Session 12 November 2016


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Session Date: November 12th 2016

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Niall, Joe, Arky, Chu, Data, Possibility of Being, Prodigal Son, dugdeep, Windmill knight, A Jay, Itellsya, Fabric, Mr. Cyan, Scottie, Alana, Timótheos, Noko the Wonderdog, The Lunar Module, Opal the Majesticat

Q: (L) Hello, hello. This is the 12th of November 2016. [Review of those present]

(Andromeda) It's Opal's first session.

(L) Alright. Hello!

A: Good evening from Cassiopaea!

Q: (L) Two bible passages have been brought to my attention today. One is the passage from Revelations about the w-h-o-r-e of Babylon being dressed in scarlet and purple, and of course Hillary Clinton wore purple in her concession speech to Donald Trump. And now we have the lovely verse that Joe presented to me from the Apostle Paul. What does it say?

(Joe) It says, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." (1 Corinthians 15:52)

(L) So anyhow, basically it includes the words "last trump" which is fascinating in terms of the transcripts I’ve been reviewing recently. As Joe pointed out, the text has Trump, zombies and sudden changes... Everything that is happening at this point in time. It's all cheerful good news! Okay, what are our questions? We want to ask about this election. First of all, did Hillary actually win the popular vote as is being said at the present time?

A: Not by a long shot!

Q: (L) Why are they saying so?

A: Vote manipulation ex eventu.

Q: (Joe) What was the real percentage of the popular vote that Trump got?

A: 63 percent.

Q: (Niall) What percentage of eligible voters actually voted?

A: 58

Q: (Joe) Did they give her the popular vote in an attempt to secure a win for her?

A: They are trying to foment revolution.

Q: (Joe) So they give her the popular vote so that all these people can say, "She won the popular vote. He's not my president!" And that's what all these people in the streets are using right now.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright. This is something that's bugging me. Two people told me Trump was a pedophile because he was hooked up with this Jeffrey Epstein. Obviously, nobody is claiming that Trump is an angel or pure as the driven snow. Trump himself doesn't say so. But that kind of bothers me. Did he ever knowingly... How to ask that?

(Pierre) Did he knowingly have sexual interactions with an underage individual?

A: No

Q: (L) So, whoever is making these claims or charges or whatever... It's either a setup, or...

(Joe) You know who's actually leading the most recent one? He's been accused of having sexual whatever with a minor and the girl is being kind of "taken care of" or groomed by a former producer of The Jerry Springer Show.

(L) Oh, you're kidding?

(Joe) He's a diehard anti-Trump kind of guy. I mean, The Jerry Springer Show?!

A: Consider the source.

Q: (Joe) Is it possible that when the Electoral College people meet on December 19th to effectively ratify Trump as president that some Republicans would end up not voting for Trump and give it to Hillary?

A: Not likely as that would draw unwanted scrutiny to the claims by Trump et al.

Q: (Joe) About the election being rigged... They can't undermine their own "democracy", basically.

(L) What else about this crazy election?

(Chu) Was this a real miscalculation?

A: Indeed!

Q: (Chu) They really did want Hillary?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Something that was bugging me during this election was the flip-flopping of this FBI guy Comey. He reopened the already closed case eleven days before the election, then two days before the election he said there was nothing to indict and it was closed again. What is the main cause of this flip-flopping in the FBI?

A: Pressure within the agency.

Q: (L) So in other words, it was actually what we thought at a certain shallow level of analysis: he was under pressure to reopen, so he did. Then he came under even greater pressure to close?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So sometimes, things are a little simple.

(Pierre) It's not monolithic. There are factions.

(L) Yes.

(Niall) What could have happened was similar to the leaks about Hillary's nomination for the Democratic party. An insider could have revealed these FBI docs and left the higher ups to...

A: Yes

Q: (L) What else about the election? The responses so far kind of wiped out all of my other questions.

(Joe) What are the chances of success of fomenting a revolution on this Hillary business?

A: Fair, but will likely fizzle.

Q: (Joe) Based on these figures, they've only got 27% of the population to pick for their revolution. And most of those people who voted for Hillary are a bunch of wussy millennial progressives.

{NOTE: If only 58% of the population voted, and 63% of those voted Trump, then if we assume that all other people who voted picked Hillary, that works out to 37% of the 58% who voted - which is max 21% of the total population who voted for Hillary.}

(L) They're mostly precious snowflakes. {laughter}

(Niall) They found themselves on the wrong side of history. They should have the militias all up in arms.

(L) Yeah, but the militias aren't up in arms because they're behind Trump!

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's the only way they could have a proper revolution is if they could turn this around, dump Trump out, and get Hillary in. Then they might have a revolution.

