. I've been feeling some urgency about getting Grace published online AND getting all the transcripts gone through, corrected, and published. I've been putting in 14 hour days on this. Yesterday, I got bogged by looking for the notes to a session and realizing that they were not organized past 1996. Just piles of paper. So I spent a whole half day going through all that mess, organizing it into binders, etc. I'm kinda determined to get finished before Dec 31st if possible.

I've got a slew of other projects (books and articles to get out) that I don't seem to be able to do until I get the backlog of chores finished. And meanwhile, of course, we try to have a real life... but "real life" for us is, I think, very different from what other people think of as real life. For us, it's just work and more work!
Well I certainly applaud you for your endeavors .

You are makeing a differance in the world :D

We all know your busy I was reading Noah/Secret history of the world online and the last entry was 2004 and you stated " I am running as fast as I can " lol

I am going to order it online now There is so much Work/research in it you deserve every penny + some !

Have a great day today :)
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