Session 12 October 1996


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The tape of this session disappeared and has never been found. Very frustrating.

October 12, 1996
Frank, Laura, TomM., V
(Tape missing, reconstructed from notes and memory)

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Moretir.

Q: And where do you transmit from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: In an earlier session you mentioned that we ought to discuss the matter of mind control...

A: Programming is the word you need, not "control."

Q: Tom has had some very strange events happening to him and he would like to know if he has been Greenbaumed?

A: Tom has not been "Greenbaumed," but mind programmed by those who have ties to a wiccan organization.

Q: How does one tell if they have been programmed?

A: Pay attention to the signs.

Q: (T) What are the effects or intentions of this programming?

A: Difficulty keeping up with the demands and pressures of life as well as before his involvement.

Q: (T) Any specific signs?

A: We gave you one, now for 2: wife "acting up." Also, parental problems that have already begun.

Q: How does one overcome or cancel this programming?

A: The same as always: Knowledge protects.

Q: In what ways will knowledge help to cancel programming?

A: In ways directly affecting Tom.

Q: I don't understand. How can knowledge help to cancel programming?

A: So that the awareness can be the foundation for being able to deal with situations, and possibly rectify some of them.

Q: (L) Okay, change of subject: On a couple of occasions you mentioned a group called the Antareans. Who were these people or aliens?

A: Antareans were the name given by 4th density groups in contact with the Thule Society on third density Earth, before and during World War One.

Q: What are they called now?

A: There is no one currently labeling themselves as "Antareans," in contact with anyone now.

Q: So, they are no longer here?

A: No, not this particular group.

Q: Okay, I would like to know why the individual who says he is my cousin, suddenly appeared in my life when I first attended a MUFON meeting after the UFO sighting over my pool? I mean, this was a LOT synchronous. Was he sent to spy on me?

A: Not exactly, more like this: was sent to interest you in a diversionary path that would ultimately lead you down a path to 4th density STS.

Q: Well, you have said that MF and JW were BOTH involved, yet they seem to hate each other, or say they do. Was this just an attack from another direction, in case the JW attack did not work?

A: It was also an effort to separate you from any influences which might dissuade you from your intended interest in JW.

Q: (L) Well, was I mind programmed? You said once that I was not Greenbaumed, but that something else was done. What was this?

A: The work that was attempted was more intense, but it was aborted because it turned out that your frequency resonance vibration was not proper for that particular type of "experimental" programming.

Q: Does this mean that there was something about my vibrations that caused what they were trying to do to result in positive things?

A: Possibly, in an off-hand way.

Q: You also said that STO intervened and stopped this... does this mean that there is some reason to protect me?

A: Okay... learning is an exploration followed by the affirmation of knowing discovery.


A: No comment from "the peanut gallery," please.


A: Not "left," Tom, "leaves."


A: One day, you will know this.


A: Neither.


A: Closer but not close.


A: There is more than one issue here.


A: Part of the equation.


A: Through Susan.


A: This is complex, and does not "work" in the way you envision.


A: You are making positive moves.


A: Partially.


A: Both. Careful there!


A: With what is available.


A: Your pool.


A: Impatience.


A: You are doing just fine.


A: Is this what you expect?


A: Not necessary.


A: Yes, but you are not showing faith or patience.


A: Ask Anna.


A: Then what do you think?


A: Okay.


A: Not all.


A: And he is correct!


A: Never you mind.


A: Must say this.


A: Because his situation is complex and precarious.


A: Sometimes.


A: He needs you for "fine tuning."


A: Discover.


A: More through your given, and learned, talents.


A: Not for this session. Good Night.

End of Session
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