(L) Yeah, but then they might lose their heads.

(Joe) Right.

A: Exactly! Between a rock and a hard place!

Q: (Joe) They've really gotten themselves into a pickle in that sense.

(L) Well, I'm assuming that this isn't the... I mean, we've seen the exposure of Hillary for being the totally evil bitch she is, but we knew that before she was exposed. It was just confirmed by the Wikileaks emails. Is there any validity to these hints that there is some kind of black magic being practiced among Hillary and Bill and their connections with this Podesta "Spirit Cooking" business? Is there any validity to that?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) It's interesting that it comes out as the same time as this thing in South Korea. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets in South Korea today protesting for the sitting prime minister to resign because she let a best friend of hers, who is basically into black magic, make policy decisions for the country. It came out in the press.

A: Similar practices among the Clinton crowd!

Q: (Pierre) Ya know, there's been a recurring pattern lately. These mistakes they made with allowing Putin to be elected in Russia, the mistakes with Brexit, and now the mistakes they made with Trump... This series of mistakes, what is it due to?

A: Wishful thinking.

Q: (Pierre) It seems to be happening more lately. Is it the coming Wave, or...?

A: Pressure and desperation makes for haste and carelessness.

Q: (L) Well, I guess the only question is: Will Trump make any kind of decent president considering he's so loaded with ego?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) Well he's already picking some people that I consider to be quite questionable. His attitude towards Israel and the Palestinians is completely delusional.

A: Yes... It seems...

Q: (Galatea) He's playing everybody, I think. My impression is that everything he's been doing has just been an act, and he's secretly, covertly doing some good things. He's just being evil to be good.

A: Close. He knows what he is up against!

Q: (Joe) You don't just walk into a system like that that's very entrenched and start knocking things over and throwing people around the place and cutting ties. If you wanna do anything, you have to ingratiate yourself and make like you're part of the team, ya know? And THEN gather your forces...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) When you've gathered your forces, then you can do something.

(Pierre) That's a smart move. I mean he's not even president and now he can't go against Israel full blown. It's too powerful. Apparently, he has plans in his head but he cannot disclose it because he knows it's too early. So there is hope.

(Data) He learned all that doing business.

(Pierre) Yeah. You don't disclose your information.

(Joe) Even though he's a businessman, he's been in political circles as well. He would know the way Washington works.

(Pierre) You know in this video about Trump over the past 30 years, what keeps coming back is this guy has been sticking to his ideas. He seems to...

A: Keep in mind that he is not a "green horn".

Q: (Pierre) In those videos, he keeps coming back to talking about ordinary people suffering, about Americans losing their jobs. Is the man - despite his success and money - really driven by empathy or a deep desire to make the life of Americans better?

A: He sees the waste of human resources as bad business.

Q: (Joe) He's just practical about it. The level of evil and corruption that exists in the current political elite is so bad that at this point, you wouldn't need a holy saint or do-gooder to make things better. You'd just need a relatively normal human being.

(L) You need a relatively normal human being who is relatively decent. He's got a past like everybody else. He's made mistakes like everybody else, and he knows it. He's admitted it.

(Joe) Someone who sees the waste of human resources as bad business, well, it IS bad business. Any normal person could see that. You don't have to be a saint to see that. It's just bad business. But the ones in power right now are just...

(L) They're in SUCH a bubble...

(Joe) They're off the leash. They waste money, resources, everything willingly. They don't give a crap.

(L) I was reading Peggy Noonan's piece today. Did ya'll read it? It was kind of an interesting thing because she makes this remark that they were in the newsroom and at such-and-such a time, AP called the race to Trump. She and everybody else were all so shocked that she wrote down in her journal the exact time and what was said. She made the notation that obviously, people in her type of job and in her milieu and so forth completely didn't see what was going on. Then she mentions that months earlier, she had asked an old guy in a shop that she passes frequently who he thought was going to win. He said, "Trump." And she says that obviously people like this guy, who's like a shoe repair guy or something, he could see what was going on but she and her milieu could not.

(Joe) In the echo chamber.

(L) Yeah, they were in their echo chamber and they believed their own propaganda. And that's kind of like a profound insight. But then what she said was, "Okay, he's our president now. Let's help him."

(Pierre) Fair enough. But some of them, they're not thinking that way.

(L) There are a lot of people like her who have believed the propaganda. They've been in the echo chamber so long...

(Joe) And they don't care about practical things. They're all about ideology. That's all they waste their time on is ideology. They're not in touch with the real world. The people who voted for Trump are actually out in the real world working three jobs and can't make ends meet.

(L) He's gotten a lot of criticism because he's not into this anthropogenic global warming. Well, we're not into anthropogenic global warming either. It's a load of BS. There IS climate change going on, certainly. But it has nothing to do with human beings destroying the planet.

(Joe) And even if it was, what are you going to do? Are you going to stop using fossil fuels and destroy the global economy? It's totally impractical.

(L) Alright, have we pretty much covered our issues with the election? Is there anything else? What other direction do we want to go in tonight? Is there anything else we want to ask about?

(Chu) Alana had a question about Reiki.

(L) We have been having some nice experiences with Reiki. Since we started doing the Reiki, I have had like a dramatic 80% improvement in my leg. Of course, I've been using some massage and cupping as well, but I think the Reiki has been a real powerful help for that. Anyhow, Alana?

(Alana) What I was thinking yesterday is that we have the three symbols that we got during the level 2 attunements. I was wondering if there is a symbol we can use that acts against parasites or virii inside the body?

(L) You mean a symbol against parasites and virii?

(Alana) Yes...

(Chu) One that can distinguish between lifeforms...?

A: Use the An-nu-ki symbol already given.

Q: (L) The Cs gave us two other symbols. It's a triangle with a circle. Data, do you know where it is? See if you can find it. {Discussion of new symbols and attempts to figure out how to draw them} Alana or anyone, anything else on the Reiki?

(Pierre) I was wondering about something. Some people report feelings in their feet, and they remove their shoes. Maybe it circulates from the ground. Some other people report feelings in their head like in the crown chakra, for example. Where does this Reiki energy come from?

A: Best if grounded. But drawn via connection with information field which is "adjacent" rather than "above" or "below".

Q: (Chu) So it's all around basically.

(L) Yeah. But depending I guess on your own particular make-up, you may feel it more or less in one place or another?

A: Yes

[Short break]

Q: (Fabric) I was wondering if using a grounding mat for Reiki might help?

(L) I don't think you want to do that. It might help some people, but not others. {Data returns with printout of An-nu-ki Reiki symbol} Yeah, that's it.

(Niall) An-nu-ki... A new key!

(Data) Do we know how to draw it?

{Discussion of how to draw An-nu-ki symbol}

(L) I'm awfully sneezy. {to Andromeda} Did you start off being sick by sneezing a lot?

(Andromeda) Yes.

(L) I'm catching your disease!

(Joe) Quick! An-nu-ki!

(L) An-nuke it! {laughter}

(Chu) Where's the A-shock-ki symbol? We can use it on the pond. Shock it!

(Andromeda) Is that the correct way to draw the An-nu-ki symbol?

A: Yes

Q: (Data) Can we put a symbol on the bottom of the pond that will enhance it?

A: We already suggested a spiral for water.

Q: (L) Did they say like a phi spiral or something, or did they specify? I don't remember. Well, we can look it up later. Am I coming down with Andromeda's sickness?

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's why I felt so yucky this afternoon. Okay, so we're not going to go on too long since I don't feel too well. Anybody got any pressing questions? Everything's been kind of gobsmacked by Trump's election. Are we going to have any cosmic events during his presidency?

A: No dice!

Q: (L) In other words, you're not going to tell me?

A: Right!

Q: (Niall) No fun!

(L) I know that we're gonna have a cosmic event during his presidency. The Trump of the Apocalypse. I mean, how much more obvious does it have to be?

A: Close!

Q: (Pierre) Oh no... {laughter} Oh, there was this drawing... Did you see this drawing where Trump was depicted as a cometary body coming to Earth? It was supposedly a humoristic drawing.

(L) Well, people were saying they would rather vote for a giant comet because they didn't have a choice to make. Maybe by voting for Trump, we're gonna get the giant comet, too! It's a two-fer! {laughter}


Q: (Joe) 16% of voters said they'd rather have a giant comet than Hillary or Trump. What if we actually get one and then all those people get blamed? {laughter}

A: Interesting what mass consciousness conceives, yes? And asks for?

Q: (Pierre) Well, it's close to what we've been saying for a long time. It's getting so bad...

(L) ...that people would rather have a giant comet than to go on. And I don't think the suffering is over yet...

A: Not by a mile!

Q: (Joe) Is one of the main reasons that Trump and every other president who comes into power immediately goes and makes nice with Israel, has that got a lot to do with this Epstein guy and others like him who blackmail everybody? Essentially, does Israel control by blackmailing? It's not so much that Israel's our best friend, but...

A: Close. Watch closely for events that will reveal the "man behind the curtain."

Q: (L) And that is in the context of Jeffrey Epstein and Israel blackmailing people in power - literally everybody.

(Joe) Do they have anything on Trump?

A: Not much.

Q: (Joe) That gives him some leverage.

(L) Alright, my nose is plugging up rapidly. Is that what happened to you?

(Andromeda) Yes, but it stays in the head pretty much.

(Arky) Will I get it from you?

(L) Well, I could sleep down here on the sofa... {laughter}

(Arky) No!

(L) Will you get it from me? Maybe, maybe not. You don't always get everything I have, and I don't always get everything you have.

(Niall) Not if you swim in the pond.

(Chu) Yeah, that's what happened!

(Andromeda) I stopped going because I got sick.

(Chu) No, it was the day after we didn't swim.

(Andromeda) Nooooo...

(Chu) Yeeeees... {laughter}

(L) Speaking of swimming in cold water, I read an article the other day that talks about how being in a very cold atmosphere - and I'm assuming that could include being in very cold water - can cause your blood to get thick and sticky and cause you to have blood clots. I don't want to have thick sticky blood. {laughter} Is there a danger of me getting blood clots from going swimming in very cold water?

A: Not much.

Q: (L) Traitors! Traitors!! {laughter}

(Pierre) You can ask about pneumonia. I'm sure they're going to say yes.

(Joe) Can you get pneumonia from cold water?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) Should I be going in the cold water even though I have a cold?

A: No

Q: (Andromeda) Thank you! {laughter}

(Pierre) Now everybody's gonna have a cold! "I want to go so much, but..." {laughter}

(Joe) I read that going in the cold water actually strengthens and vivifies your whole vascular system.

A: Yes

Q: (L) I need a tissue. I really need to blow my nose here... {Trumpet of the Apocalypse is heard for miles around}

(Joe) How do you spell that? {laughter}

(L) Okay, anybody have any last questions? I want to close down because I don't feel well. We covered Trump, and that's what was really on my mind.

(Pierre) I have one personal question. Is there any way I can get motricity in my hand back?

A: Use the mirror and do more massage. You noticed that this activity was engaging more control.

Q: (L) Is that true?

(Joe) What does "more massage" mean? Give more massages?

A: Give.

Q: (Pierre) That's exactly what I was thinking. That was the most surprising thing. I've done a lot of activities with my hand, and when I do massage, for some strange reason, it works better.

(Niall) Maybe it's the act of giving.

(Pierre) Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Maybe this act of helping and giving is what is needed.

(Joe) But the mirror box as well.

(Chu) So each time we ask you for a massage, we'll be helping you! {laughter}

(L) Anything else?

A: Things are developing nicely. Help is close.

(Everyone) Oh!

(Pierre) So, it's not on the way anymore. It stopped.

A: And elsewhere! Goodbye.

(Galatea) It's here, and elsewhere...

(L) Yes.

So, interesting! "'They' are between a rock and a hard place.'"

It was really great to see confirmation of much of what we had already been thinking about the events and the addition of information of which we had no way to discover fro ourselves. It is really nice to have an 'eye in the sky', so to speak, that can see what is really going on.

I had thought myself that Trump probably really got about 65% of the votes and it appears my guess was close.

It is also very interesting that help is no longer "on the way", but somewhere near! We can certainly use it.
Many thanks for sharing it and so early.

Curiously, most of what have been pointed out during this session in some way we already sensed it (at least for my part) and the C's replies confirm my impressions regarding the elections and PTB's blunders.
Thanks so much for another great session and mostly for sharing it with us.

Close. Watch closely for events that will reveal the "man behind the curtain."

Finally, we are there !
Thanks for the session! It's great to see that bad guys are making more and more mistakes.
Thanks for new session.
It is indeed bright information that "Things are developing nicely"
It is interesting, so if they try to get Hillary in at this point all Hillary haters will protest much worse and indded trigger a revolution.

The masses are heating up, and you can see the gradual scalation of tession in the population.
They are counting on people not having anything better to do than go around making racist protests all day everyday forever. Or hillary supporters also just looking for something to be upset at.

My guess is that social unrest will start to get police involved more and more, because so far police brutality has only been domestic mostly, and the militarized of police may get fully involved in case of a mayor social event, and we saw in the pipeline how some officers even channeled some common sense, not everyone is buying it.
It seems the attempts will go into using police force to manage the situation they are expecting to happen, but maybe people may not react as expected.

Trump supporters are desperstely trying to find ways to be upset at something and opposers the same but so long as Trump focused on his version of "pulling the country out of the hole" all the expectation of people will dwindle.

I think Trump has better things to do now that he is going to be facing the PTB than going arround namecalling people.
Thx for the session. It’s all very much a relief to hear of what is going on. Past few months where heavy. :D
yes,... lots of information, thank you Laura and the whole crew for this great session, I was kind of worry but now I'm more relax... :clap: :thup:
